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Article Review COMMUNICATION WITHIN THE WORK PLACE - Beverly Mallett-Hamer Beverly Mallet-Hamer studied the communication gap

between supervisors, customer service representatives and unit leaders and tried to emphasize on the importance of communication. Communication within an organization is an integral part of the organizations success. Internal communication gap may lead to customers receiving inaccurate information. Break down of communication between the supervisors and the customer service agents may cause conflict of interests. Lack of proper communication can lead to decreased productivity and at the same time lower the morale of the employees. Employees are the biggest stakeholders in the communication process. Proper training needs to be given to them and one must ensure that they are well informed because they only act as the brand ambassadors. Business communication can be both in the downward or the upward direction. Employees complaints and feelings generally flow from lower level to the higher level. Absence of this may be taken as a negative indication as it may lead towards the employees opting for other means to vent out their anger. They may resort to inefficiencies, carelessness, absenteeism, etc. The author gave some useful tips to bridge the communication gaps by listening to people, persuading them rather than commanding, making your intentions very clear, reacting to content and not manner, etc. The structured thought process and well defined precautionary steps could lead to better coordination and growth of the organization. His survey was based on questions like how they rated their supervisors communication skills, how they received the information, does the organization keep them informed, etc. Results showed that about 43% employees were neutral or satisfied with the communication within the organization, 27% thought they were well informed and 53% said they were informed about any changes in the organization and about 29% received information through grapevine or informal means. Thus, according to most of the employees, the supervisors communication was satisfactory but the means or the channel of communication for most of them was through grapevine. Many employees, however, thought their ideas were not considered or listened to. According to me, communication which is complete and more importantly, involves giving and receiving feedback, is the one which is effective and leads to better coordination between the employees and the management.