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Federal Bank Examination Paper For Financial Awareness (2009)

1. The expansion for the BIS, in the context of the banking industry is: (A) Bank for Internationa Sett e!ents (B) Bank for Industria Sett e!ents (") Bank for Industria Sectors (#) Bank for Internationa Ser$ices %. The expansion for BI&', in the context of the Indian Industry is: (A) Board for Industria and &inancia 'econstruction (B) Bureau for Industria and &inancia 'econstruction (") Board for In$est!ent and &inancia 'econstruction (#) Bureau for In$est!ent and &inancia 'econstruction (. "ash 'eser$e 'atio ( "'') and Stautory )i*uidity 'atio (S)' ) are ter!s !ost c ose y re ated to +hich of the fo o+ing industries,!arkets: (A) Stock -xchange (B) Banking (") .utua &und (#) Inco!e Tax /. 0hich of the fo o+ing progra!s ai!s at the pro!otion of sa$ings a!ong rura +o!en1 (A) 'ashtriya .ahi a 2osh (B) .ahi a Sa!riddhi 3o4na (") Indira .ahi a 3o4na (#) 5a$har 'o6gar 3o4na 7. 0hich of the fo o+ing progra!s !eets the credit needs of poor +o!en1 (A) .ahi a Sa!riddhi 3o4na (B) 'ashtriya .ahi a 2osh (") Indira .ahi a 3o4na (#) .ahi a Sa!akhya 8rogra!!e 9. 0hich of the fo o+ing dea s +ith econo!ic offences1 (A) .ISA (B) :SA (") TA#A (#) ";&-8;SA <. "he iah "o!!ittee of 1==% dea s +ith the o$erhau ing of our (A) pub ic sector undertakings (B) financia syste! (") tax syste! (#) patents and copyrights >. The ter!s T'I8S and T'I.S are re ated to (A) :A&TA (B) SA8TA

(") -&TA (#) ?ATT =. 0hich of the fo o+ing taxes is a progressi$e tax1 (A) Inco!e tax (B) "usto! tax (") Sa es tax (#) -xcise duty 1@.0hen did 'egiona 'ura Banks start functioning in India1 (A) 1=<7 (B) 1=/< (") 1=79 (#) 1=9@

FEDERAL BANK Financial Awareness Questions

1. Sunita has two bank accounts, one with HDFC Bank and another with ICICI Bank. She wants to transfer Rs.10,000 from HDFC Bank to ICICI Bank. Which is the safest method to do so !. Write a "Se#f$ che%ue for Rs.10,000 and withdraw cash from HDFC Bank, &o to ICICI Bank and de'osit the amount in cash B. (isit !)* of HDFC Bank, withdraw Rs.10,000 cash, &o to ICICI Bank and de'osit the amount in cash. C. )ransfer Rs.10,000 b+ che%ue from HDFC Bank account to ICICI Bank D. !## ,. What is known as the '#astic mone+ !. -#astic tokens used in Financia# .ames B. Debit Card C. Credit Card D. Debit card and credit card both /. 0SD1I2R e3chan&e rate has come down from 40 to 56. What does it mean !. Indian Ru'ee has de'reciated a&ainst 0S Do##ar B. Indian Ru'ee has a''reciated a&ainst 0S Do##ar C. 0SD has become stron&er D. I2R has become weaker 5. Which is the Centra# Bank in India !. Centra# Bank of India B. State Bank of India C. Indian Bank D. Reser7e Bank of India 4. What is the fu## form of the term !8B, which is associated with bank account !. !udited 8uarter#+ Ba#ance B. !ccount with 8uarter#+ Ba#ance C. !ssessed 8uarter#+ Ba#ance D. !7era&e 8uarter#+ Ba#ance 9. In 7arious t+'es of :oans, the term ;*I is used for !. ;%ua# *inimum Insta##ment B. ;%uated *onth#+ Insta##ment C. ;%uated *one+ Inde3 D. ;as+ *one+ Insta##ment <. Fu## form of 2!( in *utua# Fund -ar#ance !. 2et !nnua# (a#ue B. 2et !ctua# (a#ue C. 2et !sset (a#ue D. 2on !sset (a#ue 6. In the :ife Insurance, which 'o#ic+ is the 'urest form of insurance !. ;ndowment -o#ic+ B. *one+ Back -o#ic+ C. Who#e :ife -o#ic+ D. )erm Insurance -o#ic+ =. *ano> was a##otted shares of the com'an+ under em'#o+ee stock o'tions. He has made some 'rofit b+ se##in& shares. His 'rofit is known as !. Income from share

B. Income from stock o'tions C. Income from other a##owances D. Income from ca'ita# &ains 10. What is the fu## form for 2-S !. 2ew -ension Scheme B. 2on .o7ernment -ension Scheme C. 2ationa# -ub#ic Scheme D. 2ationa# -#annin& Ser7ice 11. What is the fu## form of I)R !. India )echno#o&+ and Research B. Income )a3 Return C. Income )a3 Re7iew D. Income )a3 Re'ort 1,. If a com'an+ issues its shares first time to the 'ub#ic, it is known as I-?. In the same wa+, when a mutua# fund issues units for the first time, what is it ca##ed !. Ri&hts Issue B. -ub#ic Issue C. 2ew Issue D. 2F? 1/. What is the fu## form of 2CD !. 2ationa# Ca'ita# District B. 2on Cumu#ati7e De'osit C. 2ationa# Crime Detection D. 2on Con7ertib#e Debentures 15. What is meant b+ Free Credit -eriod in case of credit card !. -eriod durin& which credit card ho#ders can 'urchase an+thin& free of cost B. -eriod durin& which credit card ho#ders can sho' without 'a+in& an+ finance char&es C. -eriod durin& which credit card ho#ders cannot do an+ sho''in& D. -eriod durin& which credit card ho#ders are not e#i&ib#e for an+ reward 'oints 14. What is the fu## form of !)* !. !n+ )ime *achine B. !utomated )e##er *achine C. !utomatic )ea *achine D. !7era&e )radin& *u#ti'#e 19. In the com'ound interest formu#a @ !A1 B r1mCDmn, ! is the 'rinci'a# amount, r is the rate of interest, and m is the fre%uenc+ of com'oundin&. If a bank 'a+s interest com'ounded %uarter#+, what is the 7a#ue of m !. 1, B. / C. 5 D. 9 1<. If +ou want to use +our credit card 'rudent#+, what +ou shou#d idea##+ do !. -a+ off minimum amount e7er+ month B. -a+ on#+ the finance char&es C. -a+ the tota# bi## e7er+ month in fu## D. Ro## o7er the outstandin& 'urchases unti# +ou can sa7e enou&h mone+ to c#ear a## the debt at one time 16. What is the fu## form of -!2

