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Two Because You Are The First I Want See When I Wake Up

Hi, nice of you to drop by again. The names Uchiha Sasuke, a mechanic who works at a little workshop of good friend of mine, you might wonder why I always work for good friends but thats how I am and you wouldnt have guessed what Ill transform myself into the minute the moon shows up. I am no werewolf so erase that idea, though I do have some killer looks complimented by some ladies and without it I wouldnt be !ualified to take on a part time "ob as a host. #eah, its for a good friends sake, its all for Sakuras sake. If I could make her look my way, I would be very satisfied and currently she isnt going to be too soon. The only thing I can admire is her unruly pink hair and her slender back where her shoulder blades were obviously lean. $ven during sleep you wouldnt even try to look at me, will you Sakura% It is still early in the morning before I decide to peel myself off bed and observing the sleepy pink head who shares the same bed as I do is all I want to do now. #es, Sakura and I share the same room and the same bed despite she still has a room of her own. I am not some pervert who forces her to sleep with me, the reason being that I am afraid of sleeping alone in the dark after the tragedy. Sakura decided to accompany me since then. I know this may sound absurd& we were no longer children but full'fledged adults happen to sleep together sounded wrong if this goes out. I did tell Sakura to !uit but her clever tongue ground me speechless. ()an you ever live without me%* The answer is, no. I cant live without her not that I am being dependent. +ecause of these littlest of matters had become the base of complication in our relationship. ,n one hand we were best of friends where there is a distinguishing gap between us and on the other we can almost be lovers capable of doing the silliest things.

To the e-tent that we sometimes share sweet nights together, where we forge a deeper bond and e-change our trust. However, that does not mean we have hearts of one though we were physically are. ,ur hearts can be far apart, so far that she can render me feeling lost and empty. I dont blame her for she selfishly never considered taking our relationship more than we are now. That is why I wanted to be selfish too, for her to sleep ne-t to me is a security I can only ask for. +ecause she is the first I want to see when I wake up every morning. .ith her unruly pink hair splayed on the pillow, I could not help myself but to fiddle them with my fingers. Thats all I could do even when I longed to touch the sleeping woman in front of me as I refrain from disturbing her. She had long nights every day as her "ob drives her. Though I do work part time as a host in the Haru Hanas, the host club she runs, still I would not be able to see her too fre!uently. /ike last night when Sakura called upon to settle a difficult customer who ran amok causing a stir in the other Haru Hana, I did not see her since the minute she left until now in bed0 Single handedly, Sakura was left to manage a chain of Haru Hana Host )lubs, the Harunos family business. In spite that she is the eldest daughter of three, I still think her parents had placed high hopes on her where she struggled to live up to everyones e-pectations. Sakura may be a strong woman by e-terior "udge, to me, I still see her as the female I first knew way back during childhood with a fragile heart. (Uhmm0* Startled I was when I reali1ed I must have cause her to wake by her hair. 2ubbing her eyes like she always do while she started to switch positions to face me, cracking open an eye she graced my morning with a smile. (3orning,* I greeted in a whisper returning the best smile I could afford. (3orhhning0* she yawned at greet, with her sleepy emeralds directed at me she blinked, looking at me drowsily. (4re you going to work already0%* the usual morning !uestion in her softest tone. .ouldnt it be nice if she were to be this gentle every time% (#eah0* then I was blissed with another of her smile. 4h, Sakura. How nice would it be if you were to smile like that to me all the time. 5o you know it warms my soul so simply%

