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Tourism Marketing in Germany

- for international tourism organizations, tour operators, vacation providers

How many visitors from Germany are visiting your booth at ITB Berlin 2014?

Would you like to reach 100 times more German tourists and travel planners? And pay less then 1/10 the cost of your booth rent? We've got the websites products and people to help your travel business grow! "ublish on German travel sites # in German Get mentions and links in blog posts and on social media outlets like $witter Google% "interest and other content curation sites &ncrease your web site's online visibilty &ncrease your web site's ranking 'Google( and page authority ')o*( so you get found more easily Attract more travelers to your country or region and get more customers for your tourism service or lodging establishment Get a one#year +lit*card subscription for free

$hese integrated services are available during &$+ ,01- +erlin thanks to .eisefundegrube and &nternet "artnership
To request a quote, sen an !"! to #4$ 1%& 1'1(24( with your booth number or email to e)ritter*i+artnershi+) e

Reisefundgrube is a German travel agency 'since 1//0( that speciali*es in customi*ed travel packages for all countries 'with advanced e1pertise on 2outheast Asia( and cruises! $ours are marketed via the &nternet German $elete1t channels three call centers and two offices including one at 3uremberg Airport! .eisefundgrube is a 4ualified franchising partner of $5& the international leisure travel group operating in 100 countries! $he 3uremberg Airport office has been designated as a 67&.2$6 travel agency of $5&!
.eisefundgrube Gmb8 7lughafenstr! 100 /0-11 3uremberg Germany # www!reisefundgrube!de

Internet Partnership is a German &nternet marketing firm based in +erlin that helps launch travel#related businesses vacation providers and tourism organi*ations to the forefront of the Web so they can be found more easily by travelers! 9r! :ckard .itter founder of internet partnership 'established in 1//;( has more than 10 years e1perience as an entrepreneur technologist and inventor! &n ,00< he created one of the first mobile site builders and in 7ebruary ,01- he launched +lit*card a cool innovative way to create digital business cards and share them worldwide via 2)2!
$ourismuswerbung 9r! :ckard .itter "appelallee <0 10-=< +erlin Germany # www!ipartnership!de

Create & Share Digital Bizcards

- for international tourism organizations, tour operators, vacation providers
+lit*card empowers users to create and exchange digital business cards between mobile phones. 5nlike proprietary apps and formats for electronic 6bi*cards6 +lit*card relies on communication standards that everyone uses> the &nternet and 2)2! +lit*card is an online service that does not need to be downloaded or installed! 6+lit*cards6 live on the &nternet! $hey can be updated anytime # from a smartphone or a desktop computer # and can be sent right away from one mobile to another via SMS. $he +lit*card format is e1tremely fle1ible> a 6+lit*card6 'reg( is simply a single#page website that can be as succinct or as e1tensive as you like! ?hoose to display @ust your name address and phone number '3A" data( or include images media links and embedded content! At the same time +lit*cards are compatible with strict data formats like typical digital bi*cards! 7or e1ample the +lit*card web pages use 3A" and geolocation data formats that comply with the microformat standards used b !oogle, "ahoo and other search engines! #anding out $litzcards is a snap% @ust enter the recipient's mobile number on your desktop computer or on your your mobile phone and they will receive the business card as an SMS with a short sub@ect phrase and a link! $he repicient clicks the link and can see your business website on their smartphone! 7rom here they can bookmark and file it using their preferred service such as "ocket :vernote or a Google service! $his is the power of using a website format rather than a proprietary one> there are plenty of ways to manage and share the information! $he superstar in +lit*card's feature list is the ability to personalize $litzcards for specific recipients! Why not write a nice sales letter to a valued prospect when sharing a digital business card via 2)2? With +lit*card you can add a personal section that is visible only to the recipient! &f the recipient would like to share the bi*card without the personal message they can switch to the public bi*card web page in a single click! +lit*card is affordable for anyone> the 6+lit*card6 itself i!e! the website is free! $o send your +lit*card via 2)2 charges start at :5. 0!1; '52A 0!,,( per 2)2! $o help you get up and running a starter bundle of &' SMSs is available for ()R *.'' 'secure payment via "aypal(! +lit*card feeds te1t messages directly into the 2)2? '2hort )essage 2ervice ?enter( of network providers 'such as $elekom Bodafone o, or +A2:(! $his guarantees fast '+lit*C( secure delivery plus a single rate for all countries so you can plan your costs and keep accounting easy! )ore on www.blitzcard.eu or send an 2)2 to %-/ 1<0 =,;0010 with 6+lit*6

Special offer during I+$% create a $litzcard and get & free SMSs% www.blitzcard.de,sign-up,