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Information Technology

Test #1A 2013 Grade 11

Duration: 60 Minutes

Read the following instructions carefully.

1. This test is consists of 60 items. You will have 60 minutes to answer them. 2. Each item in this test has four suggested answers lettered a, b, c, d. Read each item you are about to answer and decide which is the best. . !n the "uestion #a#er, circle the letter that corres#onds with the answer of your choice. $. %ill in the re"uired information on the lines below&

Name: ________________________________________________________ Teacher: ______________________________________________________ Date: __________________________________ Group: ________________


une !0"0 #$aper 0"%



~3~ 'hich of the following devices is used to #erform in#ut into the com#uter( a) b) c) d) *onitor *ouse E+ternal hard drive ,-. flash drive 5. 6dentify the list that is arranged starting from the .E-T to '!R-T #rint "uality. a) b) c) d) 7aser, dot matri+, in08et 6n08et, don matri+, laser 7aser, in08et, dot matri+ 9ot matri+, in08et, laser

1. 'hich of the following is /!T a #art of a dis0ette( a) b) c) d) Trac0 -ector 1ylinder 1luster

6. 'hich of the following is /!T an audio out#ut device( a) b) c) d) *icro#hone Ear#hone :ead#hone -#ea0ers

2. 2 dis0ette is divided into a number of concentric circles called a) b) c) d) sectors cylinders trac0s clusters

;. The one<s com#lement of 01010011 is a) b) c) d) 11010011 01011111 10101100 11111111

. 'hich of the following devices is /!T used in #oint of sales terminals( a) b) c) d) 3rinter 3lotter .ar code reader Electronic register

=. 6n modern #ersonal com#uter, the 13, s#eed is measured in a) b) c) d) /anoseconds *illiseconds *:4 >:4

?. The storage ca#acity of a flo##y dis0 is $. Resolution determines the clarity of the image dis#layed on a monitor. The term resolution refers to the number of #i+els a) b) c) d) #resent hori4ontal on the screen #resent vertically on the screen #resent in a unit area of the screen that ma0es u# the colour a) b) c) d) 1.$$*. 1.$$>. 1$$0@. 1$$0*.

10. The #rocess of #re#aring a flo##y dis0 to store data from a com#uter is called a) b) c) d) deleting easing formatting archiving



11. 2n e+am#le of a #oint and draw device is a a) b) c) d) 0eyboard 8oystic0 mouse scanner

1;. 2 new em#loyee at a financial com#any has been as0ed to set a #assword on her com#uter. -he has tried setting the #assword on several occasions but gets an error message which says C#assword not effectiveD. The #roblem can be corrected by entering a #assword that is a) made u# of several numbers b) a relative<s name c) com#osed of at least si+ u##er case characters d) a mi+ture of mi+ed case and al#hanumeric characters 1=. Transferring data from a remote com#uter to your com#uter is referred to as a) b) c) d) u#load browsing downloading data mining

12. 2n a##lication in which scanners are commonly used is a) b) c) d) #ublishing billing #rinting re#ort che"ue #rocessing

1 . 'hich of the following does /!T #rovide serial access( a) b) c) d) Reel to reel ta#e *icrofilm *icrofiche 1artridge ta#e

1$. 'hich of the following #rovides transmission of data in .!T: directions at the -2*E time( a) b) c) d) :alf 9u#le+ %ull 9u#le+ /ull 9u#le+ -im#le+

1?. -crambling of messages at the sending end and unscrambling them at the receiving end is called a) b) c) d) es#ionage encry#tion coding eavesdro##ing

20. The acronym B:TT3< stands for 15. 6n the ,R7 htt#&AAwww.shoes.com, Bshoes.com< stands for the a) b) c) d) e+tension com#any name domain name internet com#any a) b) c) d) :y#er Te+t Transfer 3rotocol :y#er Te+t Transmission 3rotocol :igher Te+t Transmission 3rotocol :igher Te+t Transfer 3rotocol

