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Summary Mobile communications have become indispensable part of everyday life.

There is no a segment in everyday life where mobile technology does not find its use. At the beginning it was mainly used as voice transfer, now mobile technology is used in video transfer, picture transfer, entertainment and business together with all its social, economic and political aspects. Participants who invest in development and expansion of mobile technologies are no longer subject of competition. They have become a subject of a survival on a market. Mobile business and with it mobile banking are marking the beginning of new era of innovations in trading and banking business. Personal computers and internet have determined the features of electronic business, while mobile business has the mission to expand and improve the way of organization and business conduct and also to change relationships between enterprises, banks and its clients, service providers and business partners. Area of mobile banking in Bosnia and Herzegovina is unexplored in literature and that is one of the reasons to increase contributions in science. Electronic banking is replacing classical banking and is having more significance and increasing number of users. From electronic banking came a special form of mobile banking that has great potential and it is already offering same possibilities as electronic banking, especially if taken into consideration that the number of mobile phone users is constantly increasing and that the mobile phones are becoming more perfected that even now some of them can do almost the same operations as personal computers. Mobile phones are used by rich and poor, young and old, in situation like this mobile banking service offerings are used to unburden the bank offices and to attract clients by practicality doing tiring financial manipulations is logical business move. Banks that are by nature conservative institutions, in the beginning were left by side, but by perceiving advantages and also the problem have moved first with only information and later with two way communication and lastly into transactions. Recognizing accelerated pace of life, banks are determined to satisfy needs of its clients to anytime, anywhere, swiftly and discretely receive useful and correct information about their account statuses. Offering comfort when using banking services to its clients, bank are gaining customers loyalty and at the same time increasing their productivity and profitability. Nevertheless not only technological fanatics are using internet and mobile internet in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is a part of population to which the internet, mobile internet and mobile banking services are still unknown but at the same time Bosnia and Herzegovina has higher usage than European average taking into consideration insufficient percentage of internet usage in Bosnia and Herzegovina and distrust towards new technologies. Mobile banking services in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been offered to its clients by only few banks. Among the first banks to introduce mobile banking services was UniCredit Bank. UniCredit Bank introduced this service in April 2009. Also it is the first bank that has expanded m-ba services to android mobile phones while the other banks have kept its mobile banking services on the outdated SMS banking level.

The one thing that still represents certain obstacle in mobile banking expansion is insufficient level of security, although payments through mobile phones are becoming safer that payments made through internet. Problems are notices in inadequate telecommunication infrastructure and its uneven development that in some markets does not allow fast data transfer through mobile network and represents backset in wide spread (massive) usage of m-banking services. One thing that encourages is that there is a constant progress in mobile applications software, also there is increase in their security in the world, as well as in increased number of transactions that are done by mobile phones.