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WE ARE COUNSEL FOR RESPONDENT, JOSE RAZON Allegation of petitioner: Respon ent faile to !

o"pl# $it% t%e s&pport pro'isions an t%e pa#"ent of in e(te ness, as follo$s: a) Pa#"ent of s&pport for e*penses of (asi! s&stenan!e of t$o "inor !%il ren a"o&nting to P%p +,,--- per "ont% $it%in t%e first fi'e a#s of ea!% "ont% !o""en!ing A&g&st .--,/ () Pa#"ent of e0&al s%are in t%e e &!ational, "e i!al, ental an relate an 1or spe!ial e*penses of t%e !%il ren a"o&nting to an a'erage of P%p +,,--- per "ont% !o""en!ing A&g&st .--,/ !) Pa#"ent of loan a"o&nting to P%p +--,--- to Jose 2artin O) Aliling (# De!e"(er 3+, .--,/ ) Pa#"ent of loan a"o&nting P%p 34,---)-- to petitioner5s fat%er5s pension (# O!to(er 3+, .--,/ e) Pa#"ent of petitioner5s s%are in t%e respon ent5s ref&n of Eagle Ri ge 6olf s%ares/ f) Pa#"ent of P%p +.-,+3-)+4 to petitioner of pa#ing all of respon ent5s &npai (alan!es $it% penalties of !an!ele !re it line an !ar s, as etaile (elo$: f)+ Citi(an7 Rea # Cre it 8--9.4.9-4-4 a"o&nting to P%p +:,;+<)33 pai in April .8, .--;/ f). Citi(an7 2asterCar ,;.393:.<9+:<,9.-.< a"o&nting to P%p 3+,::<)-. pai "ont%l# (et$een April .+, .--; &ntil De!e"(er <, .--;/ f)3 Citi(an7 S%ell 2asterCar ,;.393:.<93<<<94--, a"o&nting to P%p .<,<,3)33 pai "ont%l# (et$een April .+, .--; to No'e"(er +<, .--;/ f); Citi(an7 =isa ;,3:98++39;-:;9.-+; a"o&nting to P%p ;.,-<;),- pai "ont%l# (et$een April ., .--; &ntil 2ar!% +,, .--,/ g) Pa#"ent of P%p +38,--- representing t%e t%ree !%il ren5s sa'ings a!!o&nts $it% >P? Fa"il# >an7 ?si ora @ills &se for respon ent5s pen ing pa#a(les fro" respon ent5s (&siness operations APra#er of petitioner: 9 e!lare "arriage n&ll an 'oi a( initio Bnot !onteste C 9t%at t%e "e"oran &" of agree"ent of t%e parties (e appro'e an t%e !onD&gal partners%ip of t%e parties (e issol'e $it% t%e s&pport an eli'er# of legiti"es of t%e !%il ren or ere !o"plie $it%/ 9t%at t%e !o&rt appro'e t%e e*e!&tion of a ee of onation (# petitioner an respon ent of t%eir %o&se an propert# es!ri(e in Transfer of Certifi!ate of E'i en!e presente : 9Affi a'it of No ?nterest Banne* (C o'er fa"il# resi en!e 9TCT No) 3-,.+; EC Banne* aC 92e"oran &" of Agree"ent 9%&s(an $ai'es interest o'er fa"il# resi en!e: Affi a'it of No ?nterest Banne* (C o'er fa"il# resi en!e TCT No) 3-,.+; EC Banne* aC

9$ife agrees to pa# real propert# ta*es after .--, F %o"e asso!iation &es after D&ne .--, 9$ife $ai'es interest o'er !onD&gal s%are o'er "otor 'e%i!le: 9G?A Carni'al =an, Plate No) J6R 343, Serial1C%assis No) GN A2A 8,+3+S+:.48;, 2otor No) J393;34-; 9G?A Tr&!7, $it% plate !