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Describe An Interesting Theme In A Book Youve Studied this Year

In the novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell, one theme which i found
interesting is the theme of inequality. I found this theme due to the fact that the
fact that the animals are unequal is a consistent theme throughout the story from
the beginning to the end, however the animals are unaware of this which allows
the pigs, who are dominant characters in the story, to maintain control.
The theme of inequality is clear from the beginning of the novel. This is shown
through scenarios such as when the animals enter the barn, and Jones power
over the animals. The animals enter the barn almost in a ceremonial manner as
shown through the quote first the dogs, then the pigs, then Benjamin and the
ducklings. This is interesting as it shows there is already a hierarchy among the
animals and further emphasizes the theme of inequality. Another example of how
Orwell outlines the theme of inequality in the beginning is through old majors
speech, this is important as during his speech, Old Major stands on a raised
platform above the other animals. This is notable as it highlights the contrast of
hierarchy between him and the animals who are listening. Furthermore, the fact
that old major is a pig, foreshadows the pigs future leadership positions. The way
the animals organize themselves is interesting as they foreshadow the fact that
animalism is doomed to failure from the very beginning.
In the story Orwell develops the theme of inequality through contrast between
the lives of the pigs and that of the other animals. For example the pigs live in
the luxurious conditions of the farmhouse while the other animals such as the
horses and sheep are degraded to living in the stalls. This is important as it
relates to the idea of power and greed. What is also interesting is how the
animals do not realize that they are being exploited , this scenario also
foreshadows the even harsher conditions the animals will have to face later in the
story during the building of the windmill. Another example of how Orwell
develops the theme of inequality is in the ways te animals work. This is shown
when the animals are harvesting the crop for example this is shown through the
quotes Even the hens toiled to and frow all day carrying tiny wisps of hay in
their beaks and the pigs did not actually work but supervised and directed the
others. The first quote is interesting as it links back to the idea of inequality and
how not everyone same amount as each other i.e. the hens are working at their
full capacity, but barely getting any more done in comparison with some of the
other animals such as Boxer. A final example of how Orwell develops inequality is
shown through the quote not an animal on the farm had stolen as so much as a
mouthful this is ironic because technically the pigs had stolen due to the fact
that they did not actually work for when the animals were harvesting the food.
Also, by the end of this chapter the pigs establish that the milk and apples should
be reserved for them alone, this further emphasizes the theme of inequality as
the pigs do not have the right to reserve to food when they dont even contribute
towards making it.
Napoleons leadership and abuse of power on the farm highlights the hierarchical
between him and the other animals on the farm. This is shown through actions
such as the show trials. The trials play an important part in the development of

inequality as this is when Napoleon abuses his power by accusing other animals
of crimes they did not commit then slaughter them. The following is supported by
the quote and so the tale of confessions and executions went on until there was
a pile of corpses lying before Napoleons feet and the air was heavy with the
smell of blood which had been unknown since Jones time. This is interesting as
it links to the idea of corruption. Orwell also emphasizes inequality by comparing
Napoleons actions to the times when Jones was around. Another example of
how Orwell develops the theme of inequality through Napoleons leadership is
shown through the banning of the Beasts of England. This is supported by the
quote so Beasts of England was gone and in its place Minimus the poet had
composed another sone which began animal farm, animal farm, Never thou
shalt come to harm. This new song is ironic considering the the trials and the
executions which just took place. The way that Orwell develops the theme of
inequality through Napoleons leadership is interesting as it shows how
dictatorships can happen when there is no real leadership.
In the ending of the novel Orwell confirms that animalism and equality is not a
realistic form of government. This is supported by the final commandment quote
All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others this final
commandment is interesting as it is true from the beginning, for example the way
the animals walk into the barn and Old Majors speech. Furthermore it also shows
how the idea of equality is unrealistic as one animal cannot be more equal than
another. The ending also confirms the unrealistic ideals of animalism and equality
thorough the renaming of the farm from Animal Farm: to Manor Farm; this is
important as it shows how, in the end, the principles of animalism is just as
similar to the leadership of the human beings. Orwell does this to highlight the
manipulation and exploition the middle classes in communist countries suffer.
In conclusion the theme of inequality is an important morale which we can learn
from this story. This theme is both a significant and interesting in the story as it
presents itself as an allegory for what occurred in Russia during the Russian
revolution from the Tsar to Communism as well as what happened similarly to
other communist countries such as China during that time. Orwell does this in
order to convey to the reader that Communism is a flawed system and in the end
will succumb to Capitalism, the very system it is meant to combat.