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Your resume is a concise summary of your education, experience, skills and accomplishments. The resume is a marketing tool to entice your reader to invite you to an interview! Employers are looking for well-rounded applicants in these areas: academic, work accomplishments and interests/ activities. Incorporating these three categories into your resume will demonstrate your overall accomplishments. There is no one perfect resume or resume format. Tailor contents to each job/application. List information in reverse chronological order.  Sell yourselfbe selective about what you include, and organize information logically. Use consistent verb tense. Some job boards and employer sites ask you to upload a text version of your resume. See page 24 for instructions regarding online resumes.

General Resume Guidelines

 One page for recent graduates; two pages if you have extensive work history. Direct the readers eye using layout/headings.  Proofread! No typographical, spelling or grammatical errors. Dont rely on spell-check.

Lets Get Started!

1. List accomplishments. 2.  Analyze job descriptionhighlight the most important skills and qualifications and incorporate these keywords into the resume.

Resume Tips for Specific Fields

Arts and Communication
 Portfolios/ work samples are required and should be noted on resume: Portfolio available upon request.  Graphics are invited in this field and will be seen as a demonstration of your creativity.  Its OK to translate your internships into job titles that accurately describe your duties, e.g., Public Relations Assistant.  For journalism opportunities, include fluency in other languages.

Life Sciences/Physical Sciences

 Research and lab techniques should be listed for jobs in these fields. List scientific techniques you are most familiar with or have recently used.  Since the employer will be looking for certain majors, your education should be near the top of your resume.  Healthcare jobs place a strong emphasis upon communication skills, including bilingual ability.  Include science organization memberships.

Resumes and Correspondence

 In most cases management isnt a very realistic objective. Focus on a particular areafinance, marketing, human resourcesand express long-term interest in management.  Business employers are interested in results. Be sure your resume highlights specific achievements, times when you exceeded goals, etc.  Quantify your experience: Increased sales by 30%. Show accomplishments in previous experience.  Stress tangible leadership experience when listing extracurricular involvement.  List transferable skills such as time management, conflict resolution, and decision making.

 Employers in this field prefer objectives that are precise, indicating a particular area of interest or expertise.  Include technical courses/projects to support interest and objective.  Break technical skills into subcategories. This will make it easier for the reader to pick up the specific skills they are looking for. (i.e., Operating Systems, Hardware, Software, Networking and Programming Languages.)  Be sure your resume is loaded with key words denoting skills. Have a text version of your resume for sites requesting this format.  Including both technical and non-technical work experience demonstrates experience working in professional settings. Adapted from UCSD Career Services Center

Human Services
 For many of these occupations, experience as a volunteer is considered a strong measure of knowledge and commitment. List key responsibilities and outcomes.  For teaching jobs, experience you had working with young people and any tutoring/teaching experience are important.

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Resume Content
Content Essentials Hints
These components are ESSENTIAL for EVERY resume.
Name, address, phone number, e-mail and web address you would like employers to see. Name of school, degree earned, major and minor, expected graduation date and depending on the field, GPA ( see page 18). Job title, company name, dates of experience, describe job duties, significant accomplishments and contributions. Make sure e-mail address, phone number and webpage are employer appropriate and typo-free. List your educational background in reverse chronological order. List your highest degree first followed by other degrees you have received. List Education Abroad. Include paid and non-paid positions, internships and military duty. Present achievements, contributions and results.

Contact Information


Relevant Experience

The following categories are usually included on a resumeinclude the categories that best describe your skills and experience.


A one-line description of position desired. Identify skills the employer is looking for. They may be grouped by category such as: language, laboratory, or computer skills Relevant classes and/or projects. Current students or recent grads can include honors and scholarships. Be sure to include a description. Project title, where published and when. List countries and travel experiences, if relevant to position for which you are applying. List organization, office(s) held and a brief description of accomplishments. List if applicable to the position for which you are applying. You do not need to end your resume with References Available Upon Request since the employer knows this already. Use the extra space to expand on accomplishments.

