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EDFS 200

Summer 2014

Teaching for Creativity, Justice, Joy and Thinking 3 credits=45 contact hours She ey !ermi ya, Ed"D" Descri#tion
This course is for students/teachers engaged in teaching/working with all age groups interested in expanding their knowledge and praxis, and revitalizing their curriculum. ourse work will !e grounded in issues of multicultural, sexual and gendered diversit". #ocial $ustice and the ideals of transformative education and leadership anchor the s"lla!us. %ro$ects for personal and professional development re&uired.

$eeting dates and times

'ul" (4 ) (*, ++ ) +4, +, ) 3-, .ug 5 ) /, +-(4 0am1( pm To meet contact hour re&uirements 2additional (3 hours3 there is an out of class weekl" film/media re&uirement and on1line exchange expectation.

%ocation& T4. 5678956: 56.:9;< =>5 '8?@ (4 A %art 9 and %art 99 2to page ,43 #apon1#hevin, Bara ) ;anc" #chniedewind. 2+-(+3. Educational Courage: Resisting the Ambush of Public Education. 4ostonA 4eacon %ress.

'oa s and %earning&

This masterCs level seminar is !ased on the following assertions, contradictions and tensionsA The most influential factor a teacher !rings to the classroom is her/him/their self. >ur educational s"stem of toda" has a long legac". 6ducation in our societ" has served the roles of transmitting the cultural status &uo as well as !eing a vehicle for social change. #"stemic !iases exist in our pu!lic institutions and our schools and are related to power and access. Through assigned or selected readings and media we will examineA the histor" and philosophies of educationD the tensions of teaching creativel" and meeting 2addressing or challenging3 standardsD the wider range of skills we need to meet the different places our students, parents and colleagues come fromD how we address race, class, gender, gender expression, sexual diversit" and different a!ilities in our curriculumD and our responsi!ilities as teachers to !ring $ustice and e&uit" into our classrooms. Eow do we gain and maintain the courage to teach ourselves, colleagues, administrators, students, parents and communit" mem!ers to see and practice education as inspiring the curious mind, asking the challenging &uestions, inciting wonderful thinking 111those ver" reasons we all got into the fieldF Eow do we !ecome the teachers we want to !e in the framework we find ourselves inF Eow do we pop open our praxis, get our students to laugh, !ring communit" to our classroomsF Ghat is education forF

To understand the context of our lives and our studentsC lives for our teaching ) learning. To ackno) edge our own !iases, pre$udices, privileges, preconceived notions and the social s"stems in which

our work is em!eddedHand interrogate those. To o*tain the kno) edge and ski s to create dia ogue a!out the social, political and ethical issues we encounter and take actions for e&uit" and $ustice.

Essentia +uestions&
an we teach li!eration, happinessF an we teach $o"full"F Ghat do we mean !", and/or how do we performA 9ntegrit"F 6&uit"F 6&uanimit"F #ocial 'usticeF :emocrac"F Ghat are "oursF

'enera Course ,nformation

Course -o icies.E/#ectations 0 1ttendance E/#ectations& .ttend all classes, complete all assignments, !e willing to explore and !e prepared for dialogue and participation. reate pro$ects that will enhance "ou personall" and professionall". 2e igious (*servance& The official policy for excused absences for religious holidays: Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each semester students should submit in riting to their instructors by the end of the second full ee! of classes their documented religious holiday schedule for the semester. "aculty must permit students ho miss or! for the purpose of religious observance to ma!e up this or!. Contri*utions in C ass& see a!ove 1cademic 3onesty 0 -rofessiona ism& .ll students are re&uired to !e familiar with and adhere to the I.cademic Eonest" %olic" %roceduresJ delineated in the following we!site. httpA//www.uvm.edu/Kuvmppg/ppg/student/acadintegrit".pdf 3. 1ccommodations& .ccommodations will !e provided to eligi!le students with disa!ilities. %lease o!tain an accommodation letter from the . 6## office and see one of the instructors earl" in the course to discuss what accommodations will !e necessar". 9f "ou are unfamiliar with . 6##, visit their we!site at httpA//www.uvm.edu/access to learn more a!out the services the" provide. . 6##A .1(/- ?iving ?earning enter, 8niversit" of Lermont, 4urlington, LT -54-5. %EA ,-+1*5*1//53, TT@A call /(( 2rela"3, =axA ,-+1*5*1-/30, 6mailA accessMuvm.edu, 9nstant BessengerA 8LBaccess. <eneral office hoursA ,A3-am N 4A3-pm Bonda" through =rida". all to make an appointment.

