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The Chief Election Commissioner, Election Commission {ew Delhi

March 6,2014
Dear Sir,
: Violence and intimidation by the BJP on our volunteers and leaders

I flm writing to you in the context of the violence and intimidation of Aam Aadmi vqlunteers and leaders that has taken part in different parts of the country yesterday bning the details of this intimidation to your attention and request for an i
Ygsterday, when Arvind Kejriwal and other volunteers of the party were touring G o{t about the so called "development Model" of Gujarat, his vehicle and a few acpompanying his vehicles were stopped by the Police in the Radhanpur Village in oflKutch. He was told by the police that he could not proceed because of the comi thg model code of conduct. This is despite the fact that Arvind told them that this elqction rally, but merely a study tour and that the vehicles were not carrying any etq. They then said that the Vehicles were obstructing traffic. After much Ueine detained in the poliie station for half an hour, they were'allowed to proceed.

In the evening when residents of the Kharohi village (Kutch distt) were taking Arvi to $ee a canal which was broken and whose work has been incomplete for many ye way there, Arvind Kejriwals police escort disappeared and 30km after that his car surpounded by 50 to 60 people who waved black flags. Then they started kicking thegcar and one.of thern broke the windscreen of the car with a lathi. There was no at tfrat time. Aftet this atlack the police rejoined the convoy after some time, The ti disgppearance and appearance seems extremely susp i cio u s.

Manish Sisodia is.travelling in the Banaskhata district in Gujarat and the police that with him is intimidating anyone whom he is speaking to, eating with'or Etaying wi is gping to their homes, aggressively telling them that meetings are not allowed sin Code of Conduct has been applied. Manish Sisodia was staying with advocate Harr Balar village. He was threatened by the police not to host him and the police kept 'Mr.Bhat ti'll midnight. lnspector Desai (from the local police station) entered Mr. I residence and insisted on taking everyone's details. This was clearly an attempt to i

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Aam Aadmi PartY