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Sigma Chi Alumni

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9

The Delta Psi

Chapter of Sigma Consul’s Corner
Chi has its new
pledges! Many make it through pledging, we that attended our alumni din-
thanks to those We started this semester will be going into spring se- ner during rush and our alumni
alumni who do- with three main goals. They mester with nearly fifty broth- weekend the weekend of Oc-
nated or helped were: to pledge 20 quality ers. It has been a very long tober 2nd. I would also like to
guys, to increase house GPA time since we have had these thank all the input we got back
out, as we are con-
to a 3.0 and to win a Peterson. numbers. Recently we have from the alumni that attended
tinuing our upward
With the fall recruitment period also been identified by mem- on how we can improve these
swing with 16 Fall finally over we bers of RPI events. We will be using this
pledges! You can came very administration feedback to make alumni
find a picture and close to our
“Success is the as an upcom- weekend the best in recent
their profiles start- first goal by sum of small ing leader history. In the next month the
ing on page 3! getting sixteen efforts, among the undergrads are very busy with
out of twenty- repeated day in houses on many events such as parents
one guys to and day out.” campus. If dinner, scholarship dinner,
sign their bids. these two haunted house and a couple
I would like to
Robert Collier things are not mixers with sororities so be on
Inside this
issue: formally thank evidence to the lookout next month for a
our recruitment chair Josh everyone that we are getting newsletter on how those
Consul‟s 1 Gilbert for managing and exe- better and better every year, I events go, as well as more
Corner cuting a very successful rush. don‟t know what is. Some information on spring alumni
I would also like to thank all may say it‟s still too early, but I weekend and initiation for the
Risk Manage- 2 the brothers for working so firmly believe if we keep up the fall pledge class.
hard over the past four weeks. things we are doing we are
ment Award
This successful rush did not well on our way to make this
come from one or two brothers house the most respected and In Hoc,
2 putting in all the effort, but all desired to be in house on RPI
Saratoga Dan Zuber „10
the brothers working effec- campus.
Palio Recap tively together. If all pledges
I would like to thank all alumni Consul

Pledge 3

Alumni 6
The Saratoga Palio: Melanie Merola O'Donnell
Page 2

Memorial Race
On Sunday the course as well. The event in create some decorations
September 20th, itself went incredibly smoothly for the Chapter house.
2009 the Delta with the brothers receiving
Psi chapter of plenty of praise from runners In the month of No-
Sigma Chi volun- and onlookers alike. vember we are looking to
teered at the participate in the Equinox
Fourth Annual With Halloween fast ap- soup Kitchen, the largest
Saratoga Palio proaching brothers are begin- Thanksgiving Soup Kitchen
Melanie Merola ning to prepare for our 50th An- in the Capital Region. With
O’ Donnell Me- nual Haunted House. The event the compassion and deter-
morial Race. has become very popular among mination seen in the broth-
Starting at 7 am residents and students alike, and ers while assisting in past
brothers assisted is often one of our largest phi- events these upcoming
in directing run- lanthropy events of the year events are guaranteed suc-
ners along the course as thanks to donations by those cesses.
well as in directing traffic who attend. Even the sororities
away from the race. Some on campus are eager to help, In Hoc,
brothers helped to distrib- and we are having mixers with a
ute water at stations along few to carve the pumpkins and Arunesh “Runey” Ghosh

Risk Management at Delta Psi

This year at Balfour Lead- money to install new ment program. Hopefully
ership Training Workshop, lighted exit signs, emer- we will continue to earn
the Delta Psi Chapter won gency lighting, rope lad- this award and be a guide
the Risk Management ders to provide brothers for other chapters‟ risk
Foundation's yearly schol- with extra escape routes, management programs.
arship for outstanding risk as well as hosting safety
If you have any questions
management. This schol- seminars for brothers.
or concerns, feel free to
arship provides the chap-
We hope to continue our contact me.
ter with $5000 to spend on
outstanding risk manage-
improving risk manage- In Hoc,
ment program into the fu-
ment for the Chapter Seth Wagner „12
ture and plan to use this
house. The house is plan- Risk Manager
scholarship to continue to
ning on spending the wagnerseth@gmail.com
improve or risk manage-

Sigma Chi Alumni Newsletter

Page 3

Welcoming Our (16!) New Pledges!