Should be specific rather than a general statement.

Resumes and Correspondence


List only the skills you can perform with little or no supervision. Think about Transferable Skills ( See page 14).

Group/Class Projects

Honors and Awards

Can be listed separately or as a subsection under Education.



Volunteer Activities/Community Service/ Leadership Certifications/Licenses

May want to place internship positions under Experience section.


Always take a typed list of your references to the interview, ( see Asking for a Reference or Letter of Recommendation on page 32 for specific information).

16 University of California, Davis

Verb List for Resumes & Letters

Use strong actions verbs to describe your experience and skills. Choose words from the lists below to express yourself.

Management Skills
administered analyzed assigned attained chaired consolidated contracted coordinated delegated developed directed evaluated executed improved increased organized oversaw planned prioritized produced recommended reviewed scheduled strengthened supervised

Research Skills
clarified collected critiqued diagnosed evaluated examined extracted identified inspected interpreted interviewed investigated organized reviewed summarized surveyed systematized

persuaded set goals stimulated trained

Financial Skills
administered allocated analyzed appraised audited balanced budgeted calculated computed developed forecasted managed marketed planned projected researched

educated expedited facilitated familiarized guided motivated referred rehabilitated represented

Administrative or Detail Skills

approved arranged catalogued classified collected compiled dispatched executed generated implemented inspected monitored operated organized prepared processed purchased recorded retrieved screened specified systematized tabulated validated

Technical Skills
assembled built calculated computed designed devised engineered fabricated maintained operated overhauled programmed remodeled repaired solved upgraded

Creative Skills
acted conceptualized created customized designed developed directed established fashioned founded illustrated initiated instituted integrated introduced invented originated performed planned revitalized shaped

Resumes and Correspondence

Communication Skills
addressed arbitrated arranged authored collaborated convinced corresponded developed directed drafted edited enlisted formulated influenced interpreted lectured mediated moderated negotiated persuaded promoted publicized reconciled recruited spoke translated wrote

Teaching Skills
adapted advised clarified coached communicated coordinated demystified developed enabled encouraged evaluated explained facilitated guided informed instructed

More Verbs for Accomplishments

achieved expanded improved pioneered reduced (losses) resolved (problems) restored spearheaded transformed Adapted from The Damn Good Resume Guide by Yana Parker, Berkeley: Ten Speed Press.
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Helping Skills
assessed assisted clarified coached counseled demonstrated diagnosed

Chronological Format for Internship Position

REW TITUS MACG edu tmac@ucdavis. 30) 753-XXXX rnia 95616. (5 ifo al C , is av D nue, 55) 421-XXXX 0 Alvarado Ave rnia 9XXXX. (5 10 : ifo al ss C re , dd ity A C l Loca r Lane, Any ress: 123 Clove Permanent Add Company. OBJECTIVE ship with ABC rn te in ch ar se A laboratory re XX nces, June 20 EDUCATION Biological Scie in e nc ie Sc Bachelor of alifornia, Davis University of C y (Lab) ab), Microbiolog ), Biology (L y tr is m he C General ology (Lab Work :  istry (Lab), Zo Related Course Organic Chem ical balances. eter, and analyt m pH y, op sc SKILLS aration, micro rds. with buffer prep laboratory reco Familiar ac platforms. accurately keep to ty s in PC and M ili es ab cc nt A lle d ce an l Ex ce Ex soft Word, ce using Micro Experien 1/XX-present T C JE O PR , CA iodine shortage SPECIAL C Davis, Davis lp the current ed the effects U he t, to ec 0 oj 00 Pr 0, ge $1 over search Iodine Shorta udents raising -class d literature. Re oup of seven st arch, iodine distribution an ing posters and flyers for in erous gr a ith w d ke se ud m re cl Wor  r nu in fo g ls s in ia nd er ud ised fu es, incl nal mat in Indonesia. Ra ncy and developed promotio iends and on-campus activiti fr ie s, fic se de as cl ne h di roug of io Raised funds th presentations. sororities and fraternities. presentations to 10/XX-present E C N EXPERIE er, Davis, CA er complaints. In-N-Out Burg handled custom d an e ic rv se Shift Leader, bank deposits. stomer rd and deliver outstanding cu co ed re id to ov or Pr is rv re ted by supe put for new hi cashier; entrus rs. Provided in training. be em m Acted as f af ention st n No need to m additional pervised te is paid Trained and su ews and identified areas for her a position et wh  vi ucts. od tary. pr lun l vo al performance re or of t ventory coun ed ned accurate in es were follow Maintai tation procedur fety protocols. ni sa od fo er Ensured prop ng to all food handling sa  ri by strictly adhe r Medical Cente ACTIVITIES om, UC Davis Ro y nc ge er Em Volunteer, Club inator, Botany Activities Coord lub C ical Sciences Member, Biolog

