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Louis Chatka Aagard Jr.

Louis Aagard Sr. was born before 1830 and died after 1870, at Fort Yates, North Dakota. As a bo Aagard !a"e to the u##er $issouri !ountr , about 18%%, and sta ed at Ft. &ierre the 'arger #art of the ti"e. (e !'erked at Ft. )'ark during the winter of 18%*+7, under ,ose#h des Aute', for the A"eri!an Fur )o"#an . -n 18*8, he was e"#'o ed as inter#reter b the .. S. &ea!e )o""issioners at Ft. /i!e. Later, he !'erked for )has. 0a'#in at Ft. /i!e and 1ak )reek, and had a wood ard be'ow Standing /o!k Agen! . -n 1870 he "o2ed to Ft. Yates, where he died. 34asi' )'e"ent5. Welch notes dated June 23rd, 1923: Louis Aagard ,r. of 0rand /i2er )ountr . 6his "an is a ha'f+breed. (is father !a"e into this !ountr with the A"eri!an Fur )o"#an and was a hunter and tra##er working into their fort at &ierre, S.D. (e "arried three wo"en of the Dakotah. 6he 'ast one was of the (unk#a#a, and this Louis Agaard was issue of that union. 6he father !a"e to &ierre when he was but twe'2e ears of age7 he was 88 ears o'd when he died in 1890 : !onse;uent' he !a"e to Dakota in 18%7. 6he fa"i' 'i2ed for ears about nine "i'es south of 4is"ar!k on the east side of the $issouri ri2er, but fina'' "o2ed to the 0rand /i2er, S.D., and the sub<e!t now 'i2es about 1* "i'es south of the sub+agen! at 4u'' (ead. (e is !a''ed b the Dakotah : )hatka + 6he Left (anded, as he is 'eft handed and hand'es the 'ariat with that ar". (e sa s he !annot ro#e we'' an "ore as he has broken his shou'der twi!e, whi'e ro#ing sto!k and getting tang'ed u#. - think he is about *8 ears o'd now, as he has white hair, but it is hard to te'' the age of a "an who has fa!ed the wind and sun of Dakota for ears sin!e !hi'dhood. (e is a ;uaint !hara!ter, soft+2oi!ed, s'ow in s#ee!h as a Dakotah7 !raft and strategi! in his arri2a' at the #oint of dis!ourse7 #o'ite as a fu'' b'ood Fren!h"an7 - <udge that he wou'd be re'ent'ess in hate, but a good friend : going the 'i"it either in =#ea!e or war,> and e2er "o2e"ent and gesture, showing the effete of a wi'd 'ife in the o#en with the -ndians. -n fa!t he is a s#'endid e?a"#'e of the o'd ti"e hunter and #athfinder of the ti"es whi!h are now a'' but gone : su!h a "an as )uster took for guides in his 4'a!k (i''s @?#editions7 one who !an ta'k the 'anguage of the Dakotah and read the stories of the ga"e trai' or war #ath. A- ain>t been here for 1* ears,B he said, AYour trees ha2e got big and the houses ha2e grown ta''. 6he sa'oons are gone so"ewhere. - !an>t find an now. 6oo bad.B Later #en!i'ed note b Ce'!hD 4orn De! 18*%, he is 89 ears of age. htt#DEEwww.we'!hdakota#a#ers.!o"EF011E10Eindian+histories+fro"+aagard+to+burr+%%+ indi2idua'sEG'ouis+aagard

)o"#i'ed b Lawren!e 4arkwe'' )oordinator of $etis (eritage and (istor /esear!h Louis /ie' -nstitute