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European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Inquir on Electronic !

ass "urveillance of E# Citi$ens %uestions to !r& Ed'ard "no'den on be(alf of t(e political )roups

Rapporteur Claude Moraes MEP, S&D Group *iven t(e focus of t(is Inquir is on t(e impact of mass surveillance on E# citi$ens, could ou elaborate on t(e e+tent of cooperation t(at e+ists bet'een t(e ,"A and E# !ember "tates in terms of t(e transfer and collection of bul- data of E# citi$ens. Could ou comment on t(e activities of E# !ember "tates intelli)ence a)encies in t(ese operations and (o' advanced t(eir capabilities (ave become in comparison 'it( t(e ,"A. In terms of t(e mass surveillance pro)rammes alread revealed t(rou)( t(e press, '(at proportion of t(e mass surveillance activities do t(ese pro)rammes account for. Are t(ere man ot(er pro)rammes, undisclosed as of et, t(at 'ould impact on E# citi$ens ri)(ts. Shadow Rapporteur Axel Voss MEP, EPP Group /( did ou c(oose to )o public 'it( our information. 0id ou e+(aust all possibilities before ta-in) t(e decision to )o public. Are ou a'are t(at our revelations (ave t(e potential to put at ris- lives of innocents and (amper efforts in t(e )lobal fi)(t a)ainst terrorism. 0id t(e 1ussian secret service approac( ou. /(o is currentl financin) our life. Shadow Rapporteur Sophie Int'Veld MEP, ALDE Group Are t(ere adequate procedures in t(e ,"A for staff to si)nal 'ron)doin). 0o ou feel ou (ad e+(austed all avenues before ta-in) t(e decision to )o public. 0o ou t(in- procedures for '(istleblo'in) (ave been improved no'. /(at is our relations(ip 'it( t(e 1ussian and C(inese aut(orities, and '(at are t(e terms on '(ic( ou 'ere allo'ed to sta ori)inall in Hon) 2on) and no' in 1ussia. Shadow Rapporteur an Philipp Al!re"ht MEP, Greens Group Could 'e (elp ou in an 'a , and do ou see- as lum in t(e E#. Can ou confirm c ber3attac-s b t(e ,"A or ot(er intelli)ence a)encies on E# institutions, telecommunications providers suc( as Bel)acom and "/I45, or an ot(er E#3based companies.

Shadow Rapporteur #i$oth% &ir'hope MEP, ECR Group 6ou (ave stated previousl t(at ou 'ant t(e intelli)ence a)encies to be more accountable to citi$ens, (o'ever, '( do ou feel t(is accountabilit does not appl to ou. 0o ou t(erefore, plan to return to t(e #nited "tates or Europe to face criminal c(ar)es and ans'er questions in an official capacit , and pursue t(e route as an official '(istle3blo'er. 0o ou still plan to release more files, and (ave ou disclosed or been as-ed to disclose an information re)ardin) t(e content of t(ese files to C(inese and 1ussian aut(orities or an names contained 'it(in t(em. Shadow Rapporteur Cornelia Ernst MEP, G(E Group In our vie', in (o' far can t(e surveillance measures ou revealed be 7ustified b national securit and from our e+perience is t(e information bein) used for economic espiona)e. /(at could be done to resolve t(is. If t(ere (ad been better independent and public oversi)(t over t(e intelli)ence a)encies, do ou t(in- t(is could (ave prevented t(is -ind of mass surveillance. /(at conditions 'ould need to be fulfilled, bot( nationall and internationall .