Resumes and Correspondence

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18 University of California, Davis

Chronological Format for Entry-Level Career Position

The resume below uses a chronological format. Your resume should represent you. Be sure to have your resume draft critiqued by an ICC staff member.
A specific objective is highly recommended. However, a more general objective can be used at career fairs. This is a sub-category of EDUCATION. The title should be bold, lower case, and indented.

1122 Aggie Av

enue t Apt , # 33 t Dav is, CA 95616 (530) 757-1212 t (925) 3881212 akim@ucdavi s.edu sition with X


YZ Consultin g Bachelor of Sc 1 ience, Enviro nmental Polic Bachelor of A y A na rts, Commun lysis and Plan ication ning University of 3 If you have performed California Dav the protocol several times is, June 20X X you may list your ability Related Cour se Work: to perform procedures  Environmen used in a lab as adept tal Impact Re 2 porting, GIS Environmen at, proficient in or and Society, tal Law, Wat Tr an sp or er ta La tio w, Urban Geo other accurate terms. n Policy, graphy SKILLS Familiar with CEQA, NEPA and CWA Working know ledge of envi ronmental im t Double majors Procient in pact assessm applications ents indicate: of Microsoft Excellent repo Ofce Suite, rt writing skill Double Majors ERSI and Arc s GIS in ___ and EXPERIENCE  Pl an ning Intern, ___ or state Sacramento County Planni Bachelor of Arts Developmen ng and Com t Departmen  munity t, Sacramento in ___, Bachelor Created a da , CA 10/XX tabase of em 3/XX of Science in ployment an Conducted a d housing fo jobs/housing ___. r Sacramento balance stud County. y as directed  by the Gener al Plan. National Net work of Envi ronmental M U.S. Environm an ag ement Studie ental Protectio  s Fellow, n Agency, Ph Reviewed an iladelphia, PA d provided co 6/XX - 9/XX mments on En statements. vironmental Formulated pl Impact an to coordina System data te Geographi among differe c Information nt fe deral agenci public outrea es. Participat ch efforts. ed in signica nt  Environmen tal Education Intern, Studen Watershed St t Landowner ewardship Pr  Education an ogram (SLEW Planned and d S) , Davis, CA 1/ led high scho XX - 4/XX ols students restoration pr in agricultura ojects. Rese l and stream arched and ta corridor species intera ught students ction and loca about native l ec osystem sens and maintaine itivity. Design d compostin ed, construct g piles for on ed -site teaching ACTIVITIES purposes. Member, Envi ro nmental Scie nce and Polic Volunteer, Fo y Club, 20XX cus The Natio - present n, UC Davis, Volunteer, H January 20X edgerow Farm X s, Spring 20X X


tal Planner po

Resumes and Correspondence

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Chronological Format for Career Position

A chronological resume presents your education and work experience in a straightforward, reverse chronological order format, listing current or most recent job first. If the majority of your work experience is related to your stated job objective, the chronological format is generally preferred.