21. EEmail is the transmission of message and files via com#uter networ0. EEmail is short for a) b) c) d) Encry#ted mail Emerging mail Entertainment mail Electronic mail

16. >oogle is an e+am#le of a) b) c) d) the 6nternet E+#lorer a 'eb browser a search engine the 'orld 'ide 'eb


~5~ d) reduction of faceEtoEface interaction 25. 'hich of the following statements is true of a transaction file( a) b) c) d) 22. 6n an eEmail #rogram the icon above is used to a) b) c) d) send a file forward a file create a file attach a file 6t is the most com#lete and u#EtoEdate file 6t is used as a bac0Eu# co#y 6t is used for realEtime #rocessing 6t is used to u#date the master file

&tem !' refers to the icon below

26. 'hich ty#e of #rocessing system will use se"uential file organi4ation( a) b) c) d) RealEtime #rocessing .atch #rocessing Transaction #rocessing !nline #rocessing

2 . 'hich of the following is /E6T:ER a validation /!R a verification chec0( a) b) c) d) -torage media chec0 6nconsistency chec0 9ataEty#e chec0 Range chec0

2;. 9ata verification is chec0ing for a) b) c) d) #articular data ty#es data in a s#ecific range transcri#tion errors correct relationshi#s between files

2$. 2dvantages of information #rocessing include a) retraining of staff b) less human intervention c) increase the amount of e"ui#ment needed


~6~ &tems !( ) '0 refer to the document below which shows a water bill. -ection 2 2ccount /umber .ill 9ate 111222E 200?A12A0$ T!T27 92TE 9,E F25.$1 200?A12A2? *r. Tom .ill 21 :ill To# Giew -T. *61:2E7 .. 3ost che"ue to& 3! .o+ 1206 .ridgetown

2ccount /umber

*eter /umber

.ill 9ate

2=. 1ustomers tear off -ection 2 of the bill and return the section and their #ayment to the com#any. The document above is .E-T described as

2?. 'hich ty#e of technology is the information shown as . in the document *!-T li0ely #rinted in( a) b) c) d) !1R !*R 3!*61R

a) an automated document b) a turnaround document c) a source document d) transaction document HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 0. -lide design in a #resentation software is used to a) b) c) d) create a bac0ground for the slide create your own design for the slide create a layout for the slide create a style for a slide 1. 'hich of the following are uses of a ty#ical #resentation software( 6. 66. 666. 6G. a) b) c) d) To enhance #ublic s#ea0ing To store records in a structural fashion To create gra#hs of sales To deliver lectures 6 and 66 only 6 and 6G only 1, 66 and 6G only 6, 66, 666 and 6G


~7~ &tems '' ) '* refer to the diagram below which shows a section of the -tandard Toolbar of a word #rocessing #ac0age.

2. The name of the icon labeled 1 is a) b) c) d) undo re#eat word wra# te+t alignment

. The #ur#ose of the icon labeled 2 is to

a) align te+t on the left and right margin b) increase the indentation of the selected #aragra#hIs) c) increase column in documents d) dis#lay the grid to select columns and rows HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH &tem '+ refers to the diagram shown below. 5. The term used to describe te+t in a s#readsheet that is aligned towards left by default is a) b) c) d) value formulate headings labels values

6. 'hich of the following is the default 8ustification of numbers in s#readsheets( a) b) c) d) 7eft %ull 1enter Right

;. 'hen a cell from a s#readsheet is absolute referenced, $. The diagram above is called the a) b) c) d) #age setu# dialog bo+ #aragra#h dialog bo+ cli#board tas0 #lane format dialog bo+ a) b) c) d) its value become constant its cell address becomes constant its label becomes constant its cell value changes automatically