Joseph Thomas Salomone,`11 CSE/CS

Wilbraham, MA
Is a member of the RPI swim team, enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, driving, and food.

James Walter Schneider, `12 Mechanical Engineering

Elizaville, NY
Is a fan of baseball, especially the Red Sox, and enjoys cars, mopars, and music.
Page 4
Benjamin William L’Bassi, `12 Electrical Engineering
Shrewsbury, MA
Plays Lacrosse, paintball, Frisbee, golf, and enjoys fishing

Nicholas Charles Fortune, `14 Architecture

Red Hook, NY
Enjoys watching the New York Yankees, as well as math, eating, sleeping, and generally hang-
ing out with his friends.

Alexander Timothy Devik, `13 GSAS

Plymouth, MA
Enjoys hanging out, playing video games, among other things.

Jeffrey Paul Damon Jr., `13 Electrical Engineering

Belgrade, ME
Is very interested in electronics and computers, as well as music, snowboarding, and camping.

Ian Alexander Curtis, `13 Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering

Owls head, ME
Is a member of Design Build Fly on the RPI campus, and enjoys antique airplanes, camping,
Solar cars and unicycling.

Joseph Alan Pumper, `13 Chemical Engineering

Minnetonka, MN
Played varsity football and baseball in high school, is a member of the RPI Jazz ensemble and
RPI Pep Band, and also enjoys camping and sleeping in his free time.

Thomas Vernon Erickson, `13 Mathematics

Bethesda, MD
Enjoys math, chess, cross country running and cooking.

Christopher Anthony Ryther, „11 Electrical Engineering

Copenhagen, Denmark
Chris is an exchange student from Denmark studying as an undergraduate at RPI. He enjoys
music, playing guitar, football (soccer), and being awesome.

Michael Anthony Colarusso, `13 Undeclared Engineering

Red Hook, NY
Enjoys reading, baseball, psychology, music, and cinema.
Page 5
David Griffith Dausman, `13 Chemical Engineering
Brookville, MD
Enjoys running, baseball, and watching football and hockey games on campus.

Kyle Robert Finver, `13 Chemical Engineering

Merrimack, NH
I a member of the Navy ROTC program, and enjoys music and sports among other fun things.

Michael Villeneuve, `13 Computer Systems Engineering

Enfield, CT
Enjoys playing paintball, golf, baseball and video games, as well as programming and watching
“The Office”

Christopher Anthony Roche, `13 Aerospace Engineering

Woolwich, ME
Enjoys reading, modeling miniatures, playing tennis and cross country skiing.

Nicholas Christopher Hyman, `13 Physics

Los Altos, CA
Enjoys music, math, skiing, and computers, and also collects coins.

Sigma Chi Delta Psi

Fall 2009 Pledge Class
If you would like to make a donation,
you may either make a check out to:
Sigma Chi House Corporation
And mail it to:
PO Box 494
Sigma Chi ΔΨ Averil Park, NY 12018

Sigma Chi Fraternity Or visit our website at:

58 Pinewoods Ave, Www.sigmachi-rpi.org
Troy, NY 12180
And click on the “Donate Now” tab on
Phone: (518) 274-4239 the right-hand side of the page.
E-mail: deltapsi.sigmachi @ gmail.com

Want to be more
In an effort to change dresses, and whatever else they
the format of the alumni newslet- may choose to provide.
ter to something more about the
If you are interested in
alumni, we are looking for your
trying this out, please send me an
input into the monthly newsletter.
email and we can get started! I
Whether it be a full article, up-
certainly look forward to seeing
dates on your brothers, or even
how things are going in the real
some old pictures and memo-
world with our many alumni.
ries, we would like for the alumni
to be involved. In Hoc

The general idea is that Matthew Karnick

there would be a “captain” for Alumni Tribune
each generation of the chapter,
one to cover roughly each half karnick.matthew@gmail.com
decade. This captain would
keep in contact with the brothers
from his time, and send updates
on things such as weddings, ad-