Campus Avenue 999 University 99999 CA n, w Collegeto X X (530) 75X-XX s.edu vi da uc n@ ye angu

Permanent reet XXX Green St 12345 CA o, sc ci an San Fr XX (415) 48X-XX

marketing OBJECTIVE n in sales and A career positio eria EDUCATION ience in Manag Bachelor of Sc X X 20 20XX ne Ju , is Madrid, Spain California, Dav oad Program, br A n tio ca du Participant, E ith a minor in l Economics w Communicatio n, University of

Resumes and Correspondence

ents. d Mac environm plorer in PC an Ex et rn te In d an Excel, email SKILLS icient in Word, and spoken). Computer: Prof amese (written ly. tn ie V of e dg le and convincing w d write clearly Language: Kno an k ea sp to e n: Abl Communicatio sent) CA (6/XXPre , Sacramento, IENCE ts R g and uc PE tin od X pr ke E ar ro T ic m N RELEVA implement ogressive M d Pr an , rn le op el te ev In D s fo le ftware r App d software. Marketing/Sa entertainment so ter hardware an d an pu l m na co io al at on uc rs Market pe and develop ed s. tegies. Design puter trade show advertising stra numerous com in te pa ci rti Pa . em computer syst X) CA (5/XX9/X o, Inc., Davis, ion. Worked ut A ill m nd 5 ra $3 G , g les exceedin /Salesperson sa ee al ing a in nu ra T an t or ith en e invent y us rts store w Managem ned a large stor Implemented ai ork for auto pa w nt s ai le M sa s. ed ee m Perfor onnel. employ ined sales pers re and customers and pervised and tra w. Developed effective in-sto effectively with Su . em st sy y or nt flo k ve or in w ed ed riz compute n for enhanc t reorganizatio parts departmen ys. window displa /XX4/XX) oodland, CA (9 W , ny cash, performed pa om C n store. Handled sales performance. Distributing ai er ch m g su lo ta on C ca , e n ards for les for larg Salesperso ved quarterly aw merchandise sa ei l ra ec R ne s. ge sk ed ta m al Perfor cleric l, and completed inventory contro siness fraternity Sigma Pi, a bu LEADERSHIP ta el D n, so er irp ates) Fundraising Cha Association (d amese Student tn ie V r, be em M (dates)

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20 University of California, Davis

Functional Format for Career Position

A functional resume concentrates on skills you have demonstrated that relate to your stated objective rather than on the jobs you have held. This format is particularly effective if your past work experience is not directly related to your job objective, if you are changing careers, or if you are seeking a promotion. Choose broad skill categories appropriate to the desired job and how you have demonstrated those same skills in past positions/jobs.


XXX Green Stre et San Francisco, CA 12345 (415) 48X-XXXX anguyen@ucda vis.edu A career positio n in sales and marketing


Bachelor of Scie nc Communcations e degree in Managerial Econ omics with a m University of C inor in alifornia, Davis, Participant, Ed June 20XX ucation Abroa d Program, M adrid, Spain 20 SUMMARYO XX FQUALIFICA TIONS Three year s increased resp onsibility in sa Extensive an les d Received aw up-to-date knowledge of th e computer softw ards for sales pe  are industry rformance Proficient in W or d, Ex ce l, email and In Knowledge ternet Explorer of Vietnamese in PC and Mac and Spanish (w environments. ritten and spok en) Marketing/Sale s Marketed pe rsonal compute Developed r hardware and and implemen software ted marketing Performed and advertising sales work for stra au Recognized to parts chain store with annu tegies fo al Performed r impressive sales record and general merchan received quarte sales exceeding $35 million rly awards for ou dise sales for la Participated tstanding perfo rge in numerous co rmance mputer trade sh catalog sales store ows Organization/ Plan Designed an ning d Implemente developed educational and en terta d parts departm Developed ent reorganizatio inment software for Apple co mputer system effective in-sto n for enhanced re and window work flow displays Communicatio n Communic Skills ated effectively w Revised po licy manuals an ith customers and employees d developed cu Supervised rricula for traini and trained sale ng sessions s personnel EMPLOYMEN T HIS Marketing/Sale TORY s Intern, Prog ressive Micropr Management oducts, Sacram Trai ento, CA, 6/XX Salesperson, C nee/Salesperson, Grand Au Present to onsumers Dist ributing Compa , Inc., Davis, CA, 5/XX9/X X ny, Woodland, CA, 9/XX4/XX ACTIVITIES Fundraising C hairperson, Del ta Si Member, Vietna mese Student As gma Pi, a business fraternity sociation

