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Republic of the Philippines CARAGA STATE UNIVERSITY Cabadbaran Campus T. Curato St., Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte Tel.

Nos. (085)343-1020/281-2032 DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Course Syllabus in I.T 111 Par( I) Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives *ision A premier institution of higher learning in Caraga Region committed to global excellence in science and technology, and humanities to ards sustainable development! Mission Caraga "tate #niversity is committed to the four$fold functions %&uality instruction, research, extension, and production' of higher education by( )roviding &uality and relevant education in science and technology, and humanities* +eveloping competent individuals ho are scientifically trained, technologically s,illed, and morally upright* Contributing in the creation of an eco$friendly and healthy environment* )articipating actively in transnational collaboration, industry lin,ages and global net or,s! Goals -o provide a dynamic and &uality education in thru efficient delivery of instruction in all curricular programs! -o expand relevant curricular program, hich are in line ith the current re&uirements to complements the needs of industries! -o enhance scholarly activities and research capability of faculty and students! -o produce degree and ladderi.ed program graduates ho are technologically s,illful and globally competitive! -o develop lin,ages and partnership ith the local and national communities, lin,ages, of Research and /xtension 0 /xternal Affairs and university alumni! -o create a culture of environmental consciousness, strong sense of values and responsiveness! -o adopt an attractive admission and retention policies to effect enrollment increase! -o support in the promotion of production of goods and services! Ob+e#(i"es) -o facilitate and ongoing faculty development and close monitoring system of faculty performance! -o revie 0 offer programs focusing on the needs of the region and global mar,et! -o expose the faculty and students to seminar and mentoring in research in "cience, -echnology and other disciplines to increase their s,ills! A!"an#e! $eb%a&e Desi&n an! De"elo%'en(

-o e&uip the faculty ith ade&uate ,no ledge, s,ills thru trainings, scholarships and seminars and ac&uired modern facilities to ensure high percentage of 1/- and -/"+A competency passers! -o establish lin,ages in 2ndustries, 1G#, /ducational 2nstitution and other establishment to support in the implementation of programs li,e 2nformation -echnology, -ourism 0 3otel and Restaurant Management and /ngineering! -o promote a clean, green and bloom premises and eco$friendly environment! -o expand students scholarship opportunities by allocating appropriate funds and generate grants4supports from lin,ages! -o encourage livelihood activities for socio$economic development of the community!

Par( II.


IT 111 Advanced Webpage Design and Development LEARNIN CONTENT !ANA E!ENT S"STE! #C!S$% P&P ' (A)A SCRIPT , UNITS At t/e end o- t/e co01se% t/e st0dents 2ill be able to3 1* Unde1stand and /o2 to manip0late Content !anagement S4stem #C!S$ 0sing (oomla 5* Desc1ibe and anal46e t/e 2idel4 0sed content management s4stem ,* Design and implement a 2o17ing C!S 0sing (oomla 8* Lea1n also on /o2 to 0se sc1ipt 0sing P&P and (ava 9* P0blis/ed a 2ebsite 0sing (oomla and P&P and (ava Sc1ipt TI!E +RA!E 59 mins SPECI+IC O.(ECTI)ES At t/e end o- t/is topic t/e st0dent s/o0ld be able to3 1* !emo1i6e t/e Instit0te !ission and )ision P1evie2:Ove1vie2 t/e co01se topics At t/e end o- t/is topic t/e st0dent s/o0ld be able to3 >no2 bette1 on (oomla !ODE O+ INSTRUCTION Lect01e:Disc0ssion 0sing SLIDE P1esentation INSTRUCTIONAL !ATERIALS ' RESOURCES .illboa1ds o- )ision and !ission o- t/e Instit0te Cop4 oDepa1tment Re-e1ence boo7 Re-e1ence boo7% eboo7s% inte1net E)ALUATI)E !EASURES O1al Recitation in t/e Class1oom )ALUES Pe1sonal d1ive and &a1d 2o17

TOPIC I* O1ientation !ission ' vision o- t/e Instit0te*

II* Ove1vie2 o- t/e co01se Absol0te .eginne1s to (oomla;


0ide =/1s

1*1 W/at is (oomla;<

Lect01e:Disc0ssion 0sing SLIDE PRESENTATION Lect01e:Disc0ssion 0sing SLIDE P1esentation* Resea1c/ ' Assignment

O1al Recitation in t/e Class1oom O1al Recitation in t/e class1oom ?0i6

Pe1sonal d1ive &a1d 2o17 Pe1sonal d1ive &a1d 2o17

1*5 Unde1stand &o2 (oomla; Wo17s 1*, Install (oomla; 1*8 Lea1n to Use (oomla; 1*9 Sta1t C1eating "o01 Site 1*@ >eep "o01 Site Sec01e

Unde1stand /o2 (oomla 2o17s Lea1n on /o2 to install and conAg01ed (oomla &o2 to c1eate a 2ebsite 0sing Boomla and maintain t/e 2ebsite sa-e and sec01e At t/e end o- t/is topic t/e st0dent s/o0ld be able to3 Lea1n on /o2 to ma7e d4namic and inte1active 2eb pages >no2 on /o2 c1eate -o1ms* Lea1n abo0t P&P% and /o2 to eCec0te sc1ipts on 4o01 se1ve1* At t/e end o- t/is topic t/e st0dent s/o0ld be able to3 >no2 on /o2 to 0sed validation odata in P&P -o1ms be-o1e sending oG t/e content to a database se1ve1 Lect01e:Disc0ssion 0sing SLIDE P1esentation* Resea1c/ ' Assignment Re-e1ence boo7% eboo7s% inte1net O1al Recitation in t/e class1oom ?0i6 Pe1sonal d1ive &a1d 2o17

III* LEARNIN P&P #P&P &4pe1teCt P1ep1ocesso1$ P&P +o1m &andling P&P DE ET P&PDEPOST


A. Learning Java Script 1. JavaScript or! "alidation

9 /1s*

Lect01e:Disc0ssion 0sing SLIDE P1esentation* Resea1c/ ' Assignment

Re-e1ence boo7% eboo7s% inte1net

O1al Recitation in t/e class1oom ?0i6

Pe1sonal d1ive &a1d 2o17

III. Re,eren#es) 1earning Content Management "ystem %5oomla'* 1earning )3) 0 5ava "cripting !joomla!org * !ti.ag!com * ! 6schools!com Cri(eria ,or Gra!in&) Major /xamination )relim /xam Midterm /xam :inal /xam )roject Others TOTAL

789 789 789 689 ;89 1--.

-he final grade corresponding to the student<s general average is given in the table belo ( GENERAL A*ERAGE FINAL GRADE => ? ;88 ;!8 =@ ? =A ;!7B =; ? =6 ;!B8 CC ? =8 ;!>B CB ? C> 7!8 C7 ? C@ 7!7B >= ? C; 7!B8 >A ? >C 7!>B >B 6!8 Conditional @!8 2ncomplete 2DC :ailed B!88 +ropped +R) 2n )rogress 2n )rog!

)repared by( /RIS 0ESS P. 1OLIGOR 2-$1ecturer

Chec,ed by( MARILYN 1. CASTILLO2 E!.D. +ept! Chairman

Recommending Approval


ARACELI R. MANDIN.2E!.D LOLITA P. MARAGA3AS.2E!.D. 3ead, Academic Affairs Campus, +ean