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A Lypology and

dlmenslons of a descrlpuon framework

for MCCCs
Marllyne 8osselle, lerre-Andre Caron, !ean Peuue
Amlens and Lllle, norLh of lrance

marllyne.rosselle[u-plcardle.fr, [plerre-andre.caron,[ean.heuue}[unlv-lllle1.fr
An observauon
1he problem we are addresslng
Cur meLhodology
SLaLe of Lhe arL verslon
A concluslon
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 2
LeL's hear an lndlan Lale .
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 3
Pand fan
Solld plpe
Cbservauons Ck - lnferences (lnducuons) kC
ConLradlcLory asseruons - many cons-examples
ulerenL educauonal pracuces, dlerenL lnLeracuon modes ,
Pow can we descrlbe a MCCC ?
Pow can we balance beLween comprehenslveness
and relevance ?
CharacLerlzlng Lhe problem
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 4
uslng whaL ls exlsung each ume lL's posslble
SLaLe of Lhe arL
1ypes of MCCCs
leaLures of a MCCC
Appllcauon Lo four examples of MCCCs
Maklng roposals
uenlng how Lo valldaLe Lhem
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 3
SLaLe of Lhe arL verslon on
uescrlpuon frameworks for 1LL devlces and MCCCs
Lxlsung Lypologles for MCCCs
cMCCC, xMCCC [uownes]
ConLenL-based MCCC, 1ask-based MCCC (LMCCC),
neLwork-based MCCC [Lane 2012]
cMCCC, lMCCC, xMCCC [ClllloL eL al.]
1ransferMCCC, MadeMCCC, SynchMCCC, aSynchMCCC,
AdapLauveMCCC, CroupMCCC, MlnlMCCC,
ConnecuvlsLMCCC [Clark 2013]
(?esLerday : pMCCC, LMCCC, SCCC, 1CCC, MCCCl, .)
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 6
A sLaLe of Lhe arL dlscusslon
We explored Lhe llmlLs of Lhese 1ypologles &
1oo many acronyms
1wo MCCCs of Lhe same Lype could be so dlerenL
! none of Lhese Lypologles maLches our needs
! SomeLhlng ln Lhe sLaLe of Lhe arL for 1LL convene
1he frameworks
. for 1LL don'L Lake lnLo accounL soclal aspecLs
. for MCCC : whaL ls Lhe bulldlng prlnclple
! no pre-exlsung framework allows us Lo descrlbe a MCCC
ln a sausfacLory manner
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 7
lnLroducuon of our proposals
!2 ouLllne proposals
An lnlual (Lemporary) Lypology
A descrlpuon framework
8ulldlng and valldauon of our roposals
A Lypology: uslng an exlsung one
A descrlpuon framework
lncremenLal bulldlng: one Lheoreucal framework aL a ume
1esLed on an exlsung MCCC, yeL
valldauon by applylng lL Lo oLher MCCCs (18)
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 8
lnLroducuon of our proposals
lor whom?
WlLh whlch polnL of vlew?
1o nd meLhodologlcal Lools
1o allow Lo dene descrlpLors
WlLh whaL level of deLall?
noL Loo deep, noL Loo large
! LveryLhlng needn'L Lo be lled
! LxLenslble lramework
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 9
1sL roposal : uslng Lhe 6
congurauon of [Py-Sup 2012]
1. SLage (Scene): conLenL-
orlenLed Leachlng, supporL Lo face-
Lo-face educauon, wlLh malnly
LexLual resources
2. Screen: sLage wlLh added
mulumedla resources
3. CockplL: course organlzauon
orlenLed Leachlng, gulded by Lhe use
of Lools (and someumes lnLegraung
relauonal and reecuve goals)
4. Crew: for learnlng focused on
supporung Lhe process of
knowledge consLrucuon and on
lnLerpersonal lnLeracuons
3. ubllc Space: learnlng
cenLered on Lhe openlng of Lhe
Lralnlng devlce Lo exLernal resources
6. LcosysLem: learnlng by
operaung a large number of
Lechnologlcal and educauonal
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 10
ueslgned for blended learnlng ln Plgher Lducauon
6 congurauons
Cur descrlpuon framework aL a glance.
2nd proposal : maln
dlmenslons of a descrlpuon
We have chosen our maln dlmenslon
8ased on Lheoreucal frameworks
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 12
MeLhodology Lo LesL our proposals
lmplemenung a plauorm uslng
semanuc web Lools,
and sLandards
lor researchers, who accompany MCCC deslgners, Lo descrlbe
uslng LuM on our collecuon of MCCC descrlpuons
Lo lmprove our Lemporary Lypology based on Py-Sup
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 13
uenlng 6 Lypes of MCCCs: sLage, screen, cockplL,
crew, publlc space & ecosysLem
SLrucLurlng feaLures of a MCCC ln 8 dlmenslons
! Should be rened based on feedbacks and
conLrlbuuons of researchers from dlverse horlzons
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 14
1hank you very much
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 13
8eferences and credlLs
LlephanL lmage: CC-8?-nC / brluanyhock
ClLed references : please see Lhe arucle
11/02/14 M8, AC & !P - eMCCC'2014 16