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Change Log for v1.6.

1 - Corrected some missing/not working hero abilities - Added Rhudaur Axemen back to the mercenary pool - Edited information regarding terrain and special units located in the province information card for various settlements (green book) - Fixed voices not working correctly - Fixed CG launcher and files, should be able to play custom battles with genera ls - Fixed Lorien bodyguards 'flickering' on the battlemap when it is zoomed out. - Fixed Optional Garrison Script (if declined, units will not be spawned) - Added new unit for Silvan Elves (Mirkwood Forest Warden) - Fixed Elven leaders name error - Gondor Guardsmen added as AOR mercenaries by lordargento - Some unit rebalancing (especially javelin units) - Silvan elves given correct faction leader picture in faction selection screen - Revised textures for some Elven units - Modified regions to give Dunland improved population growth - Revised recruitment rate for Dunland units to reflect more accurately predomin ate terrain preference - Prevented Fennas Drunin and Amon Sul from being upgraded and losing their cust om start map model - Cultural (Religion) bonus added to Motte & Bailey building for Elves only to c ompensate for the inablilty of this culture to upgrade castles - Moved Dale army spawn closer to Erebor for Beacons of Gondor script - Fixed two Mallorns buildings in each Lorien starting settlement - Fixed ancillary description for the Marchwarden of the Anduin Vale for the Sil van Elves - Rebel spider armies given spider portraits for their leaders - Fixed some villages that should be able to be upgraded not being able to upgra de (Dunharrow, Fangorn and Amon Sl cannot be upgraded) - New version of Mordor's Call by Jox25 (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthre ad.php?604895-Mini-script-Mordor-s-Call) [units based on difficulty level of cam paign, Harad and Rhun generals added] - New unit for Mordor; Minas Morgul Guardians; by lordargento, Nergor and Taro_M - Fixed Legion Names for Mordor and Isengard units - Fixed AUI for Rohan Change Log for v1.60 - New DaC map by Firefreak111 - New Custom settlements (v3.3) by leo.civil.uefs - Resurrect factions script fixed - All units spawned in Diplomacy & Invasion script should now have free upkeep. - Added new unit for Lorien Elves (Galadhrim Lancers); replaced Silvan Horsearch ers - Added new unit for Dunland (Enedwaith Stalkers) - Increased law bonus for the AI in their major settlements (hoping to reduce re bellion in key settlements) - New unit animations by Warman222 (WIP) - Modified Carl the Taxman Money Script by Mank - Improved settlement upgrade cards by Fozzie - Fixed Aragorn's RPG (army of the dead not despawning) Change Log for v1.5 - Modified Arnor cavalry stats for play balance - Uruk Hai Bomb, Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower units can no longer be recrui ted, only retrained and not able to be received as rewards for missions - Ikoner studio and Master ikoner studio buildings for the High Elves now add to

poplulation for human players instead of just for the AI. - Silver surfer bug for upgraded Dismounted Eored Lancers Mercs fixed - Updated the quotes files to v2.5.31 Tolkien Quotes Submod by Ngugi (http://ww w.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=455237&highlight=tolkien+quotes) - Dale Rivermen, Dunland Huntsmen and Dunland Slayers (javelin units) are now re cruited in Barracks buildings and Dale Woodsmen (archers) in Missile buildings. - Updated DCI to 1.2.3 to include the Rohan religion fix, omitted law bonuses an d improved mission message; correction to Dwarven/Dunland trigger by Ngugi (http ://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=497959) - Lower Tier Dunland javelin units changed from AP to area attribute - Added Dunlending Axemen and Dunlendings Mercs unit cards and info cards for sl ave faction - New Rhudaur unit cards by Ministry (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread. php?p=12443185#post12443185) - Elven ships will no longer be rewarded for completing missions - Additional fiefdoms by MIKE GOLF - Improved various unit cards by MIKE GOLF - Fix rivendell spearmen (Noldor