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819 students graduate at
Times Union Center
Around the World | Reunion ‘09
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what is mine
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Siena’s liberal arts education will always serve as a www.siena.edu/pages/180.asp.
guide for our alumni. When they share their lives with
others, serve in the community advocate for the poor Enjoy the issue, and don’t forget
and marginalized, Siena’s Franciscan mission is alive and to nominate someone for the
thriving. Siena and its Francsican tradition are woven Ultimate Siena College Fan contest
through the very fabric of our alumni’s lives. (see page 35).
When a Siena alum looks back on his or her life,
Jim Eaton and Allison Maloney ’06
he or she is able to say “I have done what
is mine to do.”


Fr. Kevin Mullen ’75, O.F.M., Ph.D.

.edu/n ews
ww w.siena
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Siena College held its 69th commencement
ceremony on Sunday, May 17 at the Times Union
Center in Albany. Eight hundred and ninteen
graduates received bachelor’s degrees in business,
liberal arts and science. It was the first time
Siena’s Commencement has been celebrated in
downtown Albany.
Fr. Kevin Mullen ’75, O.F.M., Ph.D. welcomed
the class using the words of Saint Francis, “I have
done what is mine to do. May Christ teach what
is yours.” If you share your life with others, serve
your communities and help the less fortunate, he
said, you will be able to look back on your life
and say, “I have done what was mine to do.”
Kelly Burke, class of 2009 president, reflected
on shared memories, beginning with the summer
before Siena, when she was assigned summer
reading of The Kite Runner for the freshman
Foundations course. Burke re-read the book
during her final week at Siena, and said that its
themes of love, respect and compassion are the
same marks of the four years spent at Siena. She
said that their time here had come full circle.
Burke also reminded the class that together
they had stormed the very court they were
Left: President’s Stage Party; The Honorable Victoria Graffeo, Bishop Howard Hubbard, Fr. Kevin Mullen ’75, O.F.M., Ph.D., Robert Cushing ’77
and Dr. Robert Paeglow. Center: Kelly Burke ’09 delivers her senior address. Right: Triplets Travis, Erin and Scott Montgomery.

seated on for not one, but two men’s basketball

championships. Teaching Excellence
Two honorary degrees were conferred to
The Honorable Victoria Graffeo and Dr. Robert
Paeglow. Graffeo has served New York State in all
three branches of government and quoted Presi-
dent Abraham Lincoln, who once compared a tree
to the individual and its shadow to the person’s
reputation. “There is no easy way to build a solid
reputation, and there are no shortcuts,” Graffeo
Charles Trainor, Ph.D., Rachel Stern-Marr, Ph.D. and Joshua Diamond, Ph.D.
said, “You build it a little each day in how you
treat others.” The Jerome Walton Excellence in Teaching Award was given
Dr. Paeglow founded the Koinonia Primary to Charles Trainor, Ph.D., professor of English. Rachel Stern-
Care/Mental Health Practice, which provides care Marr, Ph.D., professor of biology and Joshua Diamond,
to the poor in Albany’s West Hill neighborhood. Ph.D., professor of physics received the Raymond Kennedy
He was the first in his family to graduate from Excellence in Scholarship Award and Fr. Matthew T. Conlin,
college and provided the class of 2009 with his O.F.M. Distinguished Service Award, respectively.
conclusions on life: “It is all about joy,” he said.
Sam Ogden, senior commencement speaker,
impressively rhymed his entire speech and
Javid Afzali ’09 focused on the fact that being a member of the
was born in Afghanistan and Siena community will always be the graduates’
emmigrated to the United States when link to one another.
he was five years old. His father passed Closing up the ceremony was Robert
away when he was in high school, and Cushing ’77, chair of the board of trustees,
he dropped out of school to support and Very Rev. Howard Hubbard, bishop
his family. Afzali earned his GED and of the Albany diocese. Cushing had all the
later completed an associate’s degree graduates stand and repeat: “We did it!” Then,
to become a mechanic. He and his wife he had everyone else—professors, families and
saved money so that he could someday staff alike—stand and say, “Thank God they
earn a bachelor’s degree. Afzali has did it!”
received a significant scholarship to “Share your gifts and talents generously
attend Albany Law School this fall. The with others and you will mark an indelible
32 year-old is married and has four path for the world,” said Bishop Howard
children ranging in age from 10 to 3. Hubbard, “Godspeed always.”
Set, Commencement Poem An Excerpt
Go! By: Sam Ogden ’09, Commencement Speaker

Speeches. Speeches everywhere. And if you ever find yourself

You hear them every day. in need of company,
So, I will try to speak to you in Fr. Bill is always waiting
quite a different way. in the yearbook on page 3.
Speeches, Speeches here and there,
you hear them all the time. Siena’s growing older,
So I have tried to put Siena just as each of you and I.
College into rhyme. And it’s an honor… to be named
Now, I’m no Dr. Seuss, I never among its alumni.
claimed to be. Even when you find that you
But within the last few months this yourself are growing old.
little poem just came to me. Do yourself a favor – stay in touch
with green and gold.
Siena came so suddenly, and Farewell to all the homework,
suddenly it’s gone. and to the winter snow.
But there are many memories made Farewell to all the things from here,
from moving right along: except what we now know.
The times we didn’t study hard,
the times we did our best. At times I thought that one big
The time we went to take our finals, speech would change the world
but there weren’t any tests. forever.
But that’s a task that I and each
Most of us, our first few months, of you must do together.
just couldn’t get enough I came to school so long ago
Of friends and weekends of all kinds hoping not to change.
the “all-important” stuff. And looking back it’s hard to know
Some became the victors in the how I could be so strange.
field or on the court. I wanted more than anything
Others tried to make a mark to make a difference here,
of a—male pageant sort. And there were opportunities
Many wanted friendships that in every single year.
they wouldn’t have to fake.
Some have found the other person But it took me quite a while in fact
on the wedding cake. to look around and see,
That what the world had needed
What is it that we’re taking now was a certain change in me.
from everything we’ve read? We went to school not long ago
And how have we reacted to the hoping not to sway,
things inside our head? And looking back we wouldn’t
We’ve been angry at the world, have it any other way.
I hope the same for all of you;
For it’s in seeing all its flaws So thank you all for coming here,
that we know what to do. to watch us cross the stage;
We’ve been happy that we won a To see us in our caps and gowns,
game or with the change of season. perhaps to act our age.
To grab a blanket like the rest,
sunbathe for no good reason. Thank you to the parents,
Many have been near that place where spending so much time and dime.
sadness would control them, Thank you younger siblings,
But someone special from this place we can’t wait to see you shine.
would be there to console them. Thank you to the teachers,
for all that you have taught.
Siena helped a lot of us And thank you to the friars,
in life to find our way. for acting as you ought.
And those of us still searching Thank you to the staff
had a friend along the way. for keeping everything so smooth.
I didn’t know four years ago And thank you fellow classmates-
that by the very end I will really miss you.
The guy across the room from you
could be your greatest friend.
ete version,
No matter where you go from here For the compl oem.
to do things great and small w.s ie na .e du /c ommencementp
Keep in mind from time to time visit ww
just where you got it all.
Around the World
Around the Wil ’09oarersooln tod
Siena graduates Paul Notar ’07 and Leah Ant
become experts on two of the most important world
The Middle East and Russia.

Leah Antil was selected as one of 70 stu- Tell us about Astrakhan. So far, Astrakhan is
dents from among 30,000 applicants to study this quite an exciting place. I studied abroad in
summer at the Astrakhan State University in Rus- St. Petersburg, but Astrakhan is a more diverse area.
sia. Notar, who has been studying Arabic since last Although the language is primarily Russian, there
May, has been accepted to Michigan State Univer- are several ethnicities living together peacefully:
sity, which has one of the top five Arabic programs Russian, Iranian and Tatar. Some parts of Astrakhan,
in the United States. including the Kremlin and the River Volga, are so
Antil, writing from Astrakhan, Russia, tells beautiful my breath catches in my throat when I
Siena News about her experiences in Russia so far see them. These images are juxtaposed with trash-
this year. strewn streets, hot weather and dusty roads. It’s
Why Russia? Russia, to me, is like one of those art quite the contrast.
nouveau modern paintings — the ones with about What’s it like to be living in Russia, immersed in
six different squares and only three colors. You a new language and culture? I have taken a strict
stare at it, and you like it. You don’t know why Russian-only pledge when I am speaking with
you like it, but there is an attraction. professors, my host family and American
Maybe that painting is not for everyone,
but it’s for me.

You also went to Syria this year. Tell us about
that. My time in Syria led me to take a personal
interest in Syrian politics and the plight of Kurds in
that country. My best friend, Kawa, a Syrian-Kurd
living in Damascus, is confronted with flagrant
racism that has hampered his attempts to find
suitable work and live peacefully among Syrian-
Arabs. Acts of racism have intensified because of
various uprisings occurring in northern Syrian-
Kurdish cities over the past few years as a rebuke
to government policies that curtail their rights (a
recently proclaimed law restricts their right to
own land).
classmates. I
What was the application process like for such
attend classes Monday through Friday for six hours
a competitive field of study? Easier than it would
in Russian grammar, conversation and phonetics, so
have been — thanks to Siena. When I learned that
it is getting easier. After my two-months-and-10-
I was one of four students invited to Princeton
day experience, I theoretically will have advanced
University to compete for one open master’s degree
an entire level in the Russian language.
spot, my former professors went into action. Vera
Where and what are you headed for next? After
Eccarius-Kelly, associate professor of political
this scholarship, I will be pursuing a master’s
science, and I had a long strategy session. I also
degree at the School of International Training
received a crash course in the academic world from
World Learning Institute in Brattleboro, Vt. I am
Jim Booker, professor of economics. I was not
entering a two-year intercultural service, leadership
ultimately admitted to Princeton, but I did get full
and management program. I will be taking two
funding from the University of Michigan.
academic semesters at the Institute and then,
hopefully, I will work in Minsk, the capital of What will you do with the master’s degree?
Belarus, for a year-long practicum. My master’s degree will prepare me for doctoral
programs, as well as for a variety of professional
Paul Notar writes from Ramallah, the fields that require an advanced understanding of
Palestinian city on the West Bank. the Middle East. I am
How did you get involved in Middle Eastern and seriously considering
language studies? I’ve slowly acquired my interest a career in teaching,
in the Middle East in an unorthodox way: through either at the secondary
traveling, asking a lot of questions and meeting or university levels. I
people who live in the Middle East. Most of the can’t imagine a more
students and scholars I’ve met when traveling rewarding career.
acquired their interest in the Middle East through
rigorous training in history and anthropology. I’ve
actually never taken a class on the Middle East.
But, I did begin learning Arabic with Fareed Munir,
associate professor of religious studies, and studied
abroad in Morocco during my Siena years.
What’s it like living in the West Bank? Ramallah
has become the de facto capital of a yet-to-be-
completed Palestinian state. I am spending my time
studying Arabic with a private tutor and learning
about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Everyone in
this city has an interest in creating a new country.
Palestinians, though living under constant threat
of military and economic suppression, are active in
this endeavor.

From the Front Lines to the Front Lawn
Siena held its first-ever history reenactment, which spanned 230 years
of U.S. history, on the College’s front lawn on April 18, 2009. Re-enactors
representing the Revolutionary War and the Civil War joined current
members of Siena’s ROTC program, as well as members of the U.S.
National Guard for a day of demonstrations that celebrated bringing
history to life.
The idea for “A Day of Living History” was student-generated: The
History Club, led by Tara Heffernan ’09, organized the entire event from
conception to execution. The students were supported by the Center for
Revolutionary Era Studies, the History Department, Academic Affairs Ad-
missions and ROTC.
“We were proud to offer this program not only for Siena students but for
anyone interested from the Capital Region,” said Heffernan. “Each group
brought to life their respective eras and allowed spectators to see and hear
what camp life was like for our early Americans, as well as to see Above: Tara Heffernan ’09
the improvements that have been made for modern soldiers.” organized the first historical
Siena students and faculty also presented projects on topics including
reenactmwnt which was held on
literature of the Revolutionary Era and the effect soldiers and war have on
the front lawn.
communities. Sign up for information about next year’s event and other
Center for Revolutionary Era Studies programs at www.siena.edu/cres.

