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March 14, 2014 Director of Admission University of Bonn Department of Economics Adenauer Allee 24-42 53113 Bonn Germany

Dear Sir, This letter is connection with the admission application of Md. Sahriar Nafiz to your MSC Economics program at the University of Bonn. Md. Nafiz has completed of the course requirements for our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. His major course of study was in Finance. He has earned a minor in Accounting and is now engaged in the completion of an internship assignment. I have known Md. Nafiz as an undergraduate for the past three years; and have had him in two of my classes (Entrepreneurship Development and Strategic Planning and Management).He did extremely well in both classes; having earned top marks. Md. Nafiz has earned a reputation for being a serious and determined student during his time at NUB, having earned an overall, cumulative grade point average of 3.714 on a scale of 4.000. If I were on your admission committee, I would want to give students like Md. Sahriar Nafiz very serious consideration. In a global context, students like him represent the top one or two percent of the available selection pool. In order to be a top students in a setting like Bangladesh, Md. Nafiz has had to face and overcome many challenges and barriers that applicants from more privileged environments are not required to deal with. He like all the students of our university has had to face, on a daily basis, risks to his health, safety, housing and financial security. In spite of these difficulties (routine in this setting) he has managed to earn an excellent academic result. I should add that the medium of instruction and examination at NUB is English. According, He has been able to grasp the essential knowledge taught in English. I am very pleased to recommend, without reservation, Md. Sahriar Nafiz for admission to your institute. If can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to call upon me. Sincerely,

William H. Derrenger Professor and Associate Dean Faculty of Business Northern University Bangladesh
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