2e4uired 2esources& #apon1#hevin, Bara ) ;anc" #chniedewind. 2+-(+3. Educational Courage: Resisting the Ambush of Public Education. 4ostonA 4eacon %ress. 314 texts of "our choice, mix of academic $ournals and essa"s 2minimum3 *1, films 2(3 hours approx3 outside of class time. :ocumentaries, @ouTu!e, media, social media, and full1length films pertinent to final pro$ect content. Topics to 9ncludeA 5ace, class, culture, gender, gender expression, transgender, sexual orientation, womenCs, menCs, disa!ilit" studiesHcontemporar" ) historic.

Descri#tion of C ass 1ssignments& B9;9 %5>'6 T# (. #/Eero educator, civil rights activist, inspirational person 2%ower%oint option3 +. #elf1portrait collage or graphic design of personal narrative on !ecoming a teacher 2non1ver!al format3 3. <endered Be 2an" format3 G66O?@ (13 page notes/reflections on content, readings, ) discussions 2via email3 .nnotated =ilmograph" F,51% 1SS,'5$E5T 8sing a mixed methodolog" of Bemoir/Texts/:ocumentaries and/or 9nterviewsA 5esearch a unit of stud" or a personal/professional pro$ect that will support "our career and development. ?ength to !e determined !" genre and/or formatA film, graphic design, polic" report, $ournal article, unit of stud", creative non1fiction essa". 6eek7*y76eek 2eading 2u*ric 0 Instructional Sequence& Ju y 14 0 18 ThemeA Praxis # Philosophy 5eadingA Educational Courage 14th 9ntroductions. #tate of >ur %ractice/ 6xpectations for ourse/%hilosoph" for hange :ialogueA %art 9 ) 99 of Educational Courage: Resisting the Ambush of Public Education. 1ssignmentA (. ontinue reading Educational Courage. +. :esign presentation of educational s/hero for mini1research pro$ect. 3. :ecide on films for the weekl" expectation. %erhaps "ou would like to pursue expertise in documentaries/media on a specific topic 2race, class, disa!ilities, cultures other than "our own, !o"s, girls, transgender, teen pop culture, childrenCs shows, #uperheroes3. 4. 4egin to explore interests and sources for final pro$ect proposals. 5eadingA hapters (, + ) 33. 5avitch, :iane. 2+-(33. Reign of Error: The $oax of the Privati%ation &ovement and the 'anger to America(s Public Schools. ;ew @orkA .... Onopf. 2%:=3 18th :iscuss 5avitch ) Educational Courage. %resent Bini1%ro$ect 4iograph" of #/Eero. 1ssignmentA ;otes/reflection 2+ page minimum3. =ilmograph". 4ring collage materials to next class. 5eadingA 4ecoming a =antastic Teacher in <rant, ... ) #leeter, .6. 2+-((3. 'oing &ulticultural Education for Achievement # E)uity. ;ew @orkA 5outledge, pp. (1+,. 2%:=3