(.hat time were you back%* I have to ask, lethargic as she is she blinked twice before spouting a reply. (6our this morning0* yawning again. I can see she is all worn out. 2etiring home at four in the morning is "ust as usual for hosts clubs, some would even take it to the afternoon before they find the time to close. 2eaching out a hand to stroke fine pink strands of her head, I !uickly dived in to plant a kiss on her forehead, giving it my all and taking everything of her including the tobacco that has become part of her scent. .hen I broke apart, green spheres stared at me, blinking time after time due to her overwhelming fatigue. )onsidering it, I would not want to leave her awake no longer, it pains me when she held on "ust to see me off. The thought of a wife who would not miss a chance to see her husband off to work before falling back to sleep I could happily imagine it. 4lthough Id be reminded we werent going to reali1e that picture anyhow. 4s I was too engrossed in my own fantasy, I didnt see the coming that Sakura would strongly pull my head in for a kiss. 4 see you kiss, moderately long enough for me to wonder off into a different dimension and that she sweetened my morning that could last a day. .e were "ust like lovers so in love that could do the worlds loveliest things and share the loveliest moments. Unfortunately, the reality that we werent was constantly being reminded by my subconscious mind. 7robably not yet% 7robably never0 (See you0* the female uttered with the smile that had been ingrained in my memory for safe keeping. (See you, Sakura0* by my word I watched her fall back into her deep slumber, so deep that she could not hear me say the lasts of words that I was prepared to let her hear. (I love you, Sakura.* I wish I can tell you at every mornings greeting. I want you to know, no, I want you to be reminded that I do and always will. Shall I repeat it again, time after time and for the years to come, I want to remind you that I will always do, Sakura let it be if you were to shun me away0 )limbing my way down the stairs, there is no mistaking that breakfast is prepared. 4ccording to my nose there will be 6rench toast and scramble eggs this morning.

8uess I was right after all& actually I dont need a keen nose to know "ust that the cook had scheduled the menu each day of the week in advance. (4h, Sasuke nii'chan 9big brother:. 8ood morning;* the male greeted out of his cooking. This is Sano, the second of the Haruno siblings who inherits most of his fathers features of both brown hair and eyes. Hes the brains among the trio. )urrently, he is attending his final year in university studying +io'Technology in hopes to be part of the research team to be of service to his country. Something that Sakura usually teases on. However, he was stubborn enough to not give in and in fact Sakura was the one who supported him in the end. 4nother thing, Sano is both housekeeper and chef in the house. 4s I mentioned earlier, hes pretty meticulous for a male, he plans the daily menu in consent of everyones favourite before concluding the days dishes. .hat a good kid. In fact we were almost like best brothers. Sakura should be proud to have a brother like him unlike mine0 (3orning, Sano. 6rench toast and scrambled eggs as planned. <ice.* I settled in for a !uick snack before I had to leave. (<ee'san is still sleeping%* I nodded in reply. (That figures, she came back late again. )an she really keep it up cause I am worried0* (5ont worry, your sister is stronger than you think. #ou "ust didnt see how she pommelled a customer last night.* Sano gasped in admiration. 5oes he actually know what that meant% I sipped some milk. (If you really care for your sister, make sure you fare well in university. Thatll make her happy.* (,f course; Ill do my best to make nee'san proud and serve the country;* That again. .ell, thats how Sano is. I forked in scrambled eggs while I continued to listen to him talk about genetics and bacteria not until another someone finally start to show up. ST,37; ST,37; ST,37; (4niki 9big brother:;; Have you seen my pair of stockings I bought yesterday%;* another pink haired female raged down the stairs while being loud at Sano. (#eah, I sent it to the laundry this morning,* the male answered while he skillfully flipped pancakes off the pan.

