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(unfurnished property)
Assured Shorthold Tenancy
under Part 1 of the Housing Act 1988 as amended by the Housing Act 1996
Note: This Tenancy contains an optional 6 month Break Clause in Paragraph 12. Please read the
accompanying notes before completing this document.
Date Signed: ............
Parties: 1. The andlord : ......
!. The Tenant"s#: ..
Property: The d$elling %no$n as and situated at .

Ter: A term certain of .. months commencing . !&

Rent: ' (er month
Paya!"e: in ad)ance by e*ual monthly (ayments. The first (ayment is to be made on
the date of signing of this Agreement and subse*uent (ayments on the
.. day of each month thereafter.
Deposit: '.. $hich $ill be held in accordance $ith the rules of one of the
go)ernment+a((ro)ed Tenancy ,e(osit Schemes
1. The andlord lets and the Tenant ta%es the (ro(erty for the Term and at the -ent (ayable as
!. This agreement is intended to create an Assured Shorthold Tenancy as defined in section !& of
the Housing Act 1988 "as amended by the Housing Act 1996# and the (ro)isions for the
reco)ery of (ossession by the andlord in section !1 thereof a((ly accordingly.
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1. 2n this Agreement3 $here the conte4t admits:+
"a# 5The andlord5 includes the (ersons for the time being entitled in re)ersion
e4(ectant on the tenancy6
"b# 5The Tenant5 includes the (erson"s# deri)ing under the Tenant6
"c# -eferences to the Pro(erty include references to any (art or (arts of the Pro(erty and
to the 0i4tures in the Pro(erty6
"d# -eferences to masculine gender include the feminine6
"e# -eferences to the singular include the (lural6
"f# -eferences to 5month5 mean calendar month.
7. 2f the Pro(erty com(rises (art only of a building the letting shall include the use "in common
$ith others# of access$ays to and from the Pro(erty inside the building.
.. 2f the Pro(erty is let to t$o or more tenants3 their obligations to the andlord shall be 8oint and
se)eral. 9ith regard to the obligation to (ay rent3 this means that each Tenant may be held
liable for (ayment of the $hole rent and not 8ust his or her share.
6. The :ontracts "-ights of Third Parties# Act 1999 does not a((ly to this Agreement and nothing
in this Agreement is intended to create rights in fa)our of any one other than the (arties to this
Tenant#s $!"igations
;. The Tenant $ill:
"a# Pay the -ent at the times and in the manner s(ecified and $ill (ay interest at a rate of 1 (er
cent abo)e the (re)ailing <an% of =ngland rate on any rent arrears $hich remain un(aid for
more than fourteen days. 2nterest is to be calculated from the date u(on $hich such rent $as
due to be (aid to the date u(on $hich it is actually (aid.
"b# Pay for all charges and utilities3 including any standing or fi4ed charges3 for gas3 electricity3
$ater and se$erage $hich shall be consumed or su((lied on or to the Pro(erty during the
"c# Pay for all charges made for the use of the fi4ed line tele(hone at the Pro(erty during the
"d# Pay for the Tele)ision icence at the Pro(erty "if a((licable#
"e# >ee( the interior of the Pro(erty during the Term in as good and clean a state of re(air3
condition and decoration as the Pro(erty is in at the start of the tenancy.
"f# ?ot ma%e any alteration or addition to the Pro(erty $ithout the andlord@s $ritten consent and
not to erect any e4ternal $ireless or tele)ision aerial or satellite dishes.
"g# Aield u( the Pro(erty at the end of the tenancy in the same clean state and condition as it $as
in at the beginning of the tenancy3 fair $ear and tear e4ce(ted3 and made good3 (ay for the
re(air of3 or re(lace all such items of the fi4tures of the Pro(erty and as are listed on the
2n)entory "if any# as shall be lost damaged or destroyed during the tenancy.
"h# >ee( clean the $indo$s of the Pro(erty and (rom(tly re(lace all bro%en glass.
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"i# Permit the andlord or the andlordBs agents at all reasonable times and u(on gi)ing
reasonable notice "e4ce(t in the e)ent of emergency# to enter the Pro(erty to carry out any
$or%s of maintenance or re(air to the Pro(erty or else$here $hich the andlord may
reasonably consider necessary.
"8# ?ot assign3 sublet or (art $ith (ossession of the $hole or any (art of the Pro(erty $ithout the
andlordCs $ritten consent.
"%# ?ot carry on any (rofession3 trade or business at the Pro(erty and not recei)e (aying guests at
the Pro(erty and not use the Pro(erty for any (ur(ose other than that of a strictly single (ri)ate
"l# ?ot do or allo$ to be done on the Pro(erty anything $hich may be a nuisance or annoyance to
the andlord or the Tenants or occu(iers of any ad8oining (remises or $hich may )itiate any
insurance of the Pro(erty against fire or other$ise increase the ordinary (remium for such
"m# Permit the andlord or the andlordBs agents at all reasonable hours $ithin the last t$enty+
eight days of the tenancy to enter and )ie$ the Pro(erty $ith (ros(ecti)e tenants $ith (rior
"n# Perform and obser)e any obligation on the (art of the Tenant arising under the ocal
