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Social ills are rampant in the social. Nowadays, it is a daily occurrence of gangsterism and bullying in many schools.

Gangsterism and bullies is a bad habit that is conquered by teenagers especially boys and girls. Bullying and gangsterism is an act of oppressing others to show ones superiority. Usually, this problem happens in the secondary school. We are very concerned with the students are involved gangsterism in school. What are the causes, effect and solution for gangsterism? Most student gangsters from poor family or broke family background because they lack attention and love from the family parents. Poor students become gangsters to gain extra cash by extorting money from other students. In addition, parents nowadays are very busy on their careers until sometimes they seem forget their responsibilities as parents. Most of the parents try their best to let their children live in comfortable circumstances but they seldom have time to stay with their children. Without parental supervision at home, children are left in the care of child-minders. Children feel lonely due to lack patient of their parents or when they do not get love and attention from their parents. Then, children will find the way to spoilt or broke any public properties in public area. Another factor that causes the social ills to get even more worse is influenced by friends. A teenager may have chosen the wrong friends with bad reputation. The Children start to smoke, drink alcohols and take drugs and become a gangster. For example, their friends ask them to ransom people for money, extort money from hawkers; get paid to collect debts and many more. It is very easy to influence a teenager on trying new things. Therefore, it is very easy to lead teenagers into the world of social ills. In my point of view, no matter how busy parents are, they should try their best stay with children. Firstly, when they are young, we have to spend time with children and adolescence. We must know about that it is necessary that parent should spend more time with children for childrens growth healthily. After work, if parent spend more time with children, they would get well relationship with their children and family will become peaceful and happy. For example, parents can

choose a day in a week with their children when children express their ideas or share some interesting story with them. In daily life, the children should try to help parents do to housework. Children should chat with parent or share their problems with parents. We must solve this serious social ill. Parents must concern about their children. Parents should always know and identify the problems faced by their children. In addition, parents also should know their childrens friends and always trust their children. Teachers also can help to reduce the number of cases of our students getting involved with gangsters. Any of our students found having close communication with outside gangsters. The teachers must be immediately pulled out for professional counseling. It will help the students getting involved with outside gangsters. Furthermore, motivational talked can also prevent this bad activities. We can invite the head of police department to give a talk to our student and topic related to gangsterism in school. Hopefully, the students will get as much knowledge and they will be scared of joining any outside gangster groups. Besides, the student must be encouraged to spend their time with recreational activities through their clubs and societies. Activities such as rock climbing, jungle trekking can make the students fully enjoy. Hence, they have no time to be involved with gangsterism. Apart from that, when you see or you observed your friends who are involved with these bad activities, you must straight away report your discipline teachers or any other teachers. Any students who are involved in these activities must be given harsh punishment to them. In conclusion, gangstreism is the main problem faced by todays youth. The effects are bad. The society has to work hand-in-hand to help the government combat these problems. I hope parents should spend time with children even if they just have little time; it is just for childrens health growth.