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Sketchbooks A2 Film & Sequence Analysis Art


Introduction: Choose a film that you have watched during the course or in
your own time, whose techniques relate to your personal film project. (The clip
must be available online). Take stills from at least a minutes worth of the film
and create a scene analysis of the section. When looking at the film think about
some of the areas we have covered.

 Rhythm of the editing (This can include structure and flicker)

 The relationship between the images in the shots (These can be;
intellectual - as in Montage where two shots combined create a third
meaning, graphic – as in the relationship between colours and shapes,
Continuous- as in narrative continuity editing).

 Texture and Surface – Does the film-maker ask us to reflect on how we

view the surface of the screen itself?

 Self-Reflexive – Does the film-maker reflect on the mechanics of film by

being anti-illusionist – showing sprocket holes, film leader,

 Fragmented Narratives – Is narrative continuous or fragmented in some

way. Does the film deliberately have no narrative?

 Use of Collage or found materials- Is there a political or subversive

message to the film?


1st paragraph: THE FILM -- in this paragraph, you must · identify the title of the
movie, the director, and the year it was made · summarize the narrative or
concept of the film in a few sentences.



In re-edited and looped footage from a Hollywood narrative film ‘Absence of Malice’ we
see a woman (Sally Field) screaming at something unseen off camera. Further scenes
of the film are seen including shots of a man (Paul Newman) and the woman eating on
a boat. We hear pieces of dialogue ‘What do you call this?’ and ‘Salad’. These scenes
are scratched and repeated disrupting the narrative flow of the original film. Following
scenes from the film are also rhythmically intercut with shots of a helicopter in which

the diegetic sounds within the film merge with the non-diegetic rock soundtrack that
Barber has added.

Clip URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4XvPa4qFIM

A shot of a woman in a Shots of a motor boat are repeated showing the boat
car who screams and turns approaching from different angles. An orange filter
away from something off- appears over the image occasionally
screen is repeated.

A close up of a plate of The combined shots that traditionally make up a scene

food changes our position in continuity editing (LS, MS CU) are fragmented
to the space on the boat and looped discontinuously. Pieces of dialogue are
heard and become rhythmical samples.

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