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There’s no one thing that constitutes fitness. People who get fit - and stay fit – do tons of little things to achieve and maintain their healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about exercise. It’s not just about eating right. It’s not just about sleep, stress or sex. It’s all about everything.

This sounds like a lot, right? Well, it is – but here’s another truth: Achieving overall health and fitness can boil down to 2 main components: Dedication and education.

People who achieve their goals arm themselves with a battalion of information – and they understand that knowledge is limitless. There’s always something new to learn. If you can get this, you can get anywhere you want to go.

That’s where this book comes in. We’ve spent decades studying health and fitness, and this book serves as a comprehensive compilation of the very best fitness strategies and tips we can give you to date. They’ve worked for us, and we’re confident they’ll work for you too. Just make the commitment to read the book, and then make the commitment to implement change. It all starts with this small step, and it all starts now.

A Guaranteed Recipe for Success

One of the reasons these tips work is because they’re founded in tried and true psychology. Abraham Maslow, a renowned and revered American psychologist, studied some of the most inspirational people of his time and came up with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - a paradigm and recipe for success. It is still used as an exemplary source of motivation and education today in fields ranging from sociology, to sports psychology to management training.

Introduction There’s no one thing that constitutes fitness. People who get fit - and stay fit

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

While you could perhaps argue about the order of the hierarchy, you’d be hard pressed to debate the importance of Maslow’s criteria. It’s for this reason we’ve placed our strategies within his framework.

While you could perhaps argue about the order of the hierarchy, you’d be hard pressed to

“Don't be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that

much stronger." -Dale Carnegie.


Breathe ...



Breathing is one of our most underrated innate actions, and yet it is one of the most important. Aside from providing oxygen to our body and actually allowing us to live, it is also one of the fastest and most effective forms of stress relief – and stress is one of the leading causes of not only weight gain, but also of chronic diseases like heart disease.

Deep breathing has a calming effect on your nervous system. Slow, mindful breathing stimulates the hypothalamus, which is connected to your pituitary gland in your brain. Your pituitary gland then releases neurohormones, which in turn inhibits your stress producing hormones. The result? A calmer, healthier and more focused you.

Quick tip: To truly breathe deeply, make sure you sit up straight and place your hands just above your belly button so your fingers are touching. Inhale fully, deep into your belly. Your fingers should separate. Hold (2-5 seconds), and then exhale fully. Breathe deeply for at least 5 minutes to reap the full benefits of this relaxing exercise.


properly during your workout

Correct breathing is essential to any workout routine. It not only helps deliver oxygen to

your hard working muscles to fuel movement, but proper breathing will actually enhance your performance. Better performance means you use more energy and blast more fat.

When performing your HIIT workouts, you’re going to want to make sure you are taking full breaths in, and full breaths out – no short, jerky breathing! This can cause hyperventilation, and you could faint – and high intensity interval training isn’t effective if you’ve blacked out on the floor. If you are doing a weighted exercise, always EXHALE with EXERTION and INHALE during the easier part of the movement. For example, when performing a squat, inhale as you drop down, and exhale as you power up. (Remember to keep a soft bend in your knees and squeeze your glutes as you reach the top of the movement. As always, engage your abs!)

Eat ...

  • 3. what you love ... Deprivation diets don’t work. These days, that’s common knowledge. What is not commonly accepted is that you can and should eat what you love, and nothing less. You don’t have to eliminate an entire food group to shed weight, and you don’t have to buy into expensive supplements. We know that in a world awash with processed food, it can be hard to get back to basics, but basics are what work – and they’re amazing! There’s nothing as sweet as the first bite of a crunchy, juicy apple, or as deliciously comforting as a slice of homemade whole wheat bread. Reconnect with the healthy foods you love and enjoy every meal!

  • 4. more – and only focus on eating more ... There’s no limit to the power of positive thinking – and the power of protein. A recent study conducted in the Netherlands revealed that people who focused on eating more protein lost more weight over the course of a year than people who focused on eating less carbs. You don’t need to start buying shares in beef farms just yet; the people who lost weight only ate half a gram of protein per kilogram of body weight to get these slimming results.

4. more – and only focus on eating more ... There’s no limit to the power
  • 5. fat! It may sound counter-intuitive, but you have to eat fat to lose fat. The right fats will actually help you lose weight. Omega 3s are a particularly powerful ally in the battle against the bulge. You want about 30% of your daily fat intake to come from healthy fats, like fatty fish (sardines, salmon, trout), olive oil, almond or peanut butter and walnuts. Avocados are also a great, healthy fat. In fact, they are a mono-unsaturated fat, which means your body doesn’t usually store the fat as fat. Avocados also have mannoheptulose, a sugar that serves to curb insulin release while simultaneously increasing calcium absorption. Regulating blood sugar and getting a solid supply of calcium will both promote fat loss.


spicy foods ...

The capsaicin found in spicy red peppers is a chemical that not only revs your calorie burning at rest, but it has also been shown to reduce hunger. Capsaicin is especially powerful when used in combination with caffeine and/or exercise. Add some pepper flakes to your meals to boost your fat burn. You can even enjoy a square or two of chili dark chocolate as a delicious and gut busting treat. Try popping one in your mouth before your next HIIT workout.

  • 7. the real super fruits ... Apples and grapefruits are two of our favorite fruits, and they come packed with fat

6. spicy foods ... The capsaicin found in spicy red peppers is a chemical that not

blasting properties. Apples are a slow digesting source of carbohydrates, so they will help you train harder, longer. They’re also packed with antioxidants and apple polyphenols, which have been shown to enhance muscle strength, endurance and fat loss, particularly around your core.

Grapefruit has long been touted as a great aid for fat loss, but not everyone knows why. Grapefruit can reduce your insulin levels, which equals a more trim physique. Studies show people lost between 4 -10 lbs in 12 weeks just by eating half a grapefruit 3 times/day. The same results were achieved by drinking 8 oz of grapefruit juice 3 times daily.

  • 8. soulfully, and slowly ... People who eat slowly allow their bodies to register satiety, which results in eating less. In fact, it takes about 20 minutes for your mind to catch up to your stomach. Mindlessly shovelling food in your mouth will show up on your waistline, so next time you sit down to eat, think about what you are eating. Savour textures and tastes. Turn meal time into a time for reflection - not a time to feel deprivation, guilt or gluttony. Quick tip: When possible, sit down to eat as opposed to eating over the sink, on the go, in front of the computer or the TV. This will help you focus on eating. "Make it a dining experience,” says Dareld Morris, a Fort Myers, Florida weight loss doctor. Tell yourself, “I'm here to eat, this is what we're doing right now and that's it.” Don’t let yourself get distracted.

Hydrate ...