Hope for a Cure
By Jennifer Raska ’10

“Someone has to be the

first to be cured, and it’s
going to be Hannah.” These
were the words spoken by
the father of then four-year-
Siena Fueled by Francis in GHI old Hannah Sames of Clifton
Park, N.Y. In March 2008,
Workforce Team Challenge Hannah was diagnosed with
a genetic disorder called
By Michelle Pickering ’09
giant axonal neuropathy
Sixty-two determined Siena College employees and (GAN). The disease slowly
friends ran or walked through Albany as part of the deteriorates and inhibits the
GHI Workforce Team Challenge, the largest annual road function of the nervous system and interferes with the
race between Utica and New York City. For the second communicating signals sent from the brain to the body.
consecutive year, Siena was awarded a plaque for being the After Hannah’s diagnosis, her family was informed that
third largest educational agency to participate. Overall, the disorder was fatal and treatment options did not exist.
7,186 people participated and 393 teams ran alongside GAN is so rare that it is only found in one out of every
the Siena Saints, who were “fueled by Francis,” as was 200,000 individuals.
proclaimed on the back of their team t-shirts. For Siena, Unfortunately, hope can’t be put into treatment and
the event brought community members from numerous therapies for those diagnosed with this neurological
departments together at the end of the academic year to genetic disorder. Instead, parents are sent home to watch
enjoy each other’s company. their children deteriorate to the point of becoming a
Members of the Strategic Communications and quadriplegic, dependent on a feeding tube and ventilator.
Integrated Marketing Office recruited this year’s team, Individuals with GAN often die in their teens or early
designed and ordered the team t-shirts and organized the twenties.
post-race celebration at the Recovery Room Sports Grill Hannah Sames’ family and friends are determined
in Albany. This year’s squad sported hi-vis gold t-shirts, to change this. Hannah’s Hope Fund will need to raise
with the words “Siena” in green on the front. On the back $500,000 a year over the next four years to pay for gene
was a custom graphic of St. Francis, upon whose values therapy research and a clinical trial in hopes of saving the
the college is based. The event was made possible thanks precious lives being destroyed by GAN. Hannah’s family
to the generosity is devoted to finding a cure because, as her mother has
of Troy’s stated, “There is really little else in life that matters when
Landscape your child is dying from a malicious genetic disorder,
Supply especially when the disease could be treatable someday.”
Company and This year’s co-chairpersons of Charity Week Jillian
Paul Stec ’79, Duarte ’11 and Jennifer Raska ’10 have chosen Hannah’s
vice president Hope Fund to be the recipient of Siena’s Charity Week’s
for finance and fundraising efforts. Events will take place Nov. 2 -7. All
administration. alumni, faculty, students and friends are encouraged to
visit charityweek09.weebly.com, as well as the direct
Website for Hannah’s Hope Fund,
www.hannahshopefund.org, for more information.
Honors Topics Span from Nerds and Geeks to Wrestling with Cosmetics
This year’s honors fellows have officially completed their theses. Here is a list of the fellows, along with their topics:

• Paul Acosta ’09, “Going Beyond Brand Community • Brett Tracy ’09, “A Comparative Analysis of Stigma
— Brand Cult” Manifestation: Obstetric Fistulas, Treacher Collins
• Catherine Cagino ’09, “Alzheimer’s Disease: Syndrome and HIV/AIDS”
Focusing Future Research” • Samantha Tymchyn ’09, “Rebuilding Our Victimized
• Renee Clavette ’09, “Graduation Rates and Academic Communities: Integrating Restorative Justice
Success of Student Athletes Versus All Students: A Principles and Practices into Community-Based
Case Study of One Athletic Conference” Alternative Sentencing Initiatives to Bring
• Ashley Davison ’09, “A Look at Employee Theft and About Change”
Internal Control: Impacts on Small Business • Kimberly Vassilatos ’09, “When Conflict Resolution
Considering the Implications of Evolving Is Not Enough: Incorporating Conflict Transformation,
Technologies” Human Security and Restorative Justice into
• Michelle Diehl ’09, “Brand Personality and Gen Y: Peacebuilding”
A Study of the Relevance of Aaker’s Five Point Brand • Larissa Walker ’09, “Sustainability, Democracy and
Personality Scale to a New Generation” Problems with the U.S. Farm Bill: A Critical Analysis
• Jennifer Dinnel ’09, “How Christians Should Use of Policy, Power and Paradigms”
Hermeneutics: Moving Away from Literalism in the • Alexander Walthers ’09, “Exploring Attitudes
Context of Homosexuality and Evolution” Towards Counterfeit Products”
• Kelly Donnelly ’09, “Gaining Power: The • Jason Weiss ’09, “Wrestling with Cosmetics:
Postcolonial Adolescent Struggle in the Bluest Eye Creator or Enhancer of Beauty?”
and Life of Pi” • Kari Weiterschan ’09, “Speak and Sold:
• Erin Guldenstern ’09, “Nerds and Geeks: The impact Trauma as a Contradiction
of the Portrayal of Mathematicians in Movies in Adolecent Literature”
and Television”
• Gary Gustin, Jr. ’09, “Ancient Greek Homoeroticism:
Diversity and Difference”
• April London ’09, “The Impact of Intrinsic and
Extrinsic Motivation on Job Choice in
Generation Y”
• Emily McHugh ’09, “Sharing a Confidence:
Full Immersion with the ‘Distorted’ Outlook”
• Roshni R. Naik ’09, “Attitudes of Albany
Medical College (AMC) Students Toward
the Willingness of Pursuing Geriatrics
as Career”
• Samuel J. Ogden ’09, “Beyond Church
and State: Thoughts on Religious
Participation in Democratic Dialogue”
• Shaina Reardon ’09, “Food For
Thought: 1960s Countercultures
Influence on Today’s Natural
Foods Movement”
• Elizabeth Rees ’09, “Humanitarian
Health Care: Exploring the Humanitarian
Missions of the International Committee of
the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders”
• Philip Sidoti ’09, “Credit Cards and College
Students: Status and Implications for
Marketing Strategy”

Academic Celebration Showcases Student Projects
Siena Hosted 22nd Annual
Siena’s annual Academic Celebration Day in May showcased
200 student projects from all three schools. These projects
included independent studies, as well as class work. Many of
the student projects proved timely, including those from the
Globalization Issues Across the U.S. Border course taught
by Jean Stern, Ph.D., professor of political science. Students
studied the U.S. Border Patrol, the North American Free Trade
Agreement, illegal immigration, drug cartels and more. This class
also traveled to the U.S.-Mexican border in January to experience
the topics first-hand.
Students studying sociology research methods featured an
array of topics including service learning, Siena’s recycling
program, effects of cancer on loved ones and Facebook. The latter
study by Kristen Henry ’10 found that Facebook is the top form
of Internet communication for Siena students, followed by instant
messaging and then e-mail.
Text messaging was a popular topic for marketing and
management research methods students, with themes ranging
from texting on company time and the effects it has on GPA to
college students using texting to connect with peers. From the
School of Science, biology major Laura Connor ’09 investigated
RNA and its implications for future treatment of heart disease.
Chemistry major Lukasz Gauza ’10 compared conventional to
microwave heating in the production of biodiesel from vegetable
oil. Computer science major Daniel Rotondo ’11 developed an
application for Apple’s iPhone platform.
Service and activism also were themes that wove through Below: Jean Stern, Ph.D., professor of political science,
this year’s event. Allyson Sweeney ’09, Amy McCarthy ’09 with students who traveled to the U.S. – Mexican border in
January to study illegal immigration at this year’s Academic
and Elizabeth Murphy ’09 worked to raise awareness of Celebration. Above: Student projects this year included
organ donation and transplantation, while a group of students Facebook findings, text messaging, service and activism,
supervised by Shannon O’Neill, Ph.D., director of the Siena’s recycling program and effects of cancer on
Sr. Thea Bowman Center for Women, initiated a loved ones.
sweatshop-free campaign.


Br. Linh Hoang Ordained

On May 16, Br. Linh Hoang, O.F.M.,
assistant professor of religious studies, was
ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood
at St. Francis Church in New York City. Four
days later, on May 20, Fr. Linh celebrated his
first Mass on campus. Linh moved to the United
States as a child from Saigon, Vietnam. He
earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from
the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium,
master’s degrees in theology and divinity from
the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, and a
doctorate in theology from Fordham University
Siena Welcomes New Jones Promoted to Vice in the Bronx.
On the Holy Name Province Website, Linh
Campus Chaplain President for Enrollment is quoted as saying
Fr. Gregory Jakubowicz, Management he joined the
Franciscans while a
O.F.M. has been selected to
become the Campus Chaplain. Edward J. “Ned” Jones has graduate student at
He had been assigned by the been named Vice President for Fordham because “I
Province of the Holy Name to Enrollment Management after a was attracted to the
work in campus ministry. He national search. Jones joined spirit of St. Francis
succeeds Fr. Bill Beaudin, O.F.M. Siena in 1987 and has progressively and the theologies of
who stepped down as Chaplain moved up within the Enrollment the early Franciscan
to pursue his Ph.D. at Boston Management office holding the scholars. I felt that
College this fall. positions of Assistant Director the contemporary
Fr. Gregory has served for of Admissions, Director of Franciscans were
the last two years as the Chief Admissions, Assistant Vice seriously trying
Operating Officer at Washington President for Admissions, to live out that
Theological Union. Prior to Assistant Vice President for tradition.”
that, he was Vocation Director Enrollment Management and,
for the Holy Name Province most recently, Acting Director Siena College Administrator
of Enrollment Management.
and Assistant Professor of
Business Law at St. Bonaventure “Under Ned’s leadership this Elected Chair of Board
University where he taught past year the College was able
to exceed our enrollment goals Maryellen Gilroy,
business law. From 1992-1997, Ed.D., vice president
he was Lawyer-Editor at the despite the troubling economy,”
Fr. Kevin Mullen ’75, O.F.M., for student affairs,
Michie Company, which is was recently elected
now LexisNexis. He brings to Ph.D., president said.
Jones has been a member of chair of the Board
the position of Chaplain a rich of Directors for
blend of business, collegiate The College Board and President
of the New York Counseling the Association for
and pastoral experience. “I Student Affairs at
am humbled and excited to Associations (NYCA) and the
Capital District Counseling Catholic Colleges
be joining the Siena family, and Universities.
especially the Campus Ministry Association (CDCA). He was
also a Delegate for the National She will begin her
team and the friary” said Fr. three-year term at
Gregory. “I look forward to Association for College Admission
Counseling (NACAC). In his the association’s
continuing the work of Fr. Bill, annual conference
and collaborating with new role, Jones will be responsible
for leading the Admissions and in July. This year’s
the campus to enhance the conference is being held on Siena’s campus and
College’s Franciscan and Financial Aid departments
at Siena. marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of
Catholic mission.” the Association and 800th anniversary of the
birth of the Franciscan order.
Business Team Places Second in Innovative Challenge
A team of three Siena School of Business students placed second in Price Chopper’s
Ultimate Innovation Challenge, conducted by Golub/Price Chopper Supermarkets. Winners
were selected based on innovative ideas that focus on four supermarket-related industry
categories: retail operations, supply
chain/distribution management,
merchandising/marketing and human
resources. Will Allison ’09, Beena
Panicker ’09 and Stefan Putyera ’09
examined Price Chopper’s Website
and created a new site to meet the
consumer’s needs better.
Of the 30 entries, seven teams
were selected to pitch their ideas to
Price Chopper senior management.
Winning second place, Siena earned
a $5,000 cash prize. “The judges
were very impressed with our team
and implemented some of the ideas
to Website immediately,” said Paul
Thurston, assistant professor of
marketing and management. Thurston
mentored the students during the
fall semester as part of the Strategic
Management senior capstone course,
which allows students to apply what
they have learned in the classroom and
implement business strategies for real-
world scenarios.

Siena Summer Hours Designed to Conserve Energy

Siena College has moved to a summer schedule in an effort to save on
energy. The College’s regular business hours during the summer months
had been 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Monday – Friday. The new schedule is
8 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. on Monday - Thursday and 8 a.m. - noon on Friday.
This will allow the College to shut down the cooling systems for most
campus buildings at the end of the business day on Thursday until
Monday morning, when employees return to work.
“We expect that this change will contribute significantly to our energy
savings program, and we will communicate the results at the end of the
summer,” said Paul Stec ’79, vice president for administration, in an e-mail
to campus. Siena already closes between Christmas Eve and New Year’s
Day as part of its energy conservation program.

