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CAMEL Call scenario

Below are the messages between blocks for CAMEL origination call:

First: let us assume we have MO CAMEL Call in Etisalat network for Local subscriber: From below analysis we need to (routing of Call and Construct !" message# $his also will include internal routing between blocks till %%F Subscriber with CAMEL profile make location update in L! As this subscriber is local subscriber "#$%$&'( from MS)A) block "M*+S,' we check this parameter "+)-,E!-%' .hese % parameters input to M+) block to get the route( below the print out got from MSC

-%/mgisp: +MS+S0#$%$&1 M. +MS+ )2MBE! SE!+ES A)AL3S+S 4A.A -,E!A.+)* .ABLE +MS+S #$%$& M 5-%$11 )A A)!ES 6 -BA-&$ B--17 -8)MS )A.MS ,LM)-$ S.ALL MA, E!-% +)-,E!-% CBA-55 CBA9-$ CAMEL-& A44


/e:rop:det;0min1 !-2.E 4A.A ! !-2.E ,A!AME.E!S M+)-!+* 4E.30M+) <)C0= !-0$ C-0$ M+S501




M. block Subscriber with CAMEL information

MS)A) block +)-,E!-% CAMEL-& MA,-%

M+) block M+S%0% <)C0=

<rom abo>e printout we can got M+S501-----------? +S. "+) Ser>ice .rigger' M+S101 -------- tell us if we will use new B-( C- and !- "here mean we will use new B-@@ %5' Aere the M.A block will seiBe .!AM ".ransit application module' b; sending -+, +AM message using A,C link ( M- A,C link connect M-+,A- to .!AC/arldp:apclnk0moc1 A,,L+CA.+-) ,!-.-C-L CA!!+E! L+)C 4A.A A,CL)C S3S SMAD S.A.E SES ,+4 LE EL E,- E,S.A.E M-C ) MAD AC. 55=# &$ BAS M-+,A- AC. .!AM-+ AC. E)4

+n the block .!AC- here the anal;sis start using new B- got "B-0%5' we can find !C "routing case' from B )umber anal;sis if we assumed the subscriber dial $11:::::::( the new B number will be +S.E number series "1$11:::::::' And from !C we can find route to SS< AM

/anbsp:b0%51 B-)2MBE! A)AL3S+S 4A.A -,E!A.+)* A!EA B-)2MBE! M+SCELL <F) !-2.E CAA!*E L A %5-1$ !C0%5 CC01 L0&-15 406-$

-&.!4015$ /anrsp:rc0%51 !-2.+)* CASE 4A.A -,E!A.+)* A!EA !C CCA B! !-2.+)* S, 4A.A %5 3ES +S.+-$ ,$101 ES0116 +S.+-1 ,$%01 !0SS<4G1- MM1 C-. ES. S+ ESS ES! $ $ 1 $ B). !) S,! -L+ -L+% $$ $ +SC <C, 4 $ E)4

/e:rop:r0SS<4G1-1 !-2.E 4A.A ! !-2.E ,A!AME.E!S SS<4G1- 4E.30.!AC- <)C0& !0SS<4G1+ A,CL)C0SS<.!AM E)4

Aere from ED!-, we can find the A,C link where -+, +AM sent from .!AC- to SACM "Ser>ice Switching call and connection Manager' where the +4, is constructed in triggering tablesH
/arldp:apclnk0ssftram1 A,,L+CA.+-) ,!-.-C-L CA!!+E! L+)C 4A.A A,CL)C S3S SMAD SS<.!AM ) MAD E)4 S.A.E SES AC. 5I$# ,+4 LE EL E,- E,S.A.E &$ BAS .!AC- AC. SACM AC.

