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Citizens Band Radio

Citizens band radio is a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals on a selection of 40 channels within the 27-MHz (11 m band! "n many countries# $% o&eration does not re'uire a license# and (unli(e )mateur *adio it may be used for business or &ersonal communications! +i(e many other two-way radio services# $itizens band channels are shared by many users! ,nly one station may transmit at a time- other stations must listen and wait for the shared channel to be available!

.he citizens band radio service ori/inated in the 0nited 1tates as one of several &ersonal radio services re/ulated by the 2ederal $ommunications $ommission (2$$ ! .hese services be/an in 1344 to &ermit citizens a radio band for &ersonal communication (e!/!# radio-controlled model air&lanes and family and business communications ! "n 1345# the ori/inal $% *adios were desi/ned for o&eration on the 4606470 Me/acycle 0H2 band!

Citizens Band Antenna Company

Q. 1 SWOT analysis
) 17,. analysis is a structured &lannin/ method used to evaluate the stren/ths# wea(nesses# o&&ortunities# and threats involved in a &ro8ect or in a business venture! ) 17,. analysis can be carried out for a &roduct# &lace# industry or &erson! "t involves s&ecifyin/ the ob8ective of the business venture or &ro8ect and identifyin/ the internal and e9ternal factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achievin/ that ob8ective! The SWOT analysis of Citizens Band Antenna Company: Strength: - ,ri/inal contribution of e'uity ca&ital by family member - Manufacturin/ modern antenna - Manufacturin/ various ty&es of antennas - 0sin/ mar(etable securities for tem&orary investments

Weakness: - 2orcin/ to curtail some fi9ed asset! Citizens Band Antenna Company

+ower &ower communication )mateur radio do not wor( well in other a&&lications

Opportunity: )ddin/ e9tra wor(ers 1chedulin/ a second &roduction shift :urchasin/ some new e'ui&ment "ncreasin/ inventories )&&lyin/ e9ecutives mana/er for increasin/ sales and &rofit

Threat: - 2amily owned com&any - $ash amount dan/erously low level ;li'uidity crisis - "ncreasin/ liabilities

Q. 2

What are the potential management face

challenges in the mar et! "o# can o$ercome this!

There is some important challenge that faces Citizens Band %ntenna Company& gi$en 'elo#( 1! +i'uidity crisis< .he li'uidity crisis is one of the most im&ortant challen/es for the com&any! "n the year of 1374 and 1376 the com&any face hi/hly li'uidity &roblem!

2! "ncreasin/ liabilities< when firm face li'uidity &roblem and shorta/e of fundin/ then firm forced to borrowin/ fund from fund! %y this way increasin/ liability of the year 1374 and 1376!

Citizens Band Antenna Company

=! $urtail fi9ed assets< curtail of fi9ed assets is another challen/es of this firm! 7hen the firm e9&erience fundin/ shorta/e then curtail the fi9ed assets ac'uisition &lan!

4! +ower &ower communication< the $itizens> %and )ntenna $om&any &rovide low &ower communication! "t is a set of radio fre'uency near 27 me/ahertz!

4! )mateur radio does not wor( well in other a&&lications!

6! 2amily own com&any< it is a family own com&any! )nd most of the fund is come from the family member! 1o that the fund of the firm is com&aratively lower than any other com&any! "t also has declinin/ &ossibilities hi/h!

)n the flo#ing #ay the Citizens Band %ntenna Company can o$ercomes the challenge #hich comes from mar et( 1! $ontrollin/ overtime wor( and administrative e9&enses closely! 2! ?9&andin/ (e&t sales! =! %orrowin/ lon/-term debt because ris( is low! 4! :ost&onin/ &urchase of fi9ed asset!

Citizens Band Antenna Company

4! $uttin/ the firm>s dividend &ayout rate! 6! "m&lementin/ a &olicy of delayin/ &ayments to trade su&&liers beyond the su&&liers> stated terms of sales! 7! "ncrease the li'uidly of the firm! 5! "m&rove the connection a&&lication and &rovidin/ hi/h &ower communication system!

Q. *

The performance of #or ing capital and the

impact o$erall performance of the Citizens Band %ntenna Company.

Current Assets of Citizens Band Antenna Company.

Title of Assets $ash Mar(etable 1ecurities )ccount *eceivable "nventory ,ther $urrent )ssets Total Current Assets 12 !1 1"#$ @144 174 275 244 25 $880 12 !1 1"#% @154 0 403 401 =6 $1,031 12 !1 1"#& @7= 0 455 472 43 $1,282

Current 'iabilities of Citizens Band Antenna Company.

Title of 'iabilities )ccount &ayable )ccrued 7a/es ,thers )ccruals 1hort .erm Aotes Bue $urrent :ortion- +!.!B 12 !1 1"#$ @52 52 74 0 40 12 !1 1"#% @105 105 35 140 60 12 !1 1"#& @==7 1=3 115 =00 70

Citizens Band Antenna Company

.otal $urrent +iabilities




.o determine the &erformance of wor(in/ ca&ital of $itizens> %and )ntenna $om&any# at first we need to Aet wor(in/ ca&ital of the com&any in the years of 1374# 1374 and 1376! .he wor(in/ ca&ital is calculated as<


(.housands of dollars 1374 1374 1376 ( 592 (507 ( 318 ( 880 ( 1031 ( 1282 ( 288 ( 524 ( 318

Recommendation( "ncreasin/ in investment of wor(in/ ca&ital of the firm durin/ the time &eriod of 1374 to 1376! .he &ortfolio of mar(etable securities used as tem&orary investments when the firm had sur&lus funds and instead funded seasonal variation in assets by borrowin/ of short term credit from firm>s ban(! .he firm also curtails some fi9ed assets for the shorta/es of fund!

.he #or ing capital ratio indicates whether the com&any has enou/h short term assets to cover its short term debt! )nythin/ below 1 indicates ne/ative 7;$ (wor(in/ ca&ital ! 7hile anythin/ over 2 means that the com&any is not investin/ e9cess assets! Most believe that a ratio between 1!2 and 2!0 is sufficient!
Cear (.housands of dollars 1374 1374 1376 !.)& 1."# 1.!! @ 500 @ 10=1 @ 1252 @ 255 @ 424 @ 364

Citizens Band Antenna Company

Recommendation( 2rom the scenario of wor(in/ ca&ital ratio of $itizen>s %and )ntenna $om&any is &ositive and it also show that in 1374 the firm invest low amount of assets but in the year of 1374 and 1376 is normal amount! .he "m&act of wor(in/ ca&ital in overall &erformance of the $itizen>s %and )ntenna $om&any is seemin/ly /ood situation but not actually in /ood situation! %ecause they are involved in hu/e liabilities com&are to 1374 with 1374 and 1376! .hou/h the firm increase in sales 65!4D and increase in &rofit 72!4D! "n the situation# if the firm had one more year of this sort of success# it would end u& in ban(ru&tcy court!

Con*lusion: The $itizen>s %and ($% is a set of radio fre'uencies with low-&ower
commutation radio s&ectrum aside in 0nited 1tate! .hou/h the firm e9&erience some odd situation but the com&any always try to im&rove their wea(ens for build u& the firm in financially health!

Citizens Band Antenna Company