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1. Assume that you are nominated for a training and development programme by your organisation.

Please read each of the following statements and for each item, indicate how strongly you agree or disagree by selecting the number that best matches your thoughts using the scale below:
1 My organisation has a training and development policy applicable to all employees 2 Supervisors tell employees whether they are doing their job as per the training imparted or not

3 When employees arrive from training, supervisors encourage them to share what they have learned with other employees 4 My organisation links training and development with our company business strategy 5 My organisation has full-fledged training and development department manned with competent professionals 6 Supervisors support the use of techniques learned in training that employees bring back to their jobs 7 Supervisors give employees the chance to tryout their training on the job immediately 8 Supervisors help employees set realistic goals for performing their work as a result of their training 9 Supervisors assign an experienced co employee to help employees coming back after getting training as needed back on the job. 10 Supervisors ease the pressure of work for a short time so employees have a chance to practice new skills that are taught in training. 11 Job aids(resources or technology) are available on the job to support what employees learned in training 12 Supervisors make sure that employees have the opportunity to use their training immediately 13 The equipment used in training is similar to the equipment found on the job 14 Colleagues support the use of learning on the job 15 Employees who use their training are given preference for new assignments 16 I am motivated to learn the concepts that will be covered in the training programme 17 I will try to learn as much as I can from the training programme

18 I will get more out of the programme than most people. 19 I want to improve my knowledge of the material that this programme covers 20 If I can't understand some part of the programme , I will try harder 21 I intend to learn the concepts that will be emphasized in this programme 22 I am genuinely interested in the content of this programme 23 I am willing to exert considerable effort to improve my knowledge by taking this programme

Below are factors that, depending on you and your situation, could either facilitate or interfere with your ability to learn well in this programme. Review each item and indicate the extent to which you think each could potentially help or hinder your success using the scale below and complete the box with a number from the scale below that best describes your response.
24 The time I have available for the training programme 25 My family commitments 26 My job commitments 27 The subject matter of the training programme 28 The sequence of the content 29 The programme delivery method 30 The quality of the Instructors of the programme 31 The opportunity for interaction with other participants of the programme 32 The books/materials and other resources available 33 My ability to access information from various sources 34 The ability to get assistance from the instructor 35 The supporting staff of the training programme 36 My supervisor in my present job 37 My colleagues in my present job

Please provide someinformation about you. Please note that this information would be kept confidential. 1. Your gender
Your gender Male Female

2. Age
Age 1-100

3. No. of years in the organization

No. of years in the organization :

4. Your education: (highest qualification) Your education: (highest qualification) 5. Organization Name and Nature of business Organization Name and Nature of business 6. When were you last promoted
When were you last promoted In the last six months In the last one year In the last 2 years In the last 3 years

7. The number of employees in your organization (approximately): The number of employees in your organization (approximately):