)ow in SS< we can print the route parameter data that will be used laterH

/shrsp:osr0 -2.*-+)*!-2.E11 SE! +CE S8+.CA+)* )-4E SS< !-2.E 4A.A -,E!A.+)* A!EA -S! !+)4ED A,C -2.*-+)*!-2.E1 % SS<.!AM ,A! AS+ BCB+ CA, CAL SCA, 4+S. $ $ $ 1$$ 1 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

-6EA $ $ +)S $ $ +SA $ $ +SB $ $ MS. $ $ -C% $ -.A $ $ ,LM) $ $ ,! $ $ !C, $ $ !4C $ $ !$ $ S. $ $ E)4 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Now we start in triggering table (to construct IDP and route this IDP)

/dbtsp:tab0sh+S.(ist011 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC .AB SA.46 SA+S. +S. 1 .ABLE 8!A,,E4 3ES

+S.0 1

BCSM.3, 4+SC-)+ M+4CAL+ )2M4+* !EA)S+ S2S,)4+ SS<.3,E -!+* & + .)S+4 1

SA+S. BCSM.3, 4+SC-)+ +S. M+4CAL+ )2M4+* !EA)S+ SS<.3,E S2S,)4+ .)S+4

E)4 +S.: +) Ser>ice trigger "from M+) block' BCSM.3,E: basic call state model t;pe "-riginating' )2M4+*: number of digits recei>ed before .4% trigger SS<.3,E: +nitiation .)S+4: trigger network signaling +4 ------ will trigger SA.)S table


.)S+4 B!+S!+4 B!-S!+4 CL+4.3, 4!+S!+4 4!-S!+4 SA.46 +SCC -SBCC -S4CC SC<+4.3 !-2..3,

/dbtsp:tab0shtns(tnsid011 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC .AB SA.46 SA.)S .ABLE 8!A,,E4 3ES

.)S+4 B!+S!+4 B!-S!+4 BS+)4 C4,),A4 CA-++) CA-+-2. CL+4A.A CL+4L.A 1 1 % $ $ 3ES 3ES 1 CL+4S. CL+4.3, 4!+S!+4 4!-S!+4 +SCC -+).A -SBCC -S4CC

-51 1 % I 3ES !-2..3, SC<+4L. SC<+4S. SC<+4.3 SA!EJ 4! $ S E)4 4!+S!+4: direct route incoming SS< route +4 ----- 1 4!-S!+4: direct route outgoing SS< route +4 ------% !-2..3,: route t;pe ----- 4irect 1 1

ELual to !+)4ED in SA!S,

)ote: .o complete number anal;sis for "Continue message from CC)' .he B- can be got from SA!S,:-S!0all1 and match the record where the !oute +nde: 0 4!+S!+4

SA.)S ----- hold the default data for SS< routes and charging cases SA.)S K SA+S. ----- associate the network and charging data with +) ser>ice

4iagram of triggering tables

SA+S..-.4, +S. .4,+4 .4,).4,+4 SA.4, CL+S.+4 CSC C.+)S+4 4+A*.3, ,!-.+ .4,S+4 .+)S+4 .L+S.+4 .4,+4

SAEDL+S. C!+. !EJ ,!-.+ EL+S.+4 ED..3,E ED.)EL+S.+4

CC.! C* CL CESS C*E)C C.M, .4,S+4 E .3,E +,CA, L+<% 2S+

AM.A* 4E< 4+! ,!-.+ ED..3,E




S<+ SA! SAS SC .E+ .!+* .S4+4 .S-+4 L+<1

SA.S4 .S4+4
.S4+4 4S.)AME 4*L. S)MA44 4,C <4S.A4! *.)A,+ *.)-A *..!A) S)S SS) S)M4EL

SA+)S AC*) C*CA. BCA, C,) .+)S+4 B* )S C2*C+ CA2SE <* )S C2*+C <8C+ C4) *4S

*)S !ALC !4+ )S+4 S++ L) -C4) !*)


SA.S<-!*A4! -*L. -*.)A,+ -*.)-A -*..!A) -!*)AME .S-+4

-#3- SHISTTOIDP .his table used to associate .4,+4 with +S.

