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A FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE PAST SIMPLE OF THE VERBS IN BRACKETS: When I ___________ (be) in Japan I ___________ (find) everything very different. Two years ago my parents _________ (buy) a new car. Last summer eter ________ (spend) his ho!idays in a summer camp with his friends. They _________ (go) swimming" they _________ (p!ay) footba!! and go!f they _______ (visit) many interesting p!aces. #y sister ________ (get) a good $ob in a ban%. &usan and her cousins ___________ (come) to ortuga! ten years ago.

' ( COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH THE PAST SIMPLE (AFFIRMATIVE / NEGATIVE / INTERROGATIVE) OF THE VERBS IN BRACKETS: #y sister and her husband _________ (come) from )reece. I __________ (not !i%e) the *+ concert. #y cousin __________ (phone) from ,rance yesterday evening. -n #onday Johann ___________ (go) to schoo! on foot. (they . !eave) ___________ the country !ast &aturday/ (you . !i%e) _____________ the fi!m/

They _________ (not finish) the homewor% yesterday. (she . go) _____________ to the cinema with her parents !ast night/ 1

+ 0o" she didn1t. &he ___________ (stay) at home. &he __________ (get) a co!d. We _________ (go) to &pain y car. I _____________ (have) a wonderfu! ho!iday with my fami!y !ast Ju!y. (you . trave!) _________ to #adrid by car or by p!ane/ #any years ago it __________ (be) very difficu!t to !ive without e!ectricity. Last year they _______ (buy) a house at the seaside. I __________ (meet) him the day before yesterday. C CHOOSE THE BEST OPTION FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES: #rs. 2arris __________ the !ast train. a) Ta%e b) too% c) did ta%e

There ________ many peop!e here !ast night. a) Was b)were c) wasn1t

2e _________ at home with me yesterday evening. a) Were b) was c) be

&he ___________with her fami!y on ho!idays. a) )o b) did go c) went

2e ___________ some boo%s and 34s. a) 'rought b) bought c) did buy

They __________ their passports at home. a) Leave b) did !eave c) !eft

&he ________some interesting photos. a) Ta%e b)ta%en c) too% +

5 It __________ a good present. a) Were b) was c) is

___________ (she .arrive) home at 6758/ a) 4id she arrived b) did she arrive c) arrived

9ey7 : ( was ( found ( bought ( spent ( went ( p!ayed ( visited ( got ( came ' ( came ( didn1t !i%e ( phoned ( went ( did they !eave ( did you !i%e ( didn1t finish ( did she go ( stayed ( got ( went ( had ( did you trave! ( was; bought ( met 3 ( b) ( b) ( b) ( c) ( b) ( c) ; c) ; b) ( b)