!. -ension !ccount 2otification B. -ermanent !ccount 2umber C. -rimar+ !ccount 2umber D. -re7ious !ccount 2umber 1=. Internationa# 'rice of &o#d is %uoted in terms of 0S Do##ar, what is its unit !. -er .ram B. -er E& C. -er 10 .rams D. -er )ro+ ?unce ,0. In India, &o#d is current#+ so#d at Rs.14,000 'er 10 &rams. What is the 'rice of 1 E& of &o#d !. 1.4 *i##ion B. 1.4 Bi##ion C. 140 )housand D. 2one of the abo7e ,1. Which of the fo##owin& #ife insurance '#ans is the chea'est in terms of 'remium !. )erm Insurance -#an B. )erm Insurance -#an with return of -remium C. ;ndowment -#an D. Who#e :ife -#an ,,. Bank !BC 'a+s 6F interest for a three +ear term de'osit with interest com'ounded annua##+. Bank GHI 'a+s 6F interest for a three +ear term de'osit with %uarter#+ com'oundin& of interest. Which bank is more attracti7e in terms of returns !. Bank !BC B. Bank GHI C. 2one D. Both ,/. ! car financin& com'an+ offers +ou a #oan of /00,000 re'a+ab#e in three +ears b+ wa+ ;*I of 10,000. What is the tota# interest out&o !. ,=0,000 B. 90,000 C. 2i# D. ,0,000 ,5. For the !ssessment Hear ,010J,011, if an indi7idua# fa##s in the hi&hest ta3 s#ab, what wi## be the rate of income ta3 for income abo7e 400,000 A;3c#udin& ;ducation CessC !. ,0F B. 10F C. /0F D. /4F ,4. What is the rate of interest on --F and what is the 'ermissib#e in7estment amount 'er +ear !. 6F, <0,000 B. 6F, 2o :imit C. 6F, 90,000 D. 6.4F, <0,000 ,9. For the Credit Card issuin& com'anies, a credit card is a t+'e of KKKKKKKKK #oan !. Secured :oan B. 0nsecured :oan C. *ort&a&e :oan

D. Housin& ,<. For o'enin& D;*!) !ccount, KKKKKKKKK is the mandator+ re%uirement !. Share )radin& !ccount B. In7estment in Shares C. -!2 Card D. !&e -roof ,6. What is the rate of ser7ice ta3 B education cess on stock brokera&e char&es !. 10F B. 10./F C. 10./9FF D. 0.1,4F ,=. What do +ou re%uire in order to withdraw cash from +our bank account throu&h !)* !. Debit card and -I2 B. !)* card and -I2 C. Credit card and -I2 D. !n+ one of ! or B /0. Ramesh wants to transfer Rs.4000 from Bank ! to Bank B b+ che%ue. Ramesh shou#d write a che%ue from the che%uebook of Bank ! and de'osit it in Bank B with a che%ue de'osit s#i'. In whose name, shou#d Ramesh write the che%ue !. Hourse#f B. Bank ! C. Bank B D. Ramesh ANSWERS

Questio n Number 1 2 3 " $ 6 7 ! # 1% 11 12 13 1" 1$

Answe r C D D D C D D & D D

Questio n Number 16 17 1! 1# 2% 21 22 23 2" 2$ 26 27 2! 2# 3%

Answe r C C D & &

C & C D D

Downloaded'(rom:'http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ ) *'+rade', ,o--icer.'/ol0ed'paper:'2%11 ) *1')e.er0e' ank'o-'*ndia1'conducted'+rade'2 3'4--icer.'56am.'7/tage'18'on'69292%11' and' here'i.'-uly'.ol0ed'paper'o-'+eneral'&warene...':he.e';ue.tion.'are'al.o'help-ul'-or' //C1' ank ' <41 ' clerk.1 ' &rmy1 ' +roup ' =1 ' &(C&:1 ' ></C ' and ' many ' more ' .uch ' competiti0e' e6am.. 1.'?hat'role'do'@icro1'/mall'and'@edium'5nterpri.e.'7@/@5.8'play'in'a'country3.' economic'and'indu.trial'de0elopment'? 1.':hey'ha0e'the'capacity'to'ab.orb'.killed'and'un.killed'labour'a0ailable'in'the'country. 2.'/uch'in.titution.'help'in'di.tribution'o-'income'in'a'wide'.pectrum'and'do'not'allow'it' to'get'' concentrated'in'-ew'hand.'or'in'-ew'area.. 3.':hey'help'in'eradication'o-'po0erty'by'pro0iding'.el-'employment'opportunitie.. 7&8'4nly'1 7 8'4nly'2 7C8'4nly'3 7D8'4nly'1'and'3 758'&ll'11'2'and'3 2.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'.tatement.'about'the'*ndian'5conomy'i.'correct'? 7&8'*ndian'economy'i.'a.'de0eloped'a.'that'o-'China 7 8'&bout'7%A'*ndian.'are'in0ol0ed'in'.ome'type'o-'.el-'employment'and'are'the'owner.' o-'.ome' or'the'other'micro'or'.mall'enterpri.e 7C8'*n'*ndia'.ingle'bigge.t'employment'i.'agriculture'and'allied'acti0itie. 7D8 '&bout '"!A'*ndian 'work-orce 'i.'employed ' in'-oreign 'countrie.' or 'in'organiBation.' a..i.ted'by' -oreign'capital 758'Cone'o-'the.e 3.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i./are'correct'about'the'problem.'o-'*ndian'&griculture'? 1.'Darge'agricultural'.ub.idie.'are'hampering'producti0ityEenhancing'in0e.tment.. 2.'*rrigation'in-ra.tructure'i.'in'bad'.hape'and'need.'immediate'impro0ement'. 3.'(re;uent'takeo0er.'o-'-ertile'land'by'pri0ate'companie.'and'multinational.'to'launch' big' bu.ine..'comple6e.. 7&8'4nly'1 7 8'4nly'1'and'2 7C8'4nly'1'and'3 7D8'&ll'11'2'and'3 758'Cone'o-'the.e ".'&.'per'new.'in'0ariou.'Fournal.1'many'bank.'ha0e'-ailed'to'achie0e'agri9loan'target' -i6ed'