Resumes and Correspondence

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Combination Format for Research Position

The combination chronological/functional resume uses elements of both styles. The qualifications (areas of effectiveness) of the functional resume remain within specific job/experience descriptions. The jobs/experiences are then grouped and categorized to show the strengths in two to four categories. This resume format is effective if at least some of your experience is related to the job objective, and also when the job objective has more than one component and you have experience in these different components (e.g., technical and management; sales and organizational).

MARIA GARCIA Local Address 55 College Drive Davis, CA 95616 (530) 75X-XXXX mgarcia@ucdavis.edu OBJECTIVE ratory. Research position in biochemistry labo EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry University of California, Davis Degree expected December, 20XX SKILLS Protocol design for proteolytic digests Gas chromatography HPLC rds Ability to keep accurate laboratory reco ling hand al Laboratory anim SDS-PAGE Spectrophotometry UV/VIS Computer data analysis

Permanent Address 1930 Grape Avenue Fairfield, CA 94533

Resumes and Correspondence

September 20XX) RESEARCH EXPERIENCE ch, Inc., San Francisco, CA. (June to Protein Biochemistry Intern, Genente ips of interferon. Experiments included the use of limited relationsh Investigated structure-function HPLC. proteolitic digests, SDS-PAGE, and of California, Davis. (March ent of Clinical Pathology, University Clinical Pathology Intern, Departm tion of pesticide metabolites isola hic m for liquid chromatograp syste er buff a d lope Deve ) X 20X June to . chromatography on purified samples in urine. Performed gas NG EXPERIENCE LABORATORY ANIMAL HANDLI Davis. (May to July 20XX) Department, University of California, nce Scie al Anim , er Help ry rato Labo transgenic experiments. Maintained murine colony used for CATION POSITION HELD TO FINANCE EDU (May to September 20XX) CA. nto, ame Sacr ys, Mac , son sper Sale , inventory control and in sales transactions, public relations Provided customer service, engaged balanced cash register receipts. ACTIVITIES President, Biochemistry Club Education Member, Chicanos/Latinos in Health ll etba bask al mur intra g, Swimmin

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22 University of California, Davis

We use this term to describe a resume that is used to apply for positions in information technology, engineering or consulting. Though the format is similar to other examples in the book we include it to demonstrate ways in which technical skills can be presented.

Victoria Buleon
vbuleon@ucda vis.edu 2350 Main Stre et Davis, CA 9567 6 (530) 759-1957 Cell : are engineering position
Students major ing in technical disciplines, e.g. engineering, ar e encouraged to include GPA.


A full-time softw EDUCATION :

Bachelor of Sc ience Degree Ex pected June 20 Computer Scie XX, GPA 3.2 nce and Engine ering, University of California, D avis EXPERIENC E:

Programming Languages: B ASIC, C, C++ Active Server , Java, Java Se Pages, Standard rver Pages, HTM ML Operating Syst L, Perl, Visual ems: DOS, Win Basic, dows, Macinto sh, UNIX, Linu x PROFESSION AL AFFILIAT IONS: Filipino Americ an Society of A rchitects & En Tau Beta Pi Nat gineers, Decem ional Engineer ber 20XX ing Honors So ciety, July - Pr esent LEADERSHIP : President (20X X-20XX), Web site Programm Pilipino Americ er (20XX-prese ans in Science nt), Secretary and Engineerin (20XX-20XX), g

