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Ministry of the Attorney General McMurtry-Scott Building 720 Bay Street, 11th Floor Toronto, O M7A 2S!

"ear Attorney General #ohn Gerretsen,

$ ha%e &een trying to co'(ose a letter to you as Attorney General of Ontario a&out the general a&use of (o)er that see's to ha%e occurred &y the elected 'e'&ers of the (olitical syste' )ith res(ect to the rene)a&le energy initiati%e and 'ore s(ecifically the Green *nergy Act+ Me'&ers of the ,est -incoln co''unity ha%e sent endless letters and e'ails to the Ministry of the *n%iron'ent )ith concerns a&out the $ndustrial ,ind Tur&ine (ro.ect (ro(osed for our area+ /oncerns regarding inco'(lete studies0 incorrect sound (o)er ratings for the 1 M, *nercon 101 industrial )ind tur&ines0 lac2 of due (rocess and .ust a co'(lete lac2 of 'eaningful co''unication )ith 'e'&ers of the (olitical syste' that ha%e &een elected to 3ser%e and (rotect4 has resulted in e5tre'e frustration+

Meaningful co''unication )ith the Ministry of the *n%iron'ent, Ministry of *nergy, Ministry of 6ealth, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of atural 7esources, the Ontario O'&uds'en, and other 'inistries )hose 'andate is to (rotect the health, safety, 8uality of life and )ell &eing of citi9ens and their (ro(erties has &een reduced to carefully scri(ted re(lies that fail to address the issues, re(lies that a&sol%e that s(ecific de(art'ent of any res(onsi&ility or 'ore fre8uently long delays or silence+

$n researching )hat senior (oliticians )ere in )hat (ositions of (o)er and control )hen the Green *nergy Act )as &eing crafted and )hat has ha((ened to their (olitical careers since that ti'e, a rather tangled )e&

see's to e'erge+ Many of the sa'e senior -i&eral (oliticians 2ee( (o((ing u( in 'any of the 2ey 'inistries that facilitated the rene)a&le energy initiati%e+

According to so'e re(orts the 3fi%e founding 'e'&ers4 of the Green *nergy Act )ere George S'ither'an, #ohn Gerretsen, -eona "o'&ro)s2y, "onna /ansfield and #ohn ,il2inson

Minister of *nergy and $nfrastructure - George S'ither'an - 200:; 200!, Gerry <hili(s 200!-10, Brad "uguid 2010-11, /hris Bentley 2011-11, Bo& /hiarelli 2011 ; (resent

Minister of the *n%iron'ent - #ohn Gerretsen, Octo&er 2!, 2007 to August 1:, 2010, #ohn ,il2inson August 1:, 2010 to Octo&er 20, 2011 #i' Bradley, Octo&er 20, 2011,=2> to (resent

Minister of Agriculture, Food and 7ural Affairs - -eona "o'&ro)s2y 200?-2010

/arol Mitchell, 2010-2011 Ted McMee2in, 2011-2011 Ministry of Agriculture and Food 2011 - (resent Ministry of 7ural Affairs (resent @athleen ,ynne, #eff -eal 2011 -

Minister of

atural 7esources - "onna /ansfield, 2007-2010 -inda #effrey, 2010-2011 Michael Gra%elle, 2011-2011 "a%id Ora9ietti, 2011-

Minister of 7esearch and $nno%ation - "alton McGuinty 200?-2007 #ohn ,il2inson 2007-200! #ohn Milloy #une 2A, 200! ; August 1:, 2010 Glen Murray August 1:, 2010 - 2011 7e9a Moridi 2011 -

Green *nergy Act, Bill 1?0 %oted on May 1A, 200! ; ot one 'e'&er of the </ <arty %oted in fa%or of the G*A+

"< 'e'&ers )ho %oted in fa%our of the G*A include B Andrea 6or)ath ; "< leader, France GClinas, 7osario Marchese, <aul Miller, <eter Ta&uns ; "< energy critic

Signatures on the /ancelled Gas <lants "ocu'ent ; #uly 2!, 2011 ; @athleen ,ynne ; -i&eral /a'(aign /o-chair Brad "uguid ; Minister of *cono'ic "e%elo('ent /hris Bentley ; Minister of *nergy ")ight "uncan ; Minister of Finance