Guardians) so recruitment is possible in Rivend ell - Enhanced Aragron RPG featuring the Army of the Dead by HotW - Gandalf now has the same hero ability as possesed at game start when using Imm ortal Heroes - Upgraded Total Diplomacy to v 1.8.3 (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread .php?t=463385&highlight=total+diplomacy) - Fixed missing voices for units (WIP) by Eodez - Gondor mines now have correct names - Mordor army in the Eastern Shadow script is now led by a named general with bo dyguards. - Diplomacy & Invasions mod by proximusj (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthr ead.php?t=519115&highlight=diplomacy+%26amp%3B+invasion) - Removed Boromir Battle Armour script - More unit cards from Various Unit Cards Minimod by Maltacus (http://www.twcent er.net/forums/showthread.php?t=528164) - Carrock fixed - Removed G5 Centralised Administration Mod - Removed G5 Trial and Regency Mod v1.2 - Flag officer removed from bandits unit; Eriador captain replaced by slave capt ain. - If controlled by the AI; Saruman, Denethor and Elrond will remain in their sta rting settlements. - Optional script decision scrolls (at start of campaign) now contain more infor mation describing the features and functions of the script. - Factions will no longer automatically horde if destroyed. - Corsair Invasions are now optional, available to all factions and occur more f requently. - South Tharbad given a small starting garrison - Thranduil and Legolas (Silvan Elves) were given hero abilities - Latest version of units by Taro_M - Unit rebalancing by Trailhog250 - New settlements v2.0 by leo.civil.uefs (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthr ead.php?494054-New-custom-settlements-RELEASED!) - Heroes respawned in the Immortal Heroes script (except Aragorn) now regain the ir unique starting ancillaries if the ancillaries are available. - Arnor can now correctly construct military academy buildings - Lorien Invasion armies in the Counter Invasion script now use Lorien units ins tead of Silvan units. - Fixed Counter Invasions and Beacons of Gondor armies not being spawned - Corrected some grammer and spelling errors in historic_events.txt file - Improved Barrow-Downs mod v2.1 by Mank (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthr ead.php?595103-Improved-Barrow-Downs-v2-1-quot-Rise-of-the-Barrow-Wights-quot)

- Parts of dIRECTOR's Cut mod (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?564 038-dIRECTOR-s-cUT-1-41-for-MOS-1-41) - Parts of Reworked ancillaries and traits (thanks to DrBeast and Chainsaw Schma lz) - New strat map models for Elrond, Lurtz and Eomer. - Eomer, Balin and Lurtz added to Immortal Heroes script - Fixed assassins successful sabotage error - Revised special abilities for heroes - Created new 'book building' for settlement of Erelond containing more accurate description of settlement features - Increased time Ents gained from autonomy remain in play before being removed - Additional character names (thanks to Ministry) - New unit cards project by Nergor (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.ph p?607986-New-Unit-Cards-Project&p=13008753#post13008753) - Mordor's Call script by Jox25 (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?6 04895-Mordor-s-Call-script-v1-2-for-MOS-1-41-amp-MOS-1-41-EMM) - Spider unit leaders given a spider portrait Change Log for v1.41: - Fixed: Incorrect faction icon appearing in the lower right corner, near produc tion and recruitment buttons, when Arnor is reformed. - Fixed: Incorrect strat map models appearing for Arnor after it is reformed - Fixed: Some Rohan generals have incorrect Epithet or title - Added Fiefdom titles with ancillaries and traits for Harad, Dunland, Dale and Rhun by MIKE GOLF - Fixed: 'Silver Surfer' bug for SAUS Dale Calvary owned by Dwarves. - Added faction character names by MIKE GOLF and Spice Master (http://www.twcent er.net/forums/showthread.php?t=573398) - Added upkeep costs for AOR units - Replaced Denethor's strat map model with Steward model from RotK mod by Kili Al (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=457639) Change Log for v1.4: - Fixed Dale Woodsmen texturing problem. - Fixed Dale Rivermen trying to fire their