Software Devel opment Intern , Hewlett-Pack  Created a protot ard, Palo Alto, ype in Visual B CA, June 20XX  asic of an instan -September 20 Created a protot t messaging co XX ype in Active Se ncept involving rver Pages and webpage of web multiple topics Digital Dashboa tools Evalua rd for a customized ted a virtual co central llaboration tool Built a used by an engi prototype in V neering division isual Basic of th e next-generatio n instant messa IT Intern, Cal ging software trans, June 20X X-September 20 Tested XX a web-based ap plication used Redes by the unit igned departm ental Word tem Provid plate pages utili ed phone and em zed ail support for Created a web-based co web pages usin mputer training g Active Server program Pages for autom ating the regist COMPUTER ration SKILLS:

Resumes and Correspondence

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Online Resumes
Many Web sites will accept Word documents but some request that you cut and paste a text version of your resume. Resumes submitted online frequently get imported into a database known as an Applicant Tracking System or Hiring Management System. This includes resumes posted to employer sites and Internet resume banks. Your resume will usually not be seen until it has been retrieved from the database using keyword searching techniques. Many of these resume systems request a text version of your resume. The text version is designed to be read by a computer in addition to eventually being screened by human readers.

ANH NGUYEN Campus ty Avenue 999 Universi reet XXX Green St

CA 12345 n Francisco, Permanent 99999 Sa CA n, w to College X-XXXX XX (415) 48 (530) 75X-XX anguyen@uc davis.edu

s are still Some employer cannable s using the term e resumes bl na an resumes. Sc te r chnology. are simply olde be used n ca e A text resum ble resume na an sc a r wheneve is requested.

g OBJECTIVE and marketin tion in sales A career posi

XX vis, June 20 California, Da of ty ne si Ju er , iv CA onomics, Un Francisco, EDUCATION anagerial Ec llege of San Science in M ation, City Co tr is in dm A Bachelor of ss Arts in Busine Associate of 20XX PC and Mac et Explorer in ail and Intern em l, ce Ex SKILLS ord, oficient in W Computer: Pr en). . ten and spok environments tnamese (writ incingly. ie nv V co of d e an dg owle write clearly d an Language: Kn k ea sp ion: Able to Communicat t) (6/XX-Presen cramento, CA ting Sa CE , ke ts ar EN m uc RI t PE od en pr and implem ssive Micro RELEVANT EX p re lo og ve Pr ware , ft De rn so e. te t les In d softwar tertainmen Marketing/Sa r hardware an ional and en te at pu uc m ed co p s. lo al ow ve de ter trade sh Market person . Design and erous compu ing strategies ipate in num ic rt and advertis Pa . em mputer syst (5/XX-9/XX) for Apple co on. Inc., Davis, CA o, ut A d ing $35 milli an sales exceed lesperson, Gr al Sa nu e/ an ne e ai ith or Tr w ore d a large st Management auto parts st ees. Maintaine sales les work for s and employ and trained er ed Performed sa om is st rv cu pe Su ith . w y em k flow. el st iv or sy w ct inventory enhanced Worked effe nization for computerized ga a or g re in t us en y m inventor rts depart plemented pa displays. personnel. Im and window re to -s in e iv ct fe ef d X-4/XX) pe Develo and, CA (9/X , pany, Woodl m Handled cash Co e. g or in st ut er Distrib talog chain um ca ns e rg Co la n, r fo so s Salesper dise sale sks. neral merchan ed clerical ta and complet Performed ge l, ro nt co y ventor performed in (dates) ss fraternity a Pi, a busine gm Si LEADERSHIP lta De (dates) Chairperson, Association Fundraising ese Student am tn ie V r, Membe

Resumes and Correspondence

See the ICC website for additional information regarding online resumes: https://iccweb.ucdavis.edu/students/career/resume.htm
24 University of California, Davis