  • 9. to suit your needs ... Most of us know we need to drink at least 8 glasses (64 oz) of water a day to stay hydrated, however, the majority of people may not know how much to drink if they train hard. Hydration is essential to maintaining a healthy metabolic rate and, according to Shawn Talbot – a nutritional biochemist in Salt Lake City - you could be diminishing (or even negating) the calorie crushing benefits of working out if you’re not drinking enough water. Research suggests drinking an additional 16-20 oz of water each day for every hour you train.

    • 10. with green tea during workouts ... A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition reveals that people who drank green tea during their workouts lost significantly more abdominal fat than those who sipped a placebo. You don’t have to drink it hot, either. Make a pot and put it in the fridge for your next sweat session.

    • 11. with cold water ... Drinking about 2 cups of cold water can boost your metabolic rate by about 30%, according to German researchers. This is because the cold water temporarily increases norepinephrine, a neurohormone that boosts your metabolic rate.

Sex ...

  • 12. to protect your heart ... A study of men that spanned over 20 years found that men who had sex at least 2 times/week cut their risk of having a heart attack in half. These men were compared to men who had sex less than once a month. Regular sex has also been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. In fact, a Scottish study of 24 women and 22 men revealed that those who had regular sexual intercourse responded better to stressful situations.

Hydrate ... 9. to suit your needs ... Most of us know we need to drink
  • 13. for relaxation ... Oxytocin, the hormone released during orgasm, also helps you relax and sleep. Oxytocin has also been shown to increase your endorphins, which are your body's natural pain killers. Acute discomfort like PMS, arthritis and headaches can improve after sex.


to combat illness ...

A study conducted at Wilkes University showed that people who had sex at least once a

week had higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody that can protect against infections. The less time you spend sick, the more time you can spend getting – and staying – healthy.

Sleep & Homeostasis (Rest) ...

15. no less than 5 hours of sleep per night ... According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who sleep 5 hours or less per night were 1/3 more likely to gain weight – approximately 30 + pounds over the course of a 16 year study. This is most likely due to a hormone imbalance between leptin and gherlin. Leptin decreases hunger, while increasing metabolism. Gherlin, on the other hand, boosts hunger.

Numerous studies show that people who sleep less have higher levels of gherlin. The fix? Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night to optimize weight loss.

  • 16. for long term success ... We know it can be hard to slow down when you want to see results – but the truth is you’re more likely to stick to your guns if you slow down. “Just as you can run low on physical energy, you can run low on mental energy,” says Casey Cooper, PhD, a sports psychologist in Lake Forest, California. “You need to scale back or rest to avoid burnout.” Case in point: Don’t try to adopt all these tips at once. Pick one or two tips every week or so and master them before moving on. There’s no rush – really! Success will come, but the overall pace of your journey is going to be more of a saunter than a sprint.

14. to combat illness ... A study conducted at Wilkes University showed that people who had

Remember: As long as you are alive, THERE IS NO END! Well-being is not something you achieve and maintain for your whole life. There will be peaks and valleys. Your success depends on how well you’re equipped to deal with the highs and lows.

Excretion (yep, we’re talking about crap) ...

  • 17. regularly, as a priority, with fruits and vegetables ...

Just as what goes up, must come down, what goes in, must come out - and it’s better if it

comes out smoothly. Proper bowel function is not only essential to rid your body of toxins, but to also prevent a backlog of excrement, which results in more toxins being released back into your body.

Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to increase your fibre and regularity. 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is ideal, and it is even better if they are raw.

Keep in mind: What is regular for one person may not be regular for another. You probably already know what is normal for you. Your bowels are considered to be in good order if you have a bowel movement as much as 1-3 times a day, and as little as 3 times a week.

  • 18. with a twist ... Add a simple twist of lemon to a glass of warm water first thing in the morning to help get things moving.

Michael F. Picco, M.D., a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist, says drinking

warm water with lemon can break down old food in our digestive track, thereby ridding

our body of excess weight and toxins.

Warm water and lemon also gives your body a fat blasting and body beautifying boost. This refreshing concoction can help:

-Combat hunger: Lemons have pectin, which is a fiber that fights hunger. - Reduce bloating: Lemon is an alkaline food, which can reduce heartburn as well as bloating.

Use half a lemon if you weigh 150 lbs or less or an entire lemon if you are more than 150lbs. Fresh lemon is always preferable over pre-squeezed lemon juice, since the whole fruit has more vitamins and minerals.


Security of Body & Health ...

On a base level, when we feel the safety of our bodies is in danger, we get stressed – and we’ve already established the harmful effects of stress, including life threatening diseases like heart disease and diabetes caused by weight gain.

To be truly healthy, you have to establish your body as a safe zone. It is not an object for you OR ANYONE ELSE to abuse, neglect or disrespect – physically or emotionally. You have to make your personal safety an absolute priority.

Security of Employment, Resources & Property ...

20. because fulfillment requires currency ... An infinite amount of money, resources or property cannot buy happiness, but they are an undeniable part of well-being. Again, let’s go straight to basics: If you cannot obtain food, or shelter, or clothing, your health is going to suffer. Think extreme stress; think extreme sleep deprivation; think improper nutrition.

Of course, the amount of money/resources/property desired for personal fulfillment will vary based on the individual, but people are happiest when they’re not stressing about where their next meal is coming from. On a base level, we all need a means to procure the means of living.

We’re not telling you to sell out, or trap yourself in a job or situation you hate – far from it. Dreading every single day isn’t exactly a recipe for a healthy mind or body, no matter how much it ‘pays’. We are, however, encouraging you decrease your stress by finding something you love and dedicating your life to it. It doesn’t matter if this is being a doctor, a bus driver, a welder, a stay-at-home parent, or an artist. You have to follow your bliss, and if you stick to it, your passion WILL pay off!

On a base level, when we feel the safety of our bodies is in danger, we

Security of Morality ...

  • 21. because you need to know where you stand ...

You’ve heard the saying: You need to know where you stand if you’re going to stand for

anything. This includes standing for yourself and your own well-being. Ask yourself these questions: What do you truly believe in? Do you have clear cut notions of right and wrong and what those terms mean to you?

We know the term ‘morality’ is fraught with subjectivity, and we’re not here to get into what your definition should be. We are, however, here to help you on your journey toward achieving and maintaining a healthy and fit body and mind. They are not mutually exclusive. They exist in a symbiotic relationship and the health of one necessarily depends on the health of another. Developing your cognitive awareness is essential if you want to develop a fit body.

“The mind is everything. Every thought you create manifests itself in the real world; if you don't achieve something you strive for, you simply didn't believe in it enough.”

-Mario Novak

Security of Family ...