by'the') *'-or'the'year'2%1%911.'?hat'wa.'the'target'-i6ed'-or'the'year'? 7&8'1%A 7 8'1$A 7C8'1!A Downloaded ' (rom: ' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/Downloaded ' (rom:' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ 7D8'2"A 758'3%A $.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'.tatement.'about'&gro'and'&llied'acti0itie.'i.'not'correct'? 7&8'(armer.'do'not'get'ade;uate'credit'-or'purcha.e'o-'cattle 7 8':here'i.'a'need'to'impro0e'breed'and'genetic'characteri.tic.'o-'the'cattle'-olk 7C8'*ndia'ha.'huge'-ore.t'co0er'and'al.o'degraded'and'mar.hy'land'which'can'be'u.ed' -or' producti0e'purpo.e. 7D8'*ndia'i.'the'1%th'large.t'producer'o-'medicinal'and'aromatic'plant..' ut'the'product.' are'not'o-' commercial'0alue 758'&nimal'hu.bandry'play.'an'important'role'in'pro0iding'.u.tainability'under')ain'-ed' condition. 6.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'.cheme.'launched'by'the'+o0t.'o-'*ndia'aim.'at'enhancing'the' li0elihood ' .ecurity ' o- ' the ' people ' in ' rural ' area. ' by ' guaranteeing ' hundred ' day. ' o-' employment' in'a'-inancial'year'to'a'rural'hou.ehold'who.e'adult'member.'0olunteer'to'do'un.killed' manual'work'? 7&8':)G/5@ 7 8'<radhan'@antri'+ram'/adak'GoFana 7C8'Hutir'Iyoti'/cheme 7D8'&/J& 758'@+C)5+& 7.'*n'.ome'part.'o-'*ndia1'-armer.'-ace'acute'di.tre..'becau.e'o-'hea0y'burden'o-'debt' -rom' non9in.titutional'lender..'?ho'can'be'called'a'non9in.titutional'lender'? 7&8'/mall' ank. 7 8'+rameen' ank. 7C8'Credit'Cooperati0e'/ocietie. 7D8'@icro'(inance'*n.titution. 758'@oney'Dender. !. ' :he ' /outh ' &.ian ' (ree ' :rade ' &greement ' 7/&(:&8 ' wa. ' introduced ' with ' a ' 0iew ' o-' le0ying' how'much'cu.tom'duty'-or'trading'any'product'within'the'/&&)C'Bone'? 7&8'$A 7 8'"A 7C8'2A 7D8'1A

758'Co'cu.tom'duty #.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'organi.ation'prepare.'rural'credit'plan.'on'annual'ba.i.'-or'all' di.trict.'in'*ndia1'which'in'turn'-rom'the'ba.e'-or'annual'credit'plan.'o-'all'rural'-inancial' in.titution.'? 7&8'/*D * 7 8'C& &)D 7C8') * 7D8'*ndian' ank3.'&..ociation 758'C** 1%.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i.':)>5'about'the'current'population'trend7.8'in'*ndia'? 1.'50ery'year'*ndia'add.'more'people'to'the'world3.'population'than'any'other'country. 2.'Currently'*ndia'ha.'a'young'population'which'will'grow'.omewhat'older'largely'a.'a' re.ult'o-' Downloaded ' (rom: ' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/Downloaded ' (rom:' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ decline'in'-ertility. 3. ' :he ' Cational ' (amily ' <lanning ' <rogramme ' did ' not ' contribute ' much ' in ' controlling' -ertility'rate 7&8'4nly'1 7 8'4nly'2 7C8'4nly'3 7D8'4nly'1'and'2 758'&ll'11'2'and'3 11.'*n'economic'term.1'which'o-'the'-ollowing'-actor.'determine'the'2*ndi0idual3.'demand3' o-' a'product/commodity'? 1.'<rice'o-'a'commodity. 2.'*ncome'o-'the'indi0idual. 3.'>tility'and';uality'o-'a'commodity. 7&8'4nly'1 7 8'4nly'2 7C8'4nly'3 7D8'4nly'1'and'3 758'&ll'11'2'and'3 12.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'term.'i.'u.ed'in'the'-ield'o-'economic.'? 7&8'&diabatic 7 8' ohr':heory 7C8'<la.ma 7D8' arter'/y.tem 758'Ki.co.ity 13.'L<a.cal'Damy'call.'on'trade'negotiator.'to'mo0e'out'o-'their'com-ort'Bone.'toward.' agreement.M1'wa.'the'headline'in'.ome'maFor'new.paper..':hi.'new.'i.'a..ociated'with' which'o-'the'-ollowing'organiBation./agencie.'? 7&8'?orld':rade'4rganiBation

7 8'*nternational'@onetary'(und 7C8'?orld' ank 7D8'>nited'Cation.'4rgani.ation. 758'Corth'&tlantic':reaty'4rgani.ation 1".'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i.'not'a'-unction'o-'the'<lanning'Commi..ion'o-'*ndia'? 7&8'&..e..ment'o-'the'material1'capital'and'human're.ource.'o-'the'country 7 8 ' (ormulation ' o- ' plan. ' -or ' the ' mo.t ' e--ecti0e ' and ' balanced ' utiliBation ' o- ' country3.' re.ource. 7C8'<ublic'cooperation'in'national'de0elopment 7D8'<reparation'o-'annual'budget'o-'the'country'and'collection'o-'ta6e.'to'rai.e'capital'-or' the' implementation'o-'the'plan. 758'Determination'o-'.tage.'in'which'the'plan'.hould'be'carried'out 7&8'1#"!'N'$3 7 8'1#"7'N'$2 7C8'1#$2'N'$7 7D8'1#$%'N'$$ 758'1#$1'N'$6 16.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i.'the'name'o-'the'proce..'a0ailable'to'common'people'to' .eek' Downloaded ' (rom: ' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/Downloaded ' (rom:' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ court3.'inter0ention'in'matter.'o-'public'intere.t'? 7&8'<ublic'*ntere.t'Ditigation'7<*D8 7 8'Jabea.'Corpu. 7C8'4rdinance 7D8')e.iduary'power 758'Cone'o-'the.e 17.'*ndia3.'-oreign'policy'i.'ba.ed'on'.e0eral'principle.1'one'o-'which'i.E 7&8'<anch.heel 7 8'/atyame0'Iayat'e 7C8'Di0e'and'Det'Di0e 7D8'Ka.udhai0'Hutumbkam 758'Cone'o-'the.e 1!.'&.'we'know'thou.and.'o-'tonne.'o-'-ood'grain'wa.'wa.hed'away'in'the'-lood.'in' Jaryana' and'<unFab'a'-ew'month.'back.':hi.'incident'i.'an'e6ample'which'indicate.'that'there'i.' a' .cope'-or'impro0ement'in'our'machinery'controlling'ourE 7&8'@id'Day'@eal'/cheme 7 8'<ublic'Di.tribution'/y.tem 7C8'(ood'-or'?ork'<rogramme 7D8'Killage'+rain' ank'/cheme 758'4peration'(lood'/cheme