javelins like arrows. - Fixed Dunland Huntsmen trying to fire their javelins like arrows. - Fixed unit card unit info not appearing for Orc Volunteers and Goblin Voluntee rs. - Fixed Rhudaur Archers 'unattached bow' condition - Fixed Mumakil archers fire arms sound. - Fixed several more 'silver surfer' bugs - Fixed Lorien settlement upgrade bug that occured when upgrading to cities and large cities, vanilla generic settlements were used instead of the new Elven set tlements by Emperor of Hell - Additional Units (AUM) added by Trailhog250 (Dwarven Wanderers, Mattocks of th e Iron Hills, Gundabad Hammers, Riders of the Westfold and Rhun Heavy Archers.) - Added Lossarnach units by Taro_M to the Gondor roster (Axemen of Lossarach, re worked version; Lossarnach Axeguards, Lossarnach Nobles, Lossarnach Hobilars) - Added Elite Dunedain Rangers to the HE roster. - Additional units Mini-Mod (AMM) added by Ngugi (http://www.twcenter.net/forums /showthread.php?p=12004092#post12004092) - Added many parts of the Return of the King mod by Kili Al - Improved Immortal Nazgul script. Removed Nazgul ring trait, added description to ancillary. Presence of ring tested by script, not ancillary trigger. - Removed the Additional Nazgul script. Totally redundant as MOS starts with all nine Nazgul. - Reorganized optional script order of appearance to streamline the selection pr ocess; rewrote event triggers to make them more efficient

- Implemented 4 tier road system by MIKE GOLF - Changed hording message title from 'Mordor annihilated' to 'Faction Annihilate d' and replaced Mordor message with a generic message hinting that a horde may e merge. - Updated the quotes files to v2.5.2 Tolkien Quotes Submod by Ngugi - Updated SAUS to v1.4.2 (Now works correctly with 12 tpy) by Withwnar (http://w ww.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?p=9095988#post9095988) - Upgraded Total Diplomacy to v1.8.2 by Withwnar (http://www.twcenter.net/forums /showthread.php?p=9842202#post9842202) - Upgraded Really Bad AI by Germanicu5 to v5.7 and enabled battle ai switcher. - Updated region numbers in the Beacons of Gondor script, reward should work now ; Fixed Theoden appearing as Lord of the Dead when aiding Gondor. - Removed Hungary faction icon in Faction Standing Scroll - Fixed Start with Arnor script, banners not being changed for AI player - Added starting garrison to Henneth Annun - Added starting garrison to Barad Dur - Removed ability to recruit Ithilien units in Cirith Ungol, added to Minas Morg ul. - Edited code in the DCI scripting to fix Silvan Elves receiving incorrect relig ion - Added code to the DCI script to include the Lorien Elves religion assignment - Added Counter Invasion script to the read me file - Unique buildings cards improved by Trailhog250 - New portraits added for generals compiled by MIKE GOLF - New Pelargir unit info ui's by Trailhog250 - Ancillaries available for Dunland and Lorien Elves by MIKE GOLF - New banner ancillaries for Arnor, Dunland and Lorien Elves by MIKE GOLF - RR/RC unit balancing by Trailhog250 - Removed text from sunrise sky textures by MIKE GOLF Change Log for v1.3: - Fixed many faction rosters that were missing unit cards and information. - Corrected 'silver surfer' issues for Isengard snagas and Rhudaur mercenary uni ts. - Added the name of the Lorien elves special unit above it's picture in the fact ion selection screen. - Fixed Counter Invasion Script. - Fixed Diplomacy Script. - Fixed One Ring script not displaying ring found event. - Fixed Allied Resurrection Script. - Fixed autonomous regions script; Ents and hobbits not being removed, Dunland a nd Lorien Elves added to script - Added South Tharbad to Centralised Administration script. - Changed description for Nosse-en-Fingolfin to reflect jewel-smith must be cons tructed in Ost-in-Edhil, not Imladris. - Replaced Rhudaur Axemen (javelin) with Axemen of Rhudaur (axemen). - Added 3 tier road system by MIKE GOLF. - Moved Harad general Qusay and his army into Umbar at start of campaign. - Changed description for the ancillary Elendilmir to contain the settlement nam es required for the Arnor Union. - Hobbiton, Michel Delving and Longbottom belong to Eriador at start. Changed st arting ownership of Weathertop (Amon Sul) from Eriador to Bandits. - Replaced Hobbits and bandits given to Eriador in the Counter Invasion script w ith more appropriate and capable units. - Strong Isengard (Sarumans Forces) and Strong Mordor (Eastern Shadows) can now be selected by evil factions as well, as long as the player is not one of the fa ctions to directly benefit from this selection - Total Effects Point Info v1.1 by Withwnar included. (http://www.twcenter.net/f orums/showthread.php?p=11749933#post11749933)