  • 22. to promote and ensure personal success ... Before you even step foot in the world, you need a solid and safe foundation to give you a sense of security. This is vital to your development as a person, your sense of individuality and your happiness and success in life. Insecurity breeds stress, and stress breeds sickness. Family is one of the most important sources of safety and security. It doesn’t matter if you are actually related to your ‘family’, or if your family is made up of 1, 5 or 20 people. What matters most is having a family that generates stability – and while we’re on this topic ...



  • 23. to steel you against obstacles


even if YOU are the obstacle


Surrounding yourself by people who love, support and encourage you is absolutely vital

for your success. We’re by no means naysayers, but we’re also not totally hopped-up on post-exercise endorphins, so let’s take a hit of reality: The world – and some of the people in it – can be pretty cruel. Having a loving and unconditional source of support is what creates balance, and encourages success and happiness in ALL aspects of your life – including fitness.

Finding like-minded people and surrounding yourself with them is one of the major reasons so many of our Body Rockers have reached and surpassed their goals. Countless studies have been conducted that show that we tend to adopt the lifestyle habits of the people whose company we keep, so if you really want to stay on track, immerse yourself in the Body Rock community.

Visit our website or Facebook page every single day, comment on our blogs, post your results, hold yourself accountable to others and make others accountable to you. BE SOCIAL! We have a thriving, supportive and truly revolutionary online family where anyone with a commitment to bettering their life will ALWAYS find support.

Sexual Intimacy ...

24. because it’s key to your sexual health and overall happiness ...

The World Health Organization defines sexual health as, “a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.”

A study published by the University of British Columbia cites sexual intimacy as an integral component of self-esteem, relationship satisfaction as well as quality of life.

Margie Ulbrick, a Melbourne relationship counsellor, expands on these ideas, saying, intimacy, sexual or otherwise, can provide us with, “the courage to be our best selves. Intimacy may provide us with a safe space in which to explore ourselves and another.”

Sexual intimacy doesn’t refer to the act of sex, necessarily, but also cuddling, holding each other, and other forms of affection that don’t relate to sex, itself. Let’s face it: A cuddle with someone you truly love is better than ANY bowl of ice cream.


Self-esteem & Confidence ...

  • 25. are necessary every step of the way, so stop beating yourself up NOW!

You are going to need to muster up some confidence before you even begin your fitness journey. It’s going to take confidence to believe that you can make the changes you want to make. Think about people who want to lose weight before they start going to the gym; their insecurity is totally sabotaging their success.

Start by ditching the scale – those numbers aren’t indicative of who you are or how healthy you are. Next, let go of every perceived mistake, every thought that you cannot do it or that you’re not good enough.

ESTEEM Self-esteem & Confidence ... 25. are necessary every step of the way, so stop beating

Achievement ...

  • 26. revel in it!

Celebrate every single triumph as a reminder of why you are doing what you are doing. Do 1 more push up than last time? Manage to go a whole day without sugar? Serve as a source of inspiration to someone else? Post it on our Facebook page, call your Mom, tell a friend. For the love of God, BRAG!

Life’s too short to be humble all the time

These mini celebrations will reinforce your purpose and make you stronger. This doesn’t mean you will never have slip ups or bad days, but fully acknowledging your triumphs will serve as a reminder that you are not defined by them.

Respect of Others & Respect by Others ...

27. means so much

Whether we like it or not, there is a human necessity to feel respected. Maslow separates this need into a 2 sub-categories:

Achievement ... 26. revel in it! Celebrate every single triumph as a reminder of why you

A higher and lower form. The higher form is the need for self respect and esteem, which we've already discussed. The lower form is the need to be respected by others, and to respect others in turn. Maslow established self respect as the higher form because it requires an inner strength built on experience. Still, the lower form holds sway, and while various people have different ambitions in regards to garnering the respect of others and holding others in like regard, the fact remains that we all seek the approval of others. This isn’t a bad thing. Not necessarily, at least.

This need for respect can serve to better us. It can help us get better jobs, have more fulfilling relationships, and live happier, healthier lives. It can establish us as pillars of our community (yes, especially the Body Rock community!) where we can stand as an

inspiration to others. Remember, this is one of the reasons we encourage you to post, to respond to blogs, to share your story: It’s not usually tales of total and unrelenting triumph that motivate respect. Often, it’s the people who have the guts to be honest, open and lay it on the line, no matter what. This is the kind of respect that fulfills BOTH of Maslow’s criteria: It speaks an individual’s self-respect, primarily, but the honesty also shows respect for others while inciting respect by others.

  • 28. needs to be abandoned under certain circumstances

The need for respect is important, but we need to abandon it when the drive compromises our self-respect. The people who love and respect you will love and respect you unconditionally, and the rest? – well, they don’t matter.

The people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.


Morality, Creativity, Spontaneity & Lack of Prejudice ...

29. are what is going to make your fitness journey YOURS ...

There is no one way into fitness and well-being. Everyone’s journey is different. You are going to have to do a little investigating; find what works for you and use it. Forget what doesn’t. Be open to trying new things. Be honest with yourself. Don’t ever give up. Remember, this book is a universal recipe for success, but that doesn’t mean you can’t alter the quantity of ingredients to suit your tastes.

Acceptance of Facts

30. are what’s going to make the changes easier ...

We guarantee these strategies will yield incredible results, but we also need to you to acknowledge the strides toward change may be small – and this is OK. We promised acceptance of facts will make your journey easier, but we never said it would be effortless. We certainly never said it would be flawless.

You are going to have to work, you are going to have to challenge yourself a little every day, and you are going to have to accept that the desire for perfection is not only impossible, but also totally crippling to your overall success. If you aim for perfection, the first slip up (and we all slip up) will be devastating. Perfection is not part of being human.

Accepted it? Great!

Here’s the good news: You will never be alone. This is beauty of Body Rock. You can empower and be empowered by a family of like-minded people a million strong and growing. You can learn, and teach, listen and be heard. We’re here to support and guide you in your journey. Whatever road you choose, we’re just happy to be along for the ride.

*BONUS CHAPTERS* The Beginning

You’ve got all this information, but now you’ve got to use it. Read on for detailed strategies on how to begin your journey towards a better, healthier and fitter life.

Exercise & Aging

Fitness doesn’t only crush calories and blast fat. Find out how exercise can actually help prevent and reverse the aging process!

The Beginning

When it comes to fitness, not everyone hits the ground running. Some of us simply aren’t hardwired to crave the adrenaline rush. A person's inclination to fitness is determined by both genetics and environment, meaning that some people are naturally drawn towards active living while others come to it in through other avenues, like upbringing or necessity. Others still never really come into fitness at all.

There’s an onslaught of information about health and fitness out there, and taking that initial step can seem daunting at best, impossible at worst.

We’re here to simplify. You’re likely to encounter hurdles when you try anything new, and fitness requires both mental and physical fortitude, so you’re definitely going to come up against a few of them. This said, even if obstacles slow you down, they don’t have to stop you from making strides.

