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Gun politics addresses safety issues and ideologies related to firearms through criminal and noncriminal use.

Basically what it does is, it forms rules and laws to permit or to ban different types of firearms, sets sanctions and determines who can or cannot carry guns. Throughout history guns have been a tool which let nations either defend themselves, or attack other nations in order to gain power and land. At history class we've mentioned France during the revolution. The government armed everyone, showing the nation's power and therefore gain power as military force, having the greatest army in entire Europe. Thats usually how arming works. In cases of war, firearms production sees a considerable rise, but upon a war lost, sanctions are placed on the country that lost the war, restricting any sort of weapon and force the loser to disarm completely. That's what Germany expirienced after the WW2. In modern days, police, army, navy institutions hold the right of owning firearms in order to protect the cuntry from terrorism and crime. The only exception are hunters in charge of animal control and those that deal with sport, such as clay pidgeon shooting, biathlon and others. Gun ownership however requires a permitt approved by the law.

Gun possession is possible in most countries, but there are some, that strictly forbid it for others than police and military. Example: China or Japan. Japan's weapons law even begins with :No-one shall possess a fire-arm or fire arms or a sword or swords without a licence , a Japanese citizen may not even hold a gun in their hands. In Slovenia you need either a proof that you are in shooting sports organization or that your personaly safety is at such a risk that you need a firearm in order to protect yourself. The most famous concerning gun politics is most likely the USA.in 2008, only 28% of the population supported a total ban on handguns. The Americans are, i believe, very proud of their gun politics. That is also shown in the opposition among Democrats and Republicans. Republicans are by up to 20 % more likely to have a gun at home than Democrats. From 1970s on, there are still more than 50% republicans owning a gun, while democrats gun ownership dropped down to 35%. In the 70s, nearly 55% of republican women owned a gun. Both genders of democrats are about 10% below republicans. Today about a third of female population owns a firearm.

WIERD FACTS: Czech republic unlike any others has no permits for carrying a firearm. Individuals may carry a concealed weapon without having any specific reason. Finland removed the ability of 15-18 years olds to carry hunting rifles under parental guidance in 2007. For the conclusion i'd like to share a story with you, which i found on youtube. A company in Usa that sells trucks, gave away an AK-47 along with the truck. It even increased the number of vehicles sold. This was made public in an interview on CNN news. The man claimed that he'd rather defend himself in a 15 minutes police's response time, in order to argument selling automatic rifles along with trucks. The interviewer also read the company's motto: GOD, GUNS, GUTS AND AMERICAN PICKUP TRUCKS. She wondered why god is included and imagined Jesus with and AK-47. His comment on that was just that it is not right that you exclude God from everything.