1#.'<re.ident' arack'4bama'wa.'on'a'0i.it'to'*ndia'a'-ew'month.'back.'Ji.'0i.it'i.'.aid' to' ha0e'-orged'both'the'nation.'into'a'new'era'o-'relation..'*ndia'managed'to'.ign'a'.pecial' agreement'with'>/'in'which'o-'the'-ollowing'-ield./area.'a.'a'byproduct'o-'the'0i.it'o-' 4bama' ? 1.'5nergy'.ector'and'Cuclear'energy'a.'>/'ha.'li-ted'.anction.'on'.upply'o-'high'tech' machine.. 2.'/kill'De0elopment'<rogramme.'in'*:'.ector'in'which'>/'ha.'.uper9.peciali.ation. 3.':raining'in'management'o-'@icro'-inance'*n.titution.. 7&8'4nly'1 7 8'4nly'2 7C8'4nly'1'and'3 7D8'4nly'2'and'3 758'4nly'1'and'2 2%.'@any'time.'we'read'a'term'2:a6'Ja0en3'in'0ariou.'new.paper..'?hat'doe.'it'mean'? 1.'*t'i.'a'country'where'certain'ta6e.'are'le0ied'at'a'0ery'low'rate. 2.'*t'i.'a'country'where'people'can'dump'their'illegal'money'without'any'problem. 3.'*t'i.'a'place'where'-oreigner.'can'work'without'paying'any'ta6'on'their'income. 7&8'4nly'1'and'2 7 8'4nly'2 7C8'4nly'2'and'3 7D8'4nly'1 758'&ll'11'2'and'3 21.'&.'per'e6i.ting'law1'what'i.'the'minimum'per'day'wage.'paid'to'a'worker'-rom' unorgani.ed'.ector'in'*ndia'? 7&8'$% 7 8'7$ Downloaded ' (rom: ' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/Downloaded ' (rom:' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ 7C8'1%% 7D8'12$ 758'Co'.uch'law'i.'there 22.'?ho'among.t'the'-ollowing'wa.'awarded'the'L*ndira'+andhi'<eace'<riBeM'-or'2%1%'? 7&8')onald'Coble 7 8'DuiB'*nacio'Dula'D3/il0a 7C8'@ohammed'5lbaradei 7D8'&ung'/an'/u'Hyi 758'Cone'o-'the.e 23. '?hich' o-' the' -ollowing ' i.'not 'a' <o0erty' 5radication' <rogramme' launched 'by'the' +o0t.'o-' *ndia'? 7&8'/warnFayanti'+ram'/waroBgar'GoFana 7 8'Iawahar'+ram'/amridhi'GoFana

7C8'Cational'/ocial'&..i.tance'<rogramme 7D8'&DJ&) 758'Cational'(amily' ene-it'/cheme 2". ' &ccording ' to ' the ' ?orld ' ank ' e.timate ' about ' "%A ' *ndian. ' are ' li0ing ' below' *nternational' <o0erty'line'o-'>/'O'E 7&8'1'per'day 7 8'1P2$'per'day 7C8'2'per'day 7D8'2P$'per'day 758'3'per'day 2$.':he'1%th':rilateral'@ini.terial'@eeting' o-')*C'group'wa. 'organiBed'in'Co0ember' 2%1%.' ?ho'are'the'member.'o-'the')*C'? 7&8')u..iaE*ranEChina 7 8')u..iaE*ndiaEChina 7C8')omaniaE*ranECanada 7D8')omaniaE*.raelEChile 758')u..iaE*ndiaECroatia 26.'*ndia'and'/yria'recently'decided'to'double'their'trade'in'ne6t'2'year..'*ndian'+o0t.' ha.' decided'to'e6port'which'o-'the'-ollowing'commoditie.'to'/yria'? 7&8'Catural'ga. 7 8'@ilk 7C8'4il 7D8'?heat 758'&ll'o-'the.e 27.'*ndia'ha.'.anctioned'a'26'million'grant'to'which'o-'the'-ollowing'countrie.'-or' de0elopment'o-'tube'well.'? 7&8'@yanmar 7 8' anglade.h 7C8'Cepal 7D8'<aki.tan 758'/ri'Danka Downloaded ' (rom: ' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/Downloaded ' (rom:' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ 2!.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i.'the'name'o-'the'.cheme'launched'by'the'+o0t.'o-'*ndia'-or' adole.cent'girl.'?'7Daunched'in'Co0ember'2%1%8 7&8'/wawlamban 7 8'/& &D& 7C8'&adhar 7D8'&/J& 758'Cone'o-'the.e 2#.'@any'time.'we'.ee'in'-inancial'Fournal./bulletin.'a'term'@3.'?hat'i.'@3'?

7&8'Currency'in'circulation'on'a'particular'day 7 8':otal'0alue'o-'the'-oreign'e6change'on'a'particular'day 7C8':otal'0alue'o-'e6port'credit'on'a'gi0en'date 7D8':otal'0alue'o-'the'ta6'collected'in'a'year 758'Cone'o-'the.e 3%.'&.'per'new.'in'0ariou.'new.paper.1'+o0t.'ha.'allocated'a'huge'.um'o-'311%%%'crore' -or' 2):53.'?hat'i.'-ull'-orm'o-'):5'? 7&8')ight'o-'5ducation 7 8')e-orm.'in':echnical'5ducation 7C8')eturn'to'5mpowerment 7D8')ight'to'5mpowerment 758')enewable':echnology'-or'5nergy 31.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i.'not'a'maFor'-unction'o-'the') *'in'*ndia'? 7&8'*..uance'o-'currency'note. 7 8':o'-acilitate'e6ternal'trade'and'payment'and'de0eloping'a'-oreign'e6change'market' in'*ndia 7C8'@aintaining'price'.tability'and'en.uring'ade;uate'-low'o-'credit'to'producti0e'.ector. 7D8 ' :aking ' loan./credit ' -rom ' ?orld ' ank/*@( ' and ' &D ' etc.1 ' and ' reallocating ' it ' -or' 0ariou.' acti0itie.'decided'by'the'+o0t.'o-'*ndia 758'(ormulation'and'monitoring'the'monetary'and'credit'policy 32.':he') *'ha.'regional'o--ice.'at'0ariou.'place..'&t'which'o-'the'-ollowing'place.'it' doe.'not' ha0e'an'o--ice'? 7&8'Hota 7 8'/himla 7C8'Ducknow 7D8'<anaFi 758'+uwahat'i 33.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'organiBation./agencie.'ha.'gi0en'a'>/'O'"%7'billion'loan'to' *ndia'to' boo.t'up'it.'micro'-inance'.er0ice.'in'nonbanked'area.'? 7&8'*@( 7 8'?orld' ank 7C8' ank'o-'Iapan 7D8'&D 758'Iointly'by'*@('and'&D 3".':he'<rime'@ini.ter3.'5conomic'&d0i.ory'Council'7<@5&C8'ha.'proFected'that'the' *ndian'56port.'will'grow'by'what'percentage'during'2%1%911'? Downloaded ' (rom: ' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/Downloaded ' (rom:' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ 7&8'1$A 7 8'1!A