/dbtsp:tab0SA+S..-.4,(+S.011 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC .AB .ABLE SA.45 SA+S..-.4, +S. 1 E)4 .4,)-: trigger detection point )o----- 4,% .4,+4: 1 .4,)4,% .4,+4 1 8!A,,E4 )-

4- SHTDP .his table used to associate SA+)S "parameter in +4, message' and SA.4,S "routing for message' with .4,+4
/dbtsp:tab0SA.4,(.4,+4011 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC .AB .ABLE SA.4# SA.4, .4,+4 CL+S.+4 CSC C.+)S+4 1 .+)S+4 .L+S.+4 CCA 1 E)4

8!A,,E4 3ES 4+A*.3, ,!-.+ .4,S+4 & % 1

EL+S.+4: E:tension List +4 "used if there is an; e:tension field will be sent in +4,' 4+A*.3,: dialog t;pe 0& ----- white ,!-.+: protocol identifier 0% ----- CA, .4,S+4: .rigger detection point ser>ice data +4 01 .+)S+4: .rigger in>oke signaling +4 01

5- SHINS +dentif; which parameters "optional or mandator;' will be used in construct the +4,
/dbtsp:tab0SA+)S(+)S+4011 4A.ABASE .ABLE +)S+4 AC*) BCA, B* )S CA2SE C4) C*CA. C,) C2*C+ C2*+C 1 -,. -,. ))-,. -,. -,. ))*4S *)S ALC L) -C4) !4+ !*) !- S++ ))-,. -,. -,. -,. -,. )- )E)4

<* )S <8C+ ))-

AC*) 0 Additional Calling ,art; )umber BCA, 0Bearer Capabilit; 0 .M! B* )S 0 Backward *lobal irtual )etwork Ser>ice CA2SE 0 +S2, Cause +ndicator C4) 0 Called ,art; )umber C*CA. 0 Calling ,art; Categor; C,) 0 Calling ,art; )umber C2*C+ 0 Closed 2ser *roup Call +ndicator C2*+C 0 Closed 2ser *roup +nterlock Code <* )S 0 <orward *lobal irtual )etwork Ser>ice <8C+ 0<orward Call +ndicators *4S 0*eneric 4igits Set

-7*)S 0*eneric )umber Set ALC 0Aigh La;er Compatibilit; L) 0Location )umber -C4) 0-riginal Called )umber !4+ 0!edirection +nformation !*) 0!edirecting )umber !- 0!oute -rigin S++ 0 Ser>ice +nteraction +ndicators

6- SHTDPS Aold the detection point data( also it is indicates if the specific parameter that will be included in +4,
/dbtsp:tab0SA.4,S(.4,+4011 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC .AB .ABLE 8!A,,E4 SA.47 SA.4,S 3ES .4,S+4 CC.! C* CL CESS C*E)C C.M, E .3,E +,CA, 1 $ $ CS+ )CS+ 3ES )S<+ SA! SAS SC .E+ .!+* .S4+4 .S-+4 2S+ )- 1 1 1 1 CS+ E)4

L+<1 L+<% 1 1

CESS: control essential( specifies if SC< control for the call is essential E .3,E: if Basic call statue model include in +4, or not .S4+4: trigger ser>ice destination identit; .S-+4: trigger ser>ice origination identit;

7- SHTSD Aold the information used for routing to SC<( which include the address of SC<( number plan and address natureH
/dbtsp:.AB0SA.S4(.S4+4011 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC .AB SA.4I SA.S4 .ABLE 8!A,,E4 3ES 4,C S)MA44 <4S.A4! 7 S)M4EL -

