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Flashpoint Medica 2013 Manny Awards Profile


Not to be outdone by previous successes, Flashpoint Medica set out to make further strides in 2013. A third consecutive year of double-digit growth, 4 new AOR clients with significant organic growth, and a pawful of creative awards Flashpoint continues to demonstrate why were one of the best of breed in healthcare communications.

Destined for digital

Staying true to our vision of being a premier digitally engaged creative agency, Flashpoint won the digital AOR business for Novartis Tasigna, an oral therapy for chronic myeloid leukemia, and Entrotech Life Sciences new line of medical surgical products. Through the collective know-how of Flashpoints digital, creative, medical, and strategy teams, the agencys ever-growing digital catalog builds on our successes.

Double-digit growth, take 3

For the past 3 years, Flashpoint has chased down and fetched back impressive new business wins. This year was no exception, achieving a XX% increase by years end. In addition to the agencys two digital AOR wins, Flashpoint also proudly captured AOR victories for two exciting global product launches: For Takedas diabetes agent fasiglifam, a novel GPR40 agonist, we embraced a truly global effort, providing service offerings in New York, Chicago, and Tokyo; and for

MEDA Pharmaceuticals Aerospan, we are currently launching an inhaled corticosteroid asthma therapy that offers a unique built-in spacer.

And clients who already know us continue to show their confidence in our abilities by providing new opportunities on their brands: Genentech Flashpoint helped launch a new indication for Tarceva as the first treatment approved for EGFR mutation in non-small cell lung cancer. This milestone in oncology marks the emerging era of personalized medicine and the importance of biomarker testing in identifying appropriate patients. Gilead We unveiled a new unbranded KOL-based multichannel educational initiative for their HIV franchise. The program focused on helping physicians better understand the immunological implications of HIV on different body systems. Novartis As part of our A-TEAM agency collaboration, Flashpoint designed a multichannel, interactive program providing nurse education on the use of Afinitor in patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Were going to need a bigger shelf

Riding the wave of an award-winning 2012, Flashpoint took home another 15 creative awards this year. For an agency of its size, Flashpoint truly distinguishes itself from the pack. A year of achievements inside and out

Amid the new business wins and growth from current clients, Flashpoint also focused in 2013 on its culture of collaboration and ongoing staff training. Welcoming 35 new employees and taking over another floor in our building (now

at 3), Flashpoint honed in on developing our skills across multiple disciplines. Through a new internal training program known as 158U, the agency continually rolls out a series of educational workshops and best practices seminars to keep staffers at the top of their game. In the midst of a scorching July, Flashpoint also kicked off Flashquest, a digital scavenger hunt in Times Square, where the entire staff searched for digital platforms that made the best use of social and mobile engagement.

Along with expanding expertise, Flashpoint is expanding its borders by opening a satellite office in San Francisco to serve a growing roster of West Coast clients, including Genentech, Gilead, and Crescendo Bioscience.

Through her work with the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame, CEO and managing partner Charlene Prounis played a pivotal role this past year as a board member and chair of the popular Young Executives Night Out Educational Seminar, the Future Famers Award, and the Future Famer/Hall of Famer Mentoring Breakfast.

Creative bark with a strategic bite

Embodying the essence of Flash, our beloved canine mascot, we take a smart, energetic and enthusiastic approach to multichannel healthcare communications. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for exceptional client service, Flashpoint offers large and medium-sized clients a range of services typically found in larger agencies, accompanied by the personal attention expected of a smaller agency.

From fetching great creative, digging deeper for strategic insights, or unleashing the potential of the evolving digital landscape, Flashpoint takes on any challenge with the go-getter attitude of a brands best friend.

(Captions for creative) (Vectra DA case histories) Flashpoint created an immersive interactive tool for use at conventions that demonstrates the utility of Vectra DA a diagnostic for rheumatoid arthritis disease activity -- in resolving clinical dilemmas physicians commonly encounter.

(Does walking difficulty really start here?) This unbranded disease awareness campaign created for Acorda Therapeutics urges physicians to recognize the impact that early walking difficulty can have on people with multiple sclerosis.

(LifeBank USA) To educate future parents about LifeBankUSAs cord and placenta blood banking, we developed a Facebook presence that encouraged involvement. We maintained editorial calendars for weekly postings and our on-site community manager ensured all comments were addressed.

(Flash Self-promotion) To create a self-promotion campaign that describes our capabilities as well as our unique personality, we employed a Jack Russell terrier, a breed known for its intelligence, curiosity, friendliness, and energy. Flash is a memorable and engaging symbol of everything Flashpoint would like to be known for.