Ju y 22 0 24

ThemeA Self*A areness +dentity # Curriculum 'evelopment

22nd :iscuss responses to films. ollage construction for Bini %ro$ect on 9dentit" 1ssignmentA (. 5eadingA continue Educational Courage. +. =inal pro$ect proposal draft. 3. 6xplore options for memoir reading assignment. 24th :iscuss readings, pro$ect proposals, memoir decision. 1ssignmentA reflection on reading and films to1date 2+ page minimum3. 4egin Bemoir. =or lass :iscussion on 'ul" +,A Gatch documentariesA Biss 5epresentation ) Tough <uise PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Ju y 29 0 :0 ThemeA ,ender 'ynamics # &edia th +, 9n classA The Bask @ou ?ive 9n 1ssignment& chapters (. Giseman- 5osalind. 2+-(33. &asterminds and .ingmen: $elping /ur 0oys Cope ith Schoolyard Po er- 1oc!er*Room Tests- ,irlfriends- and the 2e Rules of 0oy .orld. ;ew @orkA rown. +. Bini %ro$ectA <endered Be 2(13pages3 3-th :iscuss readings, present mini1pro$ect Lermil"aCs Transgender %resentation 1ssignmentA =inal pro$ect ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; 1ugust < 0 = =inal %resentations ThemeA Creativity- 3ustice- 3oy and Thin!ing

Eva uation.1ssessment.'rade 5arrative&


6xplain in one detailed paragraph the grade "ou have earned for the course !ased on "our o!$ectives, "our participation, timeliness, research and writing, new learning and awareness. %rofessor expects class attendance, receipt of all assignments, risk1taking in content area and creativit" in final pro$ect. =inal grade is determined in con$unction with student self1evaluation and evidence regardingA new learning !oth personal and professionalD plans for integrating new knowledgesD and actions for further personal and professional development.

Su## ementa 2eadings& T6. E9;< =>5 #> 9.? '8#T9 6 ) T5.;#=>5B.T9L6 ?6.5;9;< B6B>95A onsider titles from httpA//www.flashlightworth"!ooks.com/Teacher1Bemoirs/4*4
o o o o Eorton, B"les. 2(00,3. The 1ong $aul: an autobiography. olum!ia, ;ew @orkA Teachers ollege %ress. Boses, 5o!ert %. ) harles o!!, 'r. 2+--(3. Radical E)uations: Civil Rights from &ississippi to the Algebra Pro4ect. 4ostonA 4eacon %ress. %ale", Livian <ussin. 2+---3. .hite Teacher. am!ridge, B.A Earvard 8niversit" %ress. Tompkins, 'ane. 2(00*3. A 1ife +n School: .hat The Teacher 1earned. am!ridge, B.A %erseus 4ooks.

?<4T 9##86#A onsider titles from httpA//www.huffingtonpost.com/+-(3/-//(3/+-1ga"1memoirs1summer1readPnP35,,3/0.html

4aird, Lanessa. 2+--/3. The 2o*2onsense ,uide to SE56A1 '+7ERS+T8. >xford, 8OA ;ew 9nternationalist %u!lications, ?td. 4loom, .m". 2+--33. 2ormal: Transsexual CE/S- Crossdressing Cops- And $ermaphrodites ith Attitude. ;ew @orkA Lintage. 4rill, #. .., ) %epper, 5. 2+--,3. The transgender child: A handboo! for families and professionals. #an =rancisco, .A leis. :uron, ?ori. 2+-(39. Raising &y Rainbo : Adventures in Raising a "abulous- ,ender Creative Son. ;ew @orkA 4roadwa" 4ooks. =isher, 6. #., ) Oomosa1Eawkins, O. 2+-(33. Creating safe and supportive learning environments: A guide for or!ing ith lesbian- gay- bisexual- transgender- and )uestioning youth and families . ;ew @ork, ;@A Ta"lor ) =rancis. #olomon, .ndrew. 2+-(33. Transgender in "ar "rom the Tree: Parents- Children and the Search for +dentity. ;ew @orkA #cri!ner, pp. 5001*/*. Teich, ;. B. 2+-(+3. Transgender :;:: A simple guide to a complex issue. ;ew @orkA olum!ia 8niversit" %ress.