(4<I=I; .H# 3UST #,U +$ S, <,S#; I +,U8HT IT S, I )4< .$42 IT T,54#;;* as e-pected, there she goes again. 4llow me to introduce, the last of the Haruno siblings, Sakuya. +esides being almost identical to the pink hair green eyes Sakura, she is even a bossier teenager of the family. I admit shes pretty for a high schooler, thats the reason she fre!uently start war with Sakura by bringing unnecessary boyfriends into the house. If I am not mistaken, she did win several times of beauty !ueen titles in school that makes her all the more popular and this girl has dreams to become a model after graduating which Sakura thinks shes na>ve. I had a nice time being the innocent party watching the siblings where Sakuya would throw futile screams at Sano who was totally unaffected by his cool composed character as I nibbled on toast. (#ou "ust dont get it, aniki; +eauty is everything to a girl, serves you right for not getting a girlfriend yourself;* Sakuya stomped her feet. (<ay, am I right Sasuke nii%* 4nd this girl "ust love to drag me into her troublesome affairs. .hat else can I say% I rather stuff toast to retain in safe 1one. (So you rather wear something with germs all over% .hats the point of being beautiful when youre so dirty,* Sano walked pass his angry sister serving fresh pancakes he made. (Sasuke nii;;* how cute can she be when shes angry, "ust like Sakura. 9Happy.: (.ell, what do you want me to say% #oure both right, right%* I said wisely. (#oure no fair, Sasuke nii; I hate you,* at least it wasnt Sakura who said it to my face and off goes the bossy female e-iting the house without breakfast. 4h, this happens most of the mornings, its normal. That girl is the hardest to deal with I felt, I can imagine why Sakura can be so harsh on her sometimes. There, this is morning life with the Haruno siblings with all three different characters under one roof. I felt the troublesomeness when I first started living here but now that I am part of it, its fun to be around. 2I<8 2I<8; 2I<8 2I<8; (Hello, U1umaki 3otor .orks; #up, its ready come get it when youre free. See ya;* the "olly voice of a blonde male said e-citedly before he hung up. (,oooiiii, Sasuke;* )/4<8 )/4<8 )/4<8;

(.hat%* I answered while my hands worked. (Time for lunch; <ow put down that spanner and come have ramen;* the blonde said again. This guys always punctual for lunches when it concerns his favourite ramen noodles. I know I had too many introductions in one chapter but this guy definitely cannot miss to be in. 3eet my buddy and boss, U1umaki <aruto, as you can see hes blonde with blue eyes. 3any around the block think that he belonged to the .est but hes not and hes someone of my age. I had to say, though hes a silly man sometimes but his happy go lucky character never fail to impress me. He always tells me to !uit planning ahead too much and go with the flow as the future is uncertain. <o one knows what will happen until then and planning might "ust be disappointing when it didnt turn out right. I do agree to a silly mans words at times. 4nd having instant ramen noodles with him is rather fun. I like <arutos carefree character, something I could hardly imitate. He "ust live with it unlike me, I tend to get worried at the slightest. S////UUUUU222777;; (U.44H; I "ust love the soup of this brand and the noodles are great;* (4a.* I couldnt have more fun "oining this guy for meals even if its instant noodles and the thing that we are dining in in my favourite setting of gears and grease. I 43 <,T .$I25; 3y passion for motor works is beyond imagination. Honestly, I love to be covered in grease from the motor oiling, the sound of the clanging metals are music and how those +I8 bikes roar when they are fit to race once again makes my blood run wild. (Say, Sasuke. 5id you try again this month%* <aruto asked mouth'full. I understand his !uestion that he clearly meant about my attempts in proposing to Sakura. (<ot yet, probably not too soon.* +luntly, I savored some of the soup <aruto agrees. Its nice indeed. (I dont get it, why doesnt Sakura'chan agree% The two of you had known each other since forever and she still doubts you% 5id you upset her or something%* <aruto always manage to speak my mind bringing me to pause a moment& I wish I knew what Sakura was thinking too. (<o.*

