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Name: ___________________________________ Period: _________ The Great Debate: Lies in Advertising?

Everyday, consumers rely upon our great restaurants to provide quality (well, some quality) food to fill our bellies. They fill our bellies with nutrition and fill our world with advertisements promoting their quality food. But is the information that these restaurants feed us always true? This is where you come in! It is your job to be an investigative reporter to determine whether the restaurants are telling the truth! Part 1: Did Wendys Lie? Complete the questions below. Clearly label your responses for each question. Show all your work. You will be graded based upon accuracy, grammar, spelling, and quality of work.

Is Right? Are there really 256 ways to personalize a Wendys hamburger?

1. 2. 3. Is that number too low or too high? How many different ways do you think there are to personalize a Wendys hamburger? List out the different toppings to put on your hamburger at Wendys:

4. To calculate, we will use either permutation or combination. Which one should we use? Why? 5. Calculate the number of ways to make a hamburger at Wendys based upon the toppings that you (or we as a class) come up with. 6. Calculate the number of ways to make a hamburger at Wendys according to the Facebook post.

7. Are there any other toppings that Wendys offers in other states? Do some research! What are the other toppings? Calculate the number of ways to make a hamburger at Wendys according to all the toppings that you now know exist at Wendys.

Part 2: The truth. Choose a different restaurant that currently or recently has advertised the number of ways to personalize/customize one of their products. Did this restaurant tell the truth? You will be graded based upon accuracy, grammar, spelling, and quality of work. ! What product does the restaurant claim can be personalized and in how many ways? Include the advertisement (picture or link). ! What are the different toppings or contributing items that allow for this product to be personalized? ! Calculate the number of ways this product can be customized. Show all your work. Part 3: Youre hired! After hearing about the error of their ways (or if the restaurant was telling the truth), youve been hired based upon the excellent calculations that you made (and for showing all your work). Your job is to create a new advertisement that highlights the true number of ways to personalize the restaurants product. Your advertisement can be a print ad (hand drawn or digital) or a video ad, your choice! But it must contain the following requirements: ! Who is being advertised? (What restaurant?) ! How many ways can you personalize the product? ! Words / Slogan (Create your own slogan/catch phrase/enticing words that promote the ways to personalize a product and bring consumers into the restaurant) ! Color / Pictures / Creativity! Your advertisement will be graded based upon quality of work (creativity, spelling, grammar, uniqueness, and rigor based upon method of advertising) Part 4: What did you learn? After going through this process, you may have learned a few things. Perhaps, you even learned some things that werent math related. In a short paragraph (12 pt font, 1 inch margins, double spaced), answer the following questions: 1. Are all advertisements 100% accurate? What causes these advertisements to be inaccurate? 2. Is it disappointing to learn that advertisements dont always tell the truth? Why or why not? 3. Mathematically speaking, what did you learn in terms of the math content? Your reflection will be graded based upon quality of responses (thoughtfulness) , spelling, grammar. Project Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Content Wendys Calculations Other Calculations / Research Advertisement What did you learn? Points Possible 10 20 15 5 Total: Points Received