7C8'22A 7D8'2"A 758'2!A 3$.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'organi.ation./agencie.'ha.'gi0en'the'e.timate'that'the'*ndia' will'be' third'large.t'(D*'recipient'in'2%1%N12'? 7&8'>CC:&D 7 8'?:4 7C8'?orld' ank 7D8'*@( 758'Cone'o-'the.e 36.':he'per-ormance'o-'which'o-'the'-ollowing'indu.trie.'i.'con.idered'per-ormance'o-'a' core' indu.try'? 7&8'+arment'. 7 8'Deather 7C8'*: 7D8'4il'and'<etroleum 758'Jandicra-t'. 37.'?ho'among.t'the'-ollowing'i.'not'a'recipient'o-'Cobel'<riBe'in'economic.'? 7&8'<eter'&.'Diamond 7 8'Dale':.'@orten.en 7C8'&martya'/en 7D8'<aul'Hrugman 758')obert'+.'5dward. 3!.' a.el'Committee'ha.'gi0en'it.'recommendation.'on'which'o-'the'-ollowing'a.pect.' o-' banking'operation.'? 7&8'@arketing'o-'bank'product'. 7 8'<riority'.ector'lending 7C8')i.k'@anagement 7D8'@icro'-inancing 758'&ll'o-'the.e 3#.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i.'the'rank'o-'*ndia'in'Juman'De0elopment')eport'2%1%' prepared'by'the'>C4'? 7&8'## 7 8'1%% 7C8'11$ 7D8'11# 758'Cone'o-'the.e "%.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'wa./where'the'key'obFecti0e.'o-'the') *3.'re0iew'o-'@onetary' and' Credit'<olicy'2%1%911'which'wa.'re0iewed'again'on'2nd'Co0ember'2%1%'? 1.':o'.u.tain'the'anti'in-lationary'thru.t'.

2.':o'maintain'an'intere.t'rate'regime'con.i.tent'with'price. 3. ' :o ' pro0ide ' e6tra ' ta6 ' incenti0e. ' to ' e6porter. ' who ' were ' in ' .tre.. ' due ' to ' market' -luctuation.. Downloaded ' (rom: ' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/Downloaded ' (rom:' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ 7&8'4nly'1 7 8'4nly'2 7C8'4nly'1'and'2 7D8'&ll'11'2'and'3 758'Cone'o-'the.e "1.'<**+/'i.'the'group'o-'nation.'-alling'underE 7&8'5uro'Bone 7 8'&.ia'<aci-ic 7C8'/&&)C 7D8'C&:4 758'Commonwealth "2.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i./are'the'precondition.1'the'*@('ha.'put'to'pro0ide'bail'out' package'to'*reland'? 1.'*t'.hould'gradually'lower'down'unemployment'bene-it.. 2.'*t'.hould'bring'down'the'minimum'wage.'in'order'to'boo.t'employment'. 3. ' *t ' .hould ' import ' .ome ' o- ' the ' crucial ' commoditie. ' -rom ' non ' euro ' countrie. ' a. ' an' immediate' mea.ure'to'impro0e'.hortage'o-'the'.ame. 7&8'4nly'1'and'2 7 8'4nly'2'and'3 7C8'4nly'1'and'3 7D8'4nly'1 758'&ll'11'2'and'3 "3.'*ndia'i.'.el-9.u--icient'in'production'o-'which'o-'the'-ollowing'commoditie.'? 7&8'5dible'oil 7 8'@ilk 7C8'<ul.e. 7D8'Catural'ga. 758'&ll'o-'the.e "".'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'i.'u.ed'a.'a'-uel'in'Cuclear'power'.tation.'in'*ndia'? 7&8':horium 7 8'Copper 7C8':in 7D8'Chromium 758'&ll'o-'the.e "$.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'/tate.'ha.'taken'up'the'Fob'o-'impro0ing'Dam.'with'the'help' o-' the'?orld' ank3.'Dam')ehabilitation'and'*mpro0ement'proFect'? 7&8'Herala

7 8'+uFarat 7C8':amil'Cadu 7D8'>ttar'<rade.h 758'+uwahat'i "6.'Citi.h'Humar'led'Cational'Democratic'&lliance'won'how'many'.eat.'in'recently'held' a..embly'election.'in' ihar'? 7&8'1$% Downloaded ' (rom: ' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/Downloaded ' (rom:' http://www.bankpoclerk.com/ 7 8'2"3 7C8'2%% 7D8'2%6 758'Cone'o-'the.e "7.'?ho'among.t'the'-ollowing'i.'the'author'o-'the'book'LDe0elopment'a.'(reedomM'? 7&8'@.'/.'/waminathan 7 8'C.')angaraFan 7C8'@anmohan'/ingh 7D8'G.'K.')eddy 758'&martya'/en "!.'?hich'o-'the'-ollowing'term.'i.'u.ed'in'(inance'and' anking'? 7&8'Dine'o-'/ight 7 8'/cat'tering'lo.. 7C8')e0enue 7D8'4.cillation 758'/hielding "#.'?ho'among.t'the'-ollowing'i.'a'-amou.'economi.t'? 7&8')ichard'Dawkin. 7 8'&lan'+reen.pan 7C8'Kernon'Jeywood 7D8'4li0ar'/ach. 758'/tephan'Jawking $%.'?ho'among.t'the'-ollowing'ha.'ne0er'held'po.t'o-'the'+o0ernor'o-'the') *'? 7&8'C.')angaraFan 7 8'D.'H.'Iha 7C8'@anmohan'/ingh 7D8' imal'Ialan 758'>.ha':horat &n.wer.:' 1.'e1'2.'c1'3.'d1'".'c1'$.'c1'6.'e1'7.'e1'!.'e1'#.'b1'1%.'d1'11.'e1'12.'d1'13.'a1'1".'d1'1$.'e1'16.'a1 ' 17.'a1' 1!.'b1'1#.'a1'2%.'e1'21.'c1'22.'b1'23.'d1'2".'b1'2$.'b1'26.'e1'27.'c1'2!.'b1'2#.'e1'3%.'a1'31.'c1' 32.'c1'33.' b1'3".'b1'3$.'a1'36.'d1'37.'e1'3!.'c1'3#.'d1'"%.'a1'"1.'a1'"2.'b1'"3.'b1'"".'a1'"$.'a1'"6.'d1'"7. ' e1'"!.'a1'

