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Bios Settings Before Installing Execute Disable bit: Enabled ( Some Times Named as XD ) Limit CPUID Max: Disabled Set all cores of the CPU active/enabled. Virtualization (if exists): Enabled or Disabled, try it. Hyper-threading: Enabled or Disabled, try it. HPET (High Precision Event Timer/PCH): Enabled SATA Mode: AHCI Set all the Overclock/Performance/Turbo etc. values to Auto. Set the UEFI mode settings (if exists) to compatible mode ( Try Disabling ) If You Face!Boot Errors Before Installation Boot With Patched Kernels AMD Users - amd HP Lap Users - hp Atom Processors - atom so if you wanna use AMD Kernel just type amd and boot if you wanna add some other kernel ags too then you must specify the kernel as the rst boot ag Ex :- amd GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v Always Try to Boot With -v While Debugging add -v at the end of all kernel ags Try to Boot With USBBusFix=Yes , GraphicsEnabler=Yes Kernel Flags If Stuck on Still Waiting for Root Device Check Bios Settings Set SATA to AHCI try Kernel Flag "debug=8 ahcidisk=1" (Try to Combine Kernel Flags Followed by a Space) Never Try The Kernel Flag -F Before Installation

If You Face Boot Errors After Installation Try Kernel Flags GraphicsEnabler=Yes , -f , -F , -x (Try to Combine Them Followed by a Space) ReInstall Without Selecting Any Additional Packages Reinstall With Backup Graphics Extensions Package Selected

About The Release Some Scripts of iAtkos Team Were Used in My Release Some Additional Functions are Included in order to keep you guys on touch they are not spams Im Doing this on a Hurry My classes for Elec Engineering are about to start and I'm going out of my town I had plan of studying E Eng in USA but Fuuuuuuuuuu my luck I Think I'm Stuck in Sri Lanka :( I was too Lazy I Could Have Released This Earlier but Remember Im Not a Team I Work Alone I Don't Know Will it be possible to release Future Releases and My PC She is 3 Years old and She is Dying... Im Planning To Release a Video Guide of Installation until then Your One and Only Niresh How to Install Burn ISO to a 4.3/4.7 GB Empty DvD and Boot From The DvD A Normal DvD is 4.7GB on Mac and 4.3GB on Windows Due to File System Differences If You Have a Hard Disk of 500 GB Then on Windows The Size Will Be Around Something Like 480 GB In Mac You Can See The Actual Size of Disk Like 500.2 GB

Bootable USB Instruction

Mac Open The Downloaded ISO Restore The Volume "Niresh's 10.8.2 Installer" to a USB Install The Package USB BootLoader to The USB Done Simple and Sweet You Can Make Bootable USB From The OS X Installation Window Insert Your USB Open Application Terminal and Type EzUSB Press Enter Follow The Installation Instruction Windows Install EasyBCD