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Making Plants & Trees for a Diorama

Explore the many ways you can create plants and trees for your diorama using simple materials like paper, crepe paper and feathers.


Bushes Ferns and Tropical lants Flowers and otted lants !rass alm tree Tree

Safety Tips
Watch out for this sign . It means adult help is needed for the particular step.


Brown cardstock or construction paper "repe paper or tissue paper Scissors White glue Feathers ipe cleaner Scotch tape Flower se#uins, flowers, paper or craft flowers

1. Bushes

"olor some cotton green following these steps. $nce dry, fluff up the cotton and shape them into %ushes. !lue the %ushes onto your diorama. !lue on some flower se#uins or craft foam flowers if you like. && et 'o(er)s *iorama +nother simple idea for making %ushes is to scrunch up some green tissue paper or crepe paper and glue them on to your diorama.

2. Ferns and Tropical Plants

. Making Ferns out of Feathers

Bunch up a%out , green feathers and %ind them at the %ase with tape. +rrange the feathers so that they fan out like a real fern. && Box -oo

B. Making Ferns and Tropical Plants out of !repe Paper

"ut crepe paper or tissue paper into a long strip. /ine is a%out .0 x 1 .. inches. /ake a .2inch wide fold on one short edge. "ontinue to fold the entire length accordion2style 3%ack2and forth folding4.


*raw a diagonal line on the topmost fold, starting from the top corner to a%out half2an2inch a%o(e the %ottom corner.

5. "ut along the line.

1. To make a fern, cut fringes along the cur(ed edge.

6. "arefully unfold. This would %e how the fringed fern would look like.

+nd this is how a plain one 3without the fringes4 looks like.


While holding the strip on the %ottom corner, slowly gather the crepe paper towards the center.

7. Bind the %ase with tape to hold the plant in place.

8. +rrange the lea(es so that they fan outwards.

9Instead of drawing a plain diagonal line in Step 0, try experimenting with :ig:ags, curly, or other lines to come up with uni#ue leaf shapes. && *inosaur *iorama

&& ;ainforest *iorama

!. Making Philodendrons and "ther #arge$#eafed Plants


"ut out heart2shaped lea(es out of green construction paper or card stock. <se a pair of wa(y edge or scallop edge craft scissors if you want the lea(es to ha(e wa(y edges. *raw (eins on each leaf using markers or colored pencils. "ut a length of green floral wire or pipe cleaner to make a stem. !lue a stem %ehind each leaf. +llow the glue to dry.


Twist the %ottom of the stems together.


Bend each stem towards a different direction so that the lea(es fan out like a real philodendron plant. Flatten the %ottom end of the stems %efore gluing it onto the diorama. && ;ainforest *iorama

%. Flo&ers and Potted Plants

"ut out your own flowers from paper or craft foam. =ou can also use pre2made paper or foam flowers, se#uins, or %eads. oke a small hole at the center of each flower. Insert one end of a pipe cleaner, craft wire, or toothpick to make the stem. +dd a round paper or foam shape, or a small %ead on top to make the flower center. Fold the end of the pipe cleaner or wire >utting out from the top. && !arden *iorama "reate a leafy plant following the steps in the pre(ious section on ?Ferns and Tropical lants?. To add a flower, insert a craft wire or pipe cleaner at the center of the plant. lace a craft foam or paper flower at the tip of the wire. && *inosaur *iorama Bottle caps make nice and colorful pots. Fill them with clay or dough then plant some flowers or paper plants into them. The plant in this photo was made %y cutting , leaf shapes out of green construction paper and planted one at a time into the pot. && /iniature Bedroom

'. (rass


"ut green or yellow ochre2colored paper into a rectangular piece. "ut %lades of grass along one long edge of the paper.


!lue the strip %elow an animal)s legs, at the %ase of a tree, or onto the %ox)s wall.


To create grass that can stand on its own, fold the strip of grass at the %ase to create a %ottom ta%. !lue the %ottom ta% onto the ground. && +frican Sa(anna *iorama

). Palm Tree
"ut %rown cardstock or construction paper into a small rectangle. /ine is a%out 5.6 x 0 inches. The length of the rectangle corresponds to your palm tree)s height. ;oll the rectangle along its long side. !lue the edge in place to come up with a cylindrical tree trunk.



/ake the palm tree lea(es %y following Steps . to 7 for making a crepe paper fern.


+pply some white glue around the %ase of the palm lea(es and insert it into the tree trunk.


"arefully open up the layers of palm lea(es. && *inosaur *iorama

&& /ini Beach

*. Tree

*raw a tree trunk on card%oard or thick cardstock. =ou can also print out this Tree 3Template @.4 on +1 or 'etter si:e cardstock. "ut out the tree .. trunk. *raw a straight line from the %ranches to the roots. This marks the straight edge where the tree will %e attached to the side of the shoe%ox. Fold %ack the trunk along this line to create the side ta%s.

Fold %ack along the %ase to make a %ottom ta%. aint the tree trunk or co(er it with %rown crepe paper for a textured effect. 0. osition the tree in your diorama %y gluing the side and %ottom ta%s onto the %ox. "ut green crepe paper into strips. "rumple them up slightly and glue them onto the %ranches and onto the edges of the %ox. && +frican Sa(anna *iorama 5. && *inosaur *iorama

&& ;ainforest *iorama