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The Three Musketeers

by Reily Cannon and Marie Montoya

The Book
-written by Alexander Dumas -first published 1884 -set in 17th century France -followed by Twenty Years After and The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later

- The gregarious, loyal, but credulous of the group
- Balizarde - Enjoys a good glass of wine - Eating abilities impress King Louis XIV in a banquet at Versailles - du Vallon - du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds - Baron

- Ambitious, unsatisfied, daring, good friend - Practiced fencing for a year to get revenge - Became abbe in the musketeers corps - Help D'Artagnan be part of the Musketeers corps - Based on Henri DAramitz

- Leader and oldest of the group - Noble, handsome, secretive, and has drinking problem - Was married to Milady de Winter - Named after Armand de Sillgue D'Athos D'Autevielle - Born in the village of Athos-Aspis in the PyrnesAtlantiques department - Father figure of D Argantan

-does not begin the novel as one of the musketeers - the youngest -very smart - a good leader - impresses Cardinal Richelieu and is raised to lieutenant of the musketeers

- inhabitants of Gascony, France - usually very boastful -a boaster or braggart

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast originated from the French word Gascon

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