We think the best defence is a good offence, and that’s why we’ve developed this book. We want to help you know what to expect when you begin your fitness journey.

After years in the fitness industry, we believe there are 5 key concepts you’ll need to understand in order to reach your fitness goals, whatever your goals may be. Once you understand these concepts, you’ll be equipped with the right tools to demolish any obstacle. Your success will depend on you using them.

Man is the measure of all things, of things that are that they are, and of things that are not that they are not. – Protagoras

The Key 5


You need to take time to make time.

If you want to make changes, you are going to have to consciously make time to bring them to fruition.


Your biggest fan and strongest opponent will be you. The biggest hurdles will come from within your mind, not from external sources.


You will falter, and this is OK!

Wellness is not a constant. It is not a state we reach and stay in for the rest of our lives.


You’ll need to find what works for you.

Trial and error. It may take a few tries to find a lifestyle that’s sustainable for you.


You’ll need to evolve. If you want to keep seeing changes and avoid boredom, you will have to keep challenging yourself.

The Key 5 1) You need to take time to make time. If you want to

1) You need to take time to make time.

Time for working out and eating well is not going to miraculously present itself to you. Sad, but true. In a world of sedentary jobs and fast food joints on every corner, it is far too easy to take the easy way out – and unfortunately, the easy way out will show up on your waistline. This is the truth, but thankfully there is an equal and opposing truth: The easy way out is actually not actually the path of least resistance.

Living well is in fact much, much easier than living poorly. Dr John Berardi, one of the top exercise nutrition experts in the world, speaks to this, illuminating just how vital diet and exercise are for being happy and motivated.

1) You need to take time to make time. Time for working out and eating well

He says, “When you choose a snack high in sugar – initially, you feel an increase of energy as blood sugar levels rise. Quickly, however, blood sugar drops because insulin has surged and is clearing out the blood glucose. So you end up feeling as tired, if not more so, than when you started.”

The result is a moody and unmotivated you. Working up the desire to workout has suddenly become a lot harder. Instead of feeling enthusiastic and energetic, the sugar spike has left you feeling like it’s time for a nap. Now you’re not only tired, but discouraged. Being discouraged leads to feelings of sadness, and this causes you to eat emotionally. It’s a long, vicious and draining cycle – and living this way is far more difficult and time consuming than living well.

“Emotional eating is the number one reason most diets fail.” –Linda Spangle,

M.A., R.N., author of 100 Days of Weight Loss.

You don’t have to set aside hours to work out – and you really don’t need to over think it. Some of the best and most effective workouts are achieved in less than twenty minutes through high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT training uses short bursts of intense activity followed by short periods of rest to maximize your fat and calorie burn. The result is a stronger, sleeker and happier you.

You also don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn – especially if you aren’t getting to bed until late. Sleep is vital for weight loss.

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that women who slept at least 7 hours every night weighed less than those who skimped on their Z’s. In fact, those who only slept 6 hours a night

were 12% more likely to gain significant weight (up to 33lbs) over 16 years.

However, if you’re getting your sleep and love early mornings, by all means, get sweating with the sunrise – just keep in mind there is no conclusive evidence to show working out in the morning is the best time. There actually is no single ‘best’ time to workout – you should workout when you like to workout. Maybe this is after a long day at work, maybe it is on your lunch hour, maybe it is during your baby’s nap – the point is the time doesn’t matter; you actually committing yourself to doing it matters.

The same goes for nutrition. We won’t always be able to make perfect food choices, but it is possible to eat well most of the time. Simply do your homework!

Take the time to plan and make your meals for the week, or at least for the next few days. This will not only save you money, but it will also save you hundreds of calories. Like working out, meal planning will take time, but it doesn’t have to take up an entire Sunday.

Fast and furiously healthy meals!

We know the mornings are busy and we often sacrifice our healthy lifestyles to get out of the house on time. Well, say bye-bye to your friends at the drive thru! You can make this truly tasty breakfast in advance, freeze, and then heat and eat in seconds. BAM! You’ve got a delicious and guilt free breakfast that can also be used as lunch or dinner – no excuses.

Avocado BREAKFAST Burritos

Whip up a batch of these and then freeze them for future use. Trust us, they taste GREAT and freeze beautifully! Makes 6 servings.


  • 6 eggs

  • 1 6”whole wheat tortilla

  • 1 avocado, pitted and mashed

½ cup green onions, thinly chopped

  • 1 red pepper, diced

  • 1 cup spinach

were 12% more likely to gain significant weight (up to 33lbs) over 16 years. However, if

½ cup mushrooms, diced ¼ - ½ cup milk salt and pepper to taste salsa and sour cream (optional, to be added prior to serving. Don’t freeze salsa/sour cream) cayenne pepper, to taste (optional – just keep on mind cayenne has capsaicin, a compound that kills fat cells before they can even form. It gets better: Cayenne causes your body to literally heat up, which great for revving your calorie burn. BONUS: Red pepper is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.)


Spray a large pan with a little non-stick cooking spray. Crack and beat eggs and pour into pan. Alternatively, you can use a microwavable bowl and cook your eggs in the microwave. Add green onions, red pepper, spinach, mushrooms, milk and salt and pepper. Cook over low heat, stirring regularly.

Spread mashed avocado in thin layer on 6 tortillas. Once your eggs are light and fluffy, divide them up and place the mixture on the tortillas. Wrap the egg mix up tight in the tortillas, folding the ends tightly. Pack the burritos you are not going to eat immediately in freezer bags and store for future meals.


A recent study reported in the journal Flavour reveals that strong food aromas can help you eat 5 -10% less of a meal. Lead study author, Dr Rene de Wilk from Wageningen University in the Netherlands elaborates, saying, “People may unconsciously take smaller bites to regulate the amount of flavour they experience.”

Nice! Every little bit helps. Try adding some spice to your next meal. Some of our favourites include fresh rosemary, cilantro, ginger, and of course cayenne.

2) Your biggest fan and strongest opponent will be you

Blame your friends, family or colleagues as much as you want – the only person stopping you from reaching your goals is yourself. Of course, no one can argue that your friends and family can influence you. A study conducted by professor James Fowler at the University of California and Nicholas Christakis at Harvard University found that having a close friend who puts on weight makes you 57% more likely to follow suit.