The for'er Attorney General of Ontario )as /hristo(her Bentley, -i&eral, 2007;2011+ The (resent Attorney General is #ohn Gerretsen+ Since 'any D21EF la)s, statutes and regulations re8uired 'odification to acco''odate the (ro%incial go%ern'entGs green energy initiati%e the legal co''unity )ould (ro&a&ly ha%e to &e in%ol%ed in so'e ca(acity+ $'agine 'y sur(rise )hen u(on chec2ing the 'andate of the Attorney GeneralGs office, $ found that the Ministry of the Attorney General deli%ers and ad'inisters a )ide range of .ustice ser%ices includingB - (ro%iding legal ad%ice to, and conducting litigation on &ehalf of, all go%ern'ent 'inistries and 'any agencies, &oards and tri&unals0 and (ro%iding ad%ice on, and drafting, all legislation and regulations+

So 'y 8uestion &eco'es ; ,hat )as the role of the Attorney GeneralGs Office in the drafting of the Green *nergy ActE

"id the (oliticians that crafted the Green *nergy Act choose to ignore the de'ocratic (rinci(les u(on )hich this country )as &uilt or did they deli&erately %iolate those (rinci(les as they 'ani(ulated the la)s to &ring the rene)a&le energy initiati%e into &eingE ,hat )as the 'oti%ating factor - ignorance , conte'(t, greed, or %engeanceE

The 'andate of e%ery (olitically elected official is to (rotect the funda'ental (rinci(les u(on )hich our de'ocracy )as &uilt+ Go%ern'ent 'inisters, 'inistries, agencies and 'unici(alities ha%e an ethical duty and legal o&ligation to (rotect the health, safety, 8uality of life and )ell &eing of citi9ens and their (ro(erties These funda'ental legal entitle'ents cannot &e ignored, co'(ro'ised or denied &y elected officials, staff andHor re(resentati%es of (ro%incial and local 'unici(al go%ern'ent &odies, agencies, and or &oards+ All de'ocratic decisions 'ust (ass through this filter or (olitical decisions )ill allo) for so'e to disenfranchise others+ The s'allest, the )ea2est, the youngest are fre8uently the %icti's of &ad decisions+

The Ministry of the Attorney General is res(onsi&le for (ro%iding a fair and accessi&le .ustice syste' )hich reflects the needs of the di%erse co''unities it ser%es across go%ern'ent and the (ro%ince+ $t stri%es to 'anage the .ustice syste' in an e8uita&le, afforda&le and accessi&le )ay throughout the (ro%ince+ The Attorney General of Ontario, the chief legal ad%iser to the Iueen, is a senior 'e'&er of the *5ecuti%e /ouncil of Ontario Dor ca&inetF and go%erns the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario - the de(art'ent res(onsi&le for the o%ersight of the .ustice syste' )ithin the (ro%ince+ The Attorney General is an elected Me'&er of <ro%incial <arlia'ent )ho is chosen &y the (re'ier and a((ointed &y the lieutenant-go%ernor+ The Ministry deli%ers and ad'inisters a )ide range of .ustice ser%ices includingB 1+ ad'inistering a((ro5i'ately 11? statutes0


conducting cri'inal (roceedings throughout Ontario0

1+ (ro%iding legal ad%ice to, and conducting litigation on &ehalf of, all go%ern'ent 'inistries and 'any agencies, &oards and tri&unals0 A+ (ro%iding ad%ice on, and drafting, all legislation and regulations0 and ?+ coordinating and ad'inistering court ser%ices throughout Ontario+

The rene)a&le energy initiati%e of the -i&eral go%ern'ent has the Green *nergy Act as the foundation u(on )hich it )as &uilt+ $nstead of e5ercising caution and due diligence the (ro%incial go%ern'ent of Ontario refuses to listen to any criticis' of the rene)a&le energy initiati%e+ ,ith the creation of the Green *nergy Act, the Ontario go%ern'ent changed la)s that (rotected the health of the citi9ens of Ontario0 changed la)s that re8uired an *n%iron'ental Assess'ent to deter'ine the i'(act of ne) de%elo('ent on the en%iron'ent0 and changed la)s so that the authority of 'unici(al councils has &een under'ined+ The rural citi9ens ha%e had their 'unici(al councils stri((ed of their (lanning rights to control the siting of $ndustrial ,ind Tur&ines in their co''unities+ /iti9ens of rural co''unities ha%e &een denied their de'ocratic right to (artici(ate in the (lanning of their co''unity+