Sabbatical Projects Range from Philosophy
Thomas J. Kopp, Ph. D., Lisa Nevarez,Ph.D.,
and Food to Teaching English in the Ukraine associate professor of associate professor of
finance Using Forecasts English Contemporary
The following faculty members were on sabbatical to Trigger Portfolio Latin American Theatre
during part of all of the 2008 – 2009 academic Rebalancing: Can
year. Their sabbaticals were used to engage in Forecasts Reduce the Donald J. Raux, Ph.D.,
intensive study so they can become more effective Gaps Between Expected assistant professor of
teachers and scholars at Siena College. Returns and Actual accounting Teaching an
Returns Effective Accounting
Class in the 21st Century:
Raymond Boisvert, Ph.D., Leonard M. Cutler, Ph.D., Carolyn Malloy-Madrid, Using Active Learning
professor of philosophy professor of political Ph.D., professor of Techniques
Philosophy and Food – science Legal Issues modern languages and
study in France and Counter-Terrorism classics Latin American Rachel Sterne-Marr,
Policy Post the Bush Playwrights Ph.D., professor of
James Booker, Ph.D., Administration biology Regulation of
professor of economics Duane A. Matcha, Ph.D., Cell Signaling:
Economically Sustainable Vera Eccarius-Kelly, professor of sociology Mechanism of GRK2
Resource Use and Ph.D., associate professor Fulbright Scholarship Activation
Management of political science Study in Vilnius,
Militant Kurds: A Dual Lithuania: National Lydia C. Tarnavsky, Ph.D.,
Eric A. Breimer, Ph.D., Strategy for Freedom Health Systems professor of modern
assistant professor languages and classics
of computer science Susan Hurley, Ph.D., Chingyen A. Mayer, Teaching English in the
Paperless Labs: professor of mathematics Ph.D., associate professor Ukraine
Integrating Video Golden Matrices of English In the Land of
Podcasts and Electronic Hibiscus: Three Women Scott K. Taylor, Ph.D,
Documents for Emelie A. Kenney, Ph.D., of China associate professor of
Computer-based Lab associate professor of history Addiction in
Activities mathematics The Krakow Jennifer McErlean, Ph.D., Early Modern Europe
School of Mathematics professor of philosophy
Pamela Clements, Ph.D., and Its Role in the Michael Walzer’s Allan T. Weatherwax,
professor of English Clandestine University Environmental professor of physics,
Creative Writing Philosophy associate dean of science
The Firefly Satellite
Donna McIntosh, Mission: Understanding
professor of social work Earth’s Most Powerful
BSW/MSW State and Natural Particle
National Curricular Accelerator
Robert Yoder, associate
Daniel F. Moriarty, Ph.D., professor of computer
assistant professor science Journal of
of chemistry and Computing Sciences in
biochemistry Kinetic Colleges
Stability of Protein Using
Left to Right: Raymond Boisvert, Ph.D., professor of philosophy
2D Electrophoresis on
and Daniel F. Moriarty, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry
and biochemistry Common Laboratory

Two Students Awarded Faculty
Memorial Scholarships
By Michelle Pickering ’10

Bianca Pier ’10 and Kelli Huggins ’10 received Faculty Memorial
Scholarships for the 2009-10 academic year in the amount of $5,625. Both
Pier and Huggins are on the President’s List and hold a 3.98 GPA and 3.97

Professor Hosts GPA respectively. “These students represent the best at Siena College and
we are proud to acknowledge them,” said Jim Matthews, chair of the faculty
Golf Show on Time Pier, a biology major, is the president of Phi-Sigma Gamma Sigma, a national
biology honor society for students who demonstrate excellence in the study

Warner Cable of biology. She also is a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma, a national scholastic
honor society for students who hold a 3.8 GPA by the end of their junior year.
In addition, Pier is a member of the Ambassadors Club and Read for the Stars, a
Doug Lonnstrom, professor program that promotes literacy in an economically challenged area of Albany.
of quantitative business analysis Huggins is a history and American studies major involved in the Siena
and founder of the Siena Research College-Wide Honors Program, History Club and Phi Alpha Theta, a national
Institute, is the history honor society for students who demonstrate excellence in the study of
host of Tee Time, history. She was one of 15 students in the nation selected as a Gilder Lehrman
a golf show on Scholar. As a scholar, she will travel to New York City this summer to
Time Warner participate in a five-week program that combines historical research, seminars
Cable, channel 3. with eminent historians and behind-the-scenes tours of historical archives.
The show includes The scholarships were awarded in memory of Fr. Sennen San Fratello,
segments on the O.F.M., a former professor in the English Department at
history of golf, Siena who was an active community
highlights local volunteer in the Albany Veterans
golf courses and Medical Center and AIDS hospice.
provides tips on
improving your
game. Guests of his show have
included Fr. Kevin Mullen ’75,
O.F.M., Ph.D, president of Siena
College, Fr. Ken Paulli ’82,
O.F.M., Ed.D., chief of staff, Dave
Wronowski, women’s golf coach
and highlights from the Saints
Alive Golf Tournament . The show
airs in the Albany market and
can be found “on demand,”
channel 1009. Bianca Pier ’10
Lonnstrom is the author of
two local golf history books and
a member of the Golf Writers
Association of America. He has
made numerous appearances on
radio and television shows
as an expert on golf and has
been featured in the Albany
Times Union.

Kelli Huggins ’10

Men’s Lacrosse
Enjoys Historic
By Mark Adam

The Saints made history in 2009

with their first-ever Metro Atlantic
Athletic Conference (MAAC)
championship and earned one of
16 berths into this year’s NCAA
Tournament. The success of Siena’s
lacrosse program began five years
ago when Brian Brecht was hired
as the lacrosse team’s first full-time
head coach. The campus’ brand new
$2.9 million turf field, the addition
of scholarships and alumni support
also have contributed to the team’s
Brecht, a three-time MAAC Coach
of the Year, has guided the Saints to
three consecutive 10-win seasons.
“There was certainly a lot of excitement
when I arrived on campus about the
potential this program has,”
Brecht said.
Brecht’s first recruiting class
arrived in fall 2006. Nearly four
years later, 16 of his student-athletes
earned championship rings and their
diplomas. Brecht’s first season in 2006
saw the team win four games before a
turnaround 10-6 season in 2007 that
included Siena’s first appearance in the
MAAC’s postseason tournament.
“Going 10-6 and getting into the
postseason was a valuable experience
for our team,” said Chris Viviano ’09.
“We were disappointed that we lost,
but we also knew the core of the team
was young and we had the ability to
do some special things.” game on ESPNU. The Saints earned Most Outstanding Player
With high hopes after took a 3-2 lead into the second behind his 3.06 Goals Against
the program’s first winning quarter but lost 11-3. This Average and 22 saves in the
season in 24 years, the year’s schedule included three tournament.
Saints responded in 2008 nationally ranked opponents that Siena was rewarded with a
with wins over Harvard left the Saints with a 2-5 record trip to the Carrier Dome to face
University (6-5) and Loyola after seven games. From there the defending (and eventual)
College (5-4). (Loyola is they rattled off eight straight wins national champion, Syracuse
ranked 17th nationally.) and finished a perfect 8-0 in the Orange. Siena stayed with
Unfortunately, the Saints MAAC this year. Syracuse into the fourth quarter,
stumbled in league The Saints continued their behind a stellar play by Herbst.
play with a 4-4 record dominance through the MAAC The All-America Honorable
and missed the MAAC Tournament, dispatching Mention made five saves in
Tournament. Providence 7-1 in the semifinals the first quarter and provided
“We were a better with some stingy defense. highlight reel stops throughout.
team in 2008 than in They caused 24 turnovers and Syracuse led 6-2, entering the
2007,” said Brecht. “After the pitched a shutout for the first 44 fourth quarter before they pulled
2008 campaign, we had to decide minutes. The Saints followed this away for an 11-4 win.
whether we would allow that to up with a convincing 9-5 win The team returned to campus
repeat itself in 2009 or learn from it over Manhattan in the MAAC as MAAC champions, yet Brecht
and get better.” Championship – a landmark believes this program has just
The 2009 campaign kicked moment for Siena lacrosse. The scratched the surface. “We’ve
off on Feb. 20, when Viviano and Saints led 5-0 until Manhattan gotten better every year and I
his classmates took the field at scored thei first goal with 35 think we’ll continue to improve,”
Johns Hopkins, ranked fourth in the seconds remaining in the first he says. The 2010 campaign
country, in a nationally televised half. Junior goalie Brent Herbst can’t come soon enough.

A Perfect Season
By Mark Adam
Thirty years ago, the Siena
men’s lacrosse team completed
the program’s only undefeated
season. The 1979 Siena Indians
team was honored during
halftime at this year’s Senior Day
win over Mount St. Mary for their
perfect 12-0 season. In 1979,
the Indians played at the Division
I level and defeated regional
teams such as Albany, Union, Marist and Colgate.
The 1979 Saints team has the program’s top three all-time scorers: Tony Asterino ’81 (304 points), Tom Baldwin ’81
(238) and Steve O’Shea ’79 (199). The 12 wins stand as the team’s record – matched only by the 2009 Saints.
Asterino and Brent Herbst ’10 are the only two Siena lacrosse players to earn All-America honors. The 1979
team’s head coach, Russ Ferris, has the most wins in program history, with 111.

No Quit in Finneran
Sophomore defenseman Brendan Finneran has already won his toughest game — off the field.
The game had much higher stakes than any other he had played. He battled bone cancer and
survived the treatments, including a five-hour surgery that removed one-third of the bone in his
right leg and replaced it with a titanium rod.
Just two and a half years after the surgery, Finneran made his comeback to lacrosse this season.
He practiced regularly with the team this past year and was in uniform for the season opener – a
nationally televised game with Johns Hopkins at Homewood Field in Baltimore. Shortly thereafter,
Finneran sustained a stress fracture, which ended his season. But it’s not the first time he’s dealt
with adversity, and he plans on making another return to the field next season.
Old friends, fun and lots of memories ...
reunion weekend was a blast!
A record breaking 900 plus alumni, family and friends attended the reunion
kickoff event, family picnic, class dinners and other events on June 5-6.
Highlights included: Annual Fund Highlights:
• Joe Varkey ‘64 traveled the farthest • A check for the Annual Fund in the amount
to attend as he came from India. of $1,750,852 was presented to Fr. Kevin
Mullen ‘75, O.F.M., Ph.D. by Ginny
• The Class of ‘89 was the largest class Darrow ‘83, national chair of the
to attend Reunion, with 120, alumni Annual Fund.
returning to campus for the weekend.
• The Class of ’44 had the highest participation
• The Class of ’89 reunited two student (50%) in Annual Fund support.
bands (Raisin’ Cain and The
Throwbacks) from“back in the day” • The classes of ‘59, ‘69, ‘84 and ‘89
to play at the family picnic. established scholarships to celebrate
Reunion milestone years.

Planning committees
are underway for
Reunion 2010.

Reunion classes ending

in 0’s and 5’s will
celebrate June 4 - 5, 2010.
Don’t miss out on your chance
to participate! Contact
Margot Anderson ’82,
or manderson@sienaedu
to get involved.

Distinguished Award Winners
During Reunion 2009, six alumni were honored for extraordinary career
achievement, contributions to the college and dedication to others.