“Consciously or unconsciously, people look to others when deciding what and how much to eat, and how much weight is too much,” Fowler

states. In fact, further studies have shown that we will often choose friends who enable our indulgences. Registered Dietician, Susan Boweman from UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition comments that, “Many women have ‘food friends’ they can call up to say, “I had a lousy day, and some mozzarella sticks sure would make me feel better.” Same goes for catching post-work or weekend drinks with pals. Social connections can make sticking to your guns tough – but NOT impossible. Take away all the excuses: You’ve got to admit that no one is forcing you to eat or drink anything

you don’t want to. It really all comes down to you. It may be tough to opt out of dessert when everyone else is digging in, but your mind is like any muscle: The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Roy F Baumesiter, a well-known American social psychology professor, has conducted countless studies and has concluded that people who regularly exercise their willpower are the happiest. This is not to say that those who indulge now and then are lost causes - far from it. His studies also show that like any muscle, you can actually burn out your willpower.

you don’t want to. It really all comes down to you. It may be tough to

In his experiments, Baumesiter found that people who were asked to accomplish a task that involved them using restraint (like resisting sweets, not crying during a sad movie, etc) experienced a decrease in their willpower when asked to perform other restraint based activities directly after.

He goes on to say that, "The immune system also dips into the same pot, which is big, but finite," says Baumeister, "and, we are pretty sure, so does women's premenstrual syndrome. Having a cold tends to reduce your self-control, and PMS does the same. We get cranky and irritable, but it's not that we have nastier impulses – it's that our usual restraints have become weakened."

So, how do we manage balance? Don't overwhelm yourself! For instance, you can probably manage to check your impulse to overeat or drink if you go to only have one party to go to on a Saturday, but if your weekend is booked up with back to back BBQs, you're more likely to crack at some point.

If you’re tired, REST, if you’re hungry EAT, if you’re feeling irritable, take a TIME OUT. All this seems logical, but we often put other people and responsibilities first. As a result, we suffer.

Take small steps ...

Build up your mental control by doing small things, like sitting up straight, or flossing your teeth, or taking a short walk after a meal. Baumesiter’s studies have shown these little pushes are the most effective way to flex your mental muscle – and like any kind of new training routine or crash diet, overwhelming yourself from the get-go doesn`t yield long term results. You will burn out. It`s inevitable.


Here are some quick and easy ways to help you develop your willpower.


Don’t weigh yourself on a Friday! If you’ve made any headway through the week, weighing yourself right before the weekend could tempt you into ‘reward mentality’ – and you don’t want to undo all your hard work by overindulging all weekend.


Brush and floss after dinner. This is one of our favourite tips from Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson. She keeps herself from snacking late at night by polishing her pearly whites. You’re less likely to eat that bowl of ice cream or cookie if you’ve put all that effort into your teeth beforehand. It also helps signal an end to your eating day.





Stock your shelves with healthy alternatives. Registered dietician and Eastern Illinois Professor James Painter says, “proximity to food influences how much of it you eat.” Keep your healthy alternatives in sight, and either chuck or hide the junk. *See healthy alternative recommendations below for some of our favourite sweet and savoury snacks.

BRAIN TRAIN! Here are some quick and easy ways to help you develop your willpower. 1)

Limit your exposure to situations that could trigger your indulgences – just until you’ve got some willpower training under your belt.

Keep your goals small and POSITIVE. Focus on one small goal a week, like drinking more water or increasing your protein intake. A recent study conducted in the Netherlands reveals that people who concentrated on eating more protein instead of eating less carbs had greater weight loss success. It’s the power of positive thinking!

Body Rocker and DailyHIIT Blogger Ashely Roy is living proof that thinking positive works. Despite struggling with an auto-immune disease and IBS, she’s managed to overcome doubt and achieve incredible results. Ashley says, “People today also always focus on the "don'ts" - don't eat this, don't drink that. Stop creating a deprivation mindset! Once I started focusing on what I loved - i.e. I love avocado; it’s like nature's butter - then I started becoming more passionate about a healthy lifestyle. I didn't get bummed that I couldn't use butter on my bread, and instead I spread avocado. Much prettier, too! I also don't really like celery, so I steer clear of that and go toward the veggies I love: Carrots, bell peppers, and so on. Think about adding in what you love instead of what you hate. You'll find it much easier to stick with


Healthy Snacking Alternatives

Kick your unhealthy cravings to the curbs with these delicious and nutritious snacking substitutes.


Cocoa Avocado: Cut an avocado in half and take out the pit. Place one tablespoon cocoa powder and ½ - 1 teaspoon agave nectar in the pitted centre of the avocado. Mix the avocado, cocoa powder and agave nectar well. Enjoy this sweet treat in lieu of cake or ice cream. It packs all the healthy fats of avocados without contributing to belly bulge. The nutrition info comes in at 246 calories, 16 grams of fat, 29.5 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein and 15 grams of sugar.


it!” Healthy Snacking Alternatives Kick your unhealthy cravings to the curbs with these delicious and nutritious

Hosting a dinner party? Wow your guests by whipping up this as a delicious (and easy!) dessert. Garnish each creamy avocado cup with a few raspberries. Yes, this dessert may be equal in fat and calories as a slice of cake, but when it comes to eating healthier, it's about quality not quantity. Unlike most traditional desserts, which are full of empty calories, this taste-bud tempting treat packs of ton of health benefits. Not only is it high in antioxidants, but it’s ingredients are also revered for reducing the risk of heart disease, and being great source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E and folate. The oleic acid found in avocado also stimulates the part of the brain that makes you feel full. Translation: Unlike with cake, you're less likely to go for seconds.

BONUS: Agave nectar is a complex sugar, which means it has a low glycemic index (GI). Foods with low GI won’t spike your blood sugar levels and cause you to store excess fat.

So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk: Not only will this refreshing drink crush your sweet cravings, but it is also perfect for post-workout rehydration. A single serving 8oz box boasts 90 calories, 5 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and only 9 grams of sugar - much less than a serving of traditional chocolate milk. Just keep in mind that it only has 1 gram of protein, which means it’s not an ideal for a post-workout snack in itself. Add a small handful of almonds to get a healthy hit of protein.


Coconuts contain medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), which the body uses as energy instead of

storing as fat.


Cheesy Popcorn: Air pop 4 tablespoons of popcorn kernels. Once popped, spray lightly with cooking spray and then sprinkle with natural yeast (about 2 tablespoons) and salt to taste. The natural yeast gives this treat a cheesy flavour, without the dairy. This snack comes in at 113 calories, 1.3 grams of fat, 22 grams of carbohydrates, 6.1 grams of protein and 0.2 grams of sugar.

Popchips: Popchips are a great option if you’re on the go and you can get them at most grocery stores. Sure, they’re not nutritionally perfect, but they’re a great option if you crave a crunchy and satisfying chip alternative. In fact, they are a fan amongst fitness freaks everywhere, including Jillian Michaels. A single serving bag only has about 100 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 16 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of sugar.

storing as fat. Savoury! Cheesy Popcorn : Air pop 4 tablespoons of popcorn kernels. Once popped,

3) You will falter, and this is OK!

Life is a wave – sometimes a tidal wave – and it may knock you around or take you down, but it is part of the experience. No one is exempt from it. Even when we try our best we can still slip up and away from our goals now and then. All that really matters is that you get back up.

