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Answer the following questions in detail (draw the figure wherever necessary) 1.

Define Interphase and explain various phases of it. 2. What is cell cycle? Why there is a need for new cells? 3. Name the cell division that takes place in somatic / body cells and explain all its phases. 4. Mention the significance of Mitosis and Meiosis 5. What is chromosome? Explain its structure with its chemical composition. 6. What is chromosome? Explain the different shape of chromosomes. 7. Explain the Structure of DNA according to Watson and Crick. 8. Explain DNA replication. 9. What are the reasons for Mendels success and which characters he considered for his experiments? 10. Describe the Monohybrid ratio with example. 11. Describe the Dihybrid ratio with example. 12. State Mendels laws. 13. Explain the exceptions of Mendels law with e.g. 14. What is sex linked diseases? Explain any one with example and chart. 15. Define osmosis and explain different types of membranes with e.g. 16. Define Osmosis and describe its types. 17. Explain with the help of figure Plasmolysis and Deplasmolysis. 18. Describe how absorption of Minerals takes place. 19. Explain transpirational pull theory. 20. What is transpiration? Explain its types. 21. Describe the structure of Stomata and explain its opening and closing mechanism. 22. Explain the structure of leaf and describe the mechanism of transpiration. 23. What is transpiration? Mention its Significance and drawbacks. 24. Explain the external and internal factors affecting Transpiration. 25. Explain the process of Photosynthesis. 26. Explain the external and internal factors affecting Photosynthesis. 27. Describe the internal structure of Heart. 28. Describe the external structure of Heart. 29. What is heart beat? Explain Cardiac cycle. 30. Describe the human excretory system. 31. Explain the structure of Nephron. 32. Explain the formation of Urine. 33. Explain the structure of Neuron. 34. What is reflex arc? Describe the path of it. 35. Explain the internal structure of an eye. 36. Explain the structure of ear.

37. Write the note on the defects of eye. 38. Describe about the hormone released by Thyroid gland. 39. Write a note on the hormones released by Anterior Pituitary Gland. 40. Write a note on the hormones released by Adrenal gland. 41. Describe the feedback control. 42. Write a note on Menstrual cycle. 43. Write a note on Spermatogenesis. 44. Write a note on Oogenesis. 45. Describe about the development of an embryo. 46. Describe about twins and test tube babies. 47. What are the consequences of overpopulation? 48. What is population? Explain its few characteristics. 49. What is population? Explain Population growth curve. 50. Describe the type of different methods for Birth control. 51. Describe the Permanent methods for birth control. 52. Explain the defense mechanism of human body. 53. What are antibiotics? What are its ideal characteristics? 54. Explain the working of sulphonamide drugs. 55. What is first aid? Mention some first aid techniques used in emergencies. 56. Describe the functions of WHO. 57. Describe the functions of Red Cross. 58. Write brief introduction related to Neoplastic Disease. 59. Air pollution: Sources, Causes, Effects and Measures. 60. Soil Pollution: Sources, Causes, Effects and Measures. 61. Noise pollution: Sources, Causes, Effects and Measures. 62. Water pollution: Sources, Causes, Effects and Measures.