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redesign plan
Product Name Irish Spring Target Group This product is geared mostly toward men. Brief History Irish Spring is a Colgate-Palmolive brand of soap. It was first introduced in Germany in 1970 as Irische Frhling, in Europe as Nordic Spring. Irish Spring was introduced to the United States in 1972. Until the 1990s, the product was only available in one scent, known internally as Ulster Fragrance. In 1986, the company updated their soap bar to use a new formula, with a new scent, and skin moisturizers. Irish Spring has branched out and experimented with 15 different scents, six of which have been discontinued. Deodorants and shaving products were manufactured and sold within the brand, but were discontinued in the 1980s. Irish Spring introduced a line of body wash in 2007. Big Idea Irish Spring is a classic product, but lacks the modern vibe that many of its competitors have adopted. Its current design would most likely not attract the attention of younger men concerned with style and the desire for their soap to make them more attractive. With a competitor like Old Spice, who has launched a huge campaign to suggest that using its products will increase the masculinity of its users, Irish Spring needs better packaging to convey to its target audience that this is not a product to be overlooked. The new design and advertising strategy will embrace simplicity. Because the brand prides itself on the simplicity and no frills aspect of the products, the packaging and advertising will reflect that attitude. Irish Spring does not need complicated packaging or advertisements because its products have never been about complicated. It has embraced the idea that clean is clean. Nothing fancy needs to go into it, and the package redesign and advertisements will do the same.The amount of green that goes into the packaging will be reduced and replaced with white, a neutral that portrays freshness and cleanliness. There will also be accent colors included, like blue, to represent the spring/water part of the brand. This redesign will increase sales because it will open up a wider target audience. It is anticipated that those men who have used Irish Spring all of their lives will continue using the product because they have developed brand loyalty, and because nothing about the soap itself will be changing, only the design of the package. It will attract men who are interested in simplicity, and also to men who gravitate to attractive design. There is a stigma associated with Irish Spring that it is a product for old men. The current design supports that stigma, but if it is redesigned to be something sleek, attractive, and modern, that will help to remove the that product is not for me, because I am young mentality from younger (16-30 year-old) mens minds.

style guide
Lucky Green C: 83 M: 8 Y: 97 K: 1
R: 0 G: 163 B: 79 Pantone: 7739 C Hex: #00a34f

Aqua Essence C: 72 M: 6 Y: 23 K: 0
R: 33 G: 179 B: 195 Pantone: 7710 C Hex: #00b3c2

Ireland Hills C: 87 M: 32 Y: 97 K: 23

R: 23 G: 109 B: 58 Pantone: 349 C Hex: #176d3a

Waterfront C: 86 M: 40 Y: 18 K: 1
R: 4 G: 127 B: 170 Pantone: 7690 C Hex: #047faa

C: 75 M: 68 Y: 67 K: 90 R: 0 G: 0 B: 0 Pantone: Black 6 C Hex: #000000


River Royal C: 96 M: 80 Y: 3 K: 0
R: 34 G: 77 B: 157 Pantone: 7687 C Hex: #224d9d

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 00 R: 255 G: 255 B: 255 Pantone: 663 C Hex: #ffffff


Shadow Blue C: 100 M: 99 Y: 27 K: 16

R: 43 G: 40 B: 106 Pantone: 274 C Hex: #2b286a



10-100 pt Style will not change. Only font size to create clear emphasis and/or establish hierarchy. Use all caps.

12-45 pt Style will not change. Only font size may change to create clear emphasis And/or establish hierarchy.



bebas neue

Adobe Devanagari

10-18 pt Style will not change. Only font size may change in order to create clear emphasis and/ or establish hierarchy.

style guide

Color logo will be used most commonly of the two. Only if absolutely necessary, the grayscale logo will be used. Logo size will vary based on product and packaging, and font size should stay between 10 and 100 pt most often. The logo should typically be the largest element in a design.

package design

NET WT 3.75 OZ (106.3 g)

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