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Brief Profile Company "Building Competencies to Drive High Work Performance" Stamps TM Consultancy with its strong leadership is poised to help companies gain a sustainable competitive edge in the new economy. These organizations are then able to take on market challenges and opportunities globally through sound business practices and specialized knowledge. Through our integrated training and consultancy approach, our intention is to help organizations grow in leaps and bounds and assisting companies in achieving various management systems certifications, Stamps TM Consultancy vision is to be at the forefront of business excellence. Stamps TM Consultancy is a workforce transformation and learning solutions provider established to develop and enhance the capabilities of professionals and business owners through high quality cutting edge executive education and professional development programmes. Stamps TM Consultancy comprises some of the best minds in the training and consulting business that offer dynamic competency-based assessment, performance management training and consulting services for companies and organisations. Today, more and more companies and their HR and Training professionals are investing in competency-based systems and training as they realise these offer a clearer correlation of human capital investments and people performance to higher productivity and desired business results relevant to their organisation's business strategies and vision. Employees learn, develop and refine many of their competencies over the course of their careers. We provide competency-based training services and solutions to help measure the competencies related to effective job performance. We do this by the systematic and systemic change effort process - using behavioural science knowledge and skills to assist an organisation to adapt to work environment challenges and change the way it performs so it becomes stronger in meeting and achieving these challenges. Through carefully planned interventions, Stamps TM Consultancy wishes to empower organisations, agencies and departments to successfully change the way they respond to new challenges enabling them to perform their work more efficiently. Competency-based Training & Consulting = Delivery of Solutions & Results!

Mission One stop integrated solution provider to help companies achieve business excellence through PEOPLE, PRODUCTS, PROCESSES and BEST PRACTICES. We hope to achieve these through creating value and enrichment in Lifelong Learning. Stamps TM Consultancy enables self-motivated people to become dramatically more successful, and to discover and fulfill their life purpose. Our company's mission is to take away the guess work out of training. Through Stamps TM Consultancy, you can solve all of your training needs.

Our Pledge Graduates: Become Employable Fast Attain marketable qualifications to enhance career mobility and advancement Professionals: Retool Your Career Retooling of skills and enhancement of knowledge for individuals Networking for professionals and entrepreneurs Companies: Retrain and Retain Valuable Employees Added productivity and effectiveness in the workforce to employers

Our Core Values Integrity: Offering products and services in a trustworthy manner Innovation: Successfully competitive through new approaches and designs Quality: Pursuit of excellence as the standard of goodness

Aim for Success Stamps TM Consultancy, target is to fulfill the vision of all companies. Through unrivalled experience and expertise, we plan to champion various performance improvement consultancy and training solutions that are designed to help organizations achieve business excellence through the optimization of human capital. Our Strength The expertise and experience of our people are our greatest assets. All our consultants and trainers are first-rate experts in their field and possess the skills to respond to any organizations unique challenges and opportunities.

Quality Services At Stamps TM Consultancy, achieving results is our differentiating factor. Our trademark is to

achieve powerful, practical and sustainable results attributed to the following reasons that are unique to us:

One-stop Solution Provider Whether it is a competency gap or an inefficient process, the Consultancy offers onestop integrated training and consultancy solutions to assist companies in achieving business excellence through the optimization of their human capital. Deep Sector Knowledge By building a strong industry network, led by various outstanding track record in both domestic and global sectors such as Manufacturing, Service, Government, Engineering, Finance, Retail, Transportation, Telecommunications, and more. With in-depth knowledge, we have the ability to address industry-specific issues. Dedicated People Customer-focused solutions are the forte of our dedicated pool of consultants and associates. With a growing network of experienced and specialized consultants, curriculum developers and training resources, we have the expertise regardless of the industry or market you are in. Wide Global Network In response to the increasing need for consistency in business practices and organizational performance as more business networks spread regionally, we also intend to expand internationally to offer a breadth of localized solutions for international operations. Leading Alliance Partners To maintain our competitive edge, the Consultancy consistently offers peerless and breakthrough solutions by harnessing the strength of best-in-class strategic partners. These select groups are considered leaders in their respective core competencies whose capabilities and business models align with global standards.

Why Choose Us? Stamps TM Consultancys approach defines our unique learning experience, connecting you with your future business partners, clients, colleagues and friends to form lasting relationships that will build and enhance your career development. Our unique and innovative suite of products and services will prepare you to exploit new markets, enterprise structures and technologies, sharpen your analytical skills and innovative problem solving techniques, as well as create opportunities out of challenges. Modeled after the best business and executive learning centres in the world, we realize the limitations of the traditional lecture-based process. Engage in an exchange of knowledge as you learn from our highly-qualified and experienced trainers and facilitators in fields and industries spanning the business world and beyond. Our flexible and modular delivery of programmes enables busy executives to pursue world-class qualifications without interruption to their careers

or businesses, families and personal lives. In fact, your performance and work will be enhanced as you immediately utilize your enhanced management and leadership capabilities to be at the leading edge of business.

Because organizations must grow; and for an organization to grow, its people must grow. The best way to grow your people is to help them develop and to work on their strengths and talents, not their weaknesses. Help your people work around their weaknesses. Research has shown that organizations that develop their employees' strengths grow faster and are more resilient to market forces. When employees are provided training on what they are good at, they see it as a reward; as opposed to as a punishment if they are provided training on what they are weak at. When employees see training and development as a reward, they are more receptive and therefore better able to benefit from the training provided. Here at Stamps TM Consultancy, employee empowerment is what we are all about. We understand what an organization needs. We know how to help your people grow, and where to grow on. We know what is needed to get your people engaged and committed to their own growth and the growth of the organization. Because we understand; and it is our mission to take away the guesswork and take the load off your shoulders. We know what it's like to carry out training functions, the effort and work put into it. Let us take that work and burden away from you. Because we listen; we find out what you need and we fill that need. It is standard practice here at Stamps TM Consultancy not to bring any material (unless otherwise requested) to a first appointment with a client. Instead of telling what we can do for you; we will first find out what your needs are. Then we attempt to meet those needs and only then we can both put our STAMP on it.. Because we know the value of street-smart no-nonsense ideas for survival and success in the highly competitive, fast moving and ever changing marketplace. Stamps TM Consultancy are ready to support you, and to help you take the load off your shoulders, and make your job as an successful organization or executive as effective, as productive, as stress-free, and as enjoyable as possible.

Course Outline

Stamps TM Consultancy offers programs and workshops for all levels of employees in an organization - Senior Management, Mid-Management, Executive and Administration - in a wide variety of topics such as: Stamps TM Consultancy Forte Topics / Programs The Corporate Sales Process Leadership in Sales Management

Customer Management Effective Negotiation Skills Leadership, Emotional Intelligence in Action Effective Communication Skills Dynamics of Personality Profiling The Art & Skill of Public Speaking Effective Presentation Skills Stress Management Personal Development Behavioral/mindset assessment and development