In fact, countless studies have shown that the ability to bounce back and refocus is a common trait among the most successful people. The Winner's Brain: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success, a book written by psychologist Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske, elaborates on this idea, arguing that people can better deal with difficult situations when they were self-aware and mindul of the task at hand, and as a result, recover from them and move forward.

“A Winner’s Brain is very good at tuning out distractions and choosing the best way to focus on a task (there are different types of focus the brain is capable of) in order to get the best outcome. A study led by Daniel Weissman at the University of Michigan showed that participants were able to stop and reorient their brain’s processing power to help them perform better despite interruptions. We call the deliberate form of this strategy focus reinvestment. With practice, this

type of skill is something you can develop for yourself to reduce your own attention-related errors. Even if previous tries to change jobs, find a mate, or attain any other objective have failed in the past, an extra dose of focus may be just what you need to get you over the hump.”

–excerpt from The Winner’s Brain.

If you want to achieve success with your health and fitness goals, you’re going to have to focus on understanding that wellness is not a pinnacle you achieve and stay at for the rest of your life; wellness is in constant flux. Successful healthy living just means you minimize the fluctuations and maintain a balanced mindset.

This means that you shouldn’t consider treating yourself as failing. In fact, treating yourself is part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Deprivation diets simply don’t work long term.

“Our bodies thrive most when we eat a diverse, nutritious and moderate diet,” says Maria Rodale, author of Organic Manifesto: How Organic Farming Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe. She continues to say, “Don’t obsess over too much or too little food, or if you’re eating the wrong type of food.”

Registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association agrees, encouraging clients to treat themselves to a glass of wine or small ice cream cone every week. Even if you eat the better part of a tub of ice cream, don’t sweat it, just move on. Remember: It’s not failing, it’s LIVING!

4) You’ll need to find what works for you.

You’ve probably heard the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, the same goes for working out: Everyone’s idea of an ideal workout varies, and sometimes your idea of a great workout will even vary based on the day. The most important thing is to not compare yourself to others – not your best friend, not your significant other, not even other Body Rockers. Sure, it’s great to use people as a source of inspiration, but don’t use them as a basis of comparison.

"Transformation happens when you match your own unique strengths - and then go beyond them,” says Body Rocker, DailyHIIT Blogger and Personal Trainer, Angela Sasso, who is based out of Vancouver, BC.

"The only thing you need to remember is that your results all are relative to you on that day, in that time, in that workout, so long as you give it 110% in that moment I promise you, you will see results!”

Angela now, and Angela then. Don’t let her rocking body fool you – fitness didn’t come

Angela now, and Angela then.

Don’t let her rocking body fool you – fitness didn’t come naturally for Angela. Just before her 18 th birthday, Angela weighed 185 lbs. She lost 20lbs by the end of her 18 th year, and now at age 39, she is more happy, vital and vibrant than her teenage self.

No matter how you decide to train, it’s important to remember that variation is paramount for both your mind and body, which leads us to our final concept ...

5) You will need to evolve!

Doing yoga is great, so is Zumba, so is bodybuilding, strength training, running, cycling and swimming. Anything that you love that gets and keeps you active is wonderful, but the truth is you will need to keep pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to keep seeing results. The old adage, No pain, no gain holds very true. When you start a new fitness regime, you’ll see results at first, but if you continue doing the same thing with very little variation, you’re body will adapt and you will plateau. It’s inevitable – but it’s not unavoidable. In fact, it’s not even difficult to avoid.

"Change the exercise and you get a whole different stimulus," says Neal Pire, a personal trainer in Allendale, N.J., and a spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine. "If you don't change what you do, your body doesn't have to adapt and you don't get better."

How quickly your body adapts will depend on a few variables, namely current level of fitness, intensity, duration and frequency.

In the beginning, you'll see results more quickly - typically within 3 to 6 weeks. You may only need to train 2 or 3 times a week to start feeling and looking better. Once your body (and mind!) become more efficient, it will take longer to adapt. This is because your body is getting 'smarter' - it's expecting more from you. You will need to push a little harder, a little longer and work more often. However, this does not mean your fitness routine has to overtake your life. It should simply compliment it.

This is why we love high intensity interval training for beginners: It’s fundamentally based on the principles of evolution – and it makes it simple and fast. You have to push yourself as hard as you can every single interval and then you get a short rest, and then you push yourself again. How hard will depend on your current fitness level. Each time you push yourself, you’re going to surpass the intensity of your last workout. Result? Your body blasts through plateaus and accelerates your rate of success.

Best of all, you won’t have to spend hours at the gym. You can get an incredibly effective workout in as little as a few minutes and you can implement it into almost any kind of exercise, be it walking, weightlifting or cross-country skiing.

Why high intensity interval training works

Traditional forms of exercise are aerobic, meaning your body uses oxygen to fuel the movements. HIIT workouts, on the other hand, draw on your anaerobic system, meaning your body draws on your body’s stores of energy to fuel the exercise. The result is increased fat burn as well as improved cardiovascular endurance.

The best way to understand interval training is to see it (then try it!) for yourself. Check out TheDailyHIIT.com for HIIT routines & for our incredibly popular Beginner’s Challenge.

Trust us: It really can work for everyone, even if other fitness routines have failed for

Trust us: It really can work for everyone, even if other fitness routines have failed for you in the past and Body Rocker Rachel Wright is living proof.

“I started Body Rock about six months after my daughter was born because I hadn't been making any progress with my previous fitness regimen. It was time to start something new. So within about four months I was looking better than I had in a long time. As soon as I started Body Rock and I started working towards my fitness goals, I started feeling better. It was knowing that I was actually working and not just sitting on my bum and fretting about my body.”

Trust us: It really can work for everyone, even if other fitness routines have failed for

“You can see how unhappy I am in the before picture. How I felt about my body had started to infringe on my life and my joy with

my little baby girl.

It was a bad place to be.

“I no longer cringe when I look in the mirror

and I have so much more energy for my daughter. I always used to hate it when people said "If I can do it, you can do it."


honestly with me it’s true. I've had my setbacks and have missed workouts but I have taken charge of

myself and decided to change.”

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


You’re already at the end. Your old lifestyle and attitude towards fitness are behind you. Take the Key 5 Concepts to heart, mind, body and soul and we GUARANTEE you will see changes, and you will reach your goals, whatever those goals may be.


Exercise and Aging

Sad news folks – the Fountain of Youth embodied in the writings of Herodotus doesn’t exist. Despite the fact the global anti-aging market rakes in billions every year and Botox is now the number one cosmetic procedure in the world, aging is still inevitable. There is only so much we can do to look and feel younger – but here’s the good news: The most effective way to look and feel younger actually doesn’t warrant spending billions of dollars. It turns out the walk to the store to buy an anti-aging cream is actually more effective when it comes to helping you look younger than the cream itself.