"#.'b1'$%.'e Downloaded'(rom:'http://www.bankpoclerk.com/

1. Which o the ollowin! "epartments o the #o$t. o %ndia is helpin! &anks in dis&'rsement o r'ral credit &( the &ank ) (A) 'ai +ays (B) State 'oad Transports (") 8ost and Te egraph (#) .inistry of Aea th (-) :one of these Ans* (-) 2. Which o the ollowin! or!ani+ation,a!encies has esta&lished a 'nd known as - in$estor prod'ction 'nd- ) (A) S-BI (B) :ABA'# (") Bo!bay stock exchange (#) A.&I (-) :one of these Ans* (") ..Who amon!st the ollowin! is the /ead o the 0B% at present ) (A) .r. ..B.2a!ath (B) .r. 3.B.'eddy (") .r. :.'.:arayan!urthy (#) .r.;.8.Bhatt (-) :one of these Ans* (B) 1. 23orit( o r'ral people still pre er to !o to which o the ollowin! or their credit needs ) (A) .oney enders (B) &oreign Bankers (") :ABA'# (#) 'BI (-) :one of these Ans* (A) 4. %ndia has di erent cate!ories o commercial &anks. Which o the ollowin! is 567 one s'ch cate!ories ) (A) 8ri$ate Banks (B) "o!!odities Banks (") :ationa i6ed Banks (#) "ooperati$e Banks (-) &oreign Banks Ans* (B) 8.Which o the ollowin! t(pes o Banks are allowed to operate orei!n c'rrenc( acco'nts ) (1) &oreign Banks (%) 'egiona 'ura Banks (() :ationa i6ed Banks (A) ;n y i (B) ;n y % (") ;n y ( (#) A 1,%and ( (-) :one of these Ans* (")

9. Which o the ollowin! co'ntries does not pla( %nternational :ricket ) (A) 'ussia (B) -ng and (") South Africa (#) 8akistan (-) India Ans* (A) ;. 7he mone( which #o$t. o %ndia spends on the de$elopment o in rastr'ct're in co'ntr( comes rom the which o the ollowin! so'rces ) C8ick up the correct State!ent (s)D (1) )oan fro! 0or d Bank,A#B etc (%) Tax+s co ected fro! the peop e (() )oan fro! the 'BI (A) ;n y 1 (B) ;n y % (") ;n y ( (#) Both 1 and % (-) A 1,% and ( Ans* (-) 9. 7he <ec'rities and Exchan!e Board 6 %ndia (<EB%) recentl( imposed a restriction on mone( low in e='it( thro'!h >P 5otes?. What is the 'll orm o >P 5otes? ) (A) 8er!anent :otes (B) 8urchase :otes (") 8articipatoryE:otes (#) 8ri$ate :otes (-) :one of these Ans* (") 10. Who amon!st the ollowin! was the captain o the %ndia cricket team who won thw 7went(@20 World :'p@2009 ) (A) 3u$ra4 Singh (B) ..S.#honi (") 'ahu #ra$id (#) Saura$ ?angu y (-) :one of these Ans* (B) 11. 2an( times we read in inancial news paper a&o't >F%%?. What is the 'll orm o >F%%?) (A) &ina In$est!ent in India (B) &oreign In$est!ent in India (") &or!a In$est!ent in India (#) &air Institutiona In$est!ent (-) &oreign Institutiona In$est!ent Ans* (-) 12. Bena+ir Bh'tto %s associated with which o the ollowin! parties (A) .us i! )eague (B) 8akistan 8eop es 8arty (") 8akistan :ationa "ongress (#) Is a!ic .o$e!ent of 8akistan (-) :one of these Ans* (B) 1.. 6ne o the ormer prime ministers o which o the ollowin! co'ntries was detained in ho'se arrest or a short period a ter his,her ret'rns rom a lon! exile ) (A) ?er!any

(B) &rance (") 8akistan (#) Bra6i (-) :one of these Ans* (") 11. Who amon!st the ollowin! leaders rom A<A $isited %sarael and Palestinian West Bank so that a sol'tion to the %sarael and palestinian pro&lem can &e worked o't ) (A) ?eorge Bush (B) A ?ore (") Bi " inton (#) "onde ee6a 'ice (-) :one of these Ans* (A) 14. B'stine /enin Won the women?s sin!les A< 6pen 7ennis :hampionship@2009 A ter de eatin! @ (A) S+et ana 2u6netso$a (B) Sania .ir6a (") #inara Safina (#) .atha ie #echy (-) :one of these Ans* (A) 18. As reported in papers the A5 World Food Pro!rammes stopped distri&'tin! ood in 2o!adish' 7own a ter its local head was a&d'cted &( the #o$t. soldiers o the co'ntr(. 2o!adish' is the capital town o @ (A) Tan6ania (B) Turkey (") "uba (#) )ibya (-) So!a ia Ans* (-) 19. 7he inancial markets o the which o the ollowin! co'ntries were &adl( a ected &( s'&@prime crisis ) (A) 'ussia (B) Bra6i (") F2 (#) FSA (-) :one of these Ans* (#) 1;. which o the ollowin! co'ntries in the world is the &i!!est cons'mer o !old ) (A) FSA (B) Bang adesh (") 'ussia (#) India (-) :one of these Ans* (#) 19. which o the ollowin! co'ntries is 567 happ( with the A<A?s decision to award a con!ressional 2edal to "alai Cama 6o 7i&et ) (A) India (B) 8akistan (") :epa (#) .yan!ar

(-) "hina Ans* (-) 20. which o the ollowin! co'ntries recentl( decided to la'nch a militar( action in 5orthern %ra= where man( D'rdish PDD i!hters are &ased and the( are killed people rom that co'ntr( ) (A) India (B) Afghanistan (") 8akistan (#) Bang adesh (-) Turkey Ans* (-) 21. "r. 2namohan <Ain!h called #eor!e B'sh to explain the di ic'lties he is ha$in! in implementin! a!reements related with which o the ollowin! with A<A ) (A) Supp y of sugar (B) "i$i ian nuc ear "oEoperation (") 8urchase of fighter p anes (#) 8urchase of ?as , 8etro eu! (-) :one of these Ans* (B) 22. which o the ollowin! co'ntries is acin! a pro&lem o strike &( the workers o the transport Eelectricit( and !as companies as the present !o$t. o the co'ntr( has decided to end the pension to these workers ) (A) FSA (B) &rance (") "hina (#) :epa (-) :one of these Ans* (B) 2.. Who amon!st the ollowin! is the <ecretar( #eneral 6 A56 ) (A) A ?ore (B) Shashi Tharoor (") ?ordon #ro+n (#) Augo "ha$e6 (-) :one of these Ans* (-) 21. 7he F6ran!e :oalition #o$t- was ormed once a!ain in which o the ollowin! co'ntries ) (A) 'ussia (B) Fkraine (") &rance (#) ?er!any (-) :one of these Ans* (B) 24. which o the ollowin! co'ntries is 567 elected &( the the A5 !eneral assem&l( on the non@ pa(ment seats o A5 sec'rit( co'ncil w.e. . Ban'ar( 200; ) (A) )ibya (B) Bietna! (") "roatia (#) "osta 'ica (-) 8akistan Ans* (-)

