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QUESIONNAIRE 1 1. WHAT IS A FAMILY? 2. Who are the members of your family? 3. Who is the youngest in your family?

4. Who is the oldest in your family?

5. How old is your mother (mom, mommy)? 6. How old is your father (dad, daddy, pa)?



Father (dad) Mother (mum) Parents Husband Wife Son Daughter Sibling Brother Sister Grandfather (granddad-grandpa) Grandmother (grandma) Grandparents Grandson granddaughter Aunt Uncle Cousin Nephew Niece Father-in-law Mother-in-law Son-in-law Daughter-in-law Brother-in-law Sister-in-law

1. My mothers sister is my_____ 2. My mothers dad is my______ 3. My fathers wife is my_______ 4. My aunts husband is my____ 5. My aunts son is my________ 6. My aunts daughter is my____ 7. My mothers son is my ______ 8. My fathers daughter is my___ 9. My granddads wife is my____ 10. My granddads son is my___ 11. My fathers dad is my______ 12. My mothers mu mis my____ 13. My brothers son is my_____ 14. My sisters daughter is my__ 15. My brothers and sisters are my __ 16. My mum is my fathers _______ 17. My dad is my mothers _______ 18. My dads father is my mums ___ 19. My dads mother is my mums__ 20. My mums sister is my dads____ 21. My mums brother is my dads__ 22. Im my grandmas ___________ 23. My brother is my granddads___ 24. My brother and I are my grandparents _____________ 25. Mum and dad are my________ 26. My mum is my fathers mums ___ 27. My dad is my mothers mums ___

My names Laura and this is my family. My fathers name is David. He is forty-one years old and he works in a hospital. My mothers names Sylvia. Shes forty years old and she works as a schoolteacher. My parents met twelve years ago. They went on a cruise with some friends and they fell in love there. My dad always says it was love at first sight! They got married in 2000. My older brother, Kevin, was born in 2001. Hes eleven years old now. Kevin isnt a good student. He always forgets his homework and he often gets detention. He thinks hes the best footballer in the world! I was born in 2003, so Im nine. My grades arent so bad, but I dont like maths. My favourite school subject is art and my dad says Ive got a creative soul. Ive got a younger brother. His names Samuel. Hes twelve months old and hes very cheerful. My dads parents are Joe and Miranda. Joe is my favourite granddad. Hes nice, but hes totally deaf. Most of the time, he doesnt know what Im saying. Thats cool because we sometimes play tricks on him. We move our lips without making a sound and he says: What? Speak up. Grandma doesnt like that. Grandmas name is Miranda. She was a cook and she still bakes delicious cakes. My mums parents are Rose and Homer. They are seventy-one years old. My grandmother used to be a nurse, and my granddad was a professional photographer. He still takes amazing pictures. He likes nature and he often goes bird watching. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Samuel is one year old. ______________ Lauras parents met at sea ___________ Both Homer and Joe are deaf _________ Rose was a cook when she was Young _______ Homer takes good pictures __________ Joe and Miranda are seventy-one ___________ Joe is Lauras favourite grandparent. ________ Laura is older than Kevin ____________

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What do Lauras parents do? Where did Lauras parents meet? Does Kevin like school? Whats Lauras favourite subject? What trick do they play on granddad Joe?

1. Laura, Kevin and Samuel are brothers siblings 2. Homer is Sylvias father father-in-law uncle 3. David is Sylvias brother husband wife 4. Laura doesnt have any brother cousin sibling 5. Sylvia is Joes daughter daughter-in-law wife 6. Laura and Samuel are Joes sons grandchildren 7. David and Sylvia are Kevins sons parents

Definition: Families are the foundation of societymuch like the bricks that form a brick wall. If the bricks are cracked and crumbly, no matter how well the wall is constructed, maintained, or mortared, the wall will eventually fall down. If the bricks (families) are well built and sturdy, then the wall (society) will stand strong and endure. If the family is so important, what is its role or purpose in our society?

What is the appropriate English term for: your sisters daughter? _____ your sisters son? ______ your grandmothers mother? _____ ___________ your brothers and sisters? ________ your wifes brother? _______ __ ___ the son of your mothers new ___________ husband?

Match the pictures with the right activities then fill in the table earning money - washing the dishes setting the table sweeping cooking taking care of babies shopping tidying bedrooms helping children with their homeworks Father Mother Brother Sister --------------1-----------2-------------3--------------4---------------------------------------------------



7----------------- 8---------------

FAMILY worksheet
1. Look at the four pictures. Which one do you think shows a typical family in your country? Explain why.

2. Think of a perfect family. Choose five things from the list which you associate with a perfect family. Compare your list with other students'. Friendship, big, united, love, happy, spend a lot of time together, comfort, respect, care, home, understanding, pleasure, support. 3a. Work in pairs. Interview your classmate. Use the questions below. Why do you like your family? How big is your family? How many people are there in your family altogether? Have you got any brothers or sisters? If so, how old are they? Do you get along well with your family? With whom do you get along best? Do you sometimes quarrel with your family? What's the best thing about your mum? your dad? your siblings (sisters and brothers)? your grandparents? What do you and your family like doing together? What is the best memory you have of your family doing something together?

4.Report to the class what new facts you have learnt about your partner's family. Help box. I've learnt that... I was surprised that... It was interesting to learn that...

Write about your family

Hi, my name is Eric. I am___years old. I want to talk about my family. There are four persons in my family. The family consists of my father, my mother, my younger sister and me. I am a ninth grader . My mother's name is Julia. She is 40 years old. My mother is also very nice. My father's name is Andre. He is smart. He is an engineer. I have two sisters. Their names are Rachel and Carrie. Rachel is 18 years old. Carrie is 10 years old. They are very nice. I also have a dog. My dog's name is Paw. Finally, I can say that I respect and love my family.