9##86# =>5 8559 8?8B, T6. E9;<, ?6.:65#E9%, ) %>G65A

.rendt, E. 2+--33. 5eflections on ?ittle 5ock, (050. 9n Responsibility and 3udgment- edited !" 'erome Oohn. ;ew @orkA #chocken 4ooks, pp. (0+1+(3. hapman, Thandeka O. ) ;ikola Eo!!el. 2+-(-3. Social 3ustice Pedagogy Across the Curriculum. ;ew @orkA 5outledge. 5

:ali ?ama. 2(0003. Ethics for a 2e &illennium. ;ew @orkA 5iverhead 4ooks. :elgado, 5ichard and 'ean #tefancic. 2+-(+3. Critical Race Theory: An +ntroduction. #econd 6dition. ;ew @orkA ;ew @ork 8niversit". :weck, arol. #. 2+--*3. &indset: The 2e Psychology of Success. ;ew @orkA 5andom Eouse. =reire, %. ) Bacedo, :. 2(0,/3. 1iteracy: Reading the .ord and the .orld. ;ew @orkA 4ergin ) <arve". <erstl1%epin, . 2+--33. 9dentit", :ifference, and #cholarl" ;arrativeA 5edefining a %oor, Ghite Trash hildhood. Educational "oundations- pp. <*:<. <reen, .. :. 2+--43. 9n a :ifferent 5oomA Toward an .frican .merican GomanQs 6thic of are ) 'ustice. 9n #iddle Galker, L. #. ) #nare", '. 5. 26ds.3. Race*ing &oral "ormation: African American Perspectives on Care and 3ustice. ;ew @orkA Teachers ollege %ress, pp.551/(. 'oseph, %amela 4olton 26d3. 2+-((3. Cultures of Curriculum. #econd 6dition. ;ew @orkA 5outledge. Oahane, .dam. 2+-(-3. Po er and 1ove: A Theory and Practice of Social Change. #an =ranciscoA 4errett1 Ooehler. Oozol, 'onathan. 2+-(33. "ire in the Ashes: T enty*"ive 8ears Among the Poorest Children in America . ;ew @orkA 4roadwa" 4ooks. Oumashiro, Oevin. 2+--+3. Troubling Education: =ueer Activism and Antioppressive Pedagogy. ;ew @orkA 5outledge=almer. Ourlansk", B. 2+--*3. 2onviolence. T enty*"ive 1essons "rom the $istory of A 'angerous +dea . ;ew @orkA Bodern ?i!rar". ?antieri, ?inda. 2+--(3. Schools ith Spirit: 2urturing the +nner 1ives of Children and Teachers. 4oston, B.A 4eacon %ress. ?areau, .nnette. 2+-(+3. 8ne&ual hildhoodsA lass, 5ace, and =amil" ?ife. #econd 6dition. 4erkele", .A 8niversit" of alifornia %ress. Baher, =rances .. ) Bar" Oa" Thompson Tetreault. 2+--(3. The "eminist Classroom: 'ynamics of ,ender- Race- and Privilege. ?anham, B:A 5owman ) ?ittlefield %u!lishers. Barshall, atherine ) "nthia <erstl1%epin. 2+--53. Re*"raming Educational Politics for Social 3ustice. 4ostonA %earson 6ducation, 9nc. Bc?aren, %eter ) 'oe ?. Oincheloe, 26ds3. 2+--/3. Critical Pedagogy: .here Are .e 2o > ;ew @orkA %eter ?ang. Bezirow, '. ) .ssociates. 2+---3. 1earning as Transformation: Critical Perspectives on a Theory in Progress. #an =ranciscoA 'osse"14ass. %ainter, ;ell 9rvin. 2+-(-3. The $istory of .hite People. ;ew @orkA G.G. ;orton. %inar, Gilliam =. 2+--43. .hat +s Curriculum Theory> Bahwah, ;'A ?awrence 6rl!aum .ssociates, %u!lishers. #enge, %eter. 2+--*3. The "ifth 'iscipline: The Art # Practice of the 1earning /rgani%ation. ;ew @orkA urrenc"/:ou!leda". @on, :aniel .. 2+---3. Elusive Culture: Schooling- Race- and +dentity in ,lobal Times. .l!an", ;@A #tate 8niversit" of ;ew @ork %ress.

Teach them diso*edience, , said, make every 'erman chi d kno) that it is its duty at east once a day to do its good deed and not *e ieve something its father or its teacher te s them, confuse their minds, get their minds confused and #erha#s then they )i *e diso*edient and the )or d )i *e at #eace"""""
<ertrude #teinCs proposal to <eneral >s!orne after traveling through <erman" in (045