.S4+4 4S.)AME 4*L. 1 SCS$1 *.)A,+ *.)-A *..!A) $ S)S SS) 4,CL.A E)4

4S.)AME 0 4estination ser>ice )ame 4*L. 0 4estination *lobal .itle 4,C 0 4estination ,oint Code <4S.A4! 0 <ormat of 4estination Address *.)A,+ 0 *lobal .itle )umbering ,lan *.)-A 0 *lobal .itle )ature of Address *..!A) 0 *lobal .itle .ranslation .;pe S)MA44 0 Ser>ice )umber Modification Addition S)M4EL 0 Ser>ice )umber Modification 4eletion S)S 0 Ser>ice )umber Selection SS) 0 Subs;stem )umber 4,CL.A 0 4estination ,oint Code Length


-IAold the information of SS< function "*.( address nature and number plan'
/dbtsp:.AB0SA.S-(.S-+4011 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC SA.4I .AB SA.S.ABLE 8!A,,E4 3ES -*.)A,+ 1 -*.)-A 6

.S-+4 <-!*A4! -*L. 1 % %$11%$$I$$1 -*..!A) -!*)AME -,CL.A $ SMS$1 E)4

<-!*A4! 0 <ormat of -rigin Address 0 *lobal .itle and SS) 0% -*.)A,+ 0 -wn *lobal .itle )umbering ,lan +ndicator 0 1 "+S4) number plan' -*.)-A 0 -wn *lobal .itle )ature of Address 0 6 "international number' -*..!A) 0 -wn *lobal .itle .ranslation .;pe 0$ -!*)AME 0 -rigin )ame -,CL.A 0 -riginating ,oint Code Length

.here are % tables used to E:tensions fields "ED: L! number( -!CL4 number @'

"- SHE#TLIST List the e:tension field and has inde: for these e:tension fields
/dbtsp:.AB0SAED.L+S.1 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC .AB SA.4& SAED.L+S. EL+S.+4 1I= 1$$ % %$1 1$1 E)4 ED.)& & % & & .ABLE 8!A,,E4 )-

C!+. AB. +*) AB. AB. +*)

ED..3,E *S+S ,!-.+ !EJ && $ 1 -,. 5 $ 1 -,. 5 $ 1 -,. && $ 1 -,. 5 $ 1 -,.

ED.)- 0 E:tension field )umberH Specifies the number of the e:tension field into which the parameter is placedH C!+. 0 Criticalit;H "the action of SC< Abort or +gnore' ED..3,E 0 E:tension .;peH Specifies a protocol e:tension t;pe *S+S 0 *eneric Signalling +nformation SourceH Specifies the set of +S2, messagesH ,!-.+ 0 ,rotocol +dentifier 0 1 "+)A, CS1E protocol' !EJ 0 !eLuired for triggeringH Specifies if this e:tension field is mandator; or optional

1$- SHE#T%ANS 2sed to define the parameter of the E:tension t;pe "the source of the e:tension field'
/dbtsp:.AB0SAED.!A)S1 4A.ABASE .ABLE BL-CC .AB SA.41 SAED.!A)S ED..3,E && # 5 1 ,!-.+ 1 1 1 1 4E< $ $ $ $ .ABLE 4+! <-!8 <-!8 <-!8 <-!8 AM.A* L!) L!) +)C+& AS+ 8!A,,E4 )-


ED..3,E 0 E:tension .;peH Specifies a protocol e:tension t;peH ,!-.+ 0 ,rotocol +dentifierH Specifies the protocol to be used 0 1 "Ericsson +)A, CS1E' 4E< 0 4ata Encoding <ormat 0 $ "+nteger' 4+! 0 4irection indicatorH Specifies in which 0 <-!8 "<orward' AM.A* 0 +S2, ,arameter .agH Specifies the +S2,( +S4) 2ser ,art protocol( identit; of a parameter " L!): L! number@@H'

After Construct the +4, message( then the message is routed to SC< using SCC, la;er
C7*S,: ..0$( ),01( )A06( )S0 ::::::::::1 .hen from routing case *.!C( we can find the ,C where the message is routedH