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From Maureen Moss March 2014 In This Issue 1. New Article: The Acceleration. 2. What's coming up on Thrive. 3.

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Dearest Hearts, First, for those that are part of the New World Puja Network community, please enjoy this latest and most important article on The Acceleration we are now in the midst of. If you would like to be apprised of what's next for the New World Puja Network, as well as to continue to receive my articles, to be apprised of what's new, free and downloadable and to know who and what's coming up on Thrive, may I ask, if you wouldn't mind, visiting www.maureenmoss.com and include your name and Email address so we don't leave you out of the loop? I look forward to staying in touch and current with all of you. The Acceleration As we pass through this month of March and enter into the months of April, May and June we are going to discover more and more of our human natures 'illusions of certainty' fall apart as the world in which we live, both within and without, begins an accelerated deconstruction and rebooting. Now and in the months ahead, the quickening of our evolution takes off like a rocket. I know we have heard it before, been through it before, (to a point,) and dared to hope we were done with it all. Not quite. This acceleration is unlike any other we have thus far experienced. Its a purposefully demanding, all-inclusive, leaving no stone unturned one. In and through this acceleration we are being given a full on opportunity to achieve what we came to earth for, to Master the human experience and come into alignment with the Divine Heavens while living on Earth.

We have heard many times about our fall from grace. Through the impatience and actions of one, and then many that followed, we did indeed fall, far. As such, we, as human beings, had a long climb to return not only to grace but to sovereignty and to reclaim our Mastery. So be it. That said, what we may not have known is that from the beginning of Earth time many in other realms of consciousness didnt believe this was possible. It was said that, Earth was created furthest from Divine Heaven and was also created from the grossest of the material worlds. It was further said that, As a result of each, the Earth and her people would therefore be the slowest to evolve. So be it. Weve live through the quicksand of evolution, and now all b ets are off! We have work to do. And yes, we have something to prove. Our great Spirits have called forth an acceleration of our evolution now and our time to create a new reality begins in full momentum, now. The extension period has expired. Planets lining up in most unusual squares, retrogrades, and oppositions, insures this acceleration. Be Prepared. Be Strong. Be Open. Get Excited. Have Faith. Support Each Other And Make Changes. During this accelerated time of deconstruction and rebooting we will be moved out of our dissonant belief structures as relentless, consecutive opportunities demand we reevaluate and refine everything from our perceptions, our relationships, our integrity, our health, our values, our resistances, our shadows, strong wills, conflicting natures, and fighting spirits. It will be glaringly obvious where and when we are out of alignment, resonance and rapport with our hearts and souls. During this acceleration we will be feeling everything, insuring no details are overlooked. Love In every moment moving through this acceleration we will be given powerful opportunities to Master love, real love, not the human version that typically comes with an agenda, nor the version that comes in the perceived safety of loving our angels in fur and feathers, or babies. No Beloveds we are going to be given experiences that will call for us to implement the

Masters version of love. It will take heaping doses of self- love and love toward everyone we meet going through the same acceleration to move through the times at hand. (Note: Use your gut instincts, and youll know exactly what the Masters version of love is.) During this acceleration we will also part ways with the fragility of the compulsive 3D world that holds us unsteadily in a fear-based crumbling state of being, particularly around money, its version of success and resources. (Note: No matter what happens in this particular area of deconstruction and rebooting, know that something much greater and stable will be put in its place.) For far too long, excessive band-aids have been put on the gaping holes in many things, from our financial systems to our ecological systems, and on the holes in our Spirits that longs for wholeness, cohesiveness, integrity, resonance, impeccability, and a loving environment to thrive in. Band-aids and temporary repairs are no longer acceptable. We, the greatest, most courageous beings in all dimensions have succumbed, negotiated and compromised our way out of our Mastery and Majesty to accommodate the needs and demands of a Planet existing in reverse truth and a nature that strayed from its divinity. No more. Its Mastery or its suffering. During this heightened state of activity it will serve each of us to direct ourselves toward becoming astute witnesses to each occurrence, much like brilliant chess players that place themselves in a heightened state of consciousness before they make a decision and then a move. You might notice that there are aspects of this acceleration that will be like psychic surgery, as Universal precise incisions are made into the walls of our mental and emotional bodies in order that repetitive toxic discord can be loosened and ooze out. In a heightened state of consciousness and with a willingness to bathe ourselves in love, we can tend to their healing and wholeness through honesty, acceptance and intimacy with ourselves. Other aspects of this acceleration will undoubtedly feel like a tidal wave to all of our bodies (enhanced by intense solar flares.) When this occurs: 1. Purposefully slow down your pace, with everything.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Use your breath, on purpose. Make one conscious movement at a time. Give up multi-tasking. Have one conscious thought at a time. Engage in an activity that brings you peace and happiness regardless of what else you think is pressing.

This is a perfect time to shut down any inconsistencies, between your mind and your Spirit one choice at a time. We have lived many, many lifetimes for this One Beloveds. During this acceleration we will have the perfect experiences to usher in our Mastery, to stabilize our Divinity, and to create a new reality both within and without that does not rest on shifting sands. Know you will be held in the deepest of Love in and through every moment of it. Match that love and you will thrive.
Maureen Moss, copyright 2014. Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the website maureenmoss.com intact.

For private sessions, free downloads to assist you in this acceleration, and for conversations to support you please visit www.maureenmoss.com Thrive www.maureenmoss.com/thrive If you havent started Thriving yet, I hope you will join me and my guests and friends. Though we have just begun anew, we are touching and inspiring people worldwide to take their lives to a new level and Thrive. Everything about Thrive is FREE 24/7. There is nothing to buy, no hurry to listen to replays, no promises that you will be healed by our conversations (though you will be motivated and inspired) and no boosts to your intellect, only your hearts! Thrive was created to inspire you, get your creative juices flowing and to empower you to create the life you prefer, in the new reality you are about to enter. If you missed Thriving in 2014 with me, Panache Desai, Barry Goldstein and Esateys, its in the Archives. (This is one of my favorite conversations I have had on air to date. Fun and Wise.) If you missed my conversation with Geoffrey Hoppe/Adamus St. Germain, on what he calls The Year of Tough Love, it is also in the Archives.

Adamus didnt hold back (as usual). He covers everything from renting our bodies from our ancestors, and no more destinies to talking about the change with our guides, and what we can anticipate during this year of 2014, along with the main key to Thriving through it. On March 13, in a rare interview global teacher, creator of The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life series, and 5 time best selling author Drunvalo Melchizedek and I are having a conversation about Living In The Heart and How To Create From The Heart, and Thrive. Also in March, in another roundtable conversation the rebel, author, founder of the 11:11 magazine and humanitarian Simran Singh, along with journalist, author, radio talk show host, Sandra Sedgbeer, and Lenedra Carroll (the author of The Architect of Abundance and singer Jewels mother) join me for quite the enlightening conversation about Alignment, Resonance and Rapport: The Way a Powerful Human Awakens! In April there are lots of surprises including a creative and collaborative new series that involves you. (Details coming.) May you be blessed every single moment of every single day. I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved! Namaste,