28. 7he #o$t. o %ndia p't a &an on export o which o the ollowin! commodities at the price &elow the price o the same in domestic market ) (A) Stee (B) "he!ica &erti i6er (") 8har!a 8roducts (#) - ectronic ?oods (-) :one of these Ans* (-) 29. %ndia Ca'nched which o the ollowin! <atellites in <eptem&er 2009 ) (A) -#FSAT (B) .ATSAT (") "';SATEIIB (#) I:SATE/"' (-) :one of these Ans* (#) 2;. As per the recent a!reement &etween %ndia and one o other co'ntr( the i5dia 0'pee can &e easil( swapped with @ (A) Tak (B) 'ia (") 2yat (#) 3en (-) 'ubbe Ans* (-) 29. %ndia won the 65#: :'p Foot&all 7o'nament 2009 &( &eatin!@ (A) Syria (B) 8akistan (") Britain (#) &rance (-) :one of these Ans* (A) .0. A&d'llah #'l?s name was in news recentl( as he he has taken o$er as the president o @ (A) Turkey (B) Sudan (") Afghanistan (#) 8akistan (-) :one of these Ans* (A) .1. /em "'tta who was hono'red !( the presti!io's 0a3i$ #andhi 5ational <ad&hawana Award 2009 is amo's@ (A) Author (B) Socia Acti$ist (") 8 ayer (#) &i ! 8roducer (-) Scientist Ans* (B) .2. Who amon!st the ollowin! is selected or Basawa Award (2008@09) &( the Darnataka #o$ernment ) (A) #r. .an!ohan Singh (B) A.8.5.Abdu 2a a! (") Sonia ?andhi (#) 8ratibha 8ati

(-) :one of these Ans* (B) ... Asia Paci ic Economic B'siness meet was or!ani+ed in <eptem&er 2009 in @ (A) :e+ #e hi (B) Bei4ing (") Tokyo (#) )ondon (-) Sydney Ans* (-) .1. 7he World Athletics :hampionship@2009 was or!ani+ed in @ (A) Bei4ing (B) :e+ #e hi (") ;saka (#) #haka (-) )ondon Ans* (") .4. Who amon!st the ollowin! was the captain o the %ndian /ocke( 7eam who won Asia :'p 2009 held in :hennai ) (A) Baichung Bhutia (B) #i ip Tirkey (") 8nka4 Ad+ani (#) .ana$4eet Singh Sandhu (-) :one of these Ans* (-) .8. Which o the ollowin! is a P'&lic <ector Anit ) (A) T"S (B) I"I"I Bank (") T-S"; (#) BA-) (-) A of these Ans* (#) .9. %ndia?s orei!n exchan!e reser$e declined sharpl( in recent past. What was the main reason or the same ) (A) Aea$y de!and of the sa!e by foreign tourists (B) I!port of 0heat fro! 8akistan and S.2orea (") Appreciation of 'upee Ba ue (#) Instabi ity in coa ition ?o$t. in centre (-) :one of these Ans* (") .;. <in+o A&e who was on $isit to %ndia in recent past is the @ (A) 8ri!e .inister of South 2orea (B) 8ri!e .inister of :orth 2orea (") 8ri!e .inister of 5apan (#) 8resident of South 2orea (-) :one of these Ans* (") .9. Asa a Powel who created a new world record in 100 metres race is a citi+en o @ (A) 5a!aica (B) South Africa (") India

(#) FSA (-) south 2orea Ans* (A) 10. Who amon!st the ollowin! !ot third position in lon! B'mp e$ent o the Ba(er %nternational Athletics held in #erman( in 2009 ) (A) Shiny 0i son (B) An4u Bobby ?eorge (") :eha San+a (#) 8ra4akta Sa+ant (-) :one of these Ans* (B)

1. When did 0e!ional 0'ral Banks start 'nctionin! in %ndia) (A) 1994 (B) 1=/< (") 1=79 (#) 1=9@ 2. Who was the :hairman o the <ixth :entral Pa( :ommission) (A) B'stice B. 5. <rikrishna (B) 8rof. 'a$indra #ho akia (") 5. S. .athur (#) Sush!a :ath .. 7he 11th Fi$e Gear Plan is termed as plan or. (A) IndiaGs Aea th (B) -radication of po$erty fro! India (:) %ndia?s Ed'cation (#) #e$e op!ent of 'ura India 1. Which o the ollowin! correctl( descri&es what s'&@prime lendin! is) (1) )ending to the peop e +ith ess than idea credit status. (%) )ending to the peop e +ho are high $a ue custo!ers of the banks. (() )ending to those +ho are not a regu ar custo!er (A) 6nl( 1 (B) ;n y % (") ;n y ( (#) A 4. 7he act'al ret'rn o an in$estor is red'ced sometimes as the prices o the commodities !o 'p all o a s'dden. %n inancial sector this t(pe o phenomenon is known as* (A) Pro&a&ilit( risk (B) .arket risk (") Inf ation risk (#) "redit risk 8. Which o the ollowin! is the limitation o the A72s owin! to which people are re='ired to $isit &ranches o the &ank) (1) It does not accept deposits. (%) It has a i!ited cash disburse!ent capacity. (() )ack of hu!an interface. (A) ;n y (1) (B) ;n y (%) (") ;n y (() (") All 9. 7he World "e$elopment 0eport 2009 is released &( which o the ollowin! 6r!anisations) (A) F:-S"; (B) A#B (") I.& (#) World Bank ;. Which o the ollowin! statements is,are 70AE a&o't the Cehman Brothers /oldin!s %nc. which was in news sometimes &ack) (1) The FS go$ern!ent pro$ided a FSH <@@@ !i ion bai out package to the co!pany. (%) The co!pany fi ed for bankruptcy in a court in :e+ 3ork. (() The co!pany is no+ out of financia crisis and is busy in its restructuring so that it can start afresh. (A) ;n y (1) (B) 6nl( (2) (") ;n y (() (#) A

