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The Iowa Board of Regents Office and the Iowa Department of Education (IDE) have partnered together to provide

each Iowa high school with a list of their respective courses that are acceptable toward the Regent Admission Index (RAI). Attached is an RAI Core Course List document for your high school which is based on the 2012-2013 Winter data your school submitted to the IDE. Your school will receive an updated PDF version of your schools RAI Core Course List in mid-August of each year. The courses listed in this document will be based on the SRI data that your school submitted to the IDE the previous winter. The Iowa Regent universities encourage you to circulate this list widely, including placing it on your schools website so that your students, parents and staff will all have a clear understanding as to which of your schools courses will count toward the RAI. We hope this document will be especially helpful as your students register for their courses. Remember, whether a course counts toward the RAI is determined completely by the SCED code that your school assigns to the course when you submit your data to the IDE. A table of the SCED codes which are acceptable toward the RAI can be found on the Board of Regents website at www.regents.iowa.gov/RAI/SCED.pdf. For your reference, and to aid you with future edits, we are also attaching an administrative file which contains the 20122013 Winter data your school submitted. For schools that may have assigned improper SCED codes to their courses, a second file is attached which lists those courses in question. The BOR will conduct periodic reviews to ensure that assigned SCED codes match high school course descriptions. If you wish to request that a change be made to your schools RAI Core Course List, please make your revisions on a hard copy and send it to Phil Caffrey by email (pbcaffr@iastate.edu) or by fax (515 294-6106). For each course you wish to add to your document, please be sure to include your schools local course number as well as the SCED code that your school has assigned to the course. Contact persons for this project: Board of Regents, State of Iowa: Iowa Department of Education: Iowa State University: Diana Gonzalez, gonzalez@iastate.edu, 515 242-6116 Jason Pontius, jpontius@iastate.edu, 515 281-3331 Carla Schimelfenig, carla.schimelfenig@iowa.gov, 515 281-3111 Phil Caffrey, pbcaffr@iastate.edu, 515 294-0817

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ Freshman Admission requirements to Iowa Regent Universities

Admission of freshmen who wish to enroll at any of the Iowa Regent universities is based on the Regent Admission Index (RAI) equation described below. In addition, applicants must meet the minimum high school course requirements for the university they wish to enter. (2 x ACT composite score) + (1 x percentile high school rank) + (20 x high school GPA) + (5 x number of years of high school core courses) Regent Admission Index
Note: For purposes of calculating the RAI, SAT scores will be converted to ACT composite equivalents, 99% is the top value for class rank, 4.00 is the top value for GPA, and the number of high school core courses completed is expressed in terms of years or fractions of years (e.g., one semester equals 0.5 year). Applicants who do not possess all required factors will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Regent universities to which they apply.

Freshman applicants from Iowa high schools who achieve at least a 245 RAI score and who meet the minimum number of high school courses required by the Regent universities will qualify for automatic admission to any of the three Regent universities. Freshman applicants who achieve less than a 245 RAI score may also be admitted to a specific Regent university; however, each Regent university will review these applications on an individual basis and the admission decision will be specific to each institution.