Douglas Colbeth ’77 of Rooftop Mortgages, with impoverished families

The Professor Joseph A. a wholly owned subsidy to provide them with
Buff Award for outstanding of Bear Stearns. She later counseling and support.
career accomplishment and became a member of
achievements Siena’s Board of Trustees Francis Martin ’59
and head of servicing for The Reverend Benjamin Kuhn,
Apollo Management’s O.F.M., Award for special
European Principal contributions to the Siena
Finance Fund. Since 2006,
she has served on the
Dave Crandall created finance, development and
the Donna M. Crandell investment committees for
Foundation in honor of his the Board of Trustees and
wife to support patients is the national chair of the
and families affected by College’s Annual Fund.
cystic fibrosis, an inherited In May 2007, she was the
As the CEO at Spyglass chronic disease that affects
Inc., a leading provider guest speaker at the Honor
the lungs and digestive an Awesome Woman
of Internet software system. The Foundation
technologies, Doug Brunch, sponsored by
has raised more than Siena’s Sr. Thea Bowman
Colbeth has received $1 million with the support College community
entrepreneurial awards Center for Women.
of friends and family. “Frank’s motto is ‘Have
including the KPMG Peat Funds are used to purchase phone, will raise money,’
Marwick Entrepreneur Donna Wilson ’01 and we at Siena are
gift baskets for a family
of the Year and Ernst & room at Albany Medical
The Franciscan Spirit Award for thankful for his years and
Young Entrepreneur of Center. The Foundation demonstrating a commitment years of involvement with
the Year, co-sponsored by helps with utility, to advancing the welfare of the College,” said
USA Today and NASDAQ mortgages, insurance other people David Smith ’79, vice
respectively. Colbeth premiums, transportation president for development
served as president and and other expenses that and external affairs.
CEO of Kinaxis,™ a families incur during Martin, who was 2nd
company that provides difficult times. Lieutenant in the U.S.
software and other Army Finance Corps for
services for forecasting, Virginia L. Darrow ’83 two years in the 1960s,
planning, and performance retired from IBM in 2002.
The Reverend Benjamin Kuhn,
optimization. He also was Recently, he served on the
director of North Central
O.F.M., Award for specific
Class of 1959 Reunion
College’s Entrepreneurship contributions to improve the
Weekend and Class Gift
Institute in Naperville, Ill. Siena Community Committee. He is active
Donna Wilson spearheaded
Colbeth and his wife a restructuring of a in the Saratoga Alumni
Margaret are pioneer rehabilitation center for Club and serves on the
philanthropists of juvenile youth in Uganda, where Alumni Association’s
brain disease; they founded she adopted her son, Board of Directors. He
the Colbeth Clinic in 2000 Derrick and daughter, also has served as an
at the University of Illinois Nessa. She has worked alumni representative on
Medical Center. in Nicaragua to provide the Presidential Search
youth with food, clothing Committee and as a
David Crandell ’79 and medical care. Donna member of the Annual
The Professor Egon Plager Award also has served in Northern Fund Phone-a-thon
Early in her career, Ginny Committee.
for accomplishments in advancing India at a women’s
Darrow served as CEO outreach home, working
the welfare of other people

$1,500,000 -
Amount donated to Siena College

$1,000,000 –
Fundraising goal for the Spirit of ’79

fund and the 50th reunion

$750,000 –
Total giving this year

Years and
“As a class, giving has become contagious. We had a great experience at Siena
and value what that has meant for our careers. We have a lot of pride in the $600,000 –
College and want to see future generations of Siena students have similar Endowed scholarship value donated
opportunities,” said John Murray ’79, CEO Rose and Kiernan Insurance.
$25,000 –
Raised to fund the James M. Walsh ’79
Scholarship Fund, in memory their
classmate Jim who died in 1979

30 –
Classmates in the Presidents Circle
(minimum $1,000 gift) this year

Class of ’79 endowed scholarships

Classmates inducted into the
St. Francis Society, which supports
Siena through charitable bequests,
life-income gifts and trusts
9th Annual Siena
Day at the Races
Experience the Saratoga
Race Course in Style
Friday, August 14, 2009
Included in your pre-ordered ticket is:
- Clubhouse admission
- Lunch buffet
- Post Parade program

Ticket prices:
Individual……………………………..…. $125
Complimentary to President’s Circle donors,
fiscal year 2008-2009 For more information please contact Diane Benson at
Corporate Sponsor table (8)…........ $1400 518-782-6514 or benson@siena.edu
Corporate Sponsor table (10)…...... $1750
The At the Rail Pavilion opens at 11 a.m. and will be air
conditioned. Collared shirts are required. No tee shirts,
shorts or jeans.

Making A Difference
Your gift to Siena has a positive impact on
students, families and the community, providing
access to our excellent liberal arts education,
building facilities and improving programs.
Whether you touch one life or thousands,
Siena is strengthened by your generosity.

At this year’s Scholarship Appreciation Dinner,

Kim Kamilow Luker ’82 and Katie Luker ’06
announced a newly endowed scholarship and
surprised their mother/grandmother, Arlene Pole
Kamilow, by naming it in her honor. The nearly
300 donors, guests and scholarship recipients in
attendance were treated to a presentation by
Kim and Katie that provided glimpses of their
lives at Siena at two different time periods.
Other speakers – students and donors alike
– shared their thoughts on what receiving or
donating scholarships means to them.
Left to Right: Arlene Pole Kamilow, Katie Luker ’06, Fr. Kenneth P. Paulli ’82, O.F.M., Ed.D.
and Kim Kamilow Luker ’82.
Student speakers included:

• Javid Afzali ’09, Political Science –

The Louis Lombardi Scholarship; The
Maureen O’Sullivan Cushing Scholarship On the Air and on Your Computer
• Marissa Zumbo ’09, Biology – The Dr. Louis J.
and Alice Gazeley De Russo Scholarship

Donor speakers included:

• R. Andrew LeBlanc, ’92 – Sarazen recipient

and Sarazen donor as well as the donor of the
Ronald and Suzanne LeBlanc Scholarship

• Michael Hickey, ’83 –

The Michael Hickey ’83 Scholarship

Fr. Kevin Mullen ’75, O.F.M., Ph.D. ’75

noted: “I have the opportunity to witness
the impact of a Siena education on our
students. We do not know how long
these difficult times will last, but we are Standing left to right: Fr. Kevin Mullen ‘79, O.F.M.; Ph.D.; Joseph A.
Reilly; Anne and Robert Higgins; John F. Kelly, director of WVCR; Ralph
determined to do all in our power to Blasting, dean of the school of liberal arts and Dow Smith, associate
provide access and opportunity for our professor of creative arts. Kneeling in the front left to right: Vancardi
Foster ‘09 and Darrin Kibbey, general manager of WVCR.
current and future students. Now more
than ever, we see how scholarships change Siena dedicated its Internet radio station, Siena Talk 216 on April
lives.” 7, 2009, which was made possible through the generous gift of
Anne and Robert Higgins. Siena Talk 216 builds the capacity of the
For information on endowed scholarships, Joseph A. and Carol M. Reilly Broadcast Center, which comprises
please contact Ruth F. Richards, director of WVCR 88.3 The Saint and SCTV, Siena’s television station. The
stewardship and donor relations, 518-783-2432 Reilly Broadcast Center provides hands-on experience for students
or rrichards@siena.edu. See highlights of the preparing for careers in broadcast news and journalism.
dinner at www.youtube.com by searching
“Siena scholarship dinner.” Were you involved in the radio station? WVCR would love
to hear from you. E-mail dkibbey@siena.edu to keep in touch.
Giving Back to Those
Who Sacrificed So Much
Siena College is offering a special gift annuity to help donors to recognize the
sacrifice that their parents made for them. The gift annuity allows the donor to make
a gift to the College and, in return, the College will pay the donor’s parents a guaranteed
fixed income for the rest of their lives. Upon the last parent’s death, the balance of the
gift goes to Siena to be used as designated by the donor.

The example below illustrates how this works:

Robert ’75 purchases a $20,000 gift annuity, which pays a guaranteed fixed income to
his parents, Joseph and Marilyn, for the rest of their lives. Based upon his parents’ age of
80, the annual payment that they will receive from the College is $1,200 (6%). For Joseph
and Marilyn, retirement income is supplemented by $1,200, $900 of which is tax-free.
Upon their death, the College receives the balance of the gift. In addition to knowing that
he has providing a gift to both his parents and Siena College, Robert receives an income
tax deduction of $8,800 in the year he purchases the gift annuity.

This is a great way to recognize the sacrifice of parents with a single gift. If you would
like to discuss a gift annuity,please contact Jack Sise ’75, Esq., director of gift planning,
518-783-2432 or jsise@siena.edu.

class notes ALUMNI

Janice Goca, assistant director of alumni relations and Victoria Abdulla ’07, development assistant
Please submit all of your Class Notes information to your Class Coordinator, or if there is no coordinator
listed for your class, please send all information to alumni@siena.edu for posting in the magazine.

Update us!
in the afternoon, we attended the
Alumni Memorial Mass, after which
Brian Valentine
Want to stay connected and a hard core group went to dinner at
202-586 -9741
well-informed about the the Century House to conclude the
goings-on at Siena? Make sure weekend on a high note.
Greetings to all Siena’s commu-
to update the Alumni Relations We also discovered that our class
nity—faculty, students, alumni,
Office with your contact has two “Santa Claus” representa-
family, and friends! And greetings
information! If you haven’t tives who bring cheer and happiness
to my fellow Siena College 1973
already, send your address, to many children. Keep up the good
classmates—I hope everyone is
phone number, and e-mail to work, Dick Kane and Ron Lather.
having a wonderful summer. Did Rich Pepe ’71
alumni@siena.edu today! anyone have a memorable vacation?
1962 Please let me know!
Joins the staff at Hamilton-
Ken Deitcher Among all the wonderful achieve- BOCES
dukaytravel@att.net ments of the Class of 1973, I am
pleased to announce the retirement
1959 1965 of one of our Siena 1973 classmates enforcement career was recognized

Frank Martin Jack Mulvey, Jr. from the FBI: at a reception held in his honor on
ftmartin@nycap.rr.com jkmulvey@netscape.com After almost 29 years with the October 31, 2008, at the DubsDread
David M. Fahey recently retired FBI, former Bayonne, N.J. resident, Country Club in Orlando and was
after 46 years as a history professor,
the last 40 of them spent at Miami
1967 Special Agent Peter D. Yachmetz attended by family members, friends
Rick Spataro (B.S. Finance) retired on and colleagues from the Tampa
University in Ohio. He taught Brit- rspataro001@twcny.rr.com October 31, 2008. Upon gradua- Division of the FBI, FBI Headquar-
ish and World History. He authored 61 State Street tion from Siena, Peter was recruited ters, United States Attorneys Office
or edited a half dozen books, most Malone, NY 12953 by the Chase Manhattan Corpora- Middle District of Florida, National
on temperance and drink in Britain 518 -483-3566 tion and accepted a position with Aeronautics & Space Administra-
or the United States. He has several the Corporate Internal Audit Staff. tion (NASA), United States Secret
other books under contract for his
retirement years. His wife, Mary
1968 Over the next three years, Peter rose
to the position of senior auditor
Service, U.S. Department of State,
Bill McGoldrick The Florida Department of Law
Fuller, is an associate professor of and was responsible for the periodic Enforcement, County Sheriff offices
English at Miami University, and audit of the departments within and local police departments. Peter
the director of the Ohio Writing
Project. Their daughter, Juliana 1971 Chase Manhattan Corporation for
accounting procedures and compli-
is married to Patricia A. Yachmetz
(Prusek), also formerly of Bayonne.
(Jay) Fuller, recently graduated After 37 years, 33,000+ classes,
ance with banking regulations. Peter They have two sons.
summa cum laude at the University over 950 women’s varsity softball
was appointed by the Director of So what are your plans now,
of North Carolina at Asheville and and basketball games coached, and
the FBI as a special agent of the Peter? Have any good retirement
soon will begin graduate work in not one sick day, Rich Pepe ’71
Federal Bureau of Investigation advice for the rest of us?
sociology at Ohio State. retired from teaching English and
(FBI) on January 21, 1980. Peter
coaching at Schalmont High School
At our 50th class Reunion week-
end, Francis (Fran) Martin was in Rotterdam, N.Y. this June. In
held numerous special agent and 1975
supervisory positions with the FBI Janet Gutowski Hall
awarded the Reverend Benjamin September he will join the staff at
throughout his distinguished law janet.hall@wku.edu
Kuhn, O.F.M., Distinguished Alum- Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery
enforcement career. Peter’s special Lynn Rondeau’s March 2009
ni Award for specific contributions BOCES near Johnstown N.Y.,
expertise in counter-terrorism, brush with kidney cancer was the
to improve the Siena community. where he will put all of his experi-
hostage negotiation, and surveillance impetus for a few ’75ers to meet in
Our class Reunion was held on ence to good use as an instructor
led him on numerous domestic and Albany in June, and to tag along
Friday, June 5, 2009, and was at- in their “Careers in Education”
international assignments, including with the class of ’74 as they cel-
tended by 48 of our classmates and program. In an interesting role
the U.S. Embassies of Kuwait, the ebrated their 35th reunion (ours is
their guests at a wonderful dinner in reversal, his new boss will be Jay
Bahamas, and the U.K.. Peter’s ex- next year, but more about that later).
Siena’s newest house at 33 Fiddlers DeTraglia ’93 who was his Siena
pertise helped to free a U.S. kidnap- I joined Lynn (who’s doing fine),
Lane. We succeeded in raising over student teacher years ago, proving
ping hostage in Bogotá, Colombia. Julianne Martorana/Grennen,
$25,000 to establish a scholar- that networking is not just for
Since 2002, Peter’s final assignment Marcia Cappuccilli and Peggy
ship from our class. Several of our business majors.
with the FBI was lead criminal Naughton Marshall (OK, she’s
classmates attended the Saturday investigator for the Kennedy Space
morning President’s Circle Cham- 1972 Center, as member of a resident FBI
actually class of ’76) for an outdoor
dinner on Saturday night, where we
pagne Brunch and Distinguished Jack Callahan agency in Tampa, Florida. Peter’s reminisced—without censors—in
Alumni Awards Ceremony. Later Jackcallahan33@gmail.com extraordinary and distinguished law