Exercise is the best way to not only slow, but reverse the aging process. There have been countless studies to support this claim. Dr Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, head of kinesiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and member of the American College of Sports Medicine Strategic Health Initiative on Aging and Exercise, says, “We now realize that

heredity accounts for only about 30% of the difference in how well most people age.”

This means the ball is in your court. You do have a large degree of control over how you age – but you’re going to have to get up and move to see the benefits. Our mission is to get you off the couch and show you how regular exercise can help you PREVENT and REVERSE aging both INSIDE and OUT. This is the first step on the way to a younger looking and feeling you.



Learn how the best defense is a good offense. Start exercising early to slow down your

rate of aging.


Reverse It’s never too late to start! You can begin exercising at any age and not only stall time, but also take some back.



Beauty isn’t just skin deep. Find out how exercising keeps your insides young and vital.



Feeling good and looking great. Exercise is better for your figure and face than any

‘magic’ pill or cream.

1) Prevent

Hindsight is 20/20, but it is possible to improve your vision by looking ahead a little. Sometimes we only need a nudge in the right direction to start making good decisions for our future now, so here is yours: You can prevent the rate at which you age!

A recent study conducted at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario revealed that regular exercise can help you live longer, look younger and feel younger.

Mark Tarnopolsky, the head researcher in the study and professor of pediatrics and medicine, says, "Many people falsely believe that the benefits of exercise will be found in a pill. We have clearly shown that there is no substitute for the ‘real thing’ of exercise when it comes to protection from aging."

The study found that premature aging in almost every organ in the body of the mice test subjects was drastically reduced when the mice ran on a treadmill only 3 times a week for 5 months. This is because exercise helped to stall the DNA mutations of mitochondria – which are the cellular powerhouses of almost every cell in your body. Slowing down these mutations slows down the aging process.

1) Prevent Hindsight is 20/20, but it is possible to improve your vision by looking ahead

The best part is you don’t have to commit your life to the pursuit of sweat. The participants in the McMaster study only exercised 3 times a week and saw results. Welsh researchers found that just six 30 second sprints 3 times a week can yield the same results. Lead researcher of the study Julien Baker, PhD suggests that short and more intense exercise may be a better alternative for people who have trouble setting more time aside to workout.


We’re all about fast and effective workouts, which is why we love high intensity interval training (HIIT). In minimal time you can blast fat, burn calories and sculpt a happier, healthier and younger you.

HIIT training works because it uses short, intense bursts of anaerobic activity followed by even shorter periods of rest to max out every single exercise.

Unlike conventional aerobic training, which uses oxygen to fuel movement, anaerobic training draws on your body’s stored energy to fuel movement, so you’re literately torching fat.

We’ve designed a killer HIIT workout guaranteed to not only dish out all the benefits of interval training, but also to be perfect for any fitness level. Work at your own pace. We want you to push yourself, yes, but not overdo it. If you overdo it, you’ll be in pain, and if you’re in pain, you’re not going to have fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re not going to stick with it and BAM – you’ll be back at square one.

Workout Breakdown:

This workout is timed, so you don’t have to worry about counting reps. All you need is a timer and some motivation. No equipment is necessary, but you can use some extra resistance if you want more of a challenge. You are going to work as hard as you can for 30 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. Do the entire circuit 3 – 5 times. It’s OK if you only start get through 2 the first time. You determine your best – no one else.

Exercise #1: SQUATS

Step 1:

Begin with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. Keep your weight in your heels and your toes pointed forward. Lift your chest and engage your core to get a great abdominal workout. If you’d like, you can use some extra resistance (i.e. dumbbells, medicine ball, or barbell – as shown).

Step 2:

Sit down and back into your heels. You want to make sure your knees behind your toes, your chest lifted and your spine long and flat. Ideally, you want your thighs to be parallel with the floor, but if you can’t get there right away, just do your best while maintaining your form.

Step 3:

Push up through your heels, squeezing your glutes and popping your hips forward as you come to the top. Repeat the squats for 30 seconds, take a 10 second break, and then move on to the next exercise.

Step 1: Begin with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. Keep your weight in your heels and

Exercise #2: SUMO PUSH UPS

Step 1:

Begin in plank pose. Place your hands directly under your shoulders, align your head with your spine and make sure your hips are parallel with the floor. Make sure your tummy is tucked into your spine.

Step 2:

Lower yourself down toward the floor. Your arms should form a 90 degree angle at the base of the push-up. If the full push-up is too difficult, feel free to drop to your knees.

Step 3:

Push back up to plank. As you come to the top, lift your right hand off the floor, bringing it up toward your chest. Place your hand back on the floor and drop back down into a push up. Alternate between right and left hands after each push up. This is an advanced option, so if you’re finding it too difficult, keep both hands on the floor and stick to the classic push up.

Perform Sumo Push Ups for 30 seconds, rest for 10, and then move on to the next exercise.

Exercise #2: SUMO PUSH UPS Step 1: Begin in plank pose. Place your hands directly under

Exercise #3: SKIP or RUN

Step 1:

Grab your skipping rope. Stay light on your feet and bring your left knee up as high as you can. You want to maintain a straight body line and tight abs.

Step 2:

Bring your left knee back down and right knee up. Alternate legs and skip for 30 seconds. Remember to get those legs pumping and bring your knees as high as you can. If you don’t have a skipping rope, mimic the movement without the rope. The main objective of this exercise is to get your heart rate soaring, so work hard. Rest for 10 seconds when you’re done.

Exercise #3: SKIP or RUN Step 1: Grab your skipping rope. Stay light on your feet

Exercise #4: OVERHEAD ABS

Step 1:

Grab some extra resistance if you want it. If you don’t have a sandbag (shown) you can use any sort of safe and secure resistance. Adding resistance will not only heighten your core workout, but it will also intensify your upper body workout. Remember, you can opt to ditch the weight and do this with just your bodyweight. Lie flat on your back, holding your weight directly over your head. You can keep a soft bend in your elbows and knees.

Step 2:

Sit up, simultaneously bringing your arms up and overhead until your hands are over your chest. Be sure to keep your back flat. Maintaining a strong, straight spine will give you the best core workout. Rounding out your back, on the other hand, will diminish the effectiveness of the core exercise and stress out your spine.

Step 3:

Engage your core and think about sitting up straighter. Hold for a moment. Step 4:

Lie back down, bringing your arms back over your head. Repeat this sequence of movements for 30 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next exercise in this interval training routine.

Step 2: Sit up, simultaneously bringing your arms up and overhead until your hands are over

Exercise #5: LUNGE TWIST

Step 1:

If you want to use extra resistance, grab some. Remember, it doesn’t have to be killer heavy – you can challenge yourself in increments. Position your feet hip-width apart and then take your left leg off the floor, bringing the knee up to hip level. Take your arms up across your body so you’re hands are right in front of your left shoulder. Engage your core for the best ab workout.