The loss of social .ustice re(orted &y indi%iduals li%ing in the en%irons of industrial )ind tur&ines D$,TsF is due to the lac2 of a fair (rocess, the loss of de'ocratic rights, and the associated dise'(o)er'ent of 'e'&ers of co''unities forced to host industrial )ind tur&ines+ The Green *nergy Act is a regressi%e (iece of legislature that deli&erately disenfranchises the rural citi9ens of this (ro%ince &y (ro%iding rights to the (ri%ate for (rofit - fre8uently foreign - 'ultinational industrial )ind tur&ine cor(orations that are denied to the rural citi9ens+

Since the Ministry of the Attorney General deli%ers and ad'inisters a )ide range of .ustice ser%ices including (ro%iding ad%ice on, and drafting, all legislation and regulations, )ere 'e'&ers of the office of the Attorney General (art of the (lanning (rocess to deter'ine )hich la)s )ould ha%e to &e 3neutered4 to draft the Green *nergy Act and facilitate the rene)a&le energy initiati%eE

According to so'e re(orts the 3fi%e founding 'e'&ers4 of the Green *nergy Act )ere George S'ither'an, #ohn Gerretsen, -eona "o'&ro)s2y, "onna /ansfield and #ohn ,il2inson+ $f you loo2 u( the acade'ic 8ualifications of these (eo(le you find a solicitor, a financial (lanner, so'eone )ith a BA, and t)o (eo(le )ith no (ost-secondary 8ualifications+ The for'er Attorney General of Ontario during this ti'e )as /hristo(her Bentley, -i&eral, 2007;2011+ Since the Ministry of the Attorney General deli%ers and ad'inisters a )ide range of .ustice ser%ices including (ro%iding legal ad%ice to, and conducting litigation on &ehalf of, all go%ern'ent 'inistries and 'any agencies, &oards and tri&unals0 and (ro%iding ad%ice on, and drafting, all legislation and regulations - )as the Office of the Attorney General inti'ately in%ol%ed in the drafting of the Green *nergy ActE

The for'er Attorney General of Ontario )as /hristo(her Bentley, -i&eral, 2007;2011+ $f you loo2 at the (olitical career of /hristo(her Bentley, he )as re-elected in the 2007 election and )as na'ed Attorney General of Ontario shortly thereafter+ $n #anuary 2010 he )as assigned the additional (ortfolio of Minister of A&original Affairs+

6e retained his seat in the Octo&er 2011 (ro%incial election and )as na'ed Minister of *nergy+ Bentley )as soon 'ired in a contro%ersy o%er the go%ern'entJs decision 'ade during the election ca'(aign to scra( un(o(ular gas (lants &eing constructed in Mississauga and Oa2%ille - the 'o%e )as seen as a (olitically e5(edient one 'ade to i'(ro%e the -i&eral <artyJs chances of retaining the ? ridings it held in

the area+ The election returned a 'inority go%ern'ent and the e'&oldened o((osition de'anded that BentleyJs 'inistry release all docu'ents related to the decision+ Bentley delayed (rior to releasing 1K,000 (ages in Se(te'&er and insisted that all docu'ents had &een released+ After it &eca'e 2no)n that there )ere an additional 20,000 docu'ents Bentley )as cited &y a rare conte'(t 'otion &y a legislati%e co''ittee and )as facing a conte'(t 'otion of the legislature )hen McGuinty une5(ectedly ended the legislati%e session &y (roroguing the legislature on Octo&er 1?+

<re%iously, Bentley had )idely &een seen as <re'ier "alton McGuintyJs heir a((arent &ut on Octo&er 2?, 2012, ten days after McGuinty announced his resignation, Bentley announced that he )ould not &e a candidate in the -i&eral <arty leadershi( con%ention &eing held to choose McGuintyJs successor and that he too )ould &e lea%ing (olitics+ Bentley resigned his seat in the legislature effecti%e Fe&ruary 1A, 2011+

$f you loo2 at the (olitical careers of these 3fi%e founding 'e'&ers4 you ha%e George S'ither'an ; under his ter' as Minister of 6eath )e ha%e the e6ealth scandal and the O7 G* scandal+ S'ither'an also ser%ed as "e(uty <re'ier to <re'ier "alton McGuinty and has &een referred to as the 3enforcer4+