front of Jule’s daughter Katie (’10). two issues before you give up on
Later, we went to the ’74 dinner, seeing your stuff in print. Mean-
where we found President Kevin while, enjoy your fall and keep in
Mullen entertaining the gang. By touch. It won’t be long before we
the way, please keep Fr. Kevin are all together again on another
in your prayers, as he has a hip spring day at our 35th Reunion.
replacement scheduled for July.
This might be the beginning of his 1977
Six Jillion Dollar Man makeover— Linda Fitzsimmons
allowing for inflation. I’ll keep you lfitzsimmons@hvc.rr.com
Lee “Long Ball” Borko ’79, Dan O’Connell ’80, Len Shustack ’79
Thanks to Ellen Beberwyk/
Morgan’s proud sister, I have much
1979 and J.D. Strong ’79
Sue Reilly/Hayes Alumni Weekend Golf Tournament winners
to share about Ellen. After graduat- CLIFTON522@aol.com
ing with a B.S. in chemistry, Ellen 522 Chili-Riga Town Line Road
received an M.S. in engineering wingmate Diane Tower/Fitzgerald. that.” They finished the scramble
Churchville, NY 14428
management/statistics from RPI. Terri and Diane carry the reunit- format 13 under par and won by one
She started her career working in ing even further … both spent a stroke! Len also played in the Saints
Well, it’s hard to believe that
data analysis/management in the semester abroad in Denmark while Alive Mid-Hudson golf tourney, a
our much-anticipated 30-year
pharmaceutical industry. In 1995 she at Siena. Every year since graduation fundraiser for Siena athletics, back in
Reunion has come and gone, but
became a co-founder of Synteract, a they have gotten together in Chi- May. He was joined there by ’79ers
many wonderful memories remain.
full service contract research organi- cago or northern New Jersey with John Stubenrauch, J.D. Strong,
I think I have enough updates on
zation in Carlsbad, Calif. As CEO the other two U.S. friends who they and Brian Zwilling.
classmates to fill up two or three
and President, Ellen established stayed with while in Denmark! Congratulations to our classmate
columns, but I’d like to start with
the company’s business strategy, Distance didn’t seem to stop Dave Crandall, who was honored at
a few heartfelt thank yous … to
which focuses on clinical trials, data ’79ers from getting to Alumni Fr. Kevin Mullen’s President’s Cir-
Dave Smith, who arranged for the
management, statistics and medical Weekend. Greg Garvin came from cle/Distinguished Alumni Awards
stunning on-campus locale for our
writing, as well as FDA submissions Houston, Texas where he relocated brunch on Saturday. He received the
gathering (the mansion and gardens,
for the medical device, biotechnolo- a year or two ago. He reports that Dr. Egon Plager Award for Humani-
dubbed 33 Fiddlers, also houses
gy and pharmaceutical industries. In he loves the heat and is very happy tarian Effort, for all the work he has
Dave’s office … a beautiful place to
addition to multiple awards in her with his new community. Wilma done over the past 20+ years with
come to work every day although
field, Ellen received the 2008 Athena Kahler/Wells traveled from another the creation and sustaining of the
he insists he DOES NOT use the
Pinnacle Award, which recognizes sunny locale, Phoenix, Ariz. She’s Donna Murray/Crandall Founda-
steam room and sunken tub in his
organizations that, through the de- taking a deep breath, preparing for tion (Donna Murray/Crandall is a
“executive washroom”!) … to Mag-
velopment and promotion of skilled the adventure of having THREE deceased member of our class of ’79)
gie Simone (wife of Ralph Simone)
and talented women, have had a kids in college next year. I enjoyed to help those with Cystic Fibrosis
who volunteered to compile all our
significant impact in the technology, talking to Wilma about how musical (see story in another section of this
favorite Siena-era tunes (Maggie
life science and healthcare sectors her family is … all her kids play (and magazine). Dave, we’re inspired
told me she already had most of the
in the San Diego area. She was a actually practiced over the years!) by how you turned your personal
requested music on her iPod. One
finalist for the Ernst and Young instruments, and Wilma herself has tragedy into an opportunity to assist
of her brothers played percussion
Entrepreneur of the Year Award in been known to accompany them many others in a meaningful way.
with rocker Todd Rundgren, and
2006, and semi-finalist again in 2008. on her clarinet at holiday con- Oops, just noticed that I’m way
she’s been a huge fan of ’70s music
Ellen lives in San Clemente, Calif. certs at church. Ed Frieberg came over the word limit for my column
ever since) … to Michele Williams/
with her husband, Jim Mossler, and from New Orleans where he’s the and I still have loads of tales left to
Brennan, who combined photos
daughter, Kara. Her son Brian is a pediatric critical care chief at Tulane tell. To be continued … and please,
from classmates with yearbook
graduate student at UC Davis. Read University and Medical Center. please don’t stop sending me scoops.
and Alumni Office pictures to put
more about Ellen’s company at When I Googled Ed post-reunion Summer vacations, kids’ accomplish-
together a stunning PowerPoint
http://www.synteract.com/about/ to get his title, I learned that he was ments, get-togethers with other
presentation that entertained us
About.aspx. named one of the top doctors in his alumni … keep ’em coming.
all evening, punctuated with a few
Thanks to Facebook, I discovered specialty in New Orleans, and in
groans and laughs at hairstyles and
that Greg Bell is married with two
children—a 16-year-old daughter
wardrobe items! Louisiana by regional publications. 1980
As we enjoyed each other’s Congrats and keep up the good Diane DeSilva
and a 14-year-old son. He has of- work, Ed!
company at the Reunion, prom- Diane0429@gmail.com
ficially qualified for sainthood as a Len Shustack wasted no time
ises were made to do a better job Greetings, Class of ’80!
special-ed teacher in Albany for the finding me during the Reunion
of staying in touch. One group I am now local (Clifton Park),
past 30 years. He is also the owner cocktail hour to report that his golf
of classmates has perfected that and willing to keep everyone
of Guthrie/Bell Productions, a foursome (Len, Lee Borko, J.D.
art. Terri Dupre/Sleasman, Jane aware of just how much we have
concert promotion company special- Strong, and Dan O’Connell ’80)
Barnes/Casale, Mollie Austin/Bell, all accomplished! I became a
izing in jam bands and roots rock succeeded in dethroning the 13-year
and Karen Beha/Wentworth, all grandmother to Ella Lynn Grant
concerts at nightclubs, theatres and reigning champions at the Alumni
of whom live in the Capital District on March 8, 2009. Joyce Miller
arenas. He’s looking forward to our Weekend Golf Tournament at Briar
area, have gone out for a Sunday and Paul McLean worked together
Reunion next year, and is already on Creek. The group did their ritual
night girls’ dinner every month or as student assistants at the Siena
the committee. Since he was also at breakfast at the Wolf Road Diner,
two for the past 30 years! They said library more than 30 years ago.
the ’74 reunion, I got to hug him in followed by a pre-tourney toast of
it sometimes takes them an entire They’re again working together
person. bloody marys that Dan whipped
two months to coordinate family at a college library: this time, at
Speaking of Facebook, you can up from his car trunk bar. Len
calendars and pick a free night. In Adirondack Community College
find me under janet.hall@wku.edu comments, “I think that might have
addition, once or twice a year, they in Queensbury, N.Y.! Joyce is a
if you’d like to say hello or send an been the difference, because once we
do a road trip to Ipswich, professor of library science and
update. Please be advised that the got started we were loose and hot,
Massachusetts for an overnight with has been ACC’s reference and
lag time for the Alumni News is a birdying two of our first three holes
their close friend and 1S Hennepin instruction librarian since 1995. Paul
long one, so make sure you check … and we just kept playing like

joined the administration in 2008, as eldest daughter was graduating from Siena’s first ever appearance. In for being a driving force of optimism,
the coordinator of distance learning. high school that weekend. Stan has attendance were 1985 alumni Paul commitment, and leadership. He
Their offices are next door to each been working at Campbell Soup and MaryBeth Sniffen/Finnerty, works to recruit and mentor vol-
other. Paul has been known to Company as the director of IT Sales Kevin and Deb Ramski/ unteers, and plans logistics at local
regale Joyce with classic jokes that Systems for 24 years. His tenure Coman, Mark Stiner, Sean seminars. It is no surprise that Kevin
Father Mackin used to tell. Please included multiple stops in a variety Stack, Dom Sabatino, Pat Britt is described as a “friend and educator
send me your news at diane0429@ of field sales roles before moving to along with Bill Morgan ’84 and to all of us when we least expect it but
gmail.com and I will be sure to corporate headquarters, and spend- Matt Morgan ’08. need it the most,” and he has a unique
update everyone in future issues! ing the last 10 years in Camden, N.J. Save the Date! Next June 4–6, ability to lead by bringing out the best
Sheila and Stan will be married 24 2010 is our 25th Reunion week- in others. Congratulations, Kevin!
1982 years this fall and have three chil- end. Mark your calendars now to If you have not joined Facebook, think
Bob Young dren: Lauren, 18, will be a sopho- attend this fun event. For those of about it. I joined about a year ago and
RYoung60@aol.com more at St. Bonaventure; Michael, you who attended the 20th, you found that a number of classmates are
As Class Coordinator, I have a 14; and Hannah, 13. They currently will remember the Class of 1985 on there—it has been fun reconnect-
long way to go to live up to the flow live in Medford, N.J., after stops in knows how to throw a party! We ing. Don’t be shy, keep those class
of information that Elvira (Class Binghamton, N.Y., Schenectady, are starting to plan now, so if you notes coming.
of ’83) supplies with each update. I N.Y., and Crofton, Md. Stan said he have any ideas, send them along
had considered creating a fictitious was nostalgic for his TeePee Row- to bjork90@comcast.net or to 1988
update to generate some response, dies days as he watched Siena in the mfinnerty@siena.edu. Also, once Paula Cacossa
but decided to keep to a few simple NCAA Tourney this winter. again, we would like to have a Pc888@comcast.net
facts, and ask all reading this to send I have a special invitation to photo presentation (not sure of Hi Class of 1988!
me an update for the next issue. anyone in our class who wants to be the format yet) so if you have any Phil Hoshue wrote, “It seems like
A few items I can offer to get kept in the loop. An idea has been ideas or pictures, send them to yesterday I was having chicken wings
the ball rolling: my oldest son, hatched by a classmate in “the Buff” bjork90@comcast.net. All photos at the Rathskellar or trying to get into
Robert, graduated from NYU this (you can all guess who). The idea must be scanned and sent via the “21 Club” by sneaking by Mrs. V
year as a recording engineer and centers on our “50th” year with a email or on a CD/DVD (to Ron with a fake ID.” Phil married a Siena
musician, and my second oldest, birthday bash to celebrate a half cen- and Cathy). If you don’t know Alumna in 1996—Julia Goldin ’91.
Jeffrey, graduated from high school tury on earth, and a great excuse to how to scan your old photos, ask They have one daughter, Siena, 9. They