~8~ c) 666 and 6G only d) 6, 66, 666 and 6G =. -#readsheet formulae use a) values, labels or cell addresses b) values, mathematical o#erators or cell addresses c) labels or cell addresses d) values or cell addresses ?. 'hich of the following is /!T involved in e+traction or filtering of records in s#readsheet( a) b) c) d) Galues range 1riteria range 7ist range 1o#y to range $ . The ob8ect that is used to #roduce a list of records that meet a #articular criterion is a a) b) c) d) form table module "uery

$$. 6n a relational database, tables are also called a) b) c) d) tu#les files relations entity

$0. 'hich of the following characteristics must two database tables have in order for them to be lin0ed( a) b) c) d) 2t least on common attribute name 1om#osite 0eys 2t least two tu#les in the table The same data in all tu#les

$5. 1onsider the following algorithm 2J; .J? 2J.K2 .J2L. 'rite 2, . The out#ut of this algorithm is

$1. The term used to describe an attribute that can function li0e a #rimary 0ey is a a) b) c) d) candidate 0ey secondary 0ey foreign 0ey com#osite 0ey

a) b) c) d)

2, ? 2, 11 ;, ? ;, 11

$6. 1onsider the following algorithm -um M 0 Read a, b -um M a L b 'rite -um 6n the above algorithm, Bsum M 0< re#resents a) b) c) d) a declaration a com#utation an initiali4ation an assignment GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE

$2. 'hich of the following isAare true of secondary 0eys( 6. 66. 666. 6G. They are used strictly for data retrieval #ur#oses. They are always in te+t form. They do not contain null values. They do the same function as a foreign 0ey

a) 1 only b) 66 and 666 only


$;. 6n the #rogramming language 3ascal, which of the following is /!T a standard data ty#e( a) b) c) d) %loating #oint 1har .oolean 6nteger

51. 'hich of the following are true about the use of indentation in #rogramming( 6. 66. 666. 6G. a) b) c) d) To ma0e the layout of the code attractive %or com#ilerAinter#reter to identify errors easily %or easy understanding of the order of code %or easy correction of synta+ errors 6, 66 and 666 only 6, 666 and 6G only 66, 666 and 6G only 6, 66, 666 and 6G

$=. 'hich of the following structures is most commonly used to im#lement a #ostEtest loo# in 3ascal( a) b) c) d) %or K do 'hile K do 6f K then Re#eat K until

52. 'hich of the following is /!T a thirdE generation language( a) b) c) d) 2ssembly 1!.!7 1 32-127

$?. 'hich of the following statements would be #laced in the flowchart bo+ shown below( a) b) c) d) Read 2 2 N 25 1ount M count L 1 !ut#ut 1

5 . The 3ascal code var x, y would generate an error. The term used to describe this ty#e of error is a) b) c) d) run time error e+ecution error logical error synta+ error

50. The #ur#ose of comments in #rogram code is to 6. 66. 666. a) b) c) d) allow #ersons who read it to follow the #rocesses 0now the #ur#ose of the #rogram generate code 6 and 66 only 6 and 666 only 66 and 666 only 6, 66 and 666


&tem ++ refers to the following #seudocode Read 2, . 6f 2 O 2 1M2 Else 1M6 Endif 9M1P.L2 'rite 9 5$. 'hat is #rinted by the #seudocode if the in#ut values are 5 and 2 res#ectively( a) b) c) d) 6 12 1$ 2$

5;. 'hich of the following symbols is used to #erform assignments in the #rogramming language 3ascal( a) b) c) d) J M &J JJ

5=. The variable total is assigned the value 12. 'hich out#ut shows the 1!RRE1T dis#lay when the 3ascal code writelnIBtotal J <)Q is e+ecuted( a) b) c) d) total J 12 total J 12 Btotal J <

55. 2 com#iler is software that converts the a) b) c) d) source code to assembly code source code to machine code #rogram to out#ut #rogram to ob8ect code one instructions at a time

5?. 'hich of the following identifiers is a valid variable name( a) b) c) d) .egin i1ount /umE1 5-um

56. The result of the e+#ression 3 mod 4 is a) b) c) d) 0 1 2 $