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*** What Is Where? for score C:\Users\Joel\Documents\Scores\io v'amo vita mia tr anskription.

sib *** System Text Items That Do Not Affect Playback: (There may be problems with multirests splitting in parts if these are not all attached to bar 1.) bar bar bar 1 contains Header (after first page): '\$HEADERPARTNAME\' 1 contains Composer: 'Vittoria Aleotti' 1 contains Title: 'Io v amo vita mia'

*** Totals for System Text Items That Do Not Affect Playback: 3 Metronome Marks, System Text, and System Lines: bar bar bar bar 1 1 39 44 contains contains contains contains Metronome mark: Instrument name Metronome mark: Metronome mark: 'q = 132' at top left: '\$PARTNAME\' 'q=h.' 'h.=q'

*** Totals for Metronome Marks, System Text, and System Lines: 4 Bars containing Expression Text: * no expression text found *** Totals for Expression Text: 0 Bars containing Other Staff Text: * no other staff text found *** Totals for Other Staff Text: 0 Bars containing Staff Lines: * no staff lines found *** Totals for Staff Lines: 0 Time Signatures (system level and per staff) time signature: 4|4 was found at bar 1 time signature: 3|2 was found at bar 39 time signature: 4|4 was found at bar 44 *** Totals for Time Signatures: 3 Key Signatures (system level and per staff) F Major applies to start of bar 1

*** Totals for Key Signatures: 1 Clef Changes (may include original clef) clef: clef: clef: clef: Treble Treble Treble down 8 Bass applies applies applies applies to to to to start start start start of of of of bar bar bar bar 1 1 1 1 of of of of staff staff staff staff 1-Soprano 2-Alto 3-Tenor 4-Bass

*** Totals for Clefs: 4 Rehearsal Marks: * no rehearsal marks found *** Totals for Rehearsal Marks: 0 Bar Number Changes: (the bar number shown is the displayed bar number, followed, in parentheses, by the bar number that would display if there had been no bar number changes. ) * no bar number changes found. *** Totals for Bar Number Changes: 0 Instrument Changes: * no instrument changes found *** Totals for Instrument Changes: 0 Bars containing Graphics: * no graphics found *** Totals for Graphics: 0 Bars containing Symbols: * no symbols found *** Totals for Symbols: 0 symbols in 0 bars Bars containing Grace Notes: * no grace notes found *** Totals for Grace Notes: 0 grace note(s) in 0 bar(s) Bars containing Tuplets: * no tuplets found *** Totals for Tuplets: 0 tuplet(s) in 0 bar(s) Grand Totals Selection includes bars 1 through and including 85 (entire score) 4 staves in selection 340 total bars in all staves of selection 4250 total bars processed (in multiple passes) 3 4 0 0 non-playing system text object(s) playing system text object(s) or line(s) expression text object(s) other staff text object(s)

0 3 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

staff line object(s) time signature(s) (may include implied time signature in bar 1) key signature(s)(may include implied key signature in bar 1) clef changes(s)(may include original clef in bar 1) rehearsal mark(s) bar number change(s) instrument change(s) graphics object(s) symbol(s) bar(s) containing grace notes bar(s) containing tuplets