(Haha. Im "oking, you wouldnt dare to upset the <ee'san. 3aybe she thinks of you as her younger brother%* I gasped, for a second my heart raced worriedly. I have never thought of that, if it really is true I will be very disappointed but considering that we did kiss and all the nights we shared adultery together0 (That cant be0would it%* I looked at <aruto, frightened by the point he raised. (.hoa, easy man, I was "ust assuming. 3aybe she isnt ready0* $ven though <aruto tried to convince that it might not be true but theres a possibility that it may be and I do not want that. I am serious with Sakura. I love her so much that I could stop loving myself to give her my whole. If0 If it really turns out to be a fact, I think I could not accept it. $ven if I have to force my way, I will not allow myself to be loved as a younger brother. /et it be if I continue to be her best friend, I dont want to receive that sort of perspective from her. I am scared. To the e-tent I unconsciously clutch onto the silver ring securely fastened around my neck. The same ornament that was initially for Sakura. ($asy Sasuke, I know you love her but sometimes youve got to give her time. 4 relationship involves two parties, it wont work if you force it.* )ome to think of it, I was at fault too, I am pushing it onto Sakura. 4gain, this blonde is right. ($ven so, if I be patient, itll take forever at this rate. She kept telling me that she isnt a good woman, like I care.* I snort a bit then glance over towards my listening friend, that moment I felt a sour tinge well in my chest. I felt hopelessness. I felt desperate. (I love her, <aruto. I seriously do. .hy cant she "ust tell me directly, was it a yes or no%* the grip of my hand around that silver ring tightened, etching a frown as I continue to frustrate. (I dont understand why must she leave me hanging0%* I am suffering in hunger for Sakuras answer. <aruto knows this, I am confident that he is the one friend who could understand my current feelings although he has yet to e-perience such emotions. Two years Sakura had left me hanging, I now reali1ed.

(4m I not worthy%* (4a. 4a. 4a; )heer up pal; I am sure you are worthy. 7robably Sakura'chan thinks that youre still too young;* breaking the tension with his cheerful voice. (Here, let ramen make you feel better. $verythings going to be fine, no worries;* he patted my back doing his best to console me. I lit a smile to reassure him. <aruto is a good friend, he treasures me as his best and I wanted to do the same too. (Sakura is already two years ahead than I am,* I reminded. (,h youre right, I forgot,* wearing his sheepish smile. (Then0be a man; Show her that you are, prove it to her;* playfully demonstrating his muscles. Save it <aruto, mines bigger; (#eah, I think I should0* I decided to take his advice. I decided to prove it to her that I already am a man so she can look my way. +ut whenever I tried to e-ecute my perfect plan something somehow "ust gets in the way0 (,h, there you are, Sasuke'kun;* one of the Haru Hanas se-y hostess came dashing into my direction the minute I managed to step into the club for work once again. Id say she is way hotter than Sakura in a kimono and her busts are0ahem0se-ier too. 9+lush;: (.hats the matter, have you been waiting for me all this while, baby%* to think Id pull a good one but I could not have guessed she became irritated. (This isnt a time to be "oking around, boy; /ook at <ee'san, shes being badgered;* .ithout giving me a chance to digest the situation, she dragged me on my feet with her firm grip and before I knew it, I came to face my beloved pink haired female on the verge of defeat. I understand that Sakuras "ob re!uires her to be entertaining either by the ways of the alcohol or when she personally entertains her customers. It disgusts me whenever other men tried to touch her, Ive seen it many times whether shes conscious or not, dirty men tried to take advantage of her in the name of customer. 4nd whenever I tried to interfere, Sakura would turn me away telling me to stay out of her business as she knows what she is doing. I know Sakura; 6or "obs sake, I know; +ut it doesnt have to be that way0 /ike it or not, I decided to protect you.

/et it be if youll be angry at me after this, let it be you think I am nosy, let it be if you would shun me away, I will not surrender you to those unworthy people; (Those customers have been making <ee'san drink badly, shes at her limit yet they wont stop. 5o something, Sasuke'kun,* the hostess cried worriedly. (#ou need not say another word0* my voice tone dark as I watch pink haired female struggled to finish another forceful glass of whisky. The second she collapsed onto the table, I felt my heart burn. The famous heavy drinker <ee'san has fallen tonight, beaten by a group of bullies who pleasurably watch her graceful pride fell. It was an every mans bet. (,i, oi. Sakura'chan, you cant go to sleep like that. 4re you really that drunk that you want to go home%* one of them teased. ()ome, Id be happy to take you home.* (I am sorry, sir but <ee'san still have many other customers to entertain. She wont be leaving with you.* I spontaneously grab hold of the vile mans wrist, throw him a dangerous glare while maintaining my manners. How dare he touch my woman; (Hey, let go. .ho the hell you think you are, boy%;* the customer barked. ()orrection, I am not a boy. I am H$2 man,* I boldly said. +y the startled e-pression of that customer, I was sure my dark stares hit him. The rest of the group turned silent out of astonishment and that gave me the chance to retrieve the fallen angel who hung motionless. (Sakura0,* into her ear I called whisperingly. (/ets go home.* (Umm0* a drunk groan of a reply, I believe she heard me and carefully I lift her home in my arms. It caused a scene in the club when their highly respected <ee'san is retiring home at the start of the night. 3oreover, some part time host is carrying her home in the wide open public bridal style; (<ee'san; Sasuke'kun, <ee'san is0,* many of Sakuras hosts and hostess came rushing in worry. (5ont worry, shes "ust knocked out for tonight. Ill be back once I sent her home.* I assured the rest of them. It is also my duty to watch over the Haru Hana in place of Sakura. (Its alright, Sasuke'kun. #ou take <ee'san home and make sure shes fine. .e can manage tonight,* said a hostess. I smiled thankfully.