As the Minister of *nergy and $nfrastructure, S'ither'an )as res(onsi&le for OntarioJs Green *nergy Act, )hich )as (assed in Se(te'&er 200!+ The Act encourages in%est'ent in green energy (roduction &y (ro%iding &usinesses the a&ility to sell energy (roduced fro' rene)a&le sources to the (ro%inceJs electricity grid through a Feedin-Tariff (rogra'+ The Green *nergy Act has resulted in a series of record-&rea2ing cor(orate in%est'ents in )ind and solar energy )orth &illions of dollars+

Under the Provincial Government of Dalton McGuinty George S'ither'an held 1 /a&inet <osts Predecessor Gerry Phillips (Energy) David Caplan ( nfrastructure) Eli!a"eth #itmer Office Minister of Energy and nfrastructure 200:;200! ne) 'erged 'inistry Deputy Premier of Ontario 200K;200! Successor

Gerry Phillips

D$ight Duncan

%ony Clement

Minister of &ealth and 'ong( David Caplan %erm Care 2001;200:

On o%e'&er :, 200! S'ither'an announced his resignation fro' the (ro%incial ca&inet in order to run for 'ayor of Toronto+ 6e re'ained in the legislature as a &ac2&ench M<< until #anuary A, 2010

Lou Mr #ohn Gerretsen )ere educated at IueenJs Mni%ersity in @ingston, Ontario, recei%ing a BA degree in 1!KA and an --+B in 1!K7+ Lou su&se8uently )or2ed as a solicitor, ser%ing )ith Manulife $nsurance /o'(any, Toronto fro' 1!K! to 1!70+

Provincial Government of Dalton McGuintyN @athleen ,ynne held A /a&inet <osts Predecessor Chris )entley Office *ttorney General of Ontario Successor ncum"ent

2011; Sophia *ggelonitis 'aurel )roten Minister of Consumer Services 2010;2011 Minister of the Environment 2007;2010 Minister of Municipal *ffairs and &ousing 2001;2007 Margarett )est

+ohn #il,inson

David -oung

+im #atson

Lou are the Attorney General of Ontario .gerretsen+'((+coOli&eral+ola+org and assu'ed that office on Octo&er 20, 2011+

-eona "o'&ro)s2y recei%ed a Bachelor of Arts degree fro' the Mni%ersity of Toronto in 1!7!+

Provincial Government of Dalton McGuinty -eona "o'&ro)s2y held 1 /a&inet <osts Predecessor .athleen #ynne Office Minister of Education 2010 Successor J

Steve Peters

Minister of *griculture/ 0ood and 1ural Carol Mitchell *ffairs 200?-2010 Minister of the Environment 'aurel )roten

+im #ilson


On Octo&er 21, 2001, -aura "o'&ro)s2y )as a((ointed Minister of the *n%iron'ent+ $n this ca(acity, she )as res(onsi&le for o%erseeing changes to the (ro%inceJs )ater su((ly syste' Dthe safety of )hich )as called into 8uestion after a tragic out&rea2 of e-coli in ,al2erton, OntarioF+ Palso called for the (hasing out of coal-fired electrical generating (lants+ "o'&ro)s2yJs a((oint'ent )as regarded as a sur(rise, as it had &een )idely e5(ected that #i' Bradley )ould &e gi%en the *n%iron'ent (ortfolio+ "o'&ro)s2y had fe) if any QgreenQ credentials at the ti'e of her a((oint'ent+ On #une 2!, 200? "o'&ro)s2y &eca'e Minister of Agriculture, Food and 7ural Affairs+ On #anuary 1:, 2010, "o'&ro)s2y )as na'ed Minister of *ducation+ On Octo&er K, 2011, "o'&ro)s2y lost her (ro%incial seat to <rogressi%e /onser%ati%e Todd S'ith+

"onna /ansfield - <rior to entering (olitics she )as a ho'e'a2er, raising t)o children )ith her hus&and Bill+

Provincial Government of Dalton McGuinty N @athleen ,ynne held 1 /a&inet <osts Predecessor David 1amsay &arinder %a,har Office Minister of 2atural 1esources 2007;2010 Minister of %ransportation 200K;2007 Successor 'inda +effrey +im )radley