Step 2:

Bring your left foot down to the floor behind you, dropping your left knee down toward the floor and bending your right leg so both legs are at 90 degree angles. Simultaneously bring your hands down and across to the floor on right side of your body. Concentrate on this keeping your core engaged throughout the twist to maximize your core workout. Don’t worry if you wobble a bit - this is a great exercise for developing, but it can be a bit tough to get the flow at first. Complete 30 seconds on each side of your body, resting 10 seconds between each set.

Step 2: Bring your left foot down to the floor behind you, dropping your left knee

Exercise #6: TOUCH DOWNS

Step 1:

Begin with your feet positioned shoulder-width apart. Stand tall and engage your core. This is a great full body workout and cardio training interval, so you want to make sure you concentrate on utilizing as many muscle groups as possible.

Step 2:

Step your right leg out to the side, simultaneously leaning forward and touching the fingers of your right hand to the floor. Keep a flat back. You don’t want to round out your spine; this will cause undue back stress and diminish the effectiveness of the core workout. Stand back up, bringing your right leg back in and taking your left leg out. Touch the floor with the fingers of your left hand. Keep repeating the interval training exercise for 30 seconds, and then rest for 10 before moving on to your next exercise.

Step 2: Step your right leg out to the side, simultaneously leaning forward and touching the


Step 1:

Grab some extra resistance. For example, you can use a barbell (as shown), dumbbells, a sandbag or a training bag. Position your feet hip-width apart. Roll your shoulders back and down. Engage your core.

Step 2:

Hinge forward at your hips, keeping your chest lifted and back flat. Keep a slight bend in your knees. Make sure your weight is in your heels – this will help give you the best hamstring and glute workout.

Come back up to standing, squeezing your glutes on the way up.

Step 4:

Curl your resistance up to your chest. Keep your elbows at your sides.

Step 5:Kick your right leg out to the side. Be sure not to fling your leg out. Use your glutes to complete the movement.

Step 6:

Bring your right leg back down to the ground and sit back and down, sinking into a squat. Remember to keep the weight in your heels. Push back up to standing, drop the weight back down, and complete the full body workout again, this time kicking your left leg out. Complete 30 seconds of this HIIT training workout, and then rest for 10 seconds.

Do the entire interval training circuit 3-5 times in total.

Come back up to standing, squeezing your glutes on the way up. Step 4: Curl your
Come back up to standing, squeezing your glutes on the way up. Step 4: Curl your

2) Reverse

It really is better late than never! If the youth inspiring benefits of exercise have eluded you in the past, you don’t have to resign yourself to a life of looking aged and worn.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable outcomes of the McMaster study was the fact that though both test groups were the same age, the active test mice actually looked significantly younger than their sedentary peers.

Adeel Safdar, PhD student and lead author of the study, comments, "I believe that we have very compelling evidence that clearly show that endurance exercise is a lifestyle approach that improves whole body mitochondrial function which is critical for reducing morbidity and mortality. Exercise truly is the fountain of youth."

Here’s another amazing fact: The active test mice were actually genetically engineered to have mitochondrial defects that would cause them to age prematurely. In other words, they were given a disadvantage and still came out on top. WAY on top.

"After a few months of exercise, there were absolutely unprecedented changes," Sadfar reveals. "And we saw improvements not only in their running capacity but also their other organ systems. It went way above and beyond the muscles and heart, but also the brain, gonads, kidneys and other organs. It was absolutely exciting."

Tarnopolsky was equally amazed by the incredible transformation, saying, "Every organ was better off in the mice that exercised, and not just a little bit better -- it was a 100 percent improvement."

The active mice were also were also more outgoing and fuller, shinier fur.

Before you can see any results, you’re going to have to reverse your thinking first.

The reason most people choke on taking that first step is because they make excuses – and here`s the number one cop-out:

2) Reverse It really is better late than never! If the youth inspiring benefits of exercise

I`m too old to start now.

Well, if that`s your excuse, we`ve officially taken it away from you. The evidence speaks for itself.


But do the results with mice translate when the same studies are conducted with humans? The results are a resounding YES.

Tarnopolsky continued his research along with Buck Institute faculty member Simon Melov, PhD. They took tissue samples from 25 healthy older men and women and then asked them to train twice a week for 6 months. Tissue was also taken from healthy women and men who were younger.

Once again, the results were surprising. “We expected to see gene expressions that stayed fairly steady in the older adults,” said Melov. “The fact that their 'genetic fingerprints' so dramatically reversed course gives credence to the value of exercise, not only as a means of improving health, but of reversing the aging process itself, which is an additional incentive to exercise as you get older.”

Their research also set out to measure muscle strength. The older adults were 59% weaker than the younger adults, but after strength training, the older adults improved by about 50%. In the end, they were only 38% weaker than the young adults.

Other research concurs. Most of us already know that regular exercise can stall the build up of plaque in your arteries and help strengthen your bones to prevent osteoporosis.

Other incredible benefits including giving you a younger brain. Regular exercise is linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer`s disease in younger and older people. Research conducted at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine discovered that people who exercised had active, healthier brains.


People can concentrate better after exercising, so next time you’re stressing out, sweat it out first. You’re brain will be better for it.

77 year old golf pro Gary Player, who showed off just how good regular exercise can

77 year old golf pro Gary Player, who showed off just how good regular exercise can make you look and feel in ESPN`s Body Issue.

4) OUT

A study published in Psychology and Aging reveals that people who smile look younger. When participants were shown pictures of people smiling, they guessed them to be years younger than in photos of the same person with an angry or neutral expression.

Let’s look a little beyond the obvious. It’s pretty common knowledge that regular exercise can help you lose weight, which instantly makes you look younger, but there’s more to the story.

Exercise reduces stress, and reducing stress reduces the likelihood of skin-related conditions like eczema and acne. It also improves the look of your skin by increasing blood flow and sweat production, which gives you a youthful glow by flushing your body of free radicals and other waste. DOUBLE WHAMMY: Increased blood flow will provide more oxygen to your cells, and

this promotes cell health and vibrancy.

Moreover, all the inner benefits you reap from regular exercise will make you feel better, which will show on the outside. You’ll look happier, more radiant and confident. (And remember: If you’re happier you’ll be more likely to keep exercising, and the anti-aging benefits will keep rolling in!)

Will exercise stop you from aging? Nope. You can’t fight time. Still, there’s really no way to deny that exercise delays the aging process and will help you look great throughout your long, healthy and happy life. All you’ve got to do is get up and get going.

this promotes cell health and vibrancy. Moreover, all the inner benefits you reap from regular exercise