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To Mr. Chair, the judges, Mr. Adjudicator, to my able colleagues, and to my contemptible opponents, good morning/afternoon to you all!

I, as the very last but not the least spea er of the negative side, !ill be arguing !hy the very useful Cyber crime "revention Act of #$%# or &epublic Act 'o. %$%() should '*T be abolished. The focus of my argument !ill be on practicability. +ust to be clear to everyone, this act is currently a la! already in the "hilippines, !hich means to say that our very o!n "resident Mr. 'oynoy A,uino himself has already signed this and declared this as a la!. 'eedless to say this Act is considered beneficial to our country and, not to mention, to us -ilipinos, including you guys. .o !hy should !e ta e out something that is actually very useful to us. Its ridiculous. Its li e saying that the school should fire Mr. +oselito +avier a a A".A just because !e don/t get to do all the mischief !e !ant to do. Its li e saying that the school should fire Mrs. 0iosa &amos a a the higher level coordinator just because !e have to get a haircut every month !hen !e all no! that Mrs. &amos has been in this great school for more than 1$ years and she is arguably the best teacher in here. It/s li e saying that the school should fire Mr. 2milio Carpio just because he li es to ma e fun of his students3 in a nice !ay of course. 4hy should !e !aste time trying to abolish this la! !hen our country has bigger problems to face such as poverty, hunger, corruption, global !arming, pollution, overpopulation, health concerns, and other problems. Its ridiculous -or my arguments, I !ould li e to argue that first, it is impractical to abolish the la! because it addresses a crime that is very rampant in the country no!adays, Cyber "rostitution, !hich does not have any specific la! aside from the Cyber Crime that provides for measures of punishing it. .econd, it is impractical to abolish the la! since today/s trend of computerization allo!s opponents of the government to use computers for personal purpose, hence, causes more chaos in the country li e !hat happened in 2urope. 'o!, on to my first point Mr. Chair. Cyber crime is a crime in general, and it is composed of several offenses namely cybers,uatting, cyberse5, child porno, identity theft, illegal access to data, and libel. 6ut, I !ould li e to give emphasis to the most famous and most interesting offense of all, cyber .27. 8et/s tal about Cyber se5. Cyber se5, also called computer se5, netse5, mudse5, Tiny.e5, .*", .*T, and, collo,uially, cybering or converse5, is a virtual se5 encounter in !hich t!o or more persons connected remotely via computer net!or send each other se5ually e5plicit messages describing se5ual e5periences, or in short, fantasy se5. Cyber se5 is no! considered illegal because of this la!. The la! describes cyberse5 as 9the !illful engagement, maintenance control, or operation, directly or indirectly, or any lascivious e5hibition of se5ual organs or se5ual activity, !ith the aid of a computer system, for favour or consideration:. In short, masturbation is done !ith the help of a computer through !ebcams !hich sho! !omen performing se5 acts on !ebcams for money. This has to be stopped! 'umerous !omen and under;age girls are being forced against their !ill. Its not far from prostitution, and prostitution is considered illegal. Therefore Mr. Chair and the members of this house, the Cybercrime la! should not be abolished so as to stop such crimes. Its already good as it is, !hy prevent it< I !ould li e to share to you an incident that happened in =osovo, a region in southeastern 2urope. >ac ers made a propaganda in the cyberspace, causing chaos in the government and the citi?ens of =osovo. The hac ers also tried to ta e over or bloc 4eb servers around the !orld. 6ecause of this, the 4hite >ouse had shut do!n !!!.!hitehouse.gov for three days because of security concerns stemming from a non;stop denial;of;service attac . Therefore Mr. Chair, if it

happened in =osovo, it can happen to the "hilippines, that is !hy abolishing the Cybercrime prevention act !ould mean giving opportunities to hac ers so they can cause harm not only in individuals, but also chaos and in a !hole nation. 4e stand firm to !hat !e believe in and !e !ill fight for !hat is right. 4ith that, I end my speech. @6**MA