D$ight Duncan

Minister of Energy 200?;200K

D$ight Duncan

"onna /ansfield )as a((ointed <arlia'entary Assistant D<AF to *nergy Minister ")ight "uncan on 21 Octo&er 2001+ She )as a((ointed as Minister of *nergy on 11 Octo&er 200? )hen "uncan )as na'ed as Minister of Finance+ She )as reassigned as Minister of Trans(ortation on 21 May 200K, )hen "uncan returned to *nergy+ After the 2007 election, /ansfield &eca'e OntarioJs Minister of atural 7esources, )here she ser%ed until 1: #anuary 2010+ <re'ier McGuinty a((ointed /ansfield as <A to the Minister of Munici(al Affairs and 6ousing after the #anuary 2010 ca&inet shuffle+ $n 2011, she )as a((ointed as <A to the Minister of *cono'ic "e%elo('ent and $nno%ation and in 2012 as <A to the Minister of Finance+ $n Fe&ruary 2011 as (art of the ,ynne go%ern'ent, she )as a((ointed as chief go%ern'ent )hi(+

#ohn ,il2inson, &efore entering (u&lic life, ,il2inson )as a financial (lanner in Stratford+ 6e is a certified financial (lanner and a founder of ,il2inson N @eller Financial <lanning -td, he is also a for'er chair of the Munici(al <ro(erty Assess'ent /or(oration+

Provincial Government of Dalton McGuintyH@athleen ,ynne held 1 /a&inet <osts Predecessor +ohn Gerretsen D$ight Duncan Office Minister of Environment 2010-2011 Minister of 1evenue Successor +im )radley Sophia *ggelonitis

200!-2010 Minister of 1esearch and Dalton McGuinty nnovation 2007-200!

+ohn Milloy

-oss of our de'ocratic rights and freedo's should &e of concern to e%ery (olitician and e%ery (erson of this country+ The 3 e) Order4 )ill ha%e the (ri%ate for (rofit ; fre8uently 'ultinational cor(orations in control of the resources of this once inde(endent nation+ ,hy )ould senior career (oliticians in the -i&eral <arty de%elo( such a regressi%e (iece of legislationE 6istory )ill record that not one 'e'&er of the <rogressi%e /onser%ati%e <arty %oted in fa%or of the Green *nergy Act

The Ministry of the Attorney General deli%ers and ad'inisters a )ide range of .ustice ser%ices including conducting cri'inal (roceedings throughout Ontario0 (ro%iding legal ad%ice to, and conducting litigation on &ehalf of, all go%ern'ent 'inistries and 'any agencies, &oards and tri&unals0 and (ro%iding ad%ice on, and drafting, all legislation and regulations+

R1+ $n your ca(acity as Attorney General can you (ro%ide ad%ice to the Ministry of the *n%iron'ent on the a((lication of the rules and regulations that a((ly to the installation of industrial )ind tur&ines in rural co''unities that are forced to host the'E

R2+ /an your office 'andate the MO* to enforce its 7*A rules e5actly and rigidly on all )ind energy (ro.ects )hich ha%e not &een a((ro%ed yetE The current regulations are inade8uate &ut they are the rules that e5ist no)+ Many, (erha(s 'ost, of the )ind energy (ro.ects allocated under the first (hase of F$T )ill not 'eet MO* 7*AGs e5isting standards+

Mitigation strategies and (ro'ises of future data, docu'ents and details (lus o(ti'istic rather than 3)orst case scenarios4 are &eing acce(ted as an alternati%e to strict co'(liance+ This should not &e allo)ed+ 7ules are rules+ *nforce the'+ Shift the e'(hasis &ac2 to (rotecting OntarioGs rural residents, far' land and en%iron'ent instead of facilitating )ind energy (ro.ects+

R1+ <lease deny 7ene)a&le *nergy A((ro%al for large )ind tur&ine (ro.ects )hich are not in stringent and co'(lete co'(liance )ith the Ministry of the *n%iron'entGs re8uire'ents and regulations+ A)arding of a Feed-in-Tariff contract 'ust not constitute a guarantee of 7ene)a&le *nergy A((ro%al+ The 7ene)a&le *nergy A((ro%al a((licant 'ust &e fully co'(liant )ith no e5ce(tions+

