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Rationale of the task.

The rationale of preparing a scheme of work comprising a one week lesson, preparing a sixty minute lesson and designing teaching material are simply to enable teacher to deliver a meaningful and purposeful lesson. Thus, all the tasks are very important and should be given prior thought before any teaching and learning activity can take place. As I teach Year 3, I have to prepare a scheme of work based on the Modular Approach of KSSR. According to KSSR, the skills have to be taught separately and in sequence. It starts with Listening and Speaking followed by Reading, Writing, Language Arts before Grammar as we do not want to demotivate the low ability pupils by teaching them all the difficult thing as they are not able to catch up. Grammar involves rules and it is a much more serious lesson compared to Language Arts. Language Arts provide fun and enjoyable element and is advisable to teach it first to the low ability pupils before we teach them Grammar. The rational for this is to make every pupils love the language first and motivate them to love learning English. Starting a lesson with listening and speaking activities would enable pupils to be prepared mentally and provides a scaffolding learning experience. As my

pupils are of intermediate level with some low ability pupils, it is most convenient to teach them one skill at a time and thus I can avoid them from being overwhelmed by intimidating subject like English language. For the sixty minutes lesson plan, I decided to focus on writing skill. I use the direct and audio lingual method because I think they are suitable with my pupils. My objectives are pupils able to understand text heard and answer Wh questions, read dialogue with correct pronunciation and complete the dialogue correctly. I use a few techniques under both methods to achieve my objectives. Those techniques are reading aloud, question and answer and complete the dialogue. The dialogue or sentence patterns are taught using repetitive drills. Pupils achievement can be seen in production step where they are able to write dialogue using the same sentence patterns and structure based on what they heard and do starting from induction set to practice step. The activities and materials used in the lesson are appropriate with the pupils level. The recording can be heard clearly and understood by them. They do not have difficulties to imagine or describe the rambutan and durian. They are able to tell about the rambutan using the sentence patterns drilled before. Besides

recording, the worksheet or handout and sentence strips and phrase cards also helped them to write a dialogue correctly.