- Upgraded Total Diplomacy to v1.8 by Withwnar (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/s howthread.php?p=9842202#post9842202) - Changed terrain type of Weathertop (Amon Sul) to grassland from mountains. - Increased recruitment slots from 2 to 3 in large cities, huge cities, fortress es and citadels, FOR HUMAN PLAYERS ONLY. - Limited Hobbit autonomy road building settlements by MIKE GOLF. - Hobbit units now retrainable in Bree by MIKE GOLF - Added Dol Amroth units and a few Gondor units by Taro_M to the roster for Gond or. Dol Amroth units only recruitable in that city. - Gondor fiefdom barracks in Minas Tirith can now retrain all Dol Amroth units a nd other AOR units for Gondor. - DCI now part of MOS by Ngugi (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?p= 10664879#post10664879) - Other smaller fixes, enhancements, improvements and additions too numerous to mention individually. Change Log for v1.25: - Fixed missing or incorrect units causing CTD's, peasant unit card, silver surf er textures and unlocalised placement messages. - Modified diplomacy system to include Dunland and Lorien; adjusted faction stan dings. - Removed two Arnor reunited videos from playing if 'Arnor from the start' scrip t is accepted. - Added Total Diplomacy v1.7 for MOS by Withwnar. Change Log for v1.24: - campaign_script.txt: fixed unit names; fixed Immortal Heroes script, now only generates new hero for player controlled faction; fully implemented season and a ging script, twelve turns per year and character only ages one year per year; fixes to many other scripts causing CTD's. - export_descr_units.txt: fixed units; added missing units for several scripts - export_ancillaries.txt: changes by Mike Golf, province names replaced with set tlement names for ease of identification, grammatical errors corrected. - descr_strat.txt: lowered starting ages for Lorien elves, Silvan elves, Dwarves ; changed timescale and start season for season and aging script; changed diplom atic stances per Ngugi - descr_sm_factions.txt: changed color of Lorien elves to Dunland color; changed Dunland color to bronze (rust brown) - battle_models.modeldb: added missing unit types for some factions - export_descr_buildings.txt: added roads for Dunland - added missing unit cards and information - descr_campaign_db.xml: combined TATW v3.2 file with improvements by Alreadyded - descr_campaign_ai_db.xml: combined TATW v3.2 file (recent versions of MOS did not include large portions of file dealing with Sauron and faction relations) wi th improvements by Alreadyded Change Log for v1.23: - campaign_script.txt: changed aging and season script to quarter system to matc h TATW v3.2. Time scale was already set to 0.25 in descr_strat.; changed silvan elves reforging settlement requirements to not require war with Lorien elves; changed Aragorn's RPG script to fix region 98 to 99; edited some more _BG errors - export_descr_units.txt: changed some Gondor units and mercs to have correct of ficers and flag bearers, merc units were causing crash; fixed mysterious documen t weapons unit crash; repaired many, many items in EDU. - export_ancillaries.txt: changed silvan elves reforging requirements descriptio n for king_silvan ancillary. - descr_strat.txt: lowered starting ages for High Elves

- descr_sm_factions.txt: changed Lorien elves back to a dark green - battle_models.modeldb: added units for factions with silver surfers - export_descr_buildings.txt: fixed mumakil training grounds - Changed FAR files to correctly allow for the full implementation of the Arnor faction, thank you Eldain. - export_units.txt: added entries for missing units - No snow in Lorien. - Added ability to construct roads in Henneth Annun.