RA+ ,hy, instead of rigorously adhering to co'(lete co'(liance, does the Ministry of the *n%iron'ent in its 7ene)a&le *nergy A((ro%al (rocess acce(t 'itigation strategies, su&.ecti%e and generali9ed assess'ent re(orts, (ro'ises of future studies, noise 'odels )ithout (roof of accuracy or adherence to 3)orst case scenarios4, and de%iations fro' set&ac2 distancesE

R?+ $f large )ind tur&ine (ro.ects are not co'(letely and rigorously in co'(liance )ith the Ministry of the *n%iron'entGs regulations and re8uire'ents then ho) can the Ministry fulfill its co''it'ent 3to ensure healthy co''unities, ecological (rotection and sustaina&le de%elo('ent for (resent and future generations on Ontarians4E

RK+ ,hy not, as reco''ended in The *cono'ist article #anuary 2?, 201A 3 *uro(ean cli'ate (olicy )orse than useless, current (olicies are a 'ess4 .ust 3scra(4 rene)a&le targets and su&sidiesE

R7+ "enial of the scientific realities of the negati%e effects of industrial )ind tur&ines )ill not (rotect any of us+ <lease re%ie) the latest inde(endent scientific research on the health and social i'(acts of $,Ts o(erating near fa'ily ho'es and a((ly the (recautionary (rinci(le+

A concerned citi9en of Ontario+

/atherine Mitchell

Additional infor'ation

R1 M<Js that %oted in fa%our of the Green *nergy Act, Bill 1?0 May 1AH0!

-eaderB "alton McGuinty ; did not %ote ; (rorogued go%ern'ent and resigned Oct 1?, 2012

Actual %otesB ?! as follo)sB Aggelonitis, So(hia HAl&anese, -aura HArthurs, ,ayne - Bailing out of re-electionHBal2issoon, Bas HBartolucci, 7ic2 HBentley, /hristo(her ; retired Fe& 1A, 2011 HBroten, -aurel /+ HBro)n, Michael A+ HBro)nell, #i' - Bailing fro' re-electionH Bryant, Michael IM$T -$B*7A-S AFT*7 SOT$ G FO7 G*AH/ansfield, "onna 6 - A7/6$T*/T of Green *nergy Act+H/a(lan, "a%id H/arroll, Aileen H/han, Michael H/olle, Mi2e H"elaney, Bo& H"ic2son, #oe H"o'&ro)s2y, -eona A7/6$T*/T of Green *nergy Act H"uguid, Brad H"uncan, ")ight- retired Fe& 1A, 2011 HFlynn, @e%in "anielHFonseca, <eter HGerretsen, #ohn - A7/6$T*/T of Green *nergy Act HGClinas, France

"<HGra%elle, Michael H6or)ath, Andrea "< -*A"*7H6oy, <at Bailing on re-electionH#ac9e2, 6elenaH#effrey, -inda H#ohnson, 7ic2H@ular, @uldi( H-alonde, #ean-Marc H-eal, #eff H-e%ac, "a%eHMarchese, 7osario "<HMcMee2in, Ted HMc eely, <hil - Bailing on re-electionHMeilleur, Madeleine HMiller, <aul "<HMilloy, #ohn HMitchell, /arolHMoridi, 7e9a H<endergast, -eeannaH<hilli(s, Gerry H7a'al, @halil H7a'say, "a%id - Bailing on ne5t electionH7inaldi, -ou H7u(recht, Tony HSandals, -i9 HS'ith, Moni8ue ---Bails out of reelectionHS'ither'an, George - A7/6$T*/T of Green *nergy Act 7*S$G S #A MA7L AthH10 7uns For Mayor of Toronto OctH10----OS*STHSousa, /harles HTa&uns, <eter "<HTa2har, 6arinder S+ HSan Bo''el, Maria - Bailing on re-electionH,atson, #i' IM$TS to run for MALO7 OF OTTA,AH,il2inson, #ohn - A7/6$T*/T of Green *nergy Act - H,ynne, @athleen O+ ; unelected <re'ier ; Fe& 1!,2011HUi''er, "a%id

Original Grou( of Fi%e ; Master'inded the Green *nergy Sche'e S'ither'an, Gerretsen, "o'&ro)s2y,/ansfield and ,il2inson+