this June and will be entering the get together before our 30th reunion your kids … they will do it for live in Bradenton, Fla. where Phil has
freshman class at Siena in the fall. in 2013. We are still in the very infant you … seriously. a laboratory supply and equipment
Last weekend, I attended one of the stages of planning and would like We only have 269 valid e-mail company. Business is great and the
state of Connecticut’s high school to have input. A committee is being addresses for our class. Updates water is fine. If there are any Siena
lacrosse championship games for formed, so please send an e-mail if would be great! Updated contact alumni in the Tampa Bay area—give
Fairfield Prep where Brendan, sec- you want to be in on the planning of info can be sent to Marybeth Phil a shout at philius01@yahoo.com.
ond oldest of Mike and Bettianne this “original” event. Finnerty’s attention at mfinner- Karen Weaver/Novelli is a teacher
Baldwin, scored two goals in their Unfortunately I have some very ty@siena.edu or 518-782-6818. of physics, chemistry, biology and
fourth state championship in as sad news to report. Our friend and MB set up a Facebook group, so ecology. She is now living in Croton-
many years. He will be attending classmate Don Schneider passed anyone on Facebook can join the on-Hudson in N.Y. with her two sons
Holy Cross in the fall. away in March. Don will be missed. “Siena Class of ’85 25th Reunion Johnny, 16, and Michael, 15.
I hope that this brief update gets I know I will always remember his Group” to participate, and keep Rachel Sahut/Parent is happily
some e-mails generated for the next sharp wit and his infectious laugh. up to date as we plan. We are also married and living in Boise, Idaho. She
issue, and I look forward to hearing Shout-outs go to: Rob Karath, looking for committee members. works at Saint Alphonsus, a Trinity
from many! Maureen Mc Cormick, Anthony Anyone interested? Let us know! Health hospital, as an IT project man-
Vettoretti, and Virginia Smith. ager. Her oldest daughter, Allison, is
1983 Where are you and what have you 1987 entering her junior year at University
been up to? Gerry McAndrew of Portland. Aaron, who just turned
Elvira Altimari-Jaeger
60 Wyatt Rd Geraldine.m.candrew@comcast. 18, reports to recruit training for the
Garden City, NY 11530 1984 net USMC in early July. Nicholas will
eaj6@optonline.net Lisa San Fratello/McCutcheon Donna Neary/Wang has a enter 7th grade and Sean will be in 3rd
Hi all. A major congrats goes out 305 The Parkway busy life! During the day, Donna grade in the fall. They enjoy skiing,
to Ginny Darrow. Ginny received Ithaca, NY 14853 is an RN/investigator for the NYS biking, hiking, tennis and traveling.
the Reverend Benjamin Kuhn, mcclisa@yahoo.com Department of Health. Donna She wrote, “It has been a blessing to
O.F.M. Award at Reunion on June continues to be active in the provide Catholic education for our
6, 2009. The award is for “specific 1985 Army Reserves, and is Lieutenant children, which I believe Siena nur-
contributions to improve the Siena Catherine and Ron Bjorklund Colonel. She was selected to serve tured in me. We very much enjoy our
Community.” Thank you from all bjork90@comcast.net as the Equal Opportunity Advi- spiritual life, and I am so grateful to the
your classmates, Ginny, for sharing 14 Stevens Lane sor for the 98th Division (Army Franciscans and Siena’s education. It
your time and treasure with our be- Tabernacle, NJ 08088-9744 Reserve—Rochester, N.Y.), com- is because of Siena, and especially the
loved alma mater. A special thank Ram Verma is a daddy! Edwin pleting the Reserve Components Franciscans, that I have such blessings
you to all of you who sent con- Gayumba Johnson was born on Equal Opportunity Advisor’s in my life—truly, the grace of God!”
gratulations e-mails to Ginny. All February 10, 2009 in Morrisville, Vt. Course at the Defense Equal MaryBeth Mc Cusker is living a
of the e-mails were put together in a to Ram Gayumba Verma and Jenny Opportunity Management Insti- busy life in Southbury, Conn. She
scrap book and presented to Ginny Marie Johnson. He was 8 pounds, tute in Florida; graduating on the received her M.B.A. from Fordham
at the President’s Brunch. She loved 9 ounces and 21.5 inches long. Commandant’s List in June 2008. University in 2000. She has been mar-
the book and was touched by your Congratulations Ram and Jenny! In her free time, Donna teaches ried since 2001 with three kids (two
thoughtfulness. The Carrier Dome in Syracuse her son Stephen how to drive. step daughters)—Natalie, Danielle
I heard a shout-out Stan unknowingly played host to a mini I also heard that Kevin Grace and Madison. Her oldest daughter is
Pingelski, and wife Sheila Siena reunion in May. Alumni gath- recently received the Volunteer going to University of Delaware in
Coughlin ’85, who were disap- ered to watch Siena men’s lacrosse of the Year Award from HOBY September and youngest daughter is
pointed that they couldn’t make play Syracuse in the first round (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leader- just finishing first grade. She has been
our 25th reunion last year. Their of the NCAA tournament. It was ship). Kevin was complimented working for IBM for the past 12 years

after finishing her first career at Con
Edision in N.Y. MaryBeth is cur-
night, which was scheduled by our
Reunion leadership. The Reunion
1990 by settling down last year, and now
he’s a proud papa. Abigail Anne
Janet Shotter/Swierbut
rently the IBM territory marketing schedule called for everyone to Tellstone was born on
manager covering Boston. meet at Dapps to relive the good ole February 21, 2009. During her first
Our two classmates who got days, but most were at Red Square month, she was up all night, leaving
married after graduating, Gary enjoying the music and company. 1991 JT and his wife, Michele, sleep
Tallman and Jennifer Hourihan/ Some did make it into Dapps, while Kevin Clarke deprived! Right down the road in
Tallman are now living in some only made it to the parking Siena91@optonline.net Saratoga, Ann Malagisi had her
Woodridge, Va. with their three lot—you all know who you are! Hey Class of 1991! first baby a few weeks prior to JT.
daughters, Catherine, Marguerite Saturday’s festivities included an- I heard from Tom Newman last So if you are interested in getting
and Jane. Gary will be retiring from other show by the bands on campus, month. After 17 years of working in pregnant, it looks like all you have
the U.S. Army in July 2009, after 21 with entertainment and activities for the banking industry at JP Morgan to do is drink Saratoga water! Next
years of service. He has accepted a young and old. The bookstore had a and RBS Greenwich Capital, he has up is an update on Stacey Cooper/
position with the Department of the banner day with everyone stock- started a recruiting firm focused Porter. “Coop” married Major
Army, Office of Public Affairs in ing up on the classic Siena items, on financial services. Newman Vince Porter (US Army) in July
the Pentagon. although some were still looking for Resource Group recruits top quality 1999 and has a daughter, Rylei (6
These past few months, I was the Siena College Indian shirts. We support personnel for a wide range ½—born in Hawaii) and a son,
able to see some old Siena friends. had to remind them it is the Saints of financial services firms as well Blake (3 ½— born at West Point).
My Siena roommate, Laura McFall, now. How soon old age sets in! The as the financial divisions of a select After Siena, she worked in Port
recently visited me in Chicago while day wrapped up with various din- group of corporations outside the Jervis, N.Y. and earned a master’s
she was attending a business confer- ners around campus for the different banking sector. Their functional from the College of New Rochelle.
ence. She is living in Rochester, N.Y. classes. The combined dinner at expertise is in operations, account- She then lived in North Carolina,
with her husband and two children. Serra Hall included a separate room ing, trading and sales support, South Korea, West Point and now
Then in April, Jackie O’Grady/ for our class due to the large number credit, risk, client service and project Georgia. After taking five years
Sullivan, Regina Dudek and I got in attendance. Everyone enjoyed the management. More information is off from teaching to stay home
together at Regina’s house in N.J. company, and ate and drank until available at www.newmanresource. with the kids, she is now back full
We had a great time catching up they kicked us out at midnight. We com. Newman is the managing time, and is currently teaching
while our kids ran around playing. moved the party to Dapps again, partner and owner of Newman Re- Spanish in Richmond Hill, Ga.
Class of ’88—please update your and this time most made it inside. source Group. Tom held the title of (near Savannah). She also shared
e-mail addresses on the Siena alumni For those who did not stay very managing director as head of deriva- that Amy Prisco is now living in
website. When I sent out my e-mail long at Dapps, the Class of ’89 tive operations at RBS Greenwich Ecuador. Finally, Lori Bubb, my
notices—I got about 50 bounce- (along with ’88 and ’90) got smoked Capital, where he worked from 2001 former softball teammate, “popped
backs. Thanks! Look forward to in some drinking games by the Class until founding Newman Resource out” her first child, Lurae Jean on
hearing from you. of ’99. For a quick laugh, and to see Group in 2008. Prior to joining June 2, 2009. I hear she is a “catch!”
what Saturday night deteriorated RBS, he was a vice president at JP Here’s hoping she follows in Mom’s
1989 into, go to YouTube and check out Morgan where he worked from 1991
to 2001, holding various positions in
footsteps, and becomes a future
Mike Carbonaro “Dapp’s Beer Slide.” In all, it was a centerfielder for the Saints in 18
great weekend for everyone. If you operations management across the years! I still would love to share
missed it, plan on going in 2014 for fixed income securities and deriva- news about the rest of you who I
3140 10th Street
our 25th. Thanks to everyone for tive businesses. Good luck in your haven’t heard from! Where are you
Bethlehem, PA 18020
making the 20th Reunion of the new endeavor, Tom! Mark Abdella? Lara Genovesi? Jay
610 -737-1147
Class of 1989 a resounding success. Keep sending me your notes, or De Traglia? Pat McGinley? Holly
On a not so quiet day in May, we
A last minute note received from just drop me a line to catch up— Redman? Shoot me an e-mail, catch
all woke up after a night of parties
Greg Stewart said that the bands nothing is too small to mention. me on Facebook, call, whatever!
and dinners with friends and family,
“Raisin Cane” and “The Throw- All the best! Have a great end of the summer and
trying to remember what we needed
to do today. Oh yeah, graduation. backs” presented a check for $650 fun filled fall!
Some got dressed up, some were (proceeds from the evening at Red 1992
hardly dressed under their cap and Square) to the Alumni office to be Mary Pat McLoughlin/Holler
gown. Thankfully, we did not know applied toward the class gift. Many Glenn Hofsess
which was which. We wrote on our thanks to the bands. gh@endcap.com
caps with messages of thanks to our A Facebook group now exists 1993 83 Kellogg Street
families and friends, we lined up for the Siena College Class of 1989 Susan Hannon Brookfield, CT 06804
with our classmates, and took a long Alumni. Check it out! A good num- shannon@ryeneck.k12.ny.us On May 31, I had the pleasure
walk through campus. Some of us ber of photos are now circulating 213 W 252nd Street of attending the wedding of Mike
were under the watchful eye of the from the Reunion. Riverdale, NY 10471 Sgroi and Yuka Tomita at the
college administrators because we One last thought! Where in the 917-796 -2085 Carneros Inn in Napa, Calif. Mike
caused so much trouble during our world was Joe Malyk? Hello Class of ’93! I finally have and Yuka are two of the nicest and
years. But in the end we all walked A closing note from the Alumni some news to report! Let’s start most genuine people I know, and
down the aisle (the college aisle not Office: The Class of ’89 raised with Kevin Otis. He is living in it was absolutely wonderful to be
the church aisle—although that, for $34,347 in honor of their 20th - Charlotte, or “Siena of the South” able to share in their special day
some, will come soon enough) and $23,319 went to the Annual Fund, based on the number of alumni at such a breathtaking location.
received our diplomas. Oh no, that and the balance was specifically who live down there. He works for Congratulations! It is always great
was 1989. Over 20 years ago. Here is given by some members of the Class MetLife and has been underwriting to see old friends from Siena, and
how this story should have started. of ’89 to the Fr. Kevin Tortorelli life insurance for 15 years! Still the I was able to catch up with fellow
On a quiet weekend in June 2009, Scholarship. This scholarship was athlete, he spends most of his free alums, Kyle Howard and Steve
119 alumni descended on Loudon- not new this year. However, many time running, biking or swimming. Quirk ’95 at the wedding. I heard
ville, N.Y. with thoughts of partying members of the Class of ’89 are very By the time you read this, he will from Andrew Martin—he is now
as if we were college seniors. Those supportive of it, and in apprecia- have completed his 6th Ironman the senior attorney for the NY State
who were there saw “Raisin Cane” tion, we counted gifts made to this competition! Hope you did well, Dept. of Education. He will be
and “The Throwbacks” put on a scholarship this year as part of the Kevin! Next up is Jonathan (JT) doing criminal background checks
great show at Red Square on Friday Class of ’89 Reunion Gift. Tellstone. The man surprised us all for teacher certification applicants,

