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Aundra Chapman Brittany Garcia Jennifer Benvenuto Maria Valencia Melody Sazegar

29 November 2011

World Health Organization: About 1 million deaths a year are due to suicide Suicide attempts 20x more common than completion


Subjects recruited from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
only those with European ancenstry

196 Schizophrenic patients with data on suicide attempt Pooled results from 11 previous studies
3,352 people 1,202 had a history of suicidal behavior

The diagnostic tool used was the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Clinical summary of detailed info of each patients symptoms was compiled

Brain-deprived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression has been found altered in suicide attempters Met variation have an increased risk of suicidal behavior compared to Val variation Twin studies 90% have psychiatric disorder

BDNF Gene involved in suicidal behavior

2 Variations Methionine Valine 10 previous: 3 schizophrenia and 7 BPD or MDD

Another study:
13 brains of men examined who committed

suicide Compared with 11 brains of men who died of sudden unexpected deaths Focused on the genes that are important for the function of ribosomal RNA Results: Hypermethylated rRNA genes in hippocampus of suicidal men

7 lectures from class

Anatomy of the brain Neurons & How They Transmit Information Neurotransmitters & Psychopharmocology Evolution & Genetics of the Brain and Nervous System Learning & Intelligence Behavior & Emotion Neurological & Psychological Disorders

Prevention efforts Genetic engineering


http://vimeo.com/6502256 (until 1:37)

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