(,uff, youre heavy Sakura;* It wasnt a "oke when I said it, although she has a small and frail body, Sakura doesnt weigh like it at all. She is twice as I e-pected. 5ont tell her I said it, I dont want to be tanned0 6inally and carefully I set her on the bed, our bed. .ith her motionlessly drunk, I observed her sleeping figure, it couldnt be helped that I have to stare at her like this. #ou might not be able to understand the feeling of the moments when you are able to spend time staring at the one you love in the permitting silence. .hen there was no annoying interruption and you can "ust have her all to yourself. Its Sakura and I. )rouching down by her bed, I stroked Sakuras pink hair with the gentle of my hand, like this morning. Its rare to see her sleep before me when I usually do first. (How can I be your man0Sakura%* an uttering whisper escaped my lips as I continue to admire the sleeping beauty who reeked in a blend of alcohol and tobacco. I continued to watch. I continued to stare. 4nd the more I did, I start to feel the sour sensation build in me again like in the afternoon. Its desperation. (.hen will you look at me0Sakura%* I uttered again, stroking lightly on the surface of her porcelain cheek. Thats when piercing green eyes flashed open as she shot me astonished. I could hardly react when she sharply pulled my neck to her and that she viciously claimed my lips. <o less, I reacted to her hunger. +ut no matter how much I tried to counter and make it pleasurable for her, all I felt was her eating me. It became one sided and I was left to feel an empty kiss. .hy is she doing this% =nowing she is drunk0 Its hurting me. Its scaring me. +ut I cant stop.

I cant stop not to react to her coldness, even if she were to give me tasteless kisses, I still want to return them properly. 6or I could never stop loving you, Sakura. Taking away her lips from mine, Sakura moved to my "awline to satisfy her hunger there. +y the way of her kisses, I was immediately thrown into insanity and the wanting to return her the same. However her skills were too great for my own to resist but surrender. /etting her do all she can to me, I solely listened to my impulsive heartbeat. 4nd the more I wanted to melt when she began to touch me, digging into my shirt through my loose collar she caressed the nape of my neck creating a whole new level of sensation. (8ah;* I yelp in pain when I didnt predict that she would bite me on the neck and ne-t on the collarbone. (S'Sakura0* Shes a merciless predator who wouldnt care what others would feel even if she were to hurt somebody. It hurts, Sakura0but because its you, it was a kind of pleasure youd give me. Its painful but do give me more, Sakura. 6or you, if this is an unre!uited love, I still always love you. This is my bittersweet love. $verything about you is bittersweet; 4nd after that painful pleasure, Id reali1e that it was far too short for it to end. I want more but it seems that the pink haired female had once again fallen back into her slumber on me. 4gain, she left me hanging0 How cruel of her. 4s long as you are with me, as long as you will still kiss me despite it would hurt me, as long as you will return every morning and sleep by my side. ,n the same bed, under the same sheets and that I can feel your warmth on my skin, I dont mind if I have to wait, +ecause you are the first I want to see when I wake up every morning, Sakura.