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3 March, 2014

Recent developments in Ukraine (Crimea) have demonstrated the deterioration of the


A draft law on annexation of the Crimea was registered today in the Russian Parliament. Yesterday, 2 March, trying to capture the armory of Ukrainian Air Tactical brigade (near Sevastopol) Russian Armed Forces used stun grenades against Ukrainian soldiers. As a result Ukrainian officer sustained brain-contusion and shock and was brought to medical facility.

Tonight, Russian Air Forces aircrafts twice illegally entered Ukrainian airspace threatening air security. These incidents received proper reaction from Ukrainian Air Forces, as Ukrainian aircraft immediately took off towards violators and was in the alert zone ready to act against violators of State airspace border, which allowed avoiding serious consequences.

Today Ukrainian military base in Kerch was surrounded by Russian soldiers.

Russian Military blocked Ukrainian military units in Novoozernoe, Perevalnoye and Feodosia, demanding to surrender and seal arms and ammunition, while promising to ensure security with submachine gunners of Russia. Ukrainian navy troops refused to comply with the

Russians orders.

Ukrainian Navy ships have been blocked in Sevastopol Bay by Russian Navy vessel KIL-158, seagoing tugs and patrol boats of the RF Navy. The representatives of the Russian Navy delieverd an ultimatum to the personnel of corvette "Ternopil" and command ship "Slavutich" to lay down their arms until 18.00 March 3 and leave the ships otherwise they will open tile fire. Ukrainian sailors clearly stated the oath of allegiance to Ukrainian people. Today the first attempt has been made to capture the Ukrainian Navy Headquarters by armed men, and the other attempt is expected. Russian Special Forces continue to capture the military and border facilities in the Crimea, offering Ukrainian army to voluntary surrender until 18.00 today. In Feodosia City the Russian Kozaks groups have been capturing all administrative buildings and started to distribute the arms to civil volunteers to form the self-protection


Ukrainian Border Service headquarters in Crimea has been captured and blocked by Russian troops. At noon, Russian soldiers with military trucks broke down the doors, destroyed

workstations and communications equipment.

There has been drastic increase of pressure from Russian military on Ukrainian border guard officers. During seizures of border guard units there was brutal use of physical force, threat of weapon and menace. Professionals of Russian Special Forces try to perform psychological pressure on border guard officers and in categorical form demand to obey to the new authorities of the Crimea Autonomous Republic. They actively make attempts to crimp personnel, call for information on investigation-operational divisions and information on

operating personnel.

Russian military forces continue implementing their plan of complete blockade of communications in Crimea, in order to cut communication of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Crimea with General Staff.

Russian military nearly every half hour commit provocations in Crimea.

A series of provocations were carried out over the past few days, which would aim to legalize the presence of Russian military contingent in Crimea.

In contrary, Ukrainian armed forces are protecting their staffs, military units and bases, and are not responding to any provocations that occurred over the past days.

Due to blockade of all state institutions in Crimea by the Russian Armed Forces, these institutions are almost unable to function properly, which creates social tensions in population.

Today, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine officially informed about the rapid increase in number of military machines and equipment on the Russian territory along the Eastern border of Ukraine, namely Kharkiv, Lugansk and Donetsk regions. It includes, 9 trains

of military equipment (APC) unloaded from Voronezh side, 5 armoured vehicles (APC) and 2

mechanical transport vehicles from Bochkove- Leninskoye with field kitchen.

Governor of Rostov region of Russia ordered to deploy camps in Russian districts bordering Ukraine.

Such activities of Russian Armed Forces indicate their preparation for a possible invasion by Russia into Ukraine not only in Crimea, but also in to Eastern regions in Ukraine.

As of today, since 24 February, approximately 16,000 Russian troops have been deployed in Crimea by the military ships, helicopters, cargo airplanes from the neighboring territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian troops keep taking their attempts to seize, block and control crucial governmental and military objects of Ukraine in Crimea: the Parliament of Crimea, all civil and military airports, means of

communications, radio stations, customs service, military and coastguard bases,

Headquarters of the Ukraine's Navy in Crimea. All main roads are blocked. Also a large number of Russian military troops is ready for being redeployed from Novorosiysk. Access to the Black Sea is blocked by 10 Russian Navy vessels, including vessels of Baltic Fleet.

Permanent Mission of Ukraine will continue to inform all Permanent and Observer Missions to the United Nations on the latest developments of the situation in Ukraine.

Actions by the Government of Ukraine for normalization of the situation in Crimea

The leadership of Ukraine takes appropriate measures aimed at political resolution of the conflict with the participation of the UN, OSCE and other international organizations.

The Law of Ukraine "On State Language Policy", adopted in 2012 (protecting languages of national minorities) is still in effect. Acting President used his right no to sign draft adopted by the Parliament. As of now, Russian language is as protected as it was before on all territory of Ukraine, particularly and especially in Crimea.

Acting President Turchynov has mandated to establish a worldng group for "immediate elaboration of a new Law of Ukraine "On Language", to consist of all ethnic groups and national minorities.

Yesterday, highly respected persons have been appointed as Governors of Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine. All of them are locals of those regions, and not members of any political party. It was an important step to calm down situation.

Members of new Ukrainian Government come from different regions of Ukraine, including Eastern and Southern regions. These people will duly represent interests of those regions. 4 (four) ministers of Ukrainian Government were born in Russia.

Despite existing economic problems, Government of Ukraine has provided necessary financing to the population of Crimea in order to avoid social tensions.

Acting President Turchynov supported the establishment of the "Council of National Trust." He stressed that the country will always protect rights of its people "no matter what language they speak, no matter where they live, and no matter what church they go to."