"< 'e'&ers )ho %oted in fa%our of the G*A include B Andrea 6or)ath ; "< leader, France GClinas, 7osario Marchese, <aul Miller, <eter Ta&uns

ot one M<< fro' the </ <arty %oted for the G7** * *7GL A/TT

<eter Ta&uns - for'er *5ecuti%e "irector of Green(eace and current Ontario "< energy and en%iron'ent critic, <eter leads the charge to)ards a ne) energy econo'y+ France GClinas She is the (artyJs critic for 6ealth and -ong-Ter' /are, and Franco(hone affairs in the "<Js shado) ca&inet+ $n May 200:, she .oined caucus colleagues Michael <rue and <eter Ta&uns in calling on the (ro%incial go%ern'ent to crac2 do)n on (ri%ate hydroelectricity 'ar2eters+

She has &een an outs(o2en critic of co'(etiti%e &idding in the (ro%inceJs ho'e care ser%ices, and of layoffs affecting nurses in the (ro%inceJs hos(itals 7osario Marchese Follo)ing the 2011 General *lection, 6e no) is the /aucus /hair, /ritic for Mr&an Trans(ortation, and /ritic for Go%ern'ent Ser%ices+ <aul Miller /urrently in o((osition Miller ser%es in the (artyJs shado) ca&inet as critic for se%eral (ortfolios including *cono'ic "e%elo('ent N Trade and <ensions+ 6e also ser%es as %ice chair of the legislatureJs Standing /o''ittee on 7egulations and <ri%ate Bills+

R2 la)s that a((ear to no longer 3totally4 a((ly to us Dthat is, only (arts of the' doF areB a+ The Munici(al Act0

&+ The <lanning Act D)hich indicates that the Munici(al go%ts are res(onsi&le to ensure co'(liance )ith Acts such as the *<AF0 c+ d+ The *n%iron'ental <rotection Act0 The /anada 6ealth Act 6*A-T6 /A7* <O-$/L

/A A"$A

Marginal noteB <ri'ary o&.ecti%e of /anadian health care (olicy 1+ $t is here&y declared that the (ri'ary o&.ecti%e of /anadian health care (olicy is to (rotect, (ro'ote and restore the (hysical and 'ental )ell-&eing of residents of /anada and to facilitate reasona&le access to health ser%ices )ithout financial or other &arriers+0 and d+ The /ri'inal /ode of /anada Mischief A10+ D1F *%ery one co''its 'ischief )ho )illfully

DaF destroys or da'ages (ro(erty0 D&F renders (ro(erty dangerous, useless, ino(erati%e or ineffecti%e0 DcF o&structs, interru(ts or interferes )ith the la)ful use, en.oy'ent or o(eration of (ro(erty0 or DdF o&structs, interru(ts or interferes )ith any (erson in the la)ful use, en.oy'ent or o(eration of (ro(erty+ Marginal noteB<unish'ent D2F *%ery one )ho co''its 'ischief that causes actual danger to life is guilty of an indicta&le offence and lia&le to i'(rison'ent for life+ Marginal noteB<unish'ent D1F *%ery one )ho co''its 'ischief in relation to (ro(erty that is a testa'entary instru'ent or the %alue of )hich e5ceeds fi%e thousand dollars DaF is guilty of an indicta&le offence and lia&le to i'(rison'ent for a ter' not e5ceeding ten years0 or D&F is guilty of an offence (unisha&le on su''ary con%iction+ Are there any 'oreEEE++++does the /harter of 7ights a((lies to usPand if it does OT+++)e are in e%en &igger trou&le than )e thoughtT
ToB .gerretsen+'((+coOli&eral+ola+org0 attorneygeneralOontario+ca //B 2athleen+)ynneOontario+ca0 (re'ierOontario+ca0 ti'+huda2coO(c+ola+org0 ahor)ath8(Ond(+on+ca0 christine+elliottO(c+ola+org0 ta&uns(-8(Ond(+on+ca0 .schein-8(Ond(+on+ca0 'ichael+harris8(O(c+ola+org0 dean+allison+'1O(arl+gc+ca0 lisa+tho'(soncoO(c+ola+org0 'inister+'oeOontario+ca0 &chiarelli+'((+coOli&eral+ola+org0 )rite2usOontario+ca0 infoline+'ohOontario+ca0 d'atthe)s+'((Oli&eral+ola+org0 co''issionerOeco+on+ca

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