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Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd 06.

CONCLUSION The banking system of a country is not isolated from its socio-political, economic, administrative and legal environments. Though a number of regulatory, supervisory and structural reform measures have been initiated over the years to eradicate the problems of banking sector in Bangladesh, the full benefits of such actions could not yet be derived due to lack of parallel development in other sectors. A major problem of the banks today is related to their deposit mobili ation. !t is becoming increasingly difficult for the banks to profitably mobili e their accumulated deposits due to intense industry competition and lack of viable investment opportunities. "o, the banks invest their funds #herever they can and thus, $uality of their loans gets deteriorated. %n the other hand, the borro#ers, particularly the big and influential ones, avail the scope of dictating their credit terms in their favor kno#ing that if one bank declines to e&tend credit, another #ill not. "uch a situation poses a serious challenge to the credit risk management system of any bank and, Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited is no e&ception to that. Despite some loopholes and limitations, the credit risk management system at DutchBangla Bank Limited maintains a high standard, #hich is evident from the Bank's very lo# level of ()As. )resently DBBL is pursuing a strategy of *+ero ,lassification', that is, there should be no ()A in the Bank's loan portfolio. DBBL's management has been striving for the last three years to attain this goal. "teadily the Bank is making progress to reach that end, and it seems to be a realistic e&pectation of the Bank's management that #ithin a fe# years there #ill be no classified loan in the loan inventory of DBBL. A sound credit management system coupled #ith robust risk mitigation strategies is, of course, the pre-condition to achieve such overarching objective. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited has set standards not only in credit management, many other corporate and banking activities of the Bank are the models for other banks to follo#. ,apital ade$uacy, li$uidity and asset management, customer satisfaction, technology responsiveness, service diversification and innovation are some of the areas #here DBBL has e&celled significantly. -ost notably, social commitments and responsiveness have made the Bank a class by itself. "o it #as hardly surprising #hen Dutch-Bangla Bank Bangladesh !nstitute of Bank -anagement ./

Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd Limited became the best bank in Bangladesh as per the ,A-0L rating of Bangladesh Bank.

Bangladesh !nstitute of Bank -anagement