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Do it right, Do it Fast, in Simple Steps

` 299/About the Book

3ds Max 2014 IN SIMPLE STEPS provides a thorough, in-depth, and step-bystep approach for learning the 3ds Max 2014 application. The book provides sample and rich content that helps a novice user as well as professionals depending on the users requirements. This book covers the core concepts and the master skills required to work in three-dimensional, designing, modeling, animating, and rendering environments. It also covers the modeling strategies and the key concepts required to create poly objects and poly sub-objects. The book also includes the new and enhanced features of 3ds Max 2014. This book follows an ultimate and systematic approach for the upcoming and passionate readers who work for 3D modeling, 3D designing, character animation, scene texturing, environment lighting, and rendering. Moreover, systematic approach that is followed makes this book unique because of inclusion of practical examples and screen shots.

An all-inclusive book to teach you everything about 3ds Max 2014 Easy, Effective, and Reliable Quick and Easy learning in Simple Steps Most preferred choice worldwide for learning 3ds Max 2014

ISBN: 978-93-5119-406-4 | Pages: 280 | Price: ` 299/- | Author: Kogent Learning Solution Inc.

The Book Covers

An introduction to 3ds Max 2014 application with a depicted view of user-interface elements. The procedure to work with object selections, transformation commands, and organizational tools. The brief introduction about the concept of splines the working of layers. The working of modifiers, modifier stacks, and concept of MaxxFX used in static rigid bodies. The procedure to work with 3D modeling, poly modeling, and handling features of poly sub-objects. An introduction to the concept of animation, Inverse Kinematics, and character studio. The inclusive explanation to material types, their properties, and types of map materials.
The method of creating lights and cameras in the scene, wherein you

discuss the properties, shadows, and camera attributes, in addition to introducing stereo camera. An introduction to dynamics and effects, such as Vector Map support that can be included in created scenes. The brief introduction to rendering and different type of available renderers. The Scanline renderer in detail including description of its different groups. The procedure to create texture baking and iRay rendering.

About the Author

The proficient team at Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. and Dreamtech Press has seized the market of computer books bringing excellent content in software development to the fore. The team is committed to excellence excellence in quality of content; excellence in the dedication of its authors and editors; excellence in the attention to detail; and excellence in understanding the needs of their readers.

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