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Elena Clark

Week 5 Feb. 24-28

1. How did you spend your time this week? What responsibilities did you have? This was my first week bell-to-bell. I spent my time structuring and planning activities to fit with the curriculum plans for the week. As a math data team, we have been seeing that some students are struggling with counting. By the end of the year, the students have to be proficient in counting to 105. I created a data wall (modeled after a bulletin board we saw at Findley Elementary School during our observation) called Race to 100. Students colored a picture of a car. I attached a sticker to each with students class numbers. At the end of the week, students stuck the car to the wall by the number that they can count to. For some students, this was very exciting. For other students, this was frustrating because they wanted to be on 100 and were at lower numbers. This week, we introduced new word work baskets because I noticed that students were not being accountable with their former activities. For example, in the past, students have used play-doh to make words, but as I monitored student work, I found that some of the lower ability students used the time to build play-doh snowmen. This week, I decided to have the lower ability students pulled by associates in order to help them stay on task. I led a few parent-teacher conferences, two of them with a translator. I really enjoyed watching Mrs. Lee conduct these, and it was even more helpful to try it out myself! It has made me think in terms of what a parent wants to hear and what they need to hear and how to speak truthfully and tactfully. 2. What were the most satisfying experiences? Greatest challenges? The most satisfying experience this week was during whole-group math. We practiced saying our numbers in a variety of different voices such as our mommy voices, whisper voices, etc. The kids love doing this. One particular student is very timid, but his face lit up when we did our proper-English-tea voices. One of the greatest challenges was not having Mrs. Lee in the room because some of the students are very resistant to change. I enjoyed the challenge of running the class on my own, but at times, I found it difficult to teach because the misbehaving students were disruptive. I felt my patience tried over and over and often resorted to a video to change the mood and refocus the students. Some of the students expressed being upset at the misbehaving students and some expressed not feeling safe (one student has hit 4-5 students in the classroom this week.) However, this too is a challenge I look forward to because I know that my behavior management skills are being stretched. 3. What are the plans for the upcoming week? This week, I will introduce the short /o/ sound. I will teach the sight words make, and play. Students will write about friendship. We will continue working on our addition/subtraction skills in math, as well as decomposing. This week, I am going to introduce 3-D shapes. For science, my students will be exploring soil.