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A complete Engineering solution

Structural Civil Geotechnical Hydraulics Environmental Electrical Mechanical

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Structerre Commercial & Infrastructure provides practical environmental, geotechnical and engineering solutions to the municipal, commercial, industrial and resource sectors.
Backed up by over thirty years of company experience and over 200 team members, we offer expertise in a comprehensive range of engineering and scientific fields.

Our fully coordinated multidisciplinary service means you only need one engineering consultancy
The range of services we offer covers the full lifecycle of your project: Feasibility Planning Concept Detailed Design Construction Support Project & Contract Management Professional Advice Forensics Asset Management Our people are our greatest asset. Our trained and experienced professionals work closely with our clients to provide a tailored service, no matter the size or type of your project. Our purpose is to be practical, innovative, dynamic and, most of all, attentive to the needs of our clients. Whatever your project, we can provide the knowledge, experience and service to make it a success.

Managing the balance between cost, functionality and aesthetics is critical on all structural projects. Our highly trained professionals work closely with our clients, and their chosen consultants and contractors throughout all stages of a projects lifecycle. Communication is key in ensuring the required balance is understood and structural designs are tailored accordingly .

Being well versed in the latest construction techniques and technological advancements, our designers know that speed of construction is often critical in reducing costs, and designs have to be adaptable to suit the contractors preferences.

Our versatile team has experience in a large range of projects Australia-wide, including residential

developments, high-rise hotels and major infrastructure for the mining sector. We offer a wide scope of our structural team can help you.

services including review and certification, detailed design and forensic investigation. Whatever your needs,

Civil engineering is at the heart of nearly all projects. Land development often represents the largest cost associated with a project and so it is vitally important that civil engineering solutions are designed and implemented with skill and experience.

We pride ourselves on our practical, up-to-date solutions and a thorough, helpful approach to civil contract industrial use.

management. Our engineers have extensive experience in land development for residential, commercial and

Our services incorporate bulk earthworks and retention, water and sewer reticulation, green-title and brownfields subdivisions, roadworks, stormwater drainage, tender preparation and award, contract preparation and contract administration. We have experience handling projects including simple sewer and water extensions, large scale subdivisions and port and mine infrastructure for major resource clients.

The geological features of a site can often affect many stages of your project. Gaining full knowledge of your site is vital in selecting the most effective solutions for the lifespan of your project.

It is crucial that geotechnical risks, such as slope stability, groundwater management and piled foundations, whether for temporary or permanent situations, are managed effectively for both personnel safety and project success.

Together with our affiliate company, AGEC Australia, Structerre Commercial & Infrastructure offers the full

suite of geotechnical services. We perform and manage site investigations and laboratory testing, from short Using state of the art software we offer design services from earth retention and foundations to ground improvement and tunnel analysis.

boreholes and test pits for simple sites, to deep bore testing and geohazard mapping for higher risk projects.

The best time to get geotechnical advice on a project is when you are undertaking feasibility assessments.

Every building is different with its own unique characteristics and challenges. Applying just a little forethought can significantly reduce both installation and operating costs.

Our hydraulics consultants keep up to date with latest advancements in hydraulics technology and products operating cost or environmental footprint.

to ensure that our clients have options at their disposal, whether the end requirement is reduced install cost,

We offer system solutions including sanitary sewer and waste, stormwater drainage, trade and industrial gas, compressed air, and pumping systems conveying effluent and water.

waste drainage, fire hydrant and hose reel services, cold water, hot water and tempered water, LPG, natural

The environmental characteristics of a site can have practical implications on a number of different aspects of your project. It is crucial that risks such as the presence of acid sulfate soils and site contamination levels are understood and managed to ensure project success.

Our team of experienced environmental engineers and scientists provide a comprehensive range of at minimal cost.

environmental services specifically tailored to our client requirements, ensuring a quality product is delivered

We specialise in providing contaminated site assessment and remediation, acid sulfate soil investigations and management plans, due diligence assessments and compliance monitoring, decommissioning irrigating treated wastewater. underground fuel storage systems, site validation and waste classification, and soil assessments for

Whether you are purchasing or own a contaminated site, requiring soil or groundwater monitoring, installing need.

a wastewater treatment system, or simply needing some advice, we can provide you with the knowledge you

With continued rapid advancement in technology and the needs of society ever evolving, it is crucial that the electrical elements of your project achieve the demands of future expectations while meeting the needs of the end user.

Electrical design has a huge impact on a project in terms of cost, functionality and aesthetics. For example, poor lighting can make a building unusable, good lighting will make it practical, great lighting can turn it into art.

Our electrical engineers have extensive experience in providing innovative and cost effective solutions for lighting, power distribution, communications infrastructure, smoke detection and security systems. We facilities and hotels. have worked on a diverse range of projects including commercial offices, schools, concert halls, health care

Our lighting design and audio-visual solutions not only meet the requirements of regulations and standards but also fulfil the aesthetic requirements of our clients. We work closely with architects, builders and, of course, the end user to ensure that stakeholder needs are understood and met.

Changes in government legislation and industry trends, coupled with rising energy costs and an acute awareness of environmental impacts, have added an extra dimension to the process of mechanical services design. Our mechanical engineers are well trained in the latest technologies and practices that are used in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry.

We understand the importance of selecting an appropriate mechanical services design philosophy during the initial stages of a project.

Our engineers work closely with our clients to select suitable systems based on installed cost, energy are carried out in accordance with the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards purpose to ensure that our designs are easy to install and operate with minimal maintenance.

efficiency, environmental impacts, spatial requirements, aesthetics, and functionality. All of our designs and incorporate current industry best practices in terms of indoor air quality and comfort control. It is our

We provide a client focused approach to mechanical design to ensure that project requirements are properly understood and reflected in our documentation.

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