ensuring that all of the state’s school Rucci/Harding welcomed daughter So it’s summer in New York Averi Vozzolo/Dudek, and husband,
districts are in compliance with the Katherine Shannon on March 1, and I’m loving every minute of it! John Dudek ’97 welcomed their
2001 Safe Schools Legislation, and 2008. She joined her brother Tyler Saratoga is in full swing, and the daughter, Hailey Rebecca into
will be conducting administrative Patrick, 7, and sister Abaigeal whole area is buzzing! We are very the world on August 8, 2008. She
hearings. Ryan Faley and his Victoria, 4. Dan Hornick will run light on the updates this time. That’s weighed in at 5 pounds, 14 ounces.
wife Wendy Gayson/Faley ’96 for the Town of Colonie Board my update. Here are some that you Congrats, Averi and John!
had their third daughter, Keira in November. Good luck to him, sent in … And remember, please don’t be shy
Elizabeth, on January 22, 2008. and if you are still located in the Anne Marie Bowler couldn’t about sending me your updates —
Kerrianne Hefele/Cunningham Colonie region, please toss him your sleep, and decided to e-mail me her we want to hear from you.
and Christopher Cunningham vote in the fall. Kerry McDonald/ update at 2 a.m. She has been very Until next time!
are proud to announce their new Conley and husband, Steve, had busy since leaving Siena—working
addition, Erin Marie, who was their second baby boy on June 19, in a large law firm in New York 1999
born on April 22, 2008. Erin joins 2008. His name is Michael Stephen, City, and clerking for former Chief Brendan Fitzgerald
big brother Sean, who is 7, and big and his big brother James is now Judge Kaye. Three years ago she nyfitzgerald@yahoo.com
sister Kiera who is 5. Dan Devine 2. Laurie Miller/Donnis and opened a law practice in New York fitzgeb@assembly.state.ny.us
and his wife Cathy Saavedra/ her husband, Greg Donnis, are City with a partner. Gabay-Rafiy 518-258-9272
Devine welcomed their third thrilled to announce the birth of & Bowler LLP (www.gabaybowler.
child on March 24. His name is
Andrew Joseph Devine and he is
their son, Sawyer Gregory. Sawyer
was born on May 30, 2008, and
com ) is thriving and Anne Marie
looks forward to helping her fellow
Shaymus R. Schweitzer
the youngest boy of the Devine joins big sister, Ella, who is 2 and a Siena alumni with any legal issues 103 Sherman Ave.
clan of three boys, which includes half. Tara O’Callaghan/Babcock, they may have. Anne Marie is Troy, NY 12180
Bryan, 9, and Kevin, 6. Their oldest and her husband, Steve Babcock, also an adjunct professor in legal 518-727-3392
son already says he is going to welcomed twins, Leah Maighread writing at New York Law School! SienaSaints2000@hotmail.com
go to Siena when he gets older! I and Daniel Finn into their family on Congratulations! Hello all! Hope you are enjoying
hope everyone who attended our November 26, 2008. They join big John Dudek, and wife, Averi 2009 … Unbelievably, that means
15 year Reunion had a great time sisters, Callaghan and Quinn. Tara Vozzolo/Dudek ’98, welcomed our 10-Year Reunion will be coming
reminiscing about old times and Klein/Verrier finally checked in to their daughter, Hailey Rebecca into up shortly. If you are interested
seeing what everyone is up to. If let us know that she was married to the world on August 8, 2008. She in helping to plan the festivities

you have any good (or particularly Sean Verrier in August 2002. Their weighed in at 5 pounds, 14 ounces. for next Reunion weekend, please
embarrassing) stories from Reunion, first daughter, Maggie Elizabeth, Congrats, John and Averi! contact Margot Anderson ’82 at
please feel free to drop me a line. was born in October 2005. Their Our lives may not be as exciting manderson@siena.edu. A committee
Time moves so fast that it becomes second daughter, Caroline Helen, as “Jon & Kate plus 8” or Jennifer is forming, and any help you could
difficult to even realize it when was born December 2007. They are Anniston’s, but we still want to offer would be very welcome.
you are immersed in everyday life. good kids, and keep them busy! hear what’s going on! I want to And now with the news—
Listen to the infectious laughter of a Tara is working full-time in private hear from you—babies, weddings, Jennifer Vidaic/Wilber married
child, hug someone you love, spend practice as a pediatrician at West job promotions—anything. Edward Wilber Jr. on
a little extra time on your hurried Sayville Pediatrics in Long Island. Stay connected, and keep others March 10, 2007 at the Crescent
trip to the office to smell the freshly Wendy Gayson/Faley forwarded connected with your updates. Beach Club in Bayville, Long Island,
fallen rain, enjoy a good glass of an update to let us know that she To make a submission for the and honeymooned in New Zealand
wine, or spend time appreciating and Ryan Faley ’94 had their third newsletter, please contact me and Australia for three weeks. Jenn
an older family member. Find the daughter, Keira Elizabeth, on by e-mail at selena.dutcher@ and Ed currently live in Wantagh,
beauty in everyday life because January 22, 2008. She was welcomed regentcomm.com or bronx_ and are expecting their first child in
before we all know it, days turn with love by her sisters Sarah, 5, bombers25@yahoo.com. You can September. Jenn works for Allergan
to months, and months turn to and Grace, 4. Finally, Charlene also look me up on Facebook. If you Inc. as a senior business develop-
years. The hectic pace of schedules, Wood/Bordonaro married want to touch base and chat ment manager and field sales trainer
deadlines, and appointments Joseph Bordonaro in October for a while, give me a call at selling Botox Cosmetics, Juvederm,
happens while living life—don’t let 2002, and now lives in Windsor, 518-265-2127. I look forward to and Latisse.
it become life. Conn. She is currently a finance hearing from you! Melissa Mastriani/Barna married
manager at United Health Group Peter Barna on October 28, 2006.
1995 in Hartford. They welcomed their 1998 The happy couple just welcomed
Neil Wilcove second child, Alexandra Noelle, on Janine Trapp/Scotti, MBA their first baby on February 8,
nwilcove@fmglaw.com Christmas Eve 2008. She joins big 201-294-0395 2009. Missy and Pete had a little girl,
Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP sister Alyssa Marie, who was born sienasaints98@yahoo.com Giada Benedetta, and are so happy;
100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1600 on March 13, 2006. Kirk Linden and Hello to the class of ’98! I hope they can’t wait to have more!
Atlanta, GA 30339 Pam Nicolotti/Linden announced you are enjoying the beautiful Jaime Connolly/Rohrbach
770-818-1430 the birth of their daughter, Nora summer weather, and are able to get married Billy Rohrbach ’01 on
Simone Linden. She joined her big out and enjoy it while it lasts. September 5, 2004. Jaime and Billy
1996 brother on May 28, 2009. Kenny
Danielsen also checked in to let
I have some pretty exciting news to have lived in Sacramento, Calif.
Brian Murray report from Marisa Ricciardi. She for the past six years. Their son,
murray21@hotmail.com us know that he is now the proud was recently promoted to senior Riley James, was born on May 2,
bmurray@betterbackschiropractic. father of Ava Rose Danielsen. She vice president at the New York 2008. Jaime informed me that, “We
com was born on March 26, 2009, and is Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext) actually had Riley at Siena for the
614-270-6003 the first child of Kenny and his wife, and is now responsible for global 2009 graduation ceremonies in May,
Patty Hoban/Keenan and her Diedre. marketing and branding. Way to where Riley’s Godmother (Billy’s
husband, Kevin, announced the go, Marisa! She also asked me to sister: Rebecca Rohrbach ’09)
arrival of Erin Elizabeth Keenan 1997 let you know that they’re always graduated.” After Siena, Jaime
on August 28, 2008 at 9:40 a.m. Selena Dutcher looking for great talent in the earned her Ph.D. in molecular and
She weighed in at 8 pounds, 2 selena.dutcher@regentcomm.com financial marketing space, so if you cellular pharmacology from Stony
ounces, and measured 20 inches. bronx_bombers25@yahoo.com have experience in that arena, please Brook University. She currently
Congratulations, Patty! Karla 518 -265 -2127 check out www.nyx.com and apply. works for UC Davis/Shriners

Hospitals for Children as a scien- guidebook for young professionals celebrated at the reception at Everyday we each encounter and
tist/postdoctoral scholar performing looking to move to Pittsburgh. The Saratoga National Golf Course. experience reasons to celebrate!
stem cell research. book focuses on city life, including The couple resides in the financial Remember to send them to jolleen_
Lindsay Gennari married the coolest neighborhoods to live in, district of New York City. wagner@yahoo.com so that we can
Gary Thomas on June 23, 2007 the hottest restaurants and nightlife 2003 celebrate with you through Class
in Saratoga Springs. The couple spots, and the best places to meet Gina Gizzi News and Notes.
had so much fun celebrating with people. Urban Guru: Pittsburgh sienasaints_2003@hotmail.com
their friends from Siena! Lindsay is available on amazon.com, P.O. Box 5133 2005
and Gary live in Guilderland, N.Y. collegeprowler.com, and your local Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Breanne Suhrland
with their yellow lab. Lindsay is Borders Bookstore. 518-421-4316 bsuhrlan@att.net
currently practicing anesthesiol- Chrissy Cinnamond recently Greetings, Class of 2005! I hope
ogy at Albany Medical Center and moved to Knoxville, Tennessee and 2004 this column finds you relaxed
enjoys taking care of fellow Siena is a brand research manager for Jolleen Wagner and rejuvenated from the summer
alumni and even former professors Scripps Networks Interactive’s DIY jolleen_wagner@yahoo.com months. We only have a couple of
who live in the area. She is also network. Were you “seen” at the five-year exciting announcements to make in
the very proud aunt of the newest Congratulations to Julie Reunion? I sure hope so! If not, this edition so here it goes. Karry
Siena Saints fans, Owen and Alessia Schoenlank! Julie received her know that we missed you, and hope Culihan recently got a new job as
Lilly, children of her twin sister and master of arts degree in teaching to see you in five more! The word an assistant county attorney, in the
fellow alumna Lara Gennari/Lilly for physical education and sports on the street is that quite a few of us Albany County Attorney’s Office.
and Michael Lilly ’99. pedagogy from Manhattanville were at the Dapp’s event, the picnic, Congratulations, Karry!
College in May, and is teaching and even the Alumni Mass. To all Gia Coratti got engaged to
2001 physical education in Westchester those who returned to the Green M. Patrick McCormack ’04. They
Maura Mack County, N.Y. Sports are still a and Gold, great job showing up and were engaged on Valentine’s Day in
sienanotes01@gmail.com big part of Julie’s life. She’s been being seen! Boston, where they both currently
Greetings Class of 2001! I don’t Head Swim Coach of the Yonkers Jen Rymaruk earned her master’s reside. Best wishes to you both!
have a lot of news to report this Tsunami for the last six years. degree in health communication I’m excited to announce that
time. You all must be in summer The Siena swim team and water from Emerson College in we are now forming a Reunion
mode, and hopefully you’ll update polo alumna is still competing in collaboration with Tufts University committee for our five-year
me on your summer news for the swimming, and medaled last year in School of Medicine in 2006, and is Reunion. I can’t believe how fast
next issue. the United States Masters Swimming now working for Westat, a social the time has gone! This committee
On a personal note, my husband National Championships in research company in Rockville, will assist in contacting/encouraging
Bill Hisgen ’02, and I welcomed a Austin, Texas in the 1,000 free. Julie Md. developing training materials classmates to attend the five-year
baby girl, Maeve Marie, on competes every year at Nationals for studies conducted by the EPA, Reunion next year, June 4–5, 2010.
April 18, 2009. Also, classmate Lau- around the country. National Cancer Institute and other The committee will also help set
ren Ball/Mahon and her husband, Congratulations to Rob Stout! federal and state agencies. and achieve the goal for the Class of
Tim, welcomed a baby boy, Colin Real Estate New Jersey magazine Two lovely ladies of the Class 2005 reunion gift to the College. If
Jeffrey, on May 5, 2009. named Robert A. Stout Jr., Esq. of ’04 have married. Jennifer you are interested in volunteering to
Please remember to make sure one of its “30 under 30” leaders Peloquin/Banker and Brian Banker be part of the committee or have any
the Alumni Office has accurate in the New Jersey commercial were married on May 30, 2009 questions, please contact Margot
contact details for you simply by real estate industry, a group that in Chicopee, Mass. See photo on Anderson ’82 at manderson@siena.
e-mailing: alumni@siena.edu. Our was noted for their “astonishing” page 34. Alumni in attendance: edu. We would love to see all of you
10th Reunion isn’t that far off— accomplishments in a “down year.” Kelly Quist ’03, Jolleen Wagner, at the Reunion next year, so mark
yikes! Thanks, and I hope to hear Rob was cited for his work on issues and Karen Patricia ’06. Karla your calendars now! Your news
from you soon. related to sustainable development, Schumaker /Ravida married Sam makes the column, so please feel free
green building and brownfields Ravida on April 25, 2009. Congrats to e-mail me with any and all types
2002 redevelopment. Rob also chairs the Mr.& Mrs. Banker, and Mr. & Mrs. of news, big or small. It would be
Christine Cinnamond American Bar Association Young Ravida! great to hear from everyone.
christine.cinnamond@gmail.com Lawyers Division Real Property, Allison Capozza/Flannigan and
646-942-0970 Trust and Estate Committee, Captain Steve Flannigan, welcomed 2006
Class of 2002, mark your and serves on the Executive Owen Edward Flannigan into Chris Elsesser
calendars! Monday, September Committee of the New Jersey State the world on March 18, 2009. He Christopher.elsesser@gmail.com
14th, 2009 will be the 8th Annual Bar Association Young Lawyers weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces. The Ashley Boland
Fall Classic Golf Outing benefiting Division. On the personal side, Rob Flannigans are currently stationed Ashleym.boland@gmail.com
the Brian M. Crouch Memorial will wed Kellie E. Scott on at Fort Lewis, Wash. Lynn Vogele/ Class of 2006 … “HOW ARE
Scholarship at Siena College. October 11, 2009 at the Culinary Heffern, husband Paul Heffern, and YA?!” We hope that this edition
Co-sponsored by McGeary’s Institute of America in Napa Valley, their daughter Kay welcomed Jack of Siena News finds you well and
Restaurant and The Riverfront Calif. Rob proposed to Kellie in a into their family at the beginning happy, wherever you may be, during
Barge along with the Office of vineyard on Sonoma Mountain last of April. Congrats on your new these middle months of 2009. We
Alumni Relations, the event has year. arrivals Allie and Lynn! are very excited to bring you this
raised approximately $100,000. Congratulations to Courtney M. Patrick McCormack recently quarter’s 2006 “beat report,” as
To date, the scholarship has had Brown and Gregory Gelish! got engaged to Gia Coratti ’05 on it features a variety of news from
approximately six recipients, and They were married on November 1, Valentine’s Day of 2009 in Boston, some of our friends that we have not
we can help more students get the 2008 at the Siena College Mass., where they both reside. heard from since our wacky weather
Siena experience. Spend time with Chapel by ceremony officiate, Eric J. Hungershafer shared day of commencement three years
friends, play some golf, help future Father Kevin Mackin. The wedding that he was recently promoted to ago! Without further delay, “Let’s
Siena students, and honor a great party included fellow class of 2002 field director with Northwestern Start Spreadin’ the News!”
classmate—contact the Alumni alumni: Maria McKenna, Sudha Mutual, and is in his fifth year with For the past two years, Chris
Office to attend! Francis, Joseph Spiak, Brian the company. Ryan Keleher is now Siracusa has been working as a cli-
Congratulations to Jen Mullins, and Ryan Hoenigmann. working at Costello, Cooney, and ent services associate for Smith Bar-
Walker/Vella! Jen is co-author Close to 20 guests from Siena Fearon PLLC in Syracuse as an ney on Long Island. (He proudly
of Urban Guru: Pittsburgh, a attorney. Great job, Eric and Ryan!