9. 7he 0eser$e Bank o %ndia has recentl( iss'ed !'idelines to &anks on Pillar 2 o Basel %% ramework. Pillar 2 deals with which o the ollowin!) (1) Better hu!an resource !anage!ent (%) Ade*uate capita to support risks (() Better profitabi ity +ith !ini!u! nu!ber of e!p oyees (A) ;n y (1) (B) ;n y (%) (") ;n y (() (") 5one o these 10.7he World %n$estment 0eport 200; was released in <eptem&er 207his report is p'&lished e$er( (ear &(* (A) ?o$ern!ent of India (B) 0or d Trade ;rganisation (0T;) (") Asian #e$e op!ent Bank (A#B) (") Anited 5ations :on erence on 7rade and "e$elopment (A5:7A") 11. As we all know some new initiati$es were introd'ced in the area o Fiscal 2ana!ement &( the !o$ernment o %ndia. Which o the ollowin! acts was passed a ew (ears &ack to keep a check on the iscal indiscipline on macroeconomic parameters) (A) &-'A (B) F0B2A (") &-.A (#) 8ub ic #ebt Act 12. Which o the ollowin! has the sole ri!ht o iss'in! paper notes in %ndia) (A) Fnion ?o$ern!ent (B) 0eser$e Bank o %ndia (") .inistry of &inance (#) Supre!e "ourt 1.. "ecision taken at Bretton Woods :on erence led to the ormation o (A) I#A (B) %2F (") A#B (#) I&" 11. Which o the ollowin! is known as plastic mone() (A) bearer che*ues (B) credit cards (") de!and drafts (#) gift che*ues 14. E'ro is the c'rrenc( o E'ropean Anion. When did it come into &ein!) (A) 1999 (B) 1==7 (") %@@@ (#) %@@1 18. Which is the lar!est commercial &ank in %ndia) (A) 'eser$e Bank of India (B) <tate Bank o %ndia (") I"I"I Bank (#) Bank of India 19. 7he Bank o :alc'ttaE Bank o Bom&a( and Bank o 2adras were mer!ed in 1921 to orm (A) 'eser$e Bank of India (B) %mperial Bank o %ndia (") Bank of India (#) Fnion Bank of India 1;.%n %ndiaE income tax is le$ied &( (A) Anion #o$ernment (B) State ?o$ern!ents

(") .inistry of &inance (#) 'BI 19. 7he 0eser$e Bank o %ndia was nationali+ed in) (A) 1=/< (B) 191; (") 1=7@ (#) 1=79 20. What is a Bank which has capital and reser$es o o$er Rs. 4 lakhs called) (A) :ationa Bank (B) "ooperati$e Bank (:) <ched'led Bank (#) Fnschedu ed Bank

1. The Internationa Bank for 'econstruction and #e$e op!ent (IB'#) is better kno+n as 0or d Bank :one Asian #e$e op!ent Bank I.& It is kno+n by its na!e


0hen 1=(7

+as 1=%@

the 1=%>

'eser$e 1=/<

Bank :one



estab ished1










'eser$e Bank of India :one

State Bank of India

I"I"I Bank

Bank of India

/. The Bank of "a cutta, Bank of Bo!bay and Bank of .adras +ere !erged in 1=%1 to for!: 'eser$e Bank of India India :one I!peria Bank of India Bank of India Fnion Bank of

7. 0hich sister organi6ation of the 0or d Bank he ps pri$ate acti$ity in de$e oping countries by financing pro4ects +ith ongEter! capita in the for! of e*uity and oans1 Asian #e$e op!ent Bank Internationa Internationa #e$e op!enta Association &inance "orporation I.& :one

9. 0hich sister organi6ation of the 0or d Bank pro$ides ong ter! oans at 6ero interest to the poorest de$e oping countries1 Asian #e$e op!ent Bank Internationa Internationa #e$e op!enta Association &inance "orporation I.& :one


0ho Ada!

is S!ith

kno+n "hanakya



I&ather 0i ia! T.


-cono!icsG1 #ickens :one

.achia$e i











card1 I"I"I

State Bank of India Bank :one

"entra Bank of India

Fnion Bank of India

Ao+ to earn !oney ;n ine 1 Ao+ to +ork part ti!e in internet fro! ho!e and earn so!e !oney1 =. 0hat does de$a uation of a currency !ean1

decrease in the interna $a ue of !oney !oney interna

decrease in the externa $a ue of increase in the !oney :one

decrease both in the externa and interna $a ues of !oney $a ue of


0hich bearer



fo o+ing drafts


kno+n credit cards

as gift

p astic che*ues

!oney1 :one



11. 0hich of the fo o+ing state!ents best describes the concept of in$o $e!ent in the context of buyer beha$iour1 The ength of ti!e in$o $ed in the buying process on an indi$idua Js se fEidentity unit The co!p exity The potentia i!pact of a product

The nu!ber of peop e in$o $ed in the decisionE!aking of an order none

1%. Buying decisions genera y fo o+ a pattern of o$er apping stages. 0hich of the fo o+ing best describes the typica stages of the buying process1 :eed recognition K Infor!ation search K -$a uation K #ecision K 8ost purchase e$a uation :eed recognition K -$a uation K Infor!ation search K #ecision K 8ost Infor!ation search K :eed recognition K -$a uation K #ecision K :eed recognition K Infor!ation search K #ecision K 8ost purchase e$a uation :one

purchase e$a uation

8ost purchase e$a uation -$a uation K







0ants are a socia i6ed !anifestation of under ying needs

:eeds are a socia i6ed

!anifest :eeds are historica L +ants are about the futuretation of under ying +ants :eeds are historica L +ants are about the future sa!e :one :eeds and +ants are exact y the

1/. 0hich of the fo o+ing e$e s of .as o+Js Aierarchy of :eeds is !ost ike y to be associated +ith consu!ersJ purchase of goods +hich appea to their inner sense of peace of !ind (e.g. art c asses)1 Se fEactua i6ation )o$e Security 8hysio ogica :one

17. An indi$idua is considering buying a ne+ !icro+a$e cooker and is faced +ith the possibi ity of se$era !ode s. 0hich of the fo o+ing describes the +idest range of !icro+a$e cookers, +hich the buyer considers in so!e for!1 The a+areness set set :one The tota set The preEe$a uation set The choice

19. A co!pany uses The "oors to endorse its range of snack foods. This endorse!ent is ike y to be particu ar y effecti$e if the "oors are seen by )arge nu!bers of the co!panyJs target !arket as: A pri!ary reference group. group. A A tertiary reference group. nonEreference A secondary reference group. :one




b og1


extre!e y


b ogger



1<. 0hich of the fo o+ing consu!er responses is )-AST ike y to o$erco!e cogniti$e dissonance experienced by a consu!er +ho is dissatisfied +ith their purchase1 'ationa i6ing to ourse $es that a product is actua y *uite good Seeing the product Seeing the

in a different ight so that +e e!phasi6e the bad aspects of a product

product in a different ight so that +e e!phasi6e the good aspects of a product "o!p aining and returning goods to the supp ier :one

1>. 0hich of the fo o+ing abe s is :;T associated +ith a ro e in a buying #ecision .aking Fnit1 Supp ier #ecision !aker ?atekeeper Fser :one

1=. A secretary +ho ans+ers ca s for a co!pany buyer !ay be taking on +hich ro e +ithin the co!panyJs decisionE!aking unit1 Fser Buyer Inf uencer ?atekeeper :one

%@. 0hich of the fo o+ing is :;T an e e!ent of a .arketing Infor!ation Syste!1 .arketing syste! A research :one #ecision support syste! 8roduction !onitoring