Do)ernment 0inance Act 199! or regulations made thereunder to (ay council ta4 and
indemnify the andlord against any such obligation $hich the andlord may incur during the
tenancy by reason of the TenantBs ceasing to be resident in the Pro(erty.
"o# ?ot %ee( or allo$ to be %e(t in the Pro(erty any cat dog or other (ets.
"(# ?ot to smo%e or (ermit any guests or )isitors to smo%e tobacco on the (remises
"*# ?ot to use the (remises3 or %no$ingly allo$ the (remises to be used3 for any illegal or
immoral (ur(ose
"r# 9here the Pro(erty has a garden3 be res(onsible for the maintenance of that garden and %ee( it
in good seasonal order throughout and to cut the grass at regular inter)als as and $hen
"s# ?ot to install or change any loc%s in the Premises "e4ce(t in an emergency3 in $hich case a
%ey to be (ro)ided to the andlord#. 2f any additional %eys are made3 the Tenant shall deli)er
them to the andlord3 together $ith all remaining original %eys3 at the end of the Tenancy. 2f
any such %eys ha)e been lost3 the Tenant $ill (ay to the andlord on demand any costs
incurred by the andlord in re(lacing the loc%s to $hich the lost %eys belong.
"t# Enless agreed other$ise3 the Tenant $ill return the Pro(ertyBs %eys to the andlord or the
andlord@s agent by midday on the day of )acating the Pro(erty3 other$ise all costs incurred
by the andlord in gaining entry to the Pro(erty $ill be borne by the Tenant.
8. Should the Tenant be in a situation $here he needs to claim housing benefit, the housing element
of Universal Credit (or equivalent government assistance with his rent)3 the Tenant $ill
immediately notify the Landlord prior to making such a claim.
%and"ord#s $!"igations
9. The andlord agrees $ith the Tenant as follo$s:
"a# To (ay and indemnify the Tenant against all assessments and outgoings in res(ect of the
Pro(erty "e4ce(t charges for $hich the Tenant is e4(ressly res(onsible under this agreement#
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"b# That3 as long as the Tenant (ays the rent and (erforms his obligations under this agreement3
the Tenant may *uietly (ossess and en8oy the Pro(erty during the tenancy $ithout any
disturbance or interru(tion from the andlord or any (erson claiming under or in trust for the
"c# To return to the Tenant any rent (ayable for any (eriod $hile the Pro(erty is rendered
uninhabitable by fire.
The Deposit
1&. E(on signing this agreement the Tenant shall (ay the andlord a de(osit in the amount stated abo)e
to be held until the termination of the tenancy. The de(osit shall be held in accordance $ith a
go)ernment+a((ro)ed Tenancy ,e(osit Scheme. Sub8ect to the rules of that Scheme3 if the Tenant
has not com(lied $ith the terms and obligations of this agreement then3 $ithout (re8udice to any
other claims or right the andlord may ha)e in la$3 the andlord shall be entitled to retain such (art
of that de(osit as re(resents the reasonable cost of com(ensating him for such breach or non+
11. The andlord shall not be entitled to claim in res(ect of any damage to the (ro(erty or its contents
$hich is due to Gfair $ear and tearH3 meaning the normal deterioration o)er time of the (ro(erty and
its contents $hilst the tenant"s# is li)ing in the (ro(erty and using it in a reasonable and la$ful
manner in accordance $ith the terms of this agreement.
&rea' C"ause at ( onths for tenan)ies of a year or ore
1!. 9here the Term is 1! months or greater:
"a# The andlord may terminate the tenancy u(on gi)ing not less than t$o months@ notice in
$riting3 such notice not to e4(ire before the e4(iry of 6 months from the start of the tenancy.
"b# The Tenant may terminate the tenancy u(on gi)ing not less than one month@s notice in $riting3
such notice not to e4(ire before the e4(iry of 6 months from the start of the tenancy.
%and"ord#s rights to Repossess the Property
11. Pro)ided that:
+ if the -ent or any instalment or (art thereof shall be in arrears for at least fourteen days after
it has become due "$hether legally demanded or not# or
+ if the Tenant has breached any of the terms of this agreement or
+ if any of the grounds set out in the Housing Act 1988 Schedule !3 grounds ! or 8 or 1& to
1. inclusi)e a((ly
the andlord may re+enter the Pro(erty "sub8ect al$ays to any statutory restrictions on his
(o$er to do so# and immediately thereu(on the tenancy shall absolutely determine $ithout
(re8udice to the other rights and remedies of the andlord.
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%and"ord#s Address
17. The Tenant is hereby notified under section 78 of the andlord and Tenant Act 198; that your
andlordBs address for the ser)ice of ?otices "including ?otices in (roceedings# is as follo$s:

Signed and =4ecuted as a ,eed by the follo$ing (arties:
%and"ord(s) Tenant(s)
?ame: . ?ame: .
Signature:. Signature:.
?ame: .. ?ame: .
Signature:.. Signature:.
?ame: .
?ame: .
*n the presen)e of : *n the presen)e of:
9itness 0ull ?ame:
9itness 0ull ?ame:


9itness Signature:.. 9itness Signature:..

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