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OBJECTIVES After joining in this course, the Participants will be able and capable to :

Understand the basic concept of oil and gas handling processes and facilities, and how to operate this technology in field application. Diagnostic of oil and gas reservoir performance under actual drive mechanism and future performance with current handling processes. Analyze the production potential of reservoir under with actual handling system processes and to plan the better development processes according to reservoir capacity. Understand the fundamentals of microscopic and macroscopic aspects and phenomena of oil and gas handling processes.


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COURSES OUTLINE 1. Gas Surfac Pr!"uc#$!% O& ra#$!% a%" E'u$&( %#s '.'. (ntroduction to )as *andling and +acilities '.,. )as Properties o (deal gas o -eal )as o )as +ormation .olume +actor o )as /ompressibility o )as01ater $ystem o )as0/ondensate $ystem '.2. )as -eservoir Performance o -eservoir )as +low o )as -eserves o 1ell /ompletion %ffect o 3ight )as 1ell o )as 1ell 3esting '.4. )as Piping $ystem o 5asic +low %6uation o +low in 1ells and +low in Pipelines o %ffect of 7i6uids o Use of Pressure 3raverse /urve o 7i6uid -emoval from )as 1ells '.8. )as /ompression o 3ype of /ompressors o /ompressor Design o /entrifugal /ompressor '.9. 3otal $ystem Analysis o 3ubing and +low 7ine %ffect o $eparator Pressure %ffect o /ompressor $election '.:. +low ;easuring o "rifice ;etering o ;etering $ystem Design o "ther ;etering ;ethods

'.<. )as /ondensate -eservoir o 1ell 3esting and $ampling o )as /ycling '.=. +ield "peration Problems o Pressure /umulative Production Plot o *ydrate +ormation o $our )as Production o /orrosion /ontrol 1ith (nhibitors o $ulfur Deposition '.'>. )as Processing o +ield treatment of atural )as o )as Plant "peration o )as Dehydration o )as $weetening ). O$* Surfac Pr!"uc#$!% O& ra#$!% a%" E'u$&( %#s ,.'. "il 1ell $urface Production %6uipment and "peration o "il 1ell %6uipment o "il 1ell Production "peration o 1ell Automatic $afety Device ,.,. "il )athering $ystem. ;anifold and +low line o "il )ath ring $ystem o ;anifold e $ystem o +low line $izing and Design ,.2. /rude "il and )as $eparation o $eparator and Principle of $eparation o Design of $eparator o "il Dehydration ,.4. Principles of ;easurement o (ntroduction to ;easurement o /rude "il ;easurement o )as ;easurement ,.8. 1ell 3est o (ntroduction

-esponsibility for 3est o Preparation for 3est o 3ypes of 1ell 3est o %6uipment and Procedures o Accuracy of +luid ;easurement o Problem in 3esting o 3ype of 3est ,.9. Artificial 7ift ;ethod o )as 7ift o $ubmersible Pump o $uc?er -od Pump o *ydraulic Pump