proclaims that one of the biggest from Michael Suarez and Sarah Our Siena friends and family made allowed me to get more and more
reasons for his hire was because he Hren, who are now known as Mr. the night truly special.” They sent exclusive interviews with a range of
interned with the company in Al- and Mrs. Suarez! In the fall of 2008, an amazing picture of the wedding. J-Pop artists and music profession-
bany.) In his position, Chris works Michael became a CPA. He is now See photo on page 34. Weddings and als, including some who are very
for two senior vice presidents of working as a senior accountant for engagements seem to be the topic highly respected and connected. For
wealth management, who basically O’Connor, Davies, Munns and of our class. Maria Marino recently example, Shinji Miyazaki, who is
let him run their business while they Dobbins, LLP. Michael and Sara got engaged over the holidays to the composer/arranger of the back-
close all the deals. Additionally, the are also happy to announce that her high school sweetheart, Kevin ground music for the Pokémon se-
recent state of the economy has re- they welcomed their second child, O’Connor. She went on to say “We ries, agreed to an interview with me;
quired him to work like Superman. Michael John, into the world on got engaged on a horse and buggy the interview aired in May. Since he
Even though his work life has been January 5, 2009. Thank you for in Central Park. I am very excited, rarely agrees to do interviews, even
crazy and hectic, he has had plenty saying hello Suarez family—we and we plan to get married in June in Japan, this was an extraordinary
of time to meet up with the boys of hope to hear again from you soon! of 2010.” There is even more news opportunity for the community-at-
TH 15 pretty much every weekend; Finally, we have two other on the wedding front. Angela large to gain insight into his creative
whether it has been just going to announcements to make in the Marciano got engaged to her long process and more. Also, I was re-
dinner, happy hour or attending wedding/engagement category. Kim time boyfriend Eric Williams ’05. cently interviewed by the Japanese
some Mets games. Good luck Chris! Burns married Eric Orth on May 2, They are planning to get married publication The Hiragana Times for
Please get back to us with another 2009. Bridget Tobin and Anthony this coming October. Congrats! a feature article pertaining to The
update when you get back to nor- Kos have become engaged and will Another special congratulations J-Pop Exchange radio show.
mal “Clark Kent” status. be married on July 17, 2010. We goes out to two very special people.
Hilary Brewer is currently teach- would like to wish congratulations Katie Holoduek and Jeremy 2008
ing 7th and 8th grade literacy in and best of luck to both couples. Muellecker got engaged last sum- Danielle Grasso
North Philly for the School District Ashley and I hope that you are mer and plan to get married in the Patrick Preston
of Philadelphia. (The school is actu- enjoying your summer and more summer of 2010. Amanda Brown SienaCollege2008@gmail.com
ally located only a few blocks from importantly, have enjoyed reading and Andrew Knipfing ’06 recently
the St. Francis House where Siena
community members frequently
this quarter’s class gossip. The only
way to keep the entertainment and
got engaged over the winter months.
You guys are great together! I am
Tiffany Salonich
volunteer.) Hilary notes that teach- fun coming is to add to it yourself very happy for both of you! lovesrain87@aim.com

ing in North Philly is interesting with your own personal update. Caitlin Phillips has some exciting Hello, my name is Tiffany
as 100% of the school’s population We ask that you contact us soon via news to share. She just finished her Salonich. You may remember I
come from families that are at a e-mail or Facebook and let us know first year of graduate school at Les- was on the Promethean staff dur-
socioeconomic disadvantage. Ad- what you have been up to! After ley University in Cambridge, Mass., ing our years at Siena College. Send
ditionally, nearly all of her students you do that, tell your roommate(s) studying intercultural relations with any information and updates to my
are of Latino decent, which makes to do the same. As always, we a focus on international education. e-mail above. Please save the date!
her decision to minor in Spanish at appreciate your readership and look She went to Tepoztlan, Mexico in Class of 2009 100 Days Party will
Siena seem genius. This past May, forward to talking to you during the January to study the language and take place on August 22, 2009 at
Hilary received her M.S.E.D. in color-changing days of fall! culture of Central Mexico, and was the Saratoga Race Track. Details to
literacy from the University of New recently asked to serve as the college follow!
England. She hasn’t seen anybody 2007 teaching intern for that course next
In Memory of:
from Siena in the Philadelphia area Sean Robbins year. Some of her duties include
yet and would love to hear from PO Box 11222 aiding the professor in planning and William Phillips ’42
you if you live nearby. In the mean- Loudonville, NY 12211 preparing for next year’s course. John W. Auer ’43
time, she’ll settle for frequent Siena SeanRobbins@att.net While she takes classes full time, she William Graham Bode ’46, D.D.S.
basketball updates on ESPN. Michael Utzig is also assistant supervisor at a pre- John F. Davey ’46
Kat Newsholme is currently mutzig@siena.edu school/after-school program/sum- Joseph P. Benson ’49
working as an assistant manager for Notes from Michael Utzig: mer camp in a suburb of Boston. Robert H. Witthoft ’49
Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Scotia. Hello everyone! I hope this warm Notes from Sean Robbins: Joseph Charles Lisuzzo ’50
Since the office is a smaller branch, weather is treating everyone very Hope you have all been enjoying Richard P. Dalton, Jr. ’51
she is the only manager on site well! We have a lot of news so let’s the special joys of summer, even Robert J. Gaudette ’51
and is practically in charge of all jump right into it. Ben Doody in these economically challenging Walter F. Klee ’51
operations; which include train- married Joanne Pearson last year times. While you are relaxing Merrill L. Laven ’51
ing employees, handling accounts at a beautiful ceremony. They are during these lazy summer days, Mario Ronsini ’51
receivables, scheduling, and most stationed in Germany and loving don’t forget to drop us a line and Edward Pigan ’52
importantly, making sure she has it. Joanne said “we travel almost share some of your experiences, James G. Hourigan ’52
the right cars in stock for her clients. every weekend and it is like a never ideas, news or events that you’d like Ugo Vecchia ’53
She is still in touch with many Siena ending honeymoon!” They sent us to know about. James F. Cavanaugh ’55
people and recently moved into an in a wonderful wedding picture A while ago, I mentioned that I Arnold C. Peer ’58
apartment at Colonie East with her with many other Siena classmates. produce and host a radio show on Daniel Mc Ardle ’59
best friend, Holly Walsh. Please see photo on page 34. Rachel WVCR 88.3 FM titled “The J-Pop Joseph Biviano ’61
In May 2009 Nicole Funigiello Flaherty married Rob Seymour ’04. Exchange.” This program show- Aniello Pepe ’62
completed her master’s in coun- The wedding was on September 6, cases the best in Japanese popular Michael G. Sullivan ’62
seling and community psychol- 2008. Father Dan Dwyer from music, and it does so in a unique John F. Faraci ’63
ogy from Sage Graduate School. Siena, a friar and history profes- way. In addition to presenting great Eugene Thomas Ryan ’64
However, her best news is that she sor, as well as Rob’s advisor when music, it also contains informative R. Lee Reickert ’70
recently became engaged to one he was at Siena, said the wedding featurettes about anime and music Nicholas Colangelo ’74
of our former freshman year RAs, mass at Holy Trinity Church in production as well as exclusive Patrick C. Poolet ’79
Paulie Califano ’05 (Ryan Hall, 3rd Webster, N.Y. The reception was interviews with J-Pop artists and Donald Schneider ’83
floor). They are currently planning at Monroe Golf Club in Pittsford, musicians. The show has been on Fr. John Piccione, O.F.M. ’86
a September 2010 wedding. Con- N.Y. Rachel went on to say “Over the air for about a year and has been Paul J. Champagne ’86
gratulations, Nicole and Paulie! 220 people attended our wedding, gaining recognition and credibil- Janet Johnson Lucier ’93
Recently, we received an e-mail including dozens of Siena grads. ity overseas and locally. This has

Jennifer Pelo re married
nk er we
and Brian Ba 2009.
on May 30,
Edward Vidaic/Wilbe
Wilber r
Jr. on M ’00 married
arch 10
, 2007

18, 2008.
3 on April
ried M arc Iorio ‘0
rni ’05 mar
Jessica Fo

Rachel Flaherty ’07

married Rob Seymo
ur ’04 on September
6, 2008.

Gar y
Lindsay Gennari ’00 married
Thomas on June 23, 2007.

’07 ma
rried Be
n Dood
y ’07.

er 25, 2008 ram ovici
7 on Octob ’00 married Adi Ab
iel Ciampino, Jr. ’0 Christopher Freeman
married Dan ’02 on June 6, 2008.
lvatore ’06
Danielle Sa

Are You the Ultimate
Siena College Fan?
We have heard that alumni and friends of the college
have painted their houses green and gold, collected every
bobblehead the College has produced or have a different
Siena outfit for every day of the month. Are these rumors true?
The members of our editorial staff want proof! If you think you
are the most fanatical Siena College fan, please send a photo
of your Siena College collection with you in it. We will publish
our favorite photos in the next issue of Siena News.
The ultimate fan will win a $50 gift card to the bookstore,
where you can add to your Siena College
collection. All entries should be e-mailed to
by September 1.

515 Loudon Road
Loudonville NY 12211-1462


Cert no. SW-COC-002556

Cheer on the Saints

as a Lil’ Saint
By Michelle Pickering ’10

The Lil’ Saints, a fan club for children 13 and younger, is one
of the official spirit groups for Siena College Athletics. This
fun and exciting program gives members free admission to four
Siena men’s basketball games at the Times Union Center, all
Siena women’s basketball games and all other sporting events
on campus. Members can earn points for each game they attend
during the year and redeem their points to receive prizes that
range from pom-poms to signed basketballs. During the 2008-
09 academic year, Liam, age 5, led all Lil’ Saints this year by
attending 16 Siena sporting events.
Recruiting is underway for our next class of Lil’ Saints, and Bernie the
mascot is looking for some more friends to join him next year at Siena’s
athletic events. To sign up, visit http://sienasaints.cstv.com/lilsaints or
contact Katelyn Dooley at 518-783-2551. The $20 registration fee is good
for one year, and members will receive a Lil’ Saints badge and t-shirt to
wear to games.
Last year, as part of the program, Siena welcomed to campus actors Jasmine
Richards and Alyson Stoner, who played in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock Stars
movie. Stoner performed a dance routine during halftime at a woman’s basketball
home game and members of Lil’ Saints met the stars afterward. The Lil’ Saints
program, sponsored by MVP Health Care